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Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

Yordan Georgiev

About 10 years too late ...

And too litle as well ...

Tech that we want (but they never seem to give us)

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US soldiers preparing for civilian life taught coding skills by Microsoft

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Re: Can't understand why IT became something for "hopeless" people...

Well - 90% of the so called IT professionals lack the most important quality, which those guys do have:

Back to earth commonsence how things work! !!

Ireland revisits tax laws to cook Apple

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International Taxation Union, anyone?!

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: Eco, economy and diesel power

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Re: How Much?

In Europe the price is about 2 euros pet 100 km +-20%

Kinect 'augments' Bulgarian airbags

Yordan Georgiev

As a native Bulgarian I just keep wandering ...

What the f..ck the word Bulgarian has to do with the word airbag ... And regarding this article how-does this relate to Bulgaria !?

Please enlighten me !

Microsoft dives into cloud as resellers ask: 'What's in it for me?'

Yordan Georgiev

Yordan Stanchev

Several weeks ago during TechEd's Europe in Berlin the opening session ended with the words.

"We here in Microsoft are humbled to work with you our partners and customers towards a new better , cloud based future " ...

Google hits coder G-spot with Linux command line tool

Yordan Georgiev
Jobs Horns

It is not only for Linux ,it works also on Windows ...

since it utilizes Python, which is pretty much cross-platform ... and I thought that El Reg writers are computer literate ...

Intel Labs unveils PC power plans

Yordan Georgiev

Heard about Nokia Intel pact?

Yep ....

Apple details iPad's 'breakthrough' mobile contract

Yordan Georgiev

who cares?!

i do browse over HSPA and WLAN with my N900 for unlimited amount of data for 10 euros in finland

McDonalds to cook up EV charging station network

Yordan Georgiev

The business model of the future !!!

Yes , indeed !!!!

After 5 years you would save 50% of your family burger meal bill , by charging your car at the same time ... It is is win , win , win .. game.

Everybody wins , except for the oil oligars ... , so on which side are you ?!

Thus the needed infa for the electrified future will be build much faster ...

I predicted some 7 years ago to my friends that after 10 years all phones will have cameras ... Everybody laughed ..

Now I preduct that after 10 years it will be exception to have car running on some kind of chimical fuel ...

Simply because ... In 10 years batteries and electronics CAN evolve to be much cheaper , more efficient and that any devices based on chemical reactions ... It is simply the law of physics + economics ...

So in 10 years you would be stupid to pay for something that costs more , polutes more and it is more noisy and health hazard ...

So please laugh at me ... again ...

Google releases open source browser

Yordan Georgiev

Wake up folk this is the game changer !!!

Seriosly , what is wrong with you ... and your scepticism ... This is the come of an era of web enabled linux tablets and symbian phones - the missing link is here - THE BROWSER ...

So prepare for the real Internet revolution

Wikipedia COO was convicted felon

Yordan Georgiev

Trust for donations

I will think next time more before donating to wikipedia ... They should know that once started asking for donations their responsibility grows even further ...

I quess more openess means also easier flow of dirt in-house ...

A modern-day Gerstner is needed to cure all of Microsoft’s ills

Yordan Georgiev

Symbian and Linux will kill Microsoft

The most proffitable cow Windows will be killed by Symbian and Linux ...

I just realized that after using 5 minutes my brand new N95 ...

With this kind of devices and

Google Linux Desktops for 200€ why would you bother buggy software anymore ...

Google services in ever pervasing networks are always on ... no maintenance needed ... all your data is stored ...centrally .. no tweacking needed not Registry cleaners or whatsoever ....sh..t

The question is when Intel is going to realize that and jump to the Linux field ... even Nokia with Symbian has done it already ...

and when Nokia starts to produce wireless adaptors for your tv's or LCD monitors you will forget about Windows