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TomTom drums up upgrade for iPhone app

Mike White

Navigate to Photo

not a new idea, Garmins have had this facility for some time now and it's actually quite neat

Find a pic of a beauty spot you want to go there and go to that exact spot


EFF fights Facebook bid to outlaw one-stop social apps

Mike White


Hmmm so "Facebook's terms of service bar users from accessing their information through "automatic means"

Ok then what do they call the "Keep me logged in Button" then? surely that's an automatic means of logging in as is the ability of most browsers to remember your UN & PW.

Oh and then of course there's the iphone apps, the android apps........

DNS Trojan poses as iPhone unlocking utility

Mike White

The Real Blackra1n

I think maybe a bootnote saying that there is a legit application called blackra1n for iphone unlocking wouldn't go amiss:-)


Opera for iPhone: The review

Mike White
Thumb Up

I'm liking it

yes if you have it in standard mode then the full page rendering is illegible but I personally like the mobile view where it puts everything into on column. Instant legibility & scrolls a lot quicker as well.

Works especially well for forums where you're looking at a latest posts list.

As for Google.co.uk, I've just added it to the speed dial page

OFT requests T-Orange investigation

Mike White


Personally I prefer O-Mobile which then makes any future merger with O2 nice & easy :-)

Boffin seeks $300,000 to build eight-wheel 230mph EV

Mike White

6 wheels too many

but that's a different matter ;o)

Yup more than a hint of Citroën influence, just shows how far ahead they were :-)


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