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AWS delivers a – rather late – major release of its homebrew Linux distribution


Re: Why so hard?

> Why not simply offer whatever it is that Amazon themselves use?

I work for Amazon. Amazon Linux *is* what we use internally for headless stuff.

We have a tenet at Amazon - we eat our own dog food - meaning that we use the products that we build for our customers.

We rarely have seperate products for internal vs external.

Found on Mars: Alien insects... or whatever the hell this smudge is supposed to be, anyway


Re: No oxygen

Er... There IS oxygen on Mars...

UK.gov pushes ahead with legal right to 10Mbps


Re: The turn of the millenium called...

> I can only see 9G/Mo for £18 om Giffgaff - what am I missing?

Ew looks like GG have gone downhill - I currently pay £18 to Three. Unlimited data, Unlimited Roaming (which for me is a lifesaver) and 30Gig hotspot.

Remember you can always haggle.

Might be worth trying ID (Carphone Warehouse) Which uses the EE network - last I checked they were OK for DataSIMs.

--edit-- Looks like you can only get 15Gig for £25 quid now on ID... SMH


Re: pay enough , and you can get any speed you want

Yeah, this sounds about right.

Customer: "Hey I want 10Mbps!"

BT: "Certainly Sir/Madam It will cost £200,000 to install a new fiber straight to your door, and you can then enjoy 160Mbps for £80/m"

Customer: "Er, OK - I'll stick with 1.5Mbps on my shitty aluminium phoneline, thanks."


Re: The turn of the millenium called...

£1 per gig!?

Christ dude - look up Three or Giffgaff. I pay about £18/month for unlimited 4G (including 30Gig hotspot use)


Re: "not economically feasible"

"And spending £100+ billion (and counting) saving a few minutes on a train journey from London to Birmingham is...?"

I have no clue what you're on about, but I'm pretty damn sure that BT haven't spent a penny making anyones train journeys shorter... so your point is...?


As much as I would want this to go through - It's very likely to get pushed back upon on the grounds that it's fundamentally impossible without billions in investment.

In order to get at least 10Mbps to the most rural locations (such as where my parents live for example) would require digging up the roads to lay fiber to every cabinet - even ones with just 2 or 3 houses on them. It's just not economically feasible.

That is unless they go the Indian route and string fiber over the existing telegraph poles... THAT could certainly work - although I hope they do a better job than they do in India... Some of the fiber runs we have out there are comical (Over trees, across roads, nailed to crumbling buildings...).

Virgin Hyperloop pulls up the biggest chair for Branson, bags $50m, new speed record


Last week: Microsoft accused of covering up rape claim. This week: Microsoft backs anti-cover-up law ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Restraining order for rape?

Something smells off about this....

Guy (I'm assuming it's a guy, but maybe that's my internalised misandry) RAPES a girl, which is a federal crime, and the concern of Microsoft is that she will file a *RESTRAINING ORDER* ?

Forgive me if my US LAW knowledge is lacking but isn't the punishment for rape, you know, jail?

Was this actually rape? Or was this the new feminists definition of rape, which can be pretty much anything ranging from actual rape to he spoke to her and made her a bit uncomfortable?

There is no legal employment contract in existence in the west that can compel a person to not report a crime as hideous as rape.

Freeze, lastholes: USB-C and Thunderbolt are the ultimate physical ports


Re: Even a broken clock etc. etc.

Not likely.

Remember that USB-C is just the CONNECTOR. USB 3.1/Thunderbolt3 are the *current* best protocols, which manage 8k no problem.

USB 4 / Thunderbolt 4 or even something new can still run over the same connectors.

While we weren't looking, the WAN changed


There's no one book that you could read... I've been a network engineer/developer/administrator for over a decade, got some pretty high level qualifications from a number of hardware manufacturers and I'm still learning new stuff every day.

Anyone who says they're an expert in all fields of networking is telling fibs.

Best thing to do is start with some basic training, e.g. Cisco CCNA. Learn Subnetting, The 7 layer Model, get some routers and switches to play with (it's amazing how well you can simulate a large WAN with just a decent layer 3 switch, a few Linux boxes and GNS3.)

It's also only through experience that you learn which carriers are good, and which ones to avoid, for example BT, Verizon, Level3, XO all are great and want to do well by their customers. Avoid DTAG (Deutsche Telekom / T-systems) And Orange (France Telecom) like the plague... They seemingly deliberately oversubscribe their peering links meaning that you experience unexplained packet loss that they just blame on you - this is a plot to get you to purchase high bandwidth links direct from them in other countries to avoid your traffic going through their peer links.

And please don't get me stated on Airtel in India. I mean none of the carriers there are particularly good, but these guys happily drop your traffic left right and centre, do nothing about it except to say they can't see any problem, then immediately close the ticket when the transient event had passed instead of getting us a Reason For Outage, or providing any info on what has happened.

One of the things we're currently working on is intelligent load sharing (NOT load balancing) across multiple unreliable links... e.g. take a few 4g cards, a couple of DSLs and maybe an enterprise circuit or two and use them all together like one big virtual link back to your NAP. Works great, but hellishly complicated.

11 MILLION VW cars used Dieselgate cheatware – what the clutch, Volkswagen?


Re: Well, let's summarise this.


I almost always meet and regularly beat the official MPG rating (53) on my mk4 golf TDi, and that's with a remap to go from 100 -> ~130 bhp

And I most certainly DON'T drive like a Granny.

I can't be the only one.

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!


Re: QI charging and NFC?

Indeed. Much better if it had a USB Type-C port which included Display Port in alt mode. Then you could charge, output video and connect usb devices in host mode all at the same time.


Every time I see a new device come out that doesn't have a type-C port on it, a little tear forms in the corner of my eye.

Password 'XXXXairocon' pops Wi-Fi routers from ASUS, ZTE and others


"...recommends blocking telnet and SNMP..."

Wait... Telnet and SNMP are OPEN on these devices? To the Internet presumably (seeing as that's the only place these 'routers' apply firewall rules)

What. The. Fuck?

I cannot comprehend why in the bloody year 2015 telnet is even installed on these devices, let alone open to the world.

NASA: Satellite which will end man-made CO2 debate in orbit at last


Re: Third time lucky ... @Charles9

Ummm.... He was joking. :-)

Samsung reveals prices, availability dates of 'Pro' tablets


Re: A plea to Samsung

Yes yes YES!

And not just on the top spec models either!

Just because I want a high res screen does NOT automatically mean I want a bloody nuclear reactor in my lap, containing a top end i7, 24Gig of DDR3 1800 and Dual SSD / HDD and a BluRay writer, costing £800+

I want a modest spec - Hell an AMD A10 would be more than sufficient for my purposes

Those NSA 'reforms' in full: El Reg translates US Prez Obama's pledges


Precisely... Room temp (or just below) definitely doesn't equate to 'warm' in my vocabulary.

'Warm' to me would be several degrees at least higher than room temp.

  • Lager (Which is what 90% of Americans think of as beer) should be (and always is) served cold (i.e. refrigerated).
  • Bitter, Ale, Stout, Mild etc. should usually be served at room temperature (there are exceptions, like Brains SA Cold, Guinness Extra Cold etc.)

Yanks think we drink 'Warm' beer, but we don't, we just don't refrigerate some beers.

Thought the toilet camera was weird? Try actual thumb flash drives from tech's supershow


"You could put the round thing in a sock and hit users with it."

Simon, is that you?

Valve shows Linux love with SteamOS for gamers


Re: orly

Obviously you've not used Steam on Linux. It works a treat, and there are a great number of games. Maybe not the ones you specifically want to play, but there's a tonne that I and many others do, and more and more studios are starting to release on Linux.

Add to that, that if a company like Valve are behind it, others will follow suit.

Also, the Wine comment is pure trolling. Valve aren't pushing windows VMing/emulation they're pushing native Linux gaming, and streaming from a local Windows/Mac machine - think OnLive for the LAN - Genius move! So now you can have one super powerful gaming rig in the den/office/ManCave and stream to the living room giant screen after the wife has gone to bed.

I thoroughly look forward to taking this SteamOS for a spin.

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'


Re: @ AC 2130h GMT - Windows Phone 9

Yep, the full 26 miles

Yes! someone who remembers the truth!

Now I'm off to scarf some Opal Fruits.

Verizon offers Motorola mobe with 48-HOUR battery life


"If you learned how to turn off GPS, bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G when you aren't using them, and stopped downloading a bunch of useless battery-draining apps, you'd probably do a bit better with that battery."

Big fat fail there Mr Condescending nitwit, because I do infact switch off various things when I'm not using them. But if you actually READ my post you would have seen that I was NOT TALKING ABOUT STANDBY TIME.

I was referring to the claim of 48 hours USE, which is patently utter boloocks unless "use" is defined as listening to MP3s, screen off, with the phone in airline mode.

To me, and any other person not living in cloud cookoo land, "use" means using the phone, which means screen on, and there is no way in hell a battery of that size is going to run a screen of that size for 48 hours straight.

Try reading and understanding a post before spouting off.


Droid Maxx claims an eyebrow-raising 48 hours of usage or 25 days of standby

Yeah sure, 48 hours usage my arse.

It's about time manufacturers are required to put endurance figures for "in use, with screen on" I'd guess this would peg at about 7 hours, when brand new, dropping steadily to 4 after 9 months.

We hardly ordered any stock! Yet here we are again with ANOTHER PC MOUNTAIN


Desperate to buy a new laptop....

But I refuse to buy one with a fracking useless - would have been considered OK 12 years ago 1366*768 screen resolution.

Sure you can pay £1000 and get a quad core i7 monster, but I don't need that level of CPU horsepower!!!

I want a modest CPU (Dual core AMD or i5 is fine), 6Gig of Memory, a nice keyboard and a DECENT BLOODY SCREEN RESOLUTION!!!!

I'd preferably like it sans-OS too, so that I can dual boot Xubuntu, and Windows7 (which I have a license for)

Looks like second hand is my only recourse at the moment :-(

Inventor lobs spherical, throwable camera


Re: Cricket? Fires?

I should of downvoted that but....

Have a downvote for "should of".

Acer kicks off Computex with tabs and phabs


Acer laptops in my experience are total junk, I've had to deal with literally dozens of the god awful things that get bought by friends & family who think they're a great deal, but after 6 months of use (if you're lucky) they are falling to pieces, cracking, overheating, filthy (due to poorly designed/sealed cases/keyboards) and crippled by a metric fuckton of crapware.

Sure you can clean them up, restore them, wipe off the crapware etc, but they just end up falling to pieces anyway.

Whenever I get asked what laptop to buy, the first words out of my mouth are "For starters, nothing by Acer or Advent"

I won't touch them with a bargepole - If I got GIVEN one I'd sell it immediately.

Apple adds Galaxy S 4 to Samsung patent suit


My goodness, will your total fucking bullshit never end?

Sir Robin Jacob does not work for Samsung, he is acting as an expert witness. The only site that even makes a claim that he works for them is the Daily Fail. I'm guessing you're one of their readers. Or if you're American, a Fox News watcher.

If I see a robbery and testify in court, am I working for the victim?

Fuck off back to the bridge you crawled out from under.


"I don't work for Apple, I can assure you of that. I'm AC because it pisses you all off more. Samesung have been proven to use shills on the other hand. As for unsupportable claims:




Yeah cos Apple have an absolutely stellar record of only buying components from suppliers who treat and pay their workers fairly, and none of their staff have ever, EVER taken part in illegal actions or untrustworthiness.

Oh, Wait...

Dell files suit accusing Hitachi and pals of 'price-fixing conspiracy'



Of all the components that go into a PC, the optical drive was never one that I considered to be expensive.

In fact considering the moving parts and the tolerances involved I always considered them bloody cheap!

Beer because a few pints of that cost more than my last DVD burner.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


Re: IR is NOT a useful addition to a phone

"Except what when you leave the room with your phone and there is now no remote. As someone else said Logitech Harmony is your solution not a gimmick IR"

Come on AC that's a strawman argument if I ever saw one, and you know that otherwise you wouldn't be posting AC.

Why would *I* want the remote if I'm not in the room? I'm not suggesting that the phone completely replace the remotes. I'm hardly going to get this phone and immediately pack away all the remotes into the atic and just say bollocks to the mrs (although she has a Galaxy Tab2 7.0 so has this capability also).

It's called a feature. An additional function that the device is able to perform, and to me and a LOT of other people a damn useful one.

Why do people like you bemoan additional features just because you don't see a reason for it yourself? There's probably 1/2 a dozen features on the phone that I'll never use, but I'm not going to bellyache on here saying that it's a pointless feature. Pointless for me, yes, pointless for everyone - highly unlikely.

And the Logitech Harmony, can't run the XBMC remote!

"what next a centronics-on-the-go cable"

What you mean like a USBOTG + USBCentronics cable and PrinterShare Premium?


Re: IR is NOT a useful addition to a phone

Horses for courses mate, to me at least this is an extremely useful addition.

I currently have 5 remote controls in my living room. One of them can almost do everything, but it's not all that nice to use - in particular the ff,rw, play, pause, stop buttons aren't in the places that the Sky remote has trained my fingers to think they are meaning I have to look at the remote to find stuff, which is difficult in grew dark... Also there's no record or colour buttons, and no Media/hub button for the telly to access iPlayer / lovefilm.

But the main problem is actually *finding* the bastard things, undoubtedly my 20month old squirrel/daughter, the mrs or I will have absent mindedly left them in the kitchen, on the computer desk or at the bottom of a toybox.

Having a genuinely universal remote in my pocket will be an absolute godsend, and if I lose it, I can just ring it from the housephone... fecking awesome! Add that to the XBMC remote that is already on my phone anyway and we're onto a winner-100% control of all my devices from a device that's nearly impossible to lose.


Nokia shareholder tells CEO Elop he's going to hell


Re: Two years too late

"As evidenced by it's continued declining smartphone marketshare. The Nokia brand alone isn't enough to sell smartphones that run a platform that consumers aren't interested in buying. Don't make the same mistake that Nokia did, which is to believe that Nokia customers will continue to buy Nokia come what may. Customers are a lot more savvy than you - and sadly Nokia - give them credit."

That's precisely the point - Nokia + Windows Phone = something very few people want to go anywhere near...

Nokia + Android however... mmmm, that's going to be somthing seriously tasty, and I'd happily drop my Samsung allegiance to have some of it, as would many, I'd wager.

Sadly, Elop and his puppetmasters are unlikely to allow Nokia to go that route now, and Nokia will die a slow and painful death :-(

Researcher sets up illegal 420,000 node botnet for IPv4 internet map


Re: NO..

"This is an utterly irresponsible act."

Possibly. But what is more irresponsible is putting a device, ANY device out there with not only TELNET enabled, but also with global root access, and either a blank or same-as-username password. THAT'S the utterly irresponsible act.

Just thinking "oh security doesn't matter - this device won't connect to the internet" is bloody stupid... if that were truly the case, then why do the devices have default gateways configured... allowing communication with the outside world.

If this guy really wants to avoid negative legal action, he should send out notifications to the owners of all the IP addresses that he managed to get into to tell them to fire their IT staff!

There's cling-ons on the starboard bow! Trekkies' wallets under attack


Crappy Copy

So... it's basically a crappy knock-off of Vocera then?

Wifi SIP comm badges that have been around for over 5 years... They're currently aimed at hospitals & stuff, where you can tap your badge and say "Call an available radiologist" or "where am I" or "call Simon Jones" for example, and get proper responses like - "Available radiologist is Frank Smith - placing call" or "You are in block 6, childrens ward" or "Frank Smith left site 25 minutes ago, would you like to call his Mobile?"

Very very very impressive stuff.

This thing is just a bluetooth in car handsfree kit with a clip on the back....They will have had to do something VERY impressive with voice recognition for it to be worthy of anything more than a 'meh'

Proto Steam box may feel your arousal, hints Valve daddy


Launch Title

May I humbly predict the launch title?

Half Life 3 (aka HL2 ep3 probably)

I recon this is why it's taking so bloody long to come along. I tell you what - THAT will shift a few boxes!

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal



Be customer for years - best ISP I've ever been with.

If I lose my static IP I will NOT be impressed.

Any storm in a port


Re: I used to have the same problem

@Kubla Cant

I wish I could have upvoted your post 50 times, thankyou for the funniest thing I've read on't 'net in months. I was just literally crying with laughter.

A shining example of satire - a shame none of the previous 16 responders seem to have picked up on the joke... *sigh*

AMD: Star Trek holodecks within reach


Re: Holodecks aren't just about processing power

"Ok smarty pants... how are they going to achieve that? Or make it possible for two people in the same room to travel at the same time to opposite parts of the world?"

Oh, I dunno, maglev shoes? Millions of tiny motorized balls on the ground? Suspension in a full climbing harness?

As for multiple people you could just have multiple people each in their own deck.

My post wasn't suggesting that this is possible at all, just advising how they do it using fictitious 24/25th century technology, which the post I replied to was implying had never been explained. :-)


Re: Holodecks aren't just about processing power

I agree that of course the holodecks are just a plot device, but the whole question about do they move around in the holodecks has been 'explained' many times...

They don't actually stand on the floor, they're actually suspended a millimeter or two off it on a forcefield, and when they walk they just get the sensation of walking, and the 'forcefields and photons' move around them.

A great demonstration of this is the episode of Voyager when Torres is trying to kill herself, and she leaves the holodeck part way through a skydive. (I don't remember the episode name... I'm not THAT geeky :-)

Cache 'n' carry: What's the best config for your SSD?


Re: No need for any cache - just go pure SSD

"And a 512GB SSD would be enough for what exactly ?

Booting the OS maybe and just that.

Nowadays a PC can't have less than 2TB."

The VAST majority of users don't need anything approaching 2TB - My Gaming machine for example has a 250Gig Samsumg 830, running Win7Pro, Libre Office, a few other apps, Steam and about a Dozen Games installed, and there's room to spare.

Granted I'm not storing Gigs and gigs of Videos, and if I want to install a new game I need to install another, but where's the problem with that?

The overwhelming majority of users run Windows with some antivirus, Office apps and everything else they do is through their browser - that would all fit in a 64Gig drive without any issues at all.

And your comment about building 12TB of storage using SSDs only is argumentative and distinctly trollish. This article is about devices which are aimed at home/laptop use - no-one is suggesting using hybrid / cache drives for enterprise storage where 19" racks of dozens of disks are the norm.

Go and crawl back under your bridge.

Out of ARM's way, Brit chip juggernaut runs over analysts again


Re: Genuine question

Not for nothing but it ARM were half as smart as Intel they'd make quite a lot more than 160m while we're at it.

Yep, that's how Cyrix, SiS & VIA became the powerhouses they are today!

Oh, wait...

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA


Re: BHP's measure ability in dollars

Oh all right, I'll take 2%

Reader input required: review our reviews


Re: Quality writing (i.e. better proof reading), evidence for opinions and statements, more balance.

"typo's" is arguably OK as the word typo is itself a contraction of the phrase "typographical error".

So without an apostrophe is OK if the "s" is a multiple of the word "typo" (is this now accepted as an English word?) and with an apostrophe is OK if it's a contraction of "typographical errors".

Unless there's an English teacher/professor who wants to weigh in on that. :-)

Volkswagen Beetle car review


Re: "golf is already massively overrated"

I own, and still absolutely love my nearly 10 yr old Golf mk4, PD TDi. Started life as a 110, but with an economy mapping thats up to 130ish with a slight increase in MPG. I've done nearly 160k in it and it's still going strong - built like a tank.

It's as reliable as I could possibly hope it to be - the only thing that's ever gone wrongwith it (outside of the usual running costs / exhausts, brakes etc) was a short between the rear demister and the brakes, which amusingly caused the brake lights to come on when I put the demister on. This was fixed in 10 minutes by my local garage during a service I wasn't even charged for it as it was so minor.

However for my next car, I'm seriously considering going elsewhere for my next cat, which I'll be purchasing in the next 12 months or so... The reason being that ever since this period, VW reliability has gone down the drain.

My local VW specialists advise me that mk5/6 Golfs get brought in for faults 2-3 times as often for little problems as the mk4s did, apparently they started using "cheap Spanish components" that fail all the time.

This is a real shame, but probably the reason for the low reliability ratings. VW trying to cut corners on the more recent models.

Google goes ahead, unveils Nexus 4 and 10

Thumb Up

Re: Gesture Typing

I'm doubtful they have a patent as Swype isn't unique.

I'm 'typing' this using the SlideIT keyboard, which is much the same thing as Swype (draw a line through the letters of the word you want to type) but IMO is better due to more preferences.

Apple admits iCloud 'unacceptable', vows to not go titsup again


Re: Reg Fanbois are twisting in the wind of iPhone success

"nd to make matters worse for YOU, it's not even using your GB/European 4G standard. No wonder you are all so upset! LOL

It's all about the user experience, and iPhone brings the best. No question, every generation. And this one, like all others before it, will set new records and sell even more than any of the previous models. Android is FAILING BADLY. Win Phone v8 or whatever will do a face plant, no normal person on the planet will even CARE that it is out. The 'competition' as weak as it is, are but mere shadows of the iPhone. Copying after it like Windows copied Mac. Boldly copying, and pretending it's original WON'T CUT IT. No wonder the tech geeks hate Apple so.

You know Windows is next to fall. Win 8 will be a tragedy of Vista proportions. And they DESERVE it.

Your site is pathetic."


What's the matter? Did your Mum not feed you this morning?

Just remember not to throw your feces at her when she comes home from work, or she might not bring any dinner down to the basement either.

Apple wins second round of Samsung patent slugfest


Re: What will happen should Samsung be banned from doing sales in the US of A?

That's easy, Black Markets.


Re: Car Analogies?

But that's the thing...

Android; naked, with TouchWiz, Sense or anything else I've used 'feels' nothing like iOS!!

Some are inferior, some superior, apart from the fact that iOS's 'homescreens' have grids of icons, and so does Android's app drawer, where's the similarity?

iThings have only one button (+power) Androids have 3 or 4. Android had the notification pull down which was unique until Apple copied it. Android has widgets, iOS doesn't (it probably will soon, and google probably won't do anything about Apple copying that either, because there is a ton of prior art.

In fact I really struggle to find /anything/ that Samsung has actually copied from Apple, that wasn't already a feature from somewhere else.

So again, the very genuine question is: What unique feature has Samsung actually copied from Apple?


Now the iPhone 5 is out...

We can all see why Apple has been trying to sue Samsung into submission...

The new iPhone5 is like the SGS2's twin brother! Seriously! No Samsung device has ever been created that looks that close to an iPhone, then Apple do what they've been accusing Samsung of!

Talk about slavishly copying design...

And has anybody yet come up with a single example of something that Apple has done that hasn't either

A) been done before (rounded corners, single physical button at bottom of screen, grids of icons, global search)

B) a bloody obvious evolution (pinch zoom, swiping, click to dial)

That's a genuine question... I see nothing that Apple has done that is genuinely revolutionary ( except successfully marketing it and making it sexy) that has not been done before, or was not obvious.

Hotel keycard firm issues fixes after Black Hat hacker breaks locks


Re: Mossad

What, you don't think Mossad, the CIA, MI6 and every other government agency on the planet didn't already know about this?

They probably knew about it before the locks started getting installed!

Apple flat-screen TV to ship by holiday season?


Re: And on, and on, and on.

I know I'm risking feeding the trolls, but my Goodness have you been drinking the Apple Kool Aid much?

Look at the iMac. Until that was released, PCs tended to have multiple items

Er, no - There were MANY other manufacturers of PCs that combined the computer into composite devices (Usually the keyboard)

iMac + Keyboard + Mouse = 3 Pieces

Amiga / Atari / Archemedes + Mouse + Monitor = 3 Pieces

Schneider IBM PC (1 example) + Mouse + Monitor = 3 Pieces (We had these in my secondary school)

C64, BBC, Spectrum, Amstrad and just about every other 8/16 bit and earlier Personal computer + TV/Monitor = 2 Pieces.


The notebook: Apple were the first to shrink a full size computer down to the size of (an admittedly huge) laptop, and the first to use the current Clamshell arrangment of an LCD folding over a keyboard.

Seriously? Tell me you don't actually believe that!

A quick Google reveals that Apple released theirs at least 6 years after the first - Epson, Radio Shack, NEC, IBM and Compaq all got their first.


The iPad: The first tablet PC with a UI that wasn't just a desktop UI shrunk. Also the first tablet with reasonable battery life.

I'll give you that they produced the first tablet that had vastly reduced functionality (that isn't necessarily a bad thing).


The iPod: One of the first hard drive based MP3 players, and a lot easier to use than most of the competitors.

First - No - there were several that came out before - just google.

Easier to use - possibly - although the previous ones had the ubiquitous up/down/left/right/play/pause/stop/RW/FF etc buttons, which people had been used to using for decades, so they were pretty damn easy to use. The interface was better streamlined - absolutely, and the iPod became 'sexy' so that non-techies went out and bought them.


Apple produce great Human Interfaces - probably the best in the world, and they make products sexy, making non-techies go out and buy them - fantastic - other than that, they haven't really innovated anything - just taken other peoples ideas and improved upon them - that isn't a slur - what they do they do well, but I challenge anyone to come up with an example of an apple 'innovation' or 'invention' that wasn't thought up before (or had prior art), or was just a natural, obvious evolution of an existing technology (e.g. multitouch)