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Sony throws smartphone party with Billabong

Thumb Down

Billabong sounds like drug paraphernalia, not really something i'd associate with outdoor activity. I probably would avoid this just because of the name

Intel and Micron reach flash frontier


SSD+Motherboard is better

Adding flash to the motherboard will just make it more expensive, they're better off using the flash in SSD which they will definitely sell

N00b spooks to be pensioned off


Its about competency

It seems like they're targeting only those who haven't kept up to date with tech, they probably have training courses but if you aren't a good 'spook' then you shouldn't be a spook.

Opera Mini 5 betas on Google Android



I want the full version of opera not mini, can't they port it to android? Java front-end with a binary backend?

The mini versions seems like a bit of a let down

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge


Lenovo has little choice

The LCD manufacturers have decided the 16:9 LCD resolution is what they want to produce, they save money since its smaller.

Stocks of the 16:10 LCDs are running out fast, most manufacturers cleared their stocks last year with heavy discounts. It took me hours of searching to find a 16:10 17" vostro on dell's outlet (returning due to lack of hdmi, only dell is penny pinching enough to remove something like hdmi)

TalkTalk kills Tiscali


BT Told us

The first time i found out was the letter i got from BT telling me about the price hike and about their £9.99 a month, 18 month deal, its crap, 10GB a month for 18 months would drive me insane!!

I wonder how many customers are going to find £19.99 on their bill and cancel asap, and i wonder how many won't even realize.

Norway warns Amazon against Kindle launch


Norway is now my new fav country

Lets all go to Norway, 5 year warranty on everything is something i cannot resist

Nokia 'actively looking' at own netbook


Android on the Tytn II

Don't put wm on that tytn 2, WM sucks, its far too slow, the only OS that you need to put on there is android ;)

12 of the best... mice



I have an Evoluent vertical mouse and i can assure you that it does work fine in linux. I've setup a custom button mapping because i'd rather thave middle click as the middle button and right click as the lowest button.

xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 8 2 4 5 6 7 3 9"

Scroll wheel's click and the thumb button are used with compiz fusion

OpenDNS rolls out Conficker tracking, blocking


Yea great tell everyone about it!

Smart Move! telling the creators you're going to block it, now they can tell it to pool several dns servers for the data before attempting contact

eBay revenue shrinks for first time in history


All the good sellers left

I used to have a long list of excellent sellers i could choose from. They had large large amounts of stock and sold them at very competitive prices, the items arrived well packaged and if there were any issues support was reliable and sorted it out without much hassle. Now its down to less than 10, all the good sellers seem to have left. All thats left are overpriced buy it now items and a small amount of auction listings. Sometimes its even cheaper to buy from amazon rather than ebay.

Ebay is only as good as the sellers who list the items, now that they're leaving, ebay doesn't have a hope in hell.

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet


Why get ubuntu if you have no knowledge of what it is?

1. She purchased the system with ubuntu without knowing what ubuntu was.

2. She was told she could get windows for it but then changed her mind based on the opinion of a tech support person even though it went against her experience of using the system up to that point

If she had researched what ubuntu was she would have known it was free and could have downloaded it at a later date, the tech support person could also have told her, then this whole incident would have been avoided. Support personnel are most likely encouraged to stop people switching back to windows because of the costs of getting windows to the end user.

Dell needs to add a guide on what ubuntu is and isn't and make it available on their website and on the first boot of the system.