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N8 flicks budget-price spitballs at iPhone

elder norm

wow... just wow.

Nokia wants to have market share ..... cause that is important......... for selling bread.

Nokia will be selling phones but making NO PROFIT. Its profit that makes a company more. So they will be like Dell. Sell cheap, make nothing, go broke.

Just a thought here.


This witch-hunt will hurt Adobe more than Apple

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Yea..... really?

So bizarre,,,,,, do you know of a functional and released version of FLASH that is available for mobile units.??????

Apple is still waiting ..... now for 3-5 years... I guess we should all just sit on our ..... . until Adobe decides to allow us to use their proprietary software.

Just a thought.


elder norm


I guess we are all just so used to Adobe's open standards, and Microsoft's open standards... etc.

Aint Apple just so different...being so closed and all. Of course Apple likes to use open standard things like jpg, pnd, html5....etc. So we can all see what is on the web.

Just a thought.


elder norm

What a troll boy crock!!

"It runs on other mobile phones fine, " Er please tell me and everyone what released version of FLASH runs on all mobile phones currently in use????

FLASH 10.1 is to be released this summer and will be the first version to so. Per Adobe. Flash lite was a patch and a poor one at that. PS. 10.1 was displayed a few days ago in Beta and it crashed 2 times in a row. PS it will have to be released for each type and level of phone as a different version and web sites will have to have different versions of FLASH video to support each FLASH version.

So what part of a non-existant flash for mobile did you really love??

Just a thought.


elder norm

good post but

"Running Flash is a FEATURE that they simply have not implemented." Actually NO ONE has implemented this feature cause the software from ADOBE does not yet exist. FLASH 10.1 is the first version that is scheduled to run on Android and is to be released in the summer. Maybe if they can get it to quit crashing like it did 2x at the recent demo.

ADOBE DOES NOT have ANY software to allow FLASH to run on mobile phones YET.

Just a thought,


Non-Flash video surges onto the web

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good post

One thing to add. Adobe keeps forgetting to mention that they have YET TO RELEASE the first good mobile flash player, version 10.1. It crashed 2x at a recent demo and is scheduled to be released this summer. For Android version 2.2. Most cell phones will not be able to use it though, it requires the latest hardware to be able to run.

Just a thought,


Microsoft's dual-screen booklet shows 'face' on web

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Yes.... but no

While it looks great, I keep having issues / doubts. While pen scribbling can be neat, unless its dumped into a text editor, you have to worry about people being able to read it, to cut and paste the info, etc.

And the mail with out checking the address..... right... that will fly like a lead balloon.

No, I think MS is just blowing smoke here to stall any Apple success. They think its a great idea and have been using it for years. But as shown above/below, people are getting wise.

Just a thought,


Apple iTablet a (virtual) certainty

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Why oh why---

Why oh why do people always have to overhype Apple products, especially those that have not been released yet so.???? And likewise, kill off a great product the moment its growth is less than 300% per year???

IPods (nano and up) will be around for years yet. I use an iPhone, iPod touch, and a nano. Why the nano? Cause sometimes all I want is music. NO video, no touching the screen, etc. I love the new ear buds that have off, on, volume, fwd,and rewind on the cord.

If I need to display or show a video, that is when the iPod touch or phone comes out. They even have a dvd player (portable) that will play video off an iPod.

So, take a breath. Trust Apple to make some magic and just enjoy the ride. :-)

Just a thought,


Apple slices retail staff as sales slide

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wrong as usual

I believe if you ready closely you will see that these are not people but people hour equivalents. In other words if Apple cuts back on hours, the numbers drop. Also note that its before the holidays and after the holidays. Takes a real genius to know that you have more store hours during the holidays than after....

PS. note that last year same time Apple reported 12,000 mhe units and 14,000 this year. More people or just super overtime????

Brains on you folks. And remember to read the words.... they are important. :-)

Just a thought.


Drunk sorority girls quaff booze 'to impress boys'

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Wrong again

Sheezzzze. Its not the amount of drink that we guys are impressed by. What a dumb idea.

We just want the ladies to be easy going. Of course they get that way after more drinks, but we would be just as happy if they were that way in the beginning after a quick beer.

Just a thought.


Mac malware tide on the rise

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So funny , so funny

"The golden age of Mac security appears to be at an end, and about time." I just love seeing all this Apple hate (no doubt sponsored by the Microsoft - pay for stories group).

MDN sponsors a web page that lists links to all kinds of Apple and MS stories. No firewall or virusware for the last 2-3 years... And no virus problems. Of course there are currently NO viruses in the wild for Apple but why let a small thing like reality stop a writer, writing for anti-virus companies, write a great scare article.

If you really want background, try roughlydrafted.com for good articles with meat. If you like scary fat floating on top, I hear there are many good sites around. :-)

Just a thought.


PS I use both PC and Apple. However, lately, I keep the PC off the internet. Its way to dangerous out there for such an exposed machine.

Apple more closed than Microsoft

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What a bunch of ........ :-)

Its funny how these flame wars always go the same way these days. But everyone forgets... or chooses to ignore.... The dollar is the one that chooses.

Mac sales are increasing each quarter and increasing as a total percent of things sold. Once you go Mac, you do not go back, is funny but basically true.

That says it all. Of people that try both systems (and are not MS developers :-) ) the Mac side grows. Why is not so important as the fact that the number GROWS. Period.

Year after year, product after product, Apple is growing.

Just a thought.


Ten of the Best... iPod rivals

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Such a funny article. :-)

Hey, I believe that each person should have the player that is best for them.

But, most of us ......

Do not want software that SUCKS. Period

Do not want two features that are good and 10 that SUCK.

Only Windows Media plays-for-sure, well mostly, maybe if MS lets us..... nuff said.

iPods have 73% of the world market cause 73 % of the people like them best. PERIOD. 2.5% like Zunes (or Hate Apple... what a stupid reason to buy a player.....)

the rest are split up amount many different players and companies.

HMmmm, do you think that the slight lead by Apple could be cause the advertise (well mostly they do not) or that Steve Jobs told them they must buy an iPod (actually he never did).

Enjoy your player. I have several mp3 players that work just fine but they sit in the drawer cause my iPods are just ..... more enjoyable to me. PERIOD>

Just a thought.


BlackBerry redoubles iPhone challenge

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Not sure if they will ever learn

Yep, Rim is getting better. They had to be dragged screaming and yelling. Doesent that just make you want to buy one. :-)

While I think RIM makes a good product, I do not see it as a real leader for the future. A good follower, yes, but not leading.

Just a thought.


Street-savvy Microsoft tries to pop the pimply face of piracy

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went there it sucks

I just visited the site. And boy does it suck. The "random" interviews and stories are such cheap fake crap that any kid will see right thru them. LOL

Microsoft is so 1980 that it is funny. And they are even wrong about a bunch of stuff. If I video tape an open public event, that tape is mine. Only if the event has noted that "NO videotaping is allow" does the material become controlled.

Just goes to show you that Microsoft wants to rule the world and everyone should do things its way. CAUSE. :-) PS Microsoft is currently talking to the Senate to try and convince them that the Yahoo and Google deals are bad cause they will stifle competition. You know, like Microsoft tries to do every day. LOL

Just a thought. :-)

Segway CTO scoots to Apple's design team

elder norm

More places than you think

I recently saw police in the Dallas airport on segways. It does two things for them.

1-- they stand a foot taller than everyone else so they are easy to see in a crowd.

2- the machines are imposing and while you would not mind walking up to a policeman, when they are on the machine, you end up keeping a foot or three distance. After all, you do not want the machine to run over your food do you.???



Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?

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Its easy really

Just define porn as any picture of anyone under the age of 18 (or even if they look 18 or less) and have no clothes on as extreme porn. All nudists photos are extreme porn. You can be naked just do not take any pictures. :-)

Any pictures of your kids in the tub ----- extreme porn.

Any sonograms of your pre-born kids ----- extreme porn.

See, its easy. :-(

PS, all politicians = terrorists. Just a different kind of terror.

Note: thinking about nude people ---- almost extreme porn.

MS misses restart button on desktop auto-updates

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More ...MS ...BS

I just cannot get over the mess that "MS" is making of, well, just everything these days.

They want Yahoo, NOW, maybe, if the price is right, maybe.

They will take Yahoo, NOW, maybe, er, if Yahoo is nice about it.

Now this upgrade mess. Can't they do ... anything... right?

I guess not.


Desk PC, laptop Mac.

1&1 says sorry to one in ten

elder norm

So, who is cheap and better?

OK, I agree that they have had their problems. Overall, I have been happy with them, (you should have seen my first hosting company. LOL or cry I am not sure which. )

Whom do you recommend that is as cheap and has better service / support?

iPod Nano electrical discharge sparks new battery fear

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OK then, I would rather walk

Hmmm. Sounds pretty dangerous to me. :-)

Considering the loss of life from driving a car or flying in a plane, I guess this info makes them look down right super dangerous. Guess I had better start walking everywhere from now on.

Unless the chance of getting hit by lightening is more, then I had better stay home.

Unless the chance for getting hit by monster hail crashing thru your roof and killing you is more......... er....... H..e..l..p. rotflol.


Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

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The anti-apple fanboys here make me laugh. :-)

I am getting more and more of a kick out of the posts by anti-apple fanboys here and at other sites. They just do not get it. :-)

On the iPhone, its the software, dummy!! LOL Every time Apple has wanted to upgrade the iPhone, all they do is drop another upload into the pipeline and suddenly your iPhone is new and improved. You do not have to buy another phone cause id does not have that feature loaded or turned on.

Now its great for Nokia to sell you another phone everytime you want to increase your phones abilities, but I like the idea of a phone getting better and better ---- for free.!!!

It may be just me, but I think that this SDK and business efforts for the iPhone is going to make it super big. SUPER BIG!! Complain that cause it does not come in pink, that its a deal killer for you (but who really cares what ---you-- buy..ROTFLOL.

Now, I am not a fanboy. I critize Apple too. I feel free to praise or put down ideas as I see them. And lately, all I see is good ideas coming out of Apple (not perfect - just good) . :-)


MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

elder norm

least we forget Microsoft

But yee of little memory forget .....

Microsoft said that HD was the best and they would continue to ONLY push HD. Even after an MS exec said it could support both formats and he was chastized. :-(

Microsoft, all about world domination (don't you all just love to be dominated :-) ) pushed HD format even to putting it in VISTA, which now makes a bunch of VISTA code totally useless . OH well, whats a little extra bloat.

I totally support people using what ever OS or format they wish. But you make your decision, you have to live with the results.


Microsoft, Your frustration, our fault, too bad. :-)

Microsoft rejects Yahoo! rejection

elder norm
Gates Horns

@ Charles

Charles, right on.

Just because MS can do a thing in no way means that they should. But they do not seem to think so. For 20-40 billion, you would think that they could start from scratch and come up with something better than Yahoo, especially since Yahoo is bleeding money.

Its scary.


Teen hacker re-unlocks Apple's iPhone

elder norm

Not really 1 billion

I just do not know why some people bother. Just a thought.

As far as 1 billion, hey Apple makes a profit on every phone. Yes they could make even more if everyone was logged in, but people lose phones, people "blend" phones, people even take them apart on tv just to see whats inside. So people will need more phones and I don't think Apple will "lose" any real money.

Now, I hear that Palm, motorola, and Microsoft are getting squeezed. LOL

Just a thought.


French police plan Windows-free jails, offices

elder norm

The decline of Microsoft

Its starting already. The slow and steady decline of Microsoft. While I think Bill Gates is a very smart man, he got stuck in the early computer age and never grew.

Why should companies and governments that have hundreds of thousands of computers and large IT staffs pay the big bucks for over hyped OS systems. Linux has matured to the point that only gradual and occasional changes are needed..... and there is always Mac OSX.

After the Vista debacle and Microsoft steadfastly refusing to admit that it made a mistake, I just do not see companies waiting 3-4 more years for the next Microsoft thing.


Will Microsoft parachute Windows 7 in early?

elder norm

Missing the point???

Perhaps all this bloatware that people talk about is really DRM that does nothing to help the OS and really just kills it. Gates gave in to Universal and paid them $1 for every Zune sold cause --?-- Zunes steal music????

Then you have all these DRM issues with HD cause --- Windows people steal movies???

I appreciate the problem, but I think the solution direction was stupid, bloated, poorly programmed. etc.

Does Microsoft want Windows to move foreward or just make them more money???

What do you think?


Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up

elder norm

Please people

Boy, people here talk about facts then proceed to get them all wrong. :-)

Apple plans to sell 10 million iPhones by the END of 2008.

That means 4 million so far is a good start.

Sales are sales. Keep in mind that sales are taking place world wide and some are not registered cause they are jail broke.

Apple just reported the BEST quarter ever. 22 million iPods, 4 million iPhones, 2.3ish million computers.

Complain, bitch, screw with numbers all you want, Apple is moving forward. Check back in again in another year and compare numbers now and then. That is all that matters. OH and one more thing, those of us who enjoy Apple products will continue to enjoy them over the next year. Enjoy Vista. :-)


Best Buy 'framed' by pesky Windows virus

elder norm

Darn it all ---

Darn it all. It sounds like this will have no effect on my Apple computer. Shucks, I wanted to be able to tell folks that I got a virus from Best Buy too, and not just a crappy product!!!! :-)

Peeved HTC smartphone owners offer bounty for driver fix

elder norm

great comments

I loved reading some of these comments. People who hate the iPhone, consider the latest round of FREE feature additions to the EXISTING phones....

Apple is updating the phones thru software. No need for a NEW phone, just improve your old phone. ---- OH wait, you bought a HTC gizmo rich and programming poor phone and the only way to improve is to BUY a new phone.

OH, you poor soul. Enjoy your new, new, new , new phone, phone, phone........ :-)


Mac lambs line up for slaughter

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Of course Macs can get viruses

Macs are just waiting to suffer a super virus crash. EVERONE (all pc users know it) knows it. Macs are so full of holes compared to PCs that as sound as anyone feels like it, they can whip up a virus and every Mac will crash at once and spread to all the contacts in it, all at once.

Just because there are millions and millions of Macs out there with well to do owners, there just is not enough out there to use OS X so that anyone cares.

Bill Gates made sure that Windows is free from viruses, its the , er,,,,, third part software makers that allow viruses to get into VIsta and other PCs. Honest, Steve and Bill told me so.

:-) en

Kid's 'new' MP3 player was preloaded with smut

elder norm

Walmart, resell a used item..... never!! :-)

Please, Of course Walmart, the cheapest company out there will resell hardware.

I have seem many packages that are crudely re-taped and put back on the shelf. And given the low salary paid to these guys on the floor, I am sure that they just do what they are told.

To Walmart I say,"See what happens when you race to the bottom of the market".

Vonage shakes off patent disputes

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Go Vonage

I switched to Vonage about 2 years ago and never looked back. Before that I had Southern Bell and ATT long distance. I was paying about $90 per month for a basic + package. And the service was just going down hill.

Now I pay about $25 per month and get unlimited local and long distance.

I just say, "GO" to Vonage.


US Army loads up on Apples for 'better security'

elder norm

Register, lets get with the program in 2008, OK

This whole safety because of obscurity issue is really getting old. If it were true, there would be, what 2000 - 3000 viruses running for the Mac?

Afterall, just look at the percentage and what about the prestige of being the first to produce a Mac virus running wild in the, er , wild. :-) Could it be that without IE and all the old open back doors on computers that run Windows, its just harder to get into a Mac or Unix machine??? Huh???? Just maybe?????

Happy New Year and lets be just a little more open minded, ok?


Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

elder norm


You said, "But this latest move by the big record companies to hold individuals personally responsible perhaps signals how weak at the knees they have truly become."

I say, right on. These guys are getting desperate. Maybe they can sue me if I buy a CD cause , OF COURSE, I must be going to copy it. :-) RIGHT?

WIth any luck they could bring the music industry to its knees all by them selves. Maybe we could move to a direct from Artist to audiance model where the Artist owns the copywrite and sells the music directly or thru a service like iTunes. Then RIAA would be left out of the loop.

WOOOO, what an idea. Anyone else agree??

PS, Happy New Year.

Europe too cynical for iPhone

elder norm

Really??? :-)

""In fact, I have to wonder if most of these posts are Microsoft shills who get paid to trash Apple."

FFS, I wondered how long it would take for an Apple fanboy to come out with that old chestnut.

What an ass hat."

Speaking to the MS fanboy / linux fanboy that left that message:

Hey, when I read articles that come right out of the "be an Apple hater for fun and profit" handbook, I have to assume the obvious. :-)

Like said above, If you do not like Apple products, fine. Just do not buy them. Apple fans get tired of people that only speak up against Apple products. No positive input, just "it sucks cause........ and its Apple. "

You do not see Apple admirers putting down other products. If you like Microsoft junk or like building your own PC from the ground up, ...... fine. I enjoy Apple products because I have more to do than patch my computer all the time, or spend days trying to get my cell phone to do its "extra things".

Elder Norm

elder norm

WOW, you guys must be really scared of Apple. just wow.

I actually have to laugh when I read most of these posts. If you do not like a product, don't buy it. In fact, I have to wonder if most of these posts are Microsoft shills who get paid to trash Apple.

Apple developed a cell phone. It was different than other phones in that its the best "iPod ever" and it has wi-fi and it also has a cell phone. Period. Its not make to be the cheapest or most-difficult-to-use phone, just an easy to use phone with neat features. And it looks cool too. PERIOD.

It does not:

defy gravity,

change the time space continum,

come free,

Its not a movie cam corder,

Its not a transport device.

and it does not solve all your personal problems for $ 49.99, er $ 29.99, er for free.

Sorry. ITs just a phone,....... that is taking the smart phone world by storm. ONE day sales figures, or even one months figures???? Please, give me a break. Lets look at Blackberry phone sales in the first month that it came out.

This is the first phone ever from Apple. Most phone execs said that it would not even work. Well, I guess that they are wrong. :-) So, I am going to leave most of you to sulk to your hearts content. Just don't be surprised if you see Apple iPhones holding a10% to 25% share of the world smart phone market by the end of next year.



Nokia to offer unlimited music downloads... for free

elder norm

Interesting approach

Hmmmm, free music for a year?? Then what?? You have to subscribe to keep the music. And if you replace your cell phone every year, you OK to trot, and if not?????

Universal is just dying to kill Apple's iTunes store and why, I will never know!!! The future looks bad for Music companies in their present state. How and when they will change is anyone's guesss.

But I think they will have to change or die. JMHO. :-)


Police aim to stamp out virtual child abuse

elder norm

World, we have a problem here....

While there are many and varied "sick" types of people and things that they do, I totally agree that you cannot take fiction and make it illegal.

All video games would be illegal (especially any "first shooter" games). Why even the mention of the game could be illegal since it would involve killing, stealing, doing dangerous or illegal things.

Then all writing should be illegal since,,,,, see above.

So I totally agree that we need to leave these areas alone. ITs just scary thinking about what these "banning this, that and the other" people could be up to. :-(

Apple's Leopard rejects latest version of Java

elder norm


AAAggghhhh. Leopard is NOT perfect. RUN. HIDE. Quick everyone, run back to Vista cause it is perfect and STORM really does not exist. RUN RUN.

Please, give me a break. :-)

California teen offers GPS challenge to speeding rap

elder norm

Maybe we are all forgetting something

Actually, isn't the goal here to all be safe??? I think that the cops and courts forget this when they get so filled with self importance that they start thinking of themselves as perfect.

I received a ticket for speeding when it was the car beside me. The officer said it was me cause 40 seconds after taking the reading and driving past us, I was going faster than the other car. When I told him that the other car had passed me, then slammed on the brakes, my ticket was changed from speeding to ..... wait for it...... failure to obey a sign. What the f**K does that mean??/

It means that he realized that I was right but since he started writing the ticket it was easier to blame me for something i did not do, than explain to his boss why he screwed up. Yea. I want this guy having a loaded gun. !!!!!

Remember, cops are people too. People that can easily have a issues that spill over to their work.


Operators say 'told you so' on iPhone security

elder norm

@ Glenn

"The consensus is that the current iPhone code is a mess."

I have no idea what you are talking about, and I don't think you do either. :-) Consensus? By whom, others like Kim who claimed that the Apple security was terrible cause everything runs in root????? Yep and she did not know what she was talking about either. LOL See the roughlydrafted.com article. :-)

Just because you can hack your own phone does not mean its insecure.

Can others hack into it when you visit a web site?

Can others use wi-fi to hack into your phone and change code?

Hey, I can drive over my phone with a car but that does not mean that you can make me put my phone under your car tires. LOL



More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

elder norm

@webster Phreaky

You are such an MS troll. I love reading your rants. Of course I know that you are a troll so I do not even try to believe them. :-)

"Frankly, I see this as a anti MS story plant by Apple PR or by an Mac zealot media writer.

With the few Macs we have left after YEARS of bugs, flaws, prematurely dead Logic Boards amongst other costly hardware failures, we have MORE problems after nearly every Apple OS X update that we ever have with our 18,000 plus Windows boxes."

While I have read stories from Apple fans, I have never seen as much BS as I have seen coming from MS trolls/fanboys. !! Yes, I totally believe you (LOL) that you have never had problems with MS and PC systems. All those tales of woe that I have read on MS blog websites are just junk. :-) Ballmer tells me that MS is great so I must believe him (or get hit by a flying chair).

"The revelation that Microsoft is pushing yet more installations not explicitly agreed to by administrators is not likely to sit well with this same vocal contingent. Redmond may want to don the asbestos suits now."

"Why now? Why this update?" (sort of from legally blond) LoL

"Yep, at Redmond, its business as usual. You guys that have locked into MS are just stuck. You would have to totally change your systems. You will never do that. We have spent years programming software to make it impossible to do that. :-) Just sit back and enjoy the ride...... er sort of. " :-)


Greenpeace admits iPhone 'compliant' with Euro chemicals rules

elder norm

GreenPeace fails bigtime

Green Peace is making such big noise about Apple (all bluster no importance) that it seems to have missed the 1,000,000 + toys that came out of China with all that lead in the paint. Of course we know which land fill they will be dumped in when they go back!!!

Hey, the FDA says the the iPhone is bad to eat. I agree. Green Peace, Don't eat your iPhone, shove it up where the sun don't shine and let it get absorbed naturally. :-)


Hackers unlock iPhone - again

elder norm

What a bunch of comments

I see only three types of comments here.

Normal intelligent people. Like it - buy it. Don't like it, don't buy it.

Hackers. "I must own and break anything. " Mommy gets mad when I do that. :-)

and MS trolls (paid or not). Who have to put down any Apple product with the most weird (and usually stupid) of statements. ie. "My puter dont have 4 wheel drive, so its a stupid puter." :-)

And while I can understand the first two, the last group, which I am seeing more and more around, really worry me. I guess money will buy anything.


Microsoft revamps Zune with Flash

elder norm

New Zunes???

Interesting. Its nice to see Microsoft upgrading their line of mp3 players.


I am not sure what their objective is. How have the players changed (aside from the obvious)?

Do they still slap DRM on anything you load into them?

Do they still squirt?

Does the squirted music still die after 3 days or 3 plays?

Competing products in the market place are always nice to see. It keeps the other companies on their toes. I am just not sure what Microsoft is trying to accomplish here. Are they truely trying to be a music media player or just trying to control that market place like everywhere else they tend to go?????


Apple iPod Nano third-generation

elder norm


Michael and others.

If you like wav music so much, thats fine. There are a lot of mp3 players out there. Why gripe about iPods???

As I understand it iPods recognize wav as long as they are not DRM. Hmmmm Maybe a Zune would work? NOPE. Microsoft zapped you there too :-(

Then you go on to say, "Steve Jobs and his arrogant delusional team should be brought to bear for this. Maybe the bear could eat them." Maybe you are a paid M$ troll??? Microsoft does just the same thing. In fact everyone out there has some restrictions or "don't works" with their system.


Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

elder norm


Sorry but it was NEVER that easy with Microsoft and so its hard to reproach Apple for not solving all the worlds problems (including yours).

Dissapointed with Apple?? Did they mess up your systems? I don't think so. Apple presents an option to change and live life easier. Do it, or do not? There is no Whine. :-)


Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes

elder norm

@ Jason

"so they nicked your hdd after replacing the motherboard. and didnt bother asking

hmmm you mean they didn't bother ghosting your stu"

I even left a letter with contact info inside saying to contact me. I would have bought that old drive if I could have. The work was done by an Apple contract house that does tons of other companies work too. :-(

The new equipment works great, but I really lost a lot of data. Now I back up much more regularly. :-) Live and learn.


To the other post: MS troll alert!!

"Apple sales are increasing only because they are targeting the fashion conscious more money than sense brigade."

---Just because they look good, does not mean that they are not the best. :-)

" At least with a PC I can change manufacturer once they move from quality to crap and still keep everything else whether I run linux or microsoft. If you run osx - its back to Apple regardless of how crap they make the system and have to pay whatever they charge."

----- MS troll FUD . Your documents and images, etc can go from machine to machine. Jpg, quicktime, word, tiff, etc. all these are common format.

You must be a troll cause on one hand you state that you are comfortable swaping machines left and right, but suddenly you do not know how to use universal formats.

Maybe you also think that iTunes locks you to using an iPod, even though Zunes advertise that they can read iTunes mp3 and AAC files. :-( Very low quality of troll today. LOL Maybe I will just throw it back. :-)

Elder Norm

Virgin unplugs music download service

elder norm

More blood on the iPod click wheel

Its just terrible. More blood spilled on the iPod click wheel. Darn Apple and its iTunes.

Why does it have to be so easy to use???

Why does it have to offer such a good price on music to own?

Why does it let users burn the songs that they buy??

Why oh why did Steve Jobs have to do this. He is responsible for so many services of Windows player music rental sites being closed. Shame on him.




Just maybe, the rental idea mostly sucks.

Just a thought. :-)


Why Microsoft vs Mankind still matters

elder norm

Boy what tired crock

One moment this article complains about how Micro$oft never does anything but sit there until there is a thread. Then it burps and upchucks until it buries the threat and goes back to sleep.

Then it comments that "More people buy Windows, therefore more people write software for Windows," so bigger is always better, even if it does not work, is crap, and has tons of holes. I guess as long as everyone else has to live with this crap, its OK for me to have to live thru it. I must be happy. They all tell me so. :-)

I remember a "lemmings" commercial from Apple long ago. I am sure its still on Youtube. :-) Yep, walk off the cliff cause everyone else is doing it. OR Think different, and enjoy the rewards. Zero virsuses, it just works, and now it runs windows if you just have to punish yourself. but when it locks up, you can reboot and run Mac OS while you are trying to figure out hot to fix the windows side. :-)

LMAO. :-)