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E-cars are a dangerous myth, says top boffin


Expert Comment?

This sort of commentary sounds alot like those clowns they dig up from obscurity who tell us global warming isn't happening!!!! Who pays this bloke to come up with this crap? To say that Evs are no better than the status quo is like saying we should never have moved on from steam locomotives. This self appointed expert needs to quote a couple of facts in his augment 1) ALL petrol ICE powered cars are 15% energy efficient at the wheels! That's right up there with incandescent light bulbs for converting expensive energy into useless waste heat. 2) Evs REGENERATE and with aggressive regen it is possible to DOUBLE the range of an EV by recovering up to 50% of the energy it uses... there is no ICE equivalent... friction brakes are about as sophisticated as dragging your feet on the ground by comparison.

Chinese electric car maker pitches 'safer than li-ion' batteries


Do some basic FACT finding 1st!

'Leccy Tech idiot writer

"also a lot heavier - the e6 uses a 600kg (1323lb) battery pack to achieve a 250-odd mile touring range"

Err this writer doesn't know his facts.. The Tesla battery weighs 500kg and has a range of 244 miles with a car that only carries 2 people (the e6 is a 5 seater people carrier)

"and can't hold as much energy as their lithium-ion counterparts..."

You aren't qualified to comment if you don't understand the basics. What technical spec is "can't hold as much energy" from?? A kw/hr is a kw/hr.


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