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Nokia N900 to hit Vodafone next month

Tsvetomir Tsonev

Nokia N900 for sale... in January

... mine that is. Placed my order back in September and 80 days later Nokia is still announcing delays. Damn, even poor 'ole Motorola managed to announce and ship the Droid during this time.

Seeing that Maemo developers already have their second N900 from Nokia doesn't help either. It simply sucks being a Nokia customer.

N900 might be a fine peace of tech, but I'm sick of waiting and I have no sympathy left for it.

Job well failed, Nokia.

Nokia N900 delayed

Tsvetomir Tsonev

@ Jason Hall

First generation? More like 4th generation, I'd say - after N770, N800 and N810. It's the first Maemo phone, that's true. But no reports as of yet of any phone-related issues on the device. Nokia gave 300 of those during the Maemo summit and any major problems would've surfaced by now.

Mono swings .NET development into iPhone

Tsvetomir Tsonev

There's a place for that...

... in the footnotes of computer history.

Apple won't support it for obvious reasons.

Microsoft will not support it as they want the C# crowd to do Windows Mobile development.

The Open Source community won't support it, as it's not open source.

Novell, do you feel lonely already?

By the way, Mono is already available for the N810, so I'm impatient to order the N900 after the price settles down a bit.

Google applies patch to nasty Chrome vulns

Tsvetomir Tsonev


Maybe he means the Dev channel?


Microsoft's web Office: No love for Chrome, Opera

Tsvetomir Tsonev
Gates Horns

Ahem, WebKit...

is the engine that powers Safari for Mac, Windows and Chrome. I'd expect any web app to behave almost identically in those three browsers. There're minor differences and their JavaScript engines are different, but overall they behave pretty much the same.

Bill, because IE should have been a WebKit browser by now :)

Apple squeezes JavaScript juice from Safari 4 beta release

Tsvetomir Tsonev
Paris Hilton

The curious case of IE6

Great stuff indeed. Now the question remain - with so many excellent browsers out there, why IE6 still lives on?

Paris, because she always follows the latest trends.

Seagate isolates 'potential' Barracuda flaw

Tsvetomir Tsonev
Paris Hilton

"Your drive IS affected"

Still working flawlessly, though. I'm not sure why they didn't make the update publicly available. Their support staff is in for a bad week.

Paris, because she's so lucky.


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