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What on earth do you think you are doing, Darling?

Black Helicopters

Re: This really ISN'T the place for this discussion

Well don't click on the link then, or read it or comment on it !

back to the article: In the end of the day the budget is all about spin and big headlines, people understand 'Tax Cut for the Poorest' and 'Increase in Tax Credits' better than 'Raising the Tax Allowance' which gives the party a boost in the poll.

Raising the tax allowance is clearly the best solution rather than recent solutions like tax credits and lower rate of tax which increase government costs through adding complexity.

IMHO tax credits is just a scam to get votes from the poor people they have thrown into the system who they will tell that the Tories will take it away from them at the next election.

Also can we have a badger icon for responding to stories about Darling

Darling banks on offshoring to save UK plc


Doomed to failure

He should read John Seddon's fantastic book and then tender his resignation

Systems Thinking in the Public Sector: The Failure of the Reform Regime.... and a Manifesto for a Better Way http://www.amazon.co.uk/Systems-Thinking-Public-Sector-Regime/dp/0955008182/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1240390545&sr=1-1

Tesla unwraps Model S


Look familar... Maserati 4200 GT ?

Did someone copy a Maserati 4200 GT poster, even the Tesla badge looks so similar.

That said looks good and it's nice to see electric cars coming out that I'd actually like to own, though probably can't afford the Tesla price tag

Advertising watchdog okays 'gaming equals early grave' ad


I knew that already

I'm always dying early, in call of duty I died 23 times in one game last night !

Health trust pushing on with record sharing


Default Opt-In Worries Me

Have I missed something: didn't we bring in the Data Protection Act to prevent personal data from being passed about nilly willy, yet more and more companies and government departments seem to be by passing data on with the good old opt-out approach.

Then they have the audacity to tell us they did it for our benefit and not for the real reason which is funds from the third party !

Channel 4 fails to open archives to Mac, Linux fans


Typo at Channel 4

I think they meant to call it "Channel 4 No Demand"

Debt collection can be harassment, rules court


Hurrah for the little people

It's so nice to see David take on Goliath and win.

It didn't really surprise me to find out it was British Gas, I had lots of problems when I was with them and the person on the phone telling you it's resolved when you're still getting letters rings a bell.

Digital Britain: A tax, a quango and ISP snooping



Yet more NuLabour hot air and no action, the UK is way behind everyone else in this field. I'd like to of seen a recommendation on how upgrade our ageing copper phone network to fibre delivering the Broadband speeds we really need.

Yet more public money wasted on a clueless, unimaginative committee.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Consensus ad idem

Clearly a case of miss selling by Dell, she thought buying a computer would give her a machine with Windows on it to do her college work which she didn't get. Also the support muppet told her that "it was compatible with everything I needed" which was not true.

Some harsh comments here as not everyone is (or should have to be) technical.


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