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How many keys can one keyboard have? Do I hear 200? 300? More?

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Black Helicopters


Keyboard like this for ARMA 3 would be cool - that has more controls that photoshop :)

Not sure I want to pay that price though.

Desperate MS flaunts UNDEAD SPLAT TALLY to pep Xbox One fans

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ahh the joys of console wars

Always fun to watch with some popcorn.

Mine is the one with a SteamBox OS in the pocket (when it eventually is released)

Bill Gates orders hitman to kill right-hand man Steve Ballmer

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"But don't call the cops just yet, because the vicious attack actually happened in an episode of South Park which was screened last night." IN THE BLOODY USA!!!

This episode isnt shown in the UK until next week - THANKS FOR THE SPOILER WARNING

Full Steam Ahead: Valve unwraps plans for gaming hardware

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Re: SteamOS

A lot of the indi titles are running on windows/linux/mac and its a bit of the chicken and the egg. No one will develop for linux as there are no systems etc. SteamOS is taking the first step saying here is a system - develop for it you have a 55 million userbase :)

BOFH: Hasta la Vista... luser

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if i only had a quid each time this happened

I would be able to retire

PS you owe me a new keyboard :)

Horny VIKING MICE raped and pillaged Euro pipsqueaks

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Mice only went with the Vikings to control them. They are the most intelligent creatures on earth.

Conclusive proof of human activity causing glacier to vanish

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Throw the bandits in the cooler!

Google's Siri-a-like to be named 'Majel' after Trek actress

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So google are trying to insert Alfred into Majel?

see icon :)

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’

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Epic can't wait to see this one :)

Glad no one was hurt.

BOFH: The day the office budget bombed – literally

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"No, no, that'll just be your access port flaking out. Tell you what, I'll send the PFY up with a new desktop switch for you - we'll get that lit up in no time."

Epic :)

Slow broadband blackspots mostly in south, not north

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utter tosh

I live on a brand new building estate and the fastest I can get is 576kbps. No virgin cable anywhere and over 7 k from nearest exchange. I'm up north. Probably around 5000 households all with crap broadband.

Tottenham MP calls for BlackBerry Messenging suspension

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The youfs have more blackberries now after their shopping spree .

I'll get my coat

Digital Britain: A tax, a quango and ISP snooping

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Can you stop this merry-go-round

Im feeling sick and i wana get off!

On the plus side think of all the money they can sink into this and how many jobs they will make etc .. ever get the feeling that the lunatics are running the assilum?

Brown backs down on expenses secrecy

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The only snag is ...

that they will now start fiddling their expenses and it will end up costing us twice as much.