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Brewer bashes Beeb over anti-beer bias

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I think America would agree with Dave.

You might be interested to know that all up and down the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver BC) pairing beer with foods is a very serious business. Especially in Portland, where there are more microbreweries in the city than any other city in the world. We have Fred Eckhardt to thank for promoting beer and food pairings, amongst others.

Many of the homebrewers I know here in Seattle (I'm one too) often will have discussions on what foods go best with different styles and tastes of beer. Occasionally we'll come across something like Pliny The Elder which doesn't and won't pair with anything.

Now if we could only get rid of all those crap beer commercials (Bud, Coors, Miller, PBR, and anything else usable only in Fizzball games) we might actually get taken seriously...

Oh, and mine's either a NWPA (Northwest IPA from Washington-grown ingredients) or a nice anything from Samuel Smith.

Cheers to Dave Bailey!

BOFH: Die, Robot

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Nice one!

I thought it could have a couple of fun evenings dealing with accidentally-spilled terminators, loose risers ("Thank goodness the robot found that before a valuable networks employee did!"), electrified lift panels, reversed cubicle walls, or going back and forth between floors 2.3 and 2.7 at high speed overnight before its last accident.

But this was good too! Like Jeroen said, good thing I'd finished my coffee before I got to the end of the story.

I'm with the others. It'll Be Back.

IT first to abandon Tiger Woods sponsorship

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is what many Seattleites still call them. So the metaphor still fits.

Both their fifteen minutes were up a while ago.

The beer (a Big Time Brewery's Scarlet Fire IPA) is to toast Tiger for giving those cheap asshats a black eye.

Chinese authorities close fatal net treatment camp, arrest 13

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A bit of irony, perhaps, that Internet dissemination of this incident was what probably sparked the retaliatory measures to close the place down in the first place. A bit of PR for their abysmal human rights agenda, eh?

A pint of Georgetown Brewery's Chopper's Red Ale (three, actually) for me in yet another vain attempt to understand the incredibly ass-backward Chinese...

BOFH: Hammer time!

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Applause! Applause!

Like the man said above, this is hilarious because it's true!

Yep, done the PC repair person thing myself.

Haven't come across a dead mouse in a machine yet. But there was one I did forensics on and confirmed that the spiderwebs that bridged between the power supply and the motherboard (and everything else) had collected enough dust to become a semiconductor. ZAP!

Cat hair (or eugenically-engineered small canine hair), check. Dust layers an inch thick on the bottom, yep. Power supply and CPU overheats because of dust collection on the fans, quite a lot. Lots of really pointy solder connections and sharp edges on the cases and components, got the scars. Fiendishly complicated chassis, all the manufacturers did that (Compaq and Bleeding Edge, err, Leading Edge were the worst), and some of the kit machines we assembled came with Engrish instructionings. Always good for a laugh, those.

Three rounds of Georgetown Brewery's Manny's Pale Ale for the BOFH, the PFY, and Mr. Travaglia for this one!

Vulture Central plans Brit-Yank dictionary

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We're not all completely clueless...

Actually, there's a sizable British population here in Seattle. So if we're puzzled over some of the lingo, I'll go to the George and Dragon in Fremont and buy someone a pint for the translations. Amuses the hell out of them.

I, for one, would treasure a guide to British lingo.

Mine's the pint of Wychwood Hobgoblin...

Can't get a job? Try plastic surgery

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IT Angle

Another legal drug!

Oooo. That way lies Octo-Mom...

Thing about plastic surgery is the somewhat expensive maintenance bit. And the fact that age will eventually out any amount of plastic surgery.

There was a Tony Orlando commercial not too long ago. Guy has to be around 70 now, but he had Teflon hair to rival Shatner's, a permanently surprised expression, and a very orange complexion. Of course most of his footage was shot in soft lighting. His female friend was not much better, the way one corner of her lips would rise noticeably higher than the other when she smiled. The commercial, by the way, was for a collection of the Greatest Hits of Something-Or-Other, most of which are featured in Dave Barry's "Book of Bad Songs." It would have been pure comedy if not for the scary surgery...

I don't know where some of these people get the idea that nobody knows they've had surgery. Bloody obvious most of the time.

I think that a lot of these doofuses should have a look at the Awful Plastic Surgery website before proceeding. Now That's REALLY Scary!

IT Angle: Never heard of anybody getting a facelift to compete for a true IT job. Project managers, yes. Programmers, no.

Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

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His secrets are safe now...

Yeah, like Martin said, I'm dreading what America's going to do to this 'reimaging', and I'm an American! From the same area Mr Caviezel's from, no less!

Not to mention there was also a very well-done four-part graphic novel that DC did in 1990 (roundabouts).

"Tearing around in his Lotus 7 being chased by giant beach balls". Hahaha! That's brilliant. How about adding, "and several thousand angry Scots"...

Mine's the blue blazer with the white piping and the straw boater hat.