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iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

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Don't get it?

So different processor, diferent graphics, cameras, sound, new operating system, case... I would really like to know, what was apple supposed to do for you to say, it is iPad 2, not 1.5. Get real, ppl, if you got PC with different graphics, different CPU, different case, new OS... different EVERYTHING, would you say it is the same, or would you say it is new?

Maybe they could have switch from tablet, to air conditioning units, then it would be redesign? Right?

Aussie opposition will scrap firewall

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Hockey was always against the filter. Just google it. This is the first "party" stance, but Hockey said he will vote against it on several ocasions.

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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Whatchu Talkin Bout Willis‎

I got cheapest one available as soon as they got out, testing if I will fork out more money when V2 comes out. So far I am more than impressed. I am computer agnostic. I use PC and mac depending on what I want to achieve and I think iPad fits quite nicely between my iPhone and MacBook. It is not heavy, not at all. If it was (is) heavy for you, then you should spend less writing this sort of opinions and more in the gym. Honestly, I’ve been playing Firemint’s Real Racing mostly on my iPad (it is a racing game for iPhone) and I’ve been having a blast. What an experience! It is about two times heavier than iPhone, so if that is heavy, you should consider exercising more and healthier lifestyle altogether.

One of good things regarding iPad is that you can charge it without a PC/MAC Charger is iPhone interchangeable, and if you, like I have iPhone you have one of them for home, one for the office.

iPad does have same faults as iPhone. File system is wrong, it is limited in so many ways but still it is excellent value for money. What pissed me off the most is the design of the app store application. I want to flip through apps, like on iPhone I do not want to click next and previous buttons. Why did they opt for that approach is beyond me. I find myself trying to flip the page and it is not working! People say the keyboard is not that good, but if you wanted something to type long documents, iPad is not for you. It was not built for that. Now, if you are not ready to fork out $760 AUD for it, or you want more or different things for that money, go with netbook. iPad is not netbook and will never fight against them. It plays completely different sport, IMNSHO.

A multitasking iPad? Let's bin the netbook

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Go back to school!

Now, for a “technology magazine”, one would think that you should know about “the technology” enough to know what is a multitasking and what is not. iPad most certainly is not a multitasking gadget and here is why.

Multitasking, by a definition is “sharing of the CPU” and iPhone 4.0 does not have that. Sharing goes something like this.

1. Application does something

2. OS serializes the state of the application

3. OS allocate CPU to something else

4. OS de-serializes the application

5. OS allocates CPU to the application

6. Application does something

7. OS serializes the state of the application

8. OS allocate CPU to something else

9. OS de-serializes the application

10. OS allocates CPU to the application

11. Application does something

iPhone 4.0 does not have CPU sharing. If you say it does have multitasking, you might want to take up cooking, or mowing lawns as a profession. Something that does not require knowledge of “the technology”.

You will not be able to surf while waiting for Skype call, pre-buffer youtube movie while doing something else… It is not a multitasking, not even close to multitasking. Go back to school!

Bono accuses ISPs of 'reverse Robin Hooding' over piracy

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Let's do it like they do it in China

If those pesky file-sharers are so evil to destroy the film and TV, how come the Avatar made a billion dollars (yes $1000000000, one thousand millions) in seventeen days

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB20001424052748704065404574636450493909862.html ?

Idiot, that is like $59000000 (yes 59 millions) a day! I guess making shit movies and TV series is the main reason no one is going to cinema, or watching TV any more, and not file-sharers.

Vista – End of the Dream?

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Apple is not that good

"Apple have come out with five major upgrades to OS X, upgrades which (dare I say it?) install with about as much effort as it takes to brush your teeth in the morning. No nightmare calls to tech-support, no sudden hardware incompatibilities, no hassle. Why hasn’t Microsoft kept up? Unmaintainable."

Well actually, Apple broke heaps of interfaces built for BSD (an included in OS X) sevaral times, causing heaps of problems to me, because I was (no longer, thx God) OS X developer for 8.x, 9.x and 10.x