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Google blames developers for lousy Android battery life


well yeah...

Moore's law is about transistor density, and you don't make a battery out of those.

Parents demand control over text messaging

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stats, learn it

> I doubt they will be around very long if they expect a survey of 1000 people to fully represent the opinions and thoughts of millions, and then go and base their market offering on it.

If you do a decent job of selecting your 1000 people, then that's perfectly fine.

Netlist goes virtual and dense with server memory


oh sure

it makes sense to rewrite nasty old code into something more maintainable, but maybe they company doesn't have any coders left, or maybe they'd rather just suffer with a known evil.

Personally, virt servers are cool for a number of things when absolute performance isn't a big factor.

At what point do servers become HPC beasts?



> The other tradeoff is that servers are more costly, memory is more costly (registered ECC versus plain ol' RAM?)

When I can get 4G of ECC ram for $100, I see no reason to run a HPC cluster without it - single bit errors are way more serious when you're crunching a TB of data for 2 days.

Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English'



> Usians

Wtf is that? We call ourselves Americans.

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> English is the only official language of the U.S.A.

Sorry, we haven't got one.


letters and or digits

> there persists among the WASPS [the idea] that people speaking Spanish as their first language as a problem.

Or perhaps just the idea that speaking only spanish and expecting people to cater to you is really rude. Sure, if you're in a border town, you can get people who speak spanish and go do your thing, but if you want to work in some random part of the country, it's rude to expect the locals to learn spanish to talk to you, especially if you're working a drivethru in springfield, va


ick, the language police

> How did they get away with issuing fines for non-fineable-non-offences in the first place?

Dallas Cops, duh...

> If you are so set against illegal aliens I hope you also are prepared to pay more for

> 1 The products that rely on their labor.

Fine by me. Last I checked, that'd be a modest bump, more than offset by 11m people not clogging up border town ERs and schools or running into people in 20 hear old trucks without insurance.


race issues

> As for "Latino" and "African-american": dreadful classificaitons. Are not all citizens there just "Americans" or are they still classified and controlled by race and origin? Horrible litlle country.(mentally that is).

Well, Latino is a cultural class, so far as I can tell, while african american is the word du jour for blacks, although some people try to be edgy and call them 'people of color'. You're right, it's all very confusing and stupid - I mock it given the smallest opportunity.

My favorite cringe moments were the NBC woman a couple olympics ago (2000?) interviewing a black british guy and asking him what it was like growing up as an african american in britain.

FBI chief barred from online banking by wife

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what a maroon!

He's director of the FBI and actually clicked a link in a 'bank email'.

Oh well, it's not like he's in a position to do anything about it: our banks suck because they're allowed to and it's the bank regulations that need to change - the FBI can't do jack.

It is kind of funny - the car warranty scammers calling a senator on the floor of the senate and now this - we don't do a damn thing unless someone in power is affected.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?



"Standalone server on a CD, with the whole database, too, I guess? Right... and I'm the clueless one..."

You sure are - you can take a slice of the database and fit it on a laptop, and an app stack can frequently fit there too if you only need to serve one user. It's work, but you can do it.

The multicore future, and how to survive it

Jobs Halo


it's as simple as that.

US state bars sex offenders from 'social networking sites'


well that tears it

If you're a SO, may as well pick a new name and use that; make up some crap about your past and try to go get a job doing something somewhere - can't possibly be worse than playing it straight in the current system.

HP gives SMBs zero per cent financing


corp != big

anyone in the US can start a corporation - an S-corp is still a corp. This just distinguishes between corp/educational/individual

IT salary survey says: ‘You’ve never had it so bad’


Re: the USA thing

As an american, I agree; I come here expecting that the defaults for everything are UK. US -specific stuff needs to be labelled