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Japan tells operators: Put a SIM lock in a new mobe? You'd better unlock it for free

Frederick Tennant

O2 unlocks your phone for free

I saw an article hear (The Register) some years back that said customers who are with O2 can have your phone unlocked free So since then I have unlocked my iPhone 3GS, 4S, and soon I will be doing my 5S too, also you have two tariffs with O2 one for the phone and one for your contract so when you have finished paying for your phone you just pay for the tariff Score! in the UK.

Dead device walking: Apple iPod Touch 6th generation

Frederick Tennant

Apple missed an opportunity here.

With people now spending good money on headphones today, and people wanting hi quality music they could have improved the sound chips on their iPods and by adding digital optical output. (this is on their laptops and Airport Express devices already. That would stop all the "Audio" buffs in their tracks and created a new market.

What can't sell Galaxy S6s and keeps going down on you? Samsung and its profits

Frederick Tennant

Oh dear!

None removable battery, no expandable SD slot, but better? sorry but nothing here to upgrade to. However keep on pushing the envelope was the right move, its a pity they wanted to be more Apple like, it just don't work unless you can make the same phone for half the price. Otherwise we would be going at Apples pace with its low speed cpu minuscule ram and crap memory, but loads of profit.

Marshall wants to turn your phone UP TO ELEVEN

Frederick Tennant

Same old marketing scam

So what we have here is another phone meant for music lovers, but as usual they replace the basic parts for Marketing Snake Oil, what this thing needed was either a BurBrown D to A Converter and or Digital Optical output, then it could be used as a transport for your music.

Apple had been putting these in their laptops and Ethernet Express docks for years, I have no idea why they did not put them into their phones, YET!. So far, everyone had calmed that bit-rate is the answer but its all about Mastering of the records and nothing to do with bit rates at all. NEXT! ps it dose look good though.

China's best phone yet: Huawei P8 5.2-inch money-saving Android smartie

Frederick Tennant

Its about time...

Its about time someone did this, for years we have had overpriced phones using an unfinished OS this is what we need to take on Apple a cheap phone which hits almost all the spots lets hope they bring out a Google edition soon. At this price its worth a look.

Force Touch tweak: Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Frederick Tennant

RIP Steve...

I have come to love my MacBook Pro 2011, yep its a non Retina job and works fine, these new laptops have faster hard drives (SSD) but that built in graphics don't win any friends. So I decided to look around for something similar, people complain about Apples prices but Ive just had a look at Razer as they look like they have good build quality and components but the prices are just as bad too. If your going to review a product please do a like for like e.g. build quality components etc. Dell XPS are cheaper but they don't look very solid either.

Multiple fondling on the MIGHTY 12-INCH iOS 9 SLAB — so, so close now

Frederick Tennant

Dual Screens

Well this is how apple works, the dual screen was first seen in Jag and now in the Merc Maybach, this is where the driver sees navigation on his view, and the passenger can see a movie on there side. So what Apple has done is one screen with multi viewing angles so the you can lay the screen flat and the person opposite will see a different screen to the one you are using, if they can be used at the same time well that would be a first.

Apple storms to top spot in stagnant Chinese phones market

Frederick Tennant

I dont understand, am I an idiot?

Im not happy about this new idiot tax thing, I have a iPhone, had it ever occurred that your paying for research, cosmetics and quality? break open any Apple product and you will find that they make sure that every component they include meets their exacting standards, why are the cpu and memory on their phone so low, yet they work at the same speed as the latest Android model? Not to mention the resale prices, the only problem with Apple products is that the software moves on faster than the life of their hardware. Just look at the amount of iPhone 4s is currently in circulation and still working. Idiot! Im not so sure.

Samsung S6: You might get a Sony camera in it - or you might not

Frederick Tennant

I think its easy to tell...

All the phones which was sent out for test and reviews have Sony parts and the general public will get whatever is left.

Apple MacBook 2015: Twelve inches of slim and shiny fanboi joy

Frederick Tennant

For people who dont want a iPad

Yes please, this is perfect if you cant stand a iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. perfect for that little job which you cant do on your phone, just pop Dreamweaver on her and off you go. As for USB C well just look on Amazon or Ebay and find that adapter you want cheaper than Apple. Now who is going to be first to make a MagSafe to USB C.

Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs

Frederick Tennant

this is great news.

Now I can buy a old flagship TV for next to nothing and pop a android box on it.

Samsung puts eight-core processor IN A WATCH

Frederick Tennant

Some people will never learn

Well what a powerful watch, 8 processors (or cores, who cares) and how much ram? hold on, will I need my phone or computer? please Samsung try and get it right, its all about design, take the crap out of the phone and make it as thin as possible, just alerts and great battery life. our phones will do the rest.

Most users have left their watches at home since the smartphone and now you want to bring them back? they had better be slim, lightweight and last longer than a day between charging.

Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!

Frederick Tennant

Bye bye upgradable laptops

The new laptops are a showstopper and answers the question about the 12" iPad, why have a iPad when you can get a laptop which is much better. Yes the iPad is great but most power users buy a keyboard for it and that will make thicker, I must admit I have never seen a good matching keyboard. Touch screen, na. However out goes the non-retina book, the only mac which you could upgrade. Welcome to the throw away laptops.

Chasing pennies, Sony, Microsoft and smartphone biz rivals retreat to mid-range

Frederick Tennant

Wow just 11 pence to share, well thats what they deserve after sitting on their hands for so long. But going for the lower end market, whats that all about, someone should be fired. besides its all about developing existing technologies and forward thinking, (Apple did not invent a thing in their phone just put them together in an appealing package) take Project Aria, a mobile phone? it should be the size of a 7" or 8" tablet, just imagine that where you can change your OS just by changing a module, and with the component module area up for grabs you could have a winner there. The current industry is to afraid of risk, thus Google is going this alone, what a shame. Cheap phones, they wont stand a chance against China.

Lenovo CTO: Hey, look around – we're not the only ones with a crapware infection

Frederick Tennant

Re: crapware free

Your are right about this crap ware however I did spot something odd, I was looking for a small computer and found the HP Stream 7 under £100 or better still hp was selling it for £89 inc vat but it comes with crap ware, however if you go to Microsoft they do the same product for £74 without crap ware. We are very quick to give Microsoft the blame here but I suspect its much bigger than that.



$10,000 Ethernet cable promises BONKERS MP3 audio experience

Frederick Tennant

I think this says it all

Audioquest testing cables using a £1.50 adapter check this out, at 1:18 into this video the engineer is checking a hdmi cable by plugging into a cheap adapter, wow they missed that one.


Frederick Tennant

This has been going on for years

I agree with you, I worked in a Hifi shop during the 89's and although cables did make a small difference it took me several years to notice the difference, but what I heard did not justify the price of these cables. I suppose thats why they use exotic materials to cover up the snake oil lol. I remember a article from a hifi magazine tellting me that you should "sex" a cable by hanging it in your room for a week before installing them. I did wonder how many fools that actually did that.

Frederick Tennant

Audoquest and their snake oil

I love Audioquest, they have been around since the 80s doing their stuff at Hifi shows around the world, I love the sound their cables make from their Chicago range of cables for my amp turntable Aspen for the speakers and evergreen for my trusty iPod. So now I can enjoy music via NAS using Forest cables, I have to keep the same colour throughout my system......God wheres the toilet paper. God I can talk crap. but if it was not for Audioquest what would you recognise the fools in this world?

Kiss your Glass goodbye: Google mothballs techno-specs (for now)

Frederick Tennant

Great Idea bad market

Google glass should have been sold to the military not the general public. The resulting uptake of this product created two types of public, the "haves" and the "have nots" or the "intimidated" what would you think if a person was talking to was wearing "Glass?" What was they looking at? what app was running? it automatically creates paranoia etc.

it was never going to work and as for the price, well, they are not Apple users, they are a breed which often are repeat customers who have always paid over the odds, for the supposed build quality ease of use etc.

Wearable tech should be for the disabled. Google should have looked at their own software division who should have made better apps for their own products, who would build a product and no software to create some desire to buy....oh Google lol

If at first you don't succeed ... Fire, FIRE again: Amazon mulls smartphone sequel

Frederick Tennant

its been years and people still will never learn.

It looks like industry bigwigs which our investors are looking to are not that bright at all, they surround themselves with "Yes men" and think they are on top of the world.

Somebody spends years looking and asking questions and listening (thats the most important bit) Then makes a outstanding product which changed the rules at the same time. Remember they spent years watching what other companies was up to and how the market was reacting before dropping that bomb on the industry, then spent 4 more years with what I could only call "vapourware" before the tablet came along.

So what do they do about it, nothing! Im sorry but they did make fools of them selves by making so many "me too" products which just don't even come close with either quality or of use, better still they tried to cover it with stupid high prices too. When will people learn if you want to make a winning product make something new for gods sake. Look at HP's fire sale, so who's next?

"Think Different" is the biggest slap in the face to the electronics industry to date and industry should take a good look in the mirror.

What's MISSING on Amazon Fire Phone... and why it WON'T set the world alight

Frederick Tennant

Fire All Yes Men.

Who signed off this phone? this is a walking disaster from the 'get go". Good looks? No, Good specifications? No Good Price point? No. The yes men need to be fired this was never going to work, worse its just embarrassing. Remember HP's first tablet? or worse their phone? They could not give them away. To get the masses to buy this phone it need to be sexy first, All iPhones have boring specifications but to cover their specifications they disguise it so it looks the part, as for pricing, Apple is Apple, if the rest of the world wants to product something to take that fruit company product something cheap and sexy like £150 metal with expansion. then you will have something to shout about. That Nokia Tablet looks great, lets hope they can get a good price point.

VINYL is BACK and you can thank Sonos for that

Frederick Tennant

Re: Wot - No LP12?

Thank god for a normal person, I do the same but its a pain when you have to get up to turn the record over, alas its worth it. I do have loads of Mp3 at 320 or something which I play through my hifi via air port and yes its good background music while I have guests. thats normal or so I thought.

Nexus 7 fandroids tell of salty taste after sucking on Google's Lollipop

Frederick Tennant

Hell, well it out now....

Well it look like Google had dropped the ball, its up to them to fix it fast, we are waiting...

Jony Ive: Flattered by rivals' designs? Nah, its 'theft'

Frederick Tennant

Its not the designers who are lazy its their line managers.

Having been in both hardware and the software industry I have seen some very creative stuff being designed every day, and every year a new bunch of great designers leave university to enter the world only to have their designs turned down as to "Radical" or "Over Engineered" only to see that very same line manager following fashion (Fruit) or worse they are waiting for "That Fruit Company" latest design to arrive. It can be very frustrating to find your designs being used by the "Right Company" years after you showed the concept to your own line manager who turned it down.

Shout and scream all you want about who made what and when, its all politics when it comes down to great design finding its way into the public eye. Check out the university showcases and you will see what Im talking about.

Original iPhone dev team was 'shockingly small' - Apple engineer

Frederick Tennant

And this is whats missing today

Now thats how to make a product, know what you want and drive for it. with Steve Jobs gone, Ive, sorry Sir Ive will be pushed and in return the corporate decision makers again. Time to sell the stock again.

Apple CFO's departure signals changing of guard

Frederick Tennant

Yep let the good times begin, and the fun end.

Im afraid the original team which created up to now has had their run its time for the young to take over.

imac, iBook, Power book, Power Mac, & iPod, from any colour apart from beige to bare metal but all built with attention to detail, or according to lazy "Over Engineered" Apple has always been the alternative to the 'Norm'

As for the iPhone? well, that was a mistake everyone would love to make, who would know that the general public would jump on such an expensive product yep it was a complete game changer regarding mobile phone market in so many ways.

And now with the competition thinks power is the key to get back their lost public with their new "Apple Killer" meanwhile the lads are patting each other on their backs relaxing earning 7.5% per day. Good luck to them.

Woz he talking about? Apple co-founder wants iPhones to run Android

Frederick Tennant

I think we are missing the point here.

Android on an Apple phone? well hell did freeze over (itunes for pc) once why not again. Here is the problem Android appears to have one major or minor issue and that is stability.

The Apple quality is what Apple do in all their products for example you can now buy 1st Gen Ipads on ebay for £150 or more, they still work great but they have been left behind with technology thus new programs wont work on them.

As for Android phones I have spent the last 2 years with both a Android (Samsung s3) and Apple (iphone 4s) and what i found was little issues like loosing my wifi connection, unable to make conference calls unless i call my android phone first (dont ask about that issue) or locking up when multi tasking.

The Apple just works without a fuss. I hate that, as Ive seen some real nice Android phones out there and I love the control I have with the Android but I need the stability plus full integration with my computer, if only Android phone manufacturers would produce software which will fully integrate with my Mac computer I would be happy. Before the iphone I was stuck and now I have a phone I cant change it without going back to square 1. So why will hell freeze over, just look at Microsoft Windows and the pc market, windows was designed to run on any pc but as everybody did their own thing it was a monster to keep up with the changes, Apple chose their hardware to match their software thus stability. Android is the new windows, Apple is apple, think about it.

Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB

Frederick Tennant


This looks like a really bad case of "Look at me" its a bit sad, I was in a well know supermarket waiting in a long que, and got my iPhone out and was watching an episode of "Mongrels" just then someone in the next row fished out what I could only call a white monster and began to do something on his, it was all i could do to stop laughing, god knows what happens when he puts it to his head to take a call. I understand the Galaxy S as it was everything the IPhone was not, however it did have some issues with stability. Since then, phones have gotten bigger and bigger. I hate to say but Apple has the size right with its version 5, but alas watch this space. Remember its a small computer which can make phone calls. I could get my old Filofax back out again.

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro range

Frederick Tennant

How Much?

So what, Yes its worth it, as to date I have had 3 MacBooks in the last 8 years all are still working today my friend has had 6 PC laptops (Acer x2, Dell, HP x2, Sony), before he got a macbook too. They wont break unless you really go for it. they are Over Engineered.

Obama calls for study into games ‘n’ guns link

Frederick Tennant

Where can I go to join this study?

I would love to see if I would become violent if I play all day, and get paid for it. every time somebody gets shot and the public goes mad, games get the blame. GUNS DONT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

when someone builds a BFG and take out a school, I might think again lol

What ereader decline? Kobo pumps up the volumes despite grim forecasts

Frederick Tennant

Kobo, thats great news

Im a Graphic designer, who is currently going to get a double hip replacement so im currently stuck at home when everybody els is having fun, I read my pdf manuals and magazines on my laptop (macbook pro) but I dont have a need for a tablet as I have a Iphone and glasses.

I did try to read books on my phone but gave that up. (too small and too bright) I was given a kobo for Christmas (thanks Sara & Chris), and its been great. Ive managed to put away my old books and download the epub version.

Its nice to walk away from my laptop and chill and read while listening to music. fit in pocket great, Im now enjoying reading again, so what if you cant deal with pdf documents, Ive tried and omg never again, however if thats all you read find a reader that fits the bill dont give kobo a hard time im a restored paperback reader again.

Nokia HERE iOS maps app review

Frederick Tennant

yep maps did take a bad turn with apples latest version

But I was one of the lucky ones who started using "Waze" for my turn by turn navigation. its great fun driving past another user on the motor way and giving a knowing nod. 3d images in a map indeed, Steve must be turning in his grave. Giving directions via my Bluetooth headset means that I do not need to have my phone on my dashboard like all the lambs out there.

Industry in 'denial' as demand for pricey PCs plunges

Frederick Tennant

Re: Any old iron?

I thought I was alone, im currently in the same camp as yourself, however I have now gotten myself a Macbook Pro intel, to catch up with software, as for my old G4, yep it works a treat so im currently filling it with hard drives, both internal and external and redeploying it as a Media Server. Im currently converting my DVD & CD library to itunes, and I have gotten hold of some Airport Express and active speakers and Im now the proud owner of music & video in every room in my house controlled by portable iproducts.

Samsung ships two smartphones for every one Apple sells

Frederick Tennant

Who Cares?

I thought I would check out my local phone shop for prices, the cheapest Apple phone was going for £28 per month on contract the phone was free and the latest 5 was £66 per month plus £89 for the phone. Compare that to the Samsung phone the flagship S3 cost £28 per month phone is free, looking further into this I found that all Samsung phones are free on contract. To get an Apple phone free you have to pay some big money per month for it, I could go on but its clear who is making the real money here. The difference here is that all the different Samsung phones have different versions of Android onboard and work very differently, Apples 5 & 4 gives the same user experience.

Still I love the S3 phone though

Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III

Frederick Tennant

Think for yourself naughty Samsung

Samsung s phone, was everything which Apple was not, Apple did not build the massive screen for a reason, this action just confirms that our fruit company understands its customers. Samsung understands its competition, before Apple it was Rim.

So nothing new here.

Happy birthday, Compact Disc

Frederick Tennant

30 years old

Time to warm up my Mission PCM 7000R and get out my copy of Dire Straits Brothers in Arms CD just for when I return home. Yep a few of my CDs has gone nuts but every one has been treated with respect and I dont lend them out anymore as some people think they are indestructible.

Cassette tapes are great, until your unlucky and put them into a crap player.......I remember taking the tape out followed by the cassette innards reeling out of the player, totally destroyed.

I still buy CDs as if you read the small print for your itunes library when they go or you go, they are gone. I love my Turntable, but heres the thing, you cant put an 'algorithm' in a frame on the wall by your hifi.

Frederick Tennant

Re: Sony Cdp101

Hi, the blue ribbon socket was for the Midi hifi system which it was designed to work with, there was a long ribbon which connected to the amp, cassette etc although the first remote did not have controls for the CD player, later versions did.

AData claims 'world's thinnest external HDD' crown

Frederick Tennant

Size dont matter (So my partner says)

WD My Passport Edge at 11mm, Hitachi NESO 10mm, and now this, how much thinner can we get? hang on and watch this space lol.

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app

Frederick Tennant

bad map

So the post "Jobs" crap started already, He would never had released this product its like playing into the hands of the competition. if i used maps on my old version I would restore back to iOS 5 and wait.

Fanboys order 2m iPhone 5s in 24 hours

Frederick Tennant

Well who's the next company to have sleepless nights?

2 million, iphones sold? whats happening with all the old phones? hand them to the children?, nope they have a ipod Touch, so what happens to the old touch? thats easy, just unplug the land line and plug in your old 3GS on your home wifi, yep its the network land line, if all your children are using their touch as mobiles in their bedrooms free of charge, so can mum and dad, with their old phone just push face-time or better still Skype, Viber etc and your talking to your mates for hours free all over the world. Yep BT,Virgin and other land line companies had better start getting their act together look what happend to Nokia, Sony, Nintendo etc.

Apple iPhone 5 hands-on review

Frederick Tennant

I like the black one.......

I love reading your opinions on the iphones, pods, laptops etc. it appears that engineers & coders love android phones, & PC's graphic designers & artists like iphones & Mac's (that should start another row lol)

All my phones have been white but I will get the second gen or "S" version only because the company pays for them, and my contract runs out when the "S" version arrives.

For years I could not get my mobile to connect with my apple computer, it was like no phone manufacturer was interested, thank you apple as i now have a phone which I can use without my laptop. I dont believe that there is a android program to connect to my mac? (funny, I've never looked as the iphone came first lol)

Why black? Thats easy, Steve Jobs is dead and it will be my tribute to him for making my life that bit better.

iPhone 5 wait drives record Samsung smartphone sales

Frederick Tennant

funny thing that!

Samsung is doing very well as they are giving away their New! phone (already!!!) at well under Apple's price (source Carphone Warehouse uk). I do not recall any stories of people camping outside phone shops ready to buy the Galaxy 3? or people scampering round at every little bit of rumor, when leaked, of their phones.

I personally think that the '4s' is their best phone yet, as its better built than previous models and the price will fall through the floor when the 5 arrives, and girls, 4 inches is not going to help lol.

its all getting a bit boring now.

Apple iDevice dock port to drive wireless streaming

Frederick Tennant

3.5" optical?

We never know what apple are up to but their Airport plug has an optical output as well as normal headphone output, whats stopping them giving us the same thing in their new iphone 5 and keep the audiophiles happy?

Attack of the Gigantic Tellies hits Berlin IFA

Frederick Tennant

just the right size....

to play COD with real size foe coming at you from all sides, thats if you have 3 off them and a bad ass computer, bring it on....

Nokia details 808 Pureview release

Frederick Tennant

Oh Dear!

Poor old Nokia, It looks like they will go into free fall, if they don't get their act together, and the only way out is "Android" Yep I said it, windows has abandon them, (No update for windows os was the last straw) at least Android works. Sell your stocks people.

Arcam rPac

Frederick Tennant

Oh my, Reg you have dropped the ball here.

I read your review and thought, What the...... well lets not go there. So I saw that nobody had commented on this article so I thought I would get the ball rolling, however loads of people have and they are all right. This is an attempt to get the stupid to buy a product to improve the quality of an algorithm??? think about your readers...... or did you? looking back at this article its quite funny that these products exists. So lets remember readers this product really do exist and fools will enjoy it and brag to their friends. Now thats worth talking about.

p.s. fix your web page

Android spanking iOS in world's BIGGEST mobile market

Frederick Tennant

Fruit vrs Robot???

Market share?, Desire?, can we remember that these are phones, you who read Reghardware are technically minded we know where to get the latest drivers, programs etc. The rest of the worlds phone users, just use them as mobile phones.

Everybody is pointing at that fruit company as they have changed the face of mobile phones. buttons are almost dead, long live buttons.

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'

Frederick Tennant

Bandwidth issues...

This is what they call progress? Some of my clients have issues with their board-band, e.g. people living in the villages and the country dont have any board-band worth talking about.

BT wont speed them up until cable (Virgin) reaches them, e.g. Battlefield is unplayable out there, downloads take overnight if it dose not time out, and its the same with most network games, so how are they going to make progress or watch the city make progress lol. Sorry Game but its been a good run...

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Frederick Tennant

Think I will wait....

Until the price drop to £120 in the next of the yard sales.

Don't any of theses companies learn? or are they just as stupid as HP?

let's have a look at the specifications.....

Heavy..................... Yes

Thick....................... Yes

Overpriced............. Yes

Doggy software..... Yes

Useless Pen.......... Yes

Attractive................. Yes???

Well gentlemen I think congratulations are in order, as we have a Apple Killer here.

Proview offers Apple peace talks amid Shanghai iPad ban bid

Frederick Tennant

Re: No fan of Apple, but....

I have to agree with you on this one, Im no fan of Apple, but I don't like bullies, and thieves. All they have done is produce some good products for the mass public and companies are lining up to have a go, or worse try to rob them. Some people are just poor losers.

ps dose anybody remember what the smartphone market was like before Apple had a go?

We all hate lawyers and yet they are the silent winner here.