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Adult toy retailer slapped down for 'RES-ERECTI*N' ad over Easter

Richard Freeman

“We considered the use of the religious holiday of Easter [Sic] to advertise a sex toy was likely to cause serious offence and concluded that it was therefore in breach of the Code,” the ASA added."


Not sure I understand this thinking, I would have thought Sex toys would have been entirely appropriate to the Eostre Festival, is it because Sex toys are thought to discourage skin on skin sex? I mean they could be used for fore play or something....

Elon Musk wants to get into the boring business, literally

Richard Freeman

Another tunneler?

Why not?

I mean Seymour Cray (of Cray research and Cray computers fame) used to like digging Tunnels.

Although he was visited by Elves while tunnelling, not sure who or what Elon Musk is expecting to meet....

Australian national census fails in the IBM cloud

Richard Freeman

Statistical fail!

Apparently they could only handle 1,000,000 form submissions per hour, and it doesn't take a statistical genius to work out that more like, 10,000,000 people would log on after dinner, which would be probably between say 6:30pm (EST) and, well I guess most folk had given up by 7:30 pm (I am guessing word was out by then and SA, NT and WA didn't bother).

- I mean some people have real jobs and can't log in during the day like our PM evidently did.....

"Asked about the ability of the online census database to cope with such high traffic numbers, an ABS spokesman said online could handle "1,000,000 form submissions every hour. That's twice the capacity we expect to need.""


Waleed Aly's NBN intervention is profoundly unhelpful

Richard Freeman

Re: 2016 versus 2020

But they had to do 6 different reviews, after all the first 5 said continuing the fibre roll out made more sense, and it wasn't until the 6th (or was it the 7th) that they stacked the review board with enough cronies for them to get the 'right' result ....

It's almost time for Australia's fibre fetishists to give up

Richard Freeman

Re: Really?

After all at the end of the Day the Shannon-Hartley still holds true, more services, more noise, less speed. This is why even under the current planned '100Mbps VDSL' roll-out services will be vectored to deliver no more than 15Mbps until such a time as NBN take-up in that area is complete at which time they will try and achieve higher speeds on a suck it and see basis....

Richard Freeman

and then range?

While we are assuming, lets talk about the land of the 1/4 acre block, with typical 25 meter street frontage, so the 100 meter range gives us 4 houses up the street, and 4 houses down the street from your 'node'.

Ah lets still be generous and assume the street isn't 15 meters wide and include the houses on the other side of the street as well, now we are up to 16 premises per node.

Back-haul from the node is still likely to fiber, so it is difficult to see significant savings from fiber being dragged to a node every 16 houses, although I guess the node itself can be fairly compact and reverse power fed, Then maybe dropped down a cable pit, or stuck up a Power pole in the blazing hot sun.

Richard Freeman


" Let's assume that in the real world XG.fast delivers a gigabit per second."

Why would you assume that?

I mean you might achieve that on what? a perfectly balanced twisted pair, in Laboratory conditions, with no adjacent services also trying to achieve 1Gbps - oh, wait though, that is NOT the real world, and nowhere near the current state of the Copper infrastructure in many parts of Australia.

LASER RAZOR blunted by KickStarter ban

Richard Freeman
Black Helicopters

looking at the video, is it my imagination or does that 'laser' bend when in contact with the skin?

Also it seems to pick up spots of dirt from coming in contact with the hairs, so my guess is that it is probably really a thin piece of heated Nichrome or similar wire.

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50

Richard Freeman

a full sized piano has 88 keys

"ENIAC: 18,000 square feet and 30 tones of computer"

only 30 Tones? so it didn't have a full sized keyboard then?

Does that mean that Eniac was an early synth?

Fibre fanaticism overrode proper NBN planning says report

Richard Freeman

which report is this?

Apparently if you do enough inquiries and Audits, you eventually get the answer you want....

What are they up to now?

oh yes 5 Audits on the NBN, I guess they have nothing better to do I am surprised we haven't had a royal commission into it yet.


FTTN cabinet survives Kiwi car crash

Richard Freeman

Re: No cabinet, no problem

Actually no, in an FTTP scenario there would be a passive optical splitter in an underground pit.

Of course if you had say, a petrol tanker come a cropper, it spill its fuel, and that fuel ran into the underground ducts and then caught fire.....

Big explosion - because the result would include a ball of flame.

Turnbull 'flat out' seeking NBN killer blow

Richard Freeman

Re: @mutatedwombat

NBN is being funded through the sale of Bonds - so not spending on the NBN does not automatically mean that the money will then be available for Health or education but is only available for "investments".

The plan is that the Interest on the Bonds will be paid from Income from the NBN.

One of the biggest Black holes is the 'private health insurance rebate' which appears to have done little or nothing to reduce waiting times etc but instead costs the Government Billions of dollars every year lining the profit margin of private health insurance companies.

Australia's alternative NBN plan: some taxpayer-friendly questions

Richard Freeman

Re: Batteries.

Telco systems run on 48V so that will be usually (in compact form factor such as in a cabinet) 4 by 12V batteries and if they run a redundant power system make that 2 sets of 4 batteries (they may choose not to bother with redundant power for the relatively small exposure failure of a cabinet will cause) expected lifespan of the battery pack will be about 7 years.

However to be fair (not that the Liebral party know the meaning of the word) if the cabinets are powered from the same power as the houses in the area it serves, then chances are the houses will be without power also and all the smarty pants VOIP phones etc will also be out anyway so it could be argued that there is no point in backing up the cabinets anyway.

The FFTP plan will have a similar issue in that the VOIP phones and ONT will cease to function in the event of a power outage - however then the householder can either provide their own UPS or decide that as they already have a mobile phone that might suffice in emergencies.

Coalition's NBN plan: where's the cost of the copper?

Richard Freeman

More coalition waste in the name of saving money?

Their plan does not even seem to include the cost of paying Telstra to take over the Copper Network.

FTTN was one of the plans originally considered by NBN but Telstra wanted way too much to allow them to take over the Copper and Legal advice indicated that they would need to Pay Telstra way more than it was worth to resume the Copper Network

This looks like a typical coalition disaster in the making.

It is not like the Coalition have a reliable track record of saving money -

Remember the Seasprite Debacle? $1 Billion spent and no flying helicopters at the end of it?

$300 million on the Joint strike fighter and how many of them do we have so far?

Rapper rips up Microsoft's Atlanta store during performance

Richard Freeman

Looks like his nappy is full....

his pants have that classic droopy look that a toddlers nappy gets when it is full of crap!

Although judging by his performance, maybe that's inspiration that he is keeping for later....

Global action takes down tech support scam

Richard Freeman


this part doesn't ring true:

"Australia is claiming credit for the bust, with ACMA saying it received complaints from Australians listed on the Do Not Call register that prohibits unsolicited telemarketing calls. As it investigated those complaints,"

last time I contacted these (expletive) (expletive)s to complain about an unsolicited obvious scam call that I received they made it clear that they weren't in the slightest bit interested in my complaint and then proceeded to lecture me on the inadvisability of 'investing' with people I didn't know making offers of unbelievable returns (not sure why they thought I would ring to make a complaint if I were that gullible).

Techie stages 'strip down' protest at TSA 'harassment'

Richard Freeman

I wonder what job he has?


"He's never really under any stress. He works for a computer company in California. He does something with the Internet"

Not stressful? that counts out most Tech jobs, does something with the Internet, Comfortable with nudity?

Only one thing it could be!

He reviews Porn for a living!

Lucky bastard!

West Australian WiFi mesh sniffs out bushfires

Richard Freeman

Re: if a tree catches fire and nobody sees it

a brush fire in an uninhabited part of the world is fine if that is where it stays BUT Australian bush fires have a habit of growing and spreading rapidly and a smallish fire detected early out in the boondocks is much less difficult to deal with than a Large Bush fire with a front tens or hundreds of Kilometres wide threatening towns and other urban areas.

Tourists follow GPS, drive into sea

Richard Freeman

To be fair to the Tourists (or is that have some fun at their expense?) - a few unmentioned points:

1) it had rained every day of their 6 day Holiday, so maybe they just thought that Roads covered in Water were normal in Australia.

2) they thought the GPS was saying it would navigate them to a road

- while I am guessing that the GPS was saying to return to nearest Road they probably were not listening to it in Japanese and misunderstood its instruction as a promise.

3) they only got 500 meters but I bet if they had a longer run up and a more powerful car they might have got further, and after all there was probably only about 14,500 meters to go.

4) the rental agreements I have seen are not clear that Cars are not amphibious and in Australia everything is upside down and back to front so maybe they just expected (I couldn't very well say that they thought, could I?)

Cisco recalls suicidal UCS blade servers

Richard Freeman

reading between the lines.....

The Mosfet may overheat, evaporating the silicon die, leading to rapid and sudden ejection of the outer case in a visible, audible and unexpected manner

Parallel import argument turns toxic in Oz

Richard Freeman
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@ Mike Green

Borders is probably not a good example - even at their closing down sale, I could still get the same books for cheaper at the nearby QBD bookshop, next floor up in the same shopping centre....

In fact Borders is a very good example of the contempt some retailers have shown for the Australian public:

Their marketing strategy was sell books at a higher price than anyone else (even other bricks and mortar retailers), even above Australian RRP....

Borders failure was not really all that difficult to predict.

Another example of this was Starbucks, who sold bland flavourless 'Coffee' (not sure what I tasted there was really Coffee) at twice the price of anyone else (i.e. those folk who were selling real Coffee).

A couple of years later they are wondering why this marketing strategy was a complete failure and Starbucks never really took off in Australia.....

So it is good to see JB Hi-Fi taking on the distributors and now if the other retailers like Harvey Norman would stop moaning about the 10% GST and blaming the Government and follow suit (and maybe also look at what rent they are paying to Westfield et,al as well) and join in then maybe we would see some real change in Australia.

I have been saving up for a new Nikon but now I think it can wait a month or two,

Ok pass the Popcorn...

NZ ISP piracy law kicks in

Richard Freeman


Skynet popping up again?

I think Skynet has decided it can wreak more damage on mankind through copyright laws than by building terminators....

Telstra overhauls structure ... again

Richard Freeman

How is this News???

Telstra are always re-oranising as this is the only way most of their management team can justify their fat paychecks.

every 6 months is a minor re-org with major restructures occuring every 18 months to 2 years - this has been going on since at least the mid 90es.

sure most re-orgs bring more chaos and less efficency but that's ok as they are on to a new re-org or two by the time they work that out

Well, that about wraps it up for the NBN

Richard Freeman

Turnbull is the opposition

I bet Turnbull is smart enough to know what is going on - but as he is in the opposition (and let's not forget they are the folk responsible for this mess - when they sold off Telstra without structural separation) he is not interested in reality, truth or honesty and is picking and choosing his Data to make the Government look bad.

Remember it's not dishonesty if it's just being politically astute....

Chinese man jailed for provoking nuke panic

Richard Freeman
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I like it

Fines for first time offenders and then prison sentences to people forwarding Chain Emails - with harsher penalties for those idiots that start them.

Makes sense to me

Proposed NBN 'retail restraint' law is bad for everyone

Richard Freeman

So the Coalition show their ignorance again?

hardly any surprise there - I mean after all they are the ignorant twonks who made the NBN a necessity when they sold Telstra without structural separation - which makes it rather hypocritical of them to be pretending to be worried about competition now....

Coming soon: Mark Zuckerberg the comic-book hero

Richard Freeman


Mark Zuckerberg has Fans????


The turn the power on and they spin around type?

Aussie opposition will scrap firewall

Richard Freeman



Did the Coalition just announce a policy???

Aussie broadband is slower than a slow thing in a slow town

Richard Freeman

@ it is Hopeless #

You forget it was the gross incompetence of our last Government that unleashed Telstra by making them a private company answerable to no one but themselves.

when you vote remember a couple of things:

1) it was the Liberal Govt who decided to Sell Telstra without breaking them up first which exacerbated this whole debacle....

2) a large chunk (if not all) of the NBN is being funded by the 'Future fund' i.e. the money they got from selling Telstra (ironic that really)

3) at least the NBN proposal (GPON) looks technically viable and quite a sound plan unlike the coalitions pipe dream of using 3G (just because it is cheap).....

New York Times bans 'tweet'

Richard Freeman
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They're right of course

The verb for using Twitter should be to "Twit" which sums it all up very nicely really....

Finns fail to warm to 2.6GHz auction

Richard Freeman

who in their right mind would want 2.6Ghz?????

I mean seriously - its within a fraction of an octave to 2.4Ghz so any user inside a house is likely to lose connectivity when they use their microwave oven, you will suffer signal loss when it rains or is foggy (I guess you get that with microwave links anyway).

Below 2Ghz spectrum is probably worth money but above 2Ghz??

9/11 pager messages released on Wikileaks

Richard Freeman


So what is with:

2001-09-11 08:48:24 Arch [1072988] D ALPHA

Sanchez Maggie M|I love you, have a really good day...yeppie I get to watch women pee


How to host your very own Windows 7 launch party

Richard Freeman


I always used to wonder what sort of loser would line up all night to be the first to purchase a new Microstuft Software release - especially as any sane person would 6 to 9 months for the worst bugs to be fixed.

But what sort of complete and utter Loser would hold a windows 7 Party?????

Bungling cybercops' r00t-y0u.org sting backfires

Richard Freeman
Black Helicopters


This is all part of a plot dating back to the years when Bob 'silly old bugger' Hawke was prime minister - as he was infamous for saying 'Australia is a primary producer - we don't need to worry about that Technology stuff'

Of course this attitude has been carried on by subsequent prime ministers with some of the worst damage done in recent years by Johnny Howl-hards anti education revolution (what spend money on Education when it could be better spent on tax cuts of maybe 50c a month??).

AWA, BWD, Applied Technology (Microbee), JNA etc. - all once (almost??) household names* for Australian technology now no longer exist - partly due to poor management decisions but also significantly due to lack of encouragement and support by successive governments.

Recently however there have been very embarrassing revelations that the core technologies used in wireless LANs was developed by the CSIRO which is not only Australian but (worse still) a Government body!

This has caused much consternation in the government, resulting in increasingly desperate attempts to prove that Australia has no idea about all this Technology stuff such as the great firewall/filter of Oz and now this - just further attempts to prove we don't have a clue....

*amongst Techs anyway - probably almost unheard of outside Australia, because, well we are great at exporting dirt, mutton, wool, even rice and cotton (how does an arid country sanely grow rice and cotton???)

Powered robot suits make debut on Tokyo streets

Richard Freeman

Fake all of it

Does this mean that If I strap a couple of sticks to my Legs, then I too can get funding from the Japanese government?

Olympus shows off lens-swapping 'Pen' camera

Richard Freeman
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Err so its an SLR without the optical view finder.....

or an expensive camera they have saved a few pennies on

unfortunately I have found that while you may not use an optical view finder often, when you need one you really need one (especially out in full sunlight in summer).

Don't think I will be rushing out to buy one any time soon

Japanese pop pineapple recovers from Swede mashing

Richard Freeman

I think I have the story line

While I had difficulty understanding the dialogue the story line seems to be that:

three young Girls are playing together at a school (a fourth turns up somewhere I did not quite spot where - this is probably mentioned in the dialogue) when they are stalked by a predatory pineapple.

The girls decide to head for open ground so they can spot the lurking Anana and climb a hill to get warning of its approach.

The prickly fruit pursues them so they call for reinforcements (another friend turns up) decide to go on the offensive chasing the Pineapple down the street and throwing a ball at it.

Unfortunately the Pineapple mistakes the ball as a gift and promise of undying love and wiats until nightfall before heading over to the Girls house to play - finding the girls not there (they are inside going to bed) he decides to play on the Trampoline in the hope they will come outside to play but the girls complain to their parents about the Barmy Bromeliad that has been bothering them all day so the parents (and an Uncle who was visiting at the time) Go out and delivery afruit.. righteous beating to the prickly Paedophile....

So it wasn't a robbery after all

Twitter suffering chronic banality, diagnoses Dr House

Richard Freeman

plural of Twit is?

Um so let me get this right Hugh Laurie says that only Twits Twit on Twitter - that almost rhymes doesn't it?

Could we make it into a tongue twister perhaps?

twenty two twisted twits, twitting together on twitter, twittering their days away ...

No sorry that all became too banal and I ran out of inspiration although it does sound like something out of a kids ABC book.

I'll get me coat then - that one there the one with the cuffs tied together...

Secret Aussie blacklist leaked

Richard Freeman
Black Helicopters

re Obfuscation

"Stephen Conroy, the Australian Minister for Internet Censorship, is claiming that the published list is not the official government blacklist."

It is pretty well irrelevant what Stephen Conroy claims (after all he is a Politician....), until or unless he is prepared to prove otherwise we have no proof that the list is not at least as deeply flawed as the one published.

This of course is the problem with Secret lists....

Black helicopters ? well - I hear the distant sound of Black hawks doing 'anti terrorist exercises' up and down Pitt St*, so I am off to my Blue mountains bunker complex for a few Coopers*1 and a lie down....

*Pitt St - one of the main streets through the CBD of Sydney - a street down which Helicopters with known 'power droop' issues are known to be flown (between buildings) at high speed in the name of 'anti terrorist' exercises - in actual fact we are in much more danger from these exercises than any mythical Terrorists....

*1 Coopers - a beer that is significantly better than Fosters (not that this is at all difficult - in fact I do not know anywhere in Sydney that you could even buy Fosters as this is just an awful Beer we export to give foreigners a bad opinion of Australian Beer...)

Microsoft Songsmith ad trumps Seinfeld shocker

Richard Freeman
Gates Horns

Microsoft Huh?

Instead of "Microsoft Huh? so it's pretty easy to use" - shouldn't that have been:

Microsoft huh? so your machine is about to crash... "

And I am glad to hear Miles (red shirt man) has opened up and come out of the closet - I have to admit that despite being 'Dad' I had my suspicions at the beginning of the ad when I first saw him....

Other than that pretty nauseating Ad really.

Obama's rainbow stealth aircraft uncloaks over Virginia

Richard Freeman

Sun, Sun come and get your Sun....

at which he promised sunlit meadows...

I watched the inauguration, and the weather is still crap. Where's the lovely weather we citizens of Earth were promised, eh?

Ah - it all got delivered Down South - we seem to have too much Sun down here in Australia at the moment..... the blasted courier driver has delivered your Sun to the wrong place and now we have too much, do you want to come and pick it up?

NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes

Richard Freeman
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@ Steve Jones

The issue with Flash is that the write cycle is too slow for use as Regular memory.

It sounds like this memory is going to be fast enough to use as Regular computer memory so Standby mode will not need to power the memory and as the Greenies say 'a milliwatt-hour saved is one less picogram of CO2 in the atmosphere'....

No seriously - the less that needs to be powered up when a computer is in standby the smaller the battery that is needed and think about being able to turn your computer on and not having to wait interminably for it to boot up (because it is still booted up).

(Real estate) developer sues Apple over Jesus Phone browser

Richard Freeman


I wonder - has anyone patented breathing yet?

I can feel a lawsuit coming on

Pub toilet todger tiff ends in bloodbath

Richard Freeman
Black Helicopters

re Don Montgomery

"I understand that guns are currently outlawed in Britain. What are the chances that law-abiding folks will ever be allowed to defend themselves there?"

Less Guns means they don't need to...

Lets look at the numbers:

Gun crime in the USA for 2006

(Population 301,139,947)

Source US dept of justice

Crimes committed involving firearms:

388,897 or 1,291/Million


11,566 or 38.4/Million


188,804 or 627/Million

Aggravated assaults

188,527 or 626/Million

Gun Crime in the UK for 2006

(Population 60,776,238)

Source UK Home office

Crimes committed involving firearms:

18,489 or 304.2/Million


59 or 0.97/Million


3,979 or 65.47/Million

Serious injury (not including death)

507 or 8.34/Million

Which looks safer - A country where everyone can have a gun?

or a Country where you cannot carry a gun?

Rogue SF sysadmin may cost city over $1m

Richard Freeman

over $1m ?

I was wondering how it was going to cost so much until I saw:

'plans to set aside $1m to pay for consultants and upgrades to the network.'

So in other words that would be $999,997:50 for the consultants and $2:50 for a new Patch cable....

I think the picture of the faceless, mindless CON-sultant fits best here

Dallas kids tracked for their own good

Richard Freeman

what kind of a school Bryan Adams is ?

Why not?

30 Seconds on Google gives me:

62% of the students at Bryan Adams are economically disadvantaged, 14% enroll in special education and 21% are considered "limited English proficient

Bryan Adams High School was rated Academically Acceptable by the Texas Education Agency in 2007

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

Richard Freeman

Hang on - who is the Perv here?

The Bloke shagging the table - or the chap videoing him shagging the table in the privacy of his Backyard.....

MOAB and the pain ray - Iraq's war-missing wonder weapons

Richard Freeman
IT Angle

I like it

"put together by people of great vigor who lacked common sense"

I like this quote, In fact it can probably be used quite extensively throughout the IT&T Industry - Can I use it please?

Man cuffed for lamppost sex outrage

Richard Freeman

Hang on a minute I am getting confused....

Was that a Catholic Lamp-Pole being abused by a Polish Hoover?

or a Bicycle Poling a Polish Lamp Pole?

or a Lamp Pole, Poling a Catholic Hoover on a Bicycle?

or a Pole Poling a Lamp Pole on a Hoover?

or a Hoover sucking a Lamp Pole on a polish Bicycle?

Oh stuff it I think thats blown my tiny little mind...

- Yep thats my coat there - the one with the Outraged public decency in the pockets.....

Paper clip attack skewers Chip and PIN

Richard Freeman


hmm Let see now they make it sound so easy:

Account can be hacked with:

paper clip - simple item to get hold of

Pin - simple item to get hold of

then 'a small recording device' - this is the bit that is considerably more complex and not as easy to get/make/steal as you might think.

while I admit that I am a bit surprised it is that easy - at this stage I doubt many crooks have access to the Technical capability of obtaining a 'small recording device'

Don't think it will keep me up at night (although maybe I should check any eftpos machine I use for pins or paper-clips.