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Linux kernel sheds legacy IDE support, but driver-dominated 5.14 rc1 still grows


Re: 37 year old interface standard?

Using 5N2 will let you interface with Teletype machines :)

stty -F /dev/ttyS0 cs5 50 cstopb

is the magic, but other (electrical) interfacing may be required, See https://daduke.org/tty/

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state


Re 51st State (GB)

Great Britain isnt the 51st State, it's the Forward Operating Airbase!

Chaos feared after Unix time-zone database is nuked


Tick Tock Goes The Clock,

And All The Zones, They Merge,

Tick Tock And ve-ry soon

All the Zones Will Die

Stealth fighter in Canadian Wikipedia brouhaha


F18s ?

What he said.

Then again, the RAF probably wouldnt like the Navy having the F-35C, since its superior to the F-35B

Solar plasma aurora storm to hit Earth tomorrow today!


The Northern Lights of Auld Aberdeen

All Together now....

The Northern Lights of Auld Aberdeen are what I long to see

The Northern Lights of Auld Aberdeen that's where I long to be.


Russians quizzed over parasailing donkey


Re: half dead?

You want to speak to Max, he deals with levels of deadness

Half Dead is less Dead than Mostly Dead. Simples. Probably needs a lesser miracle to correct

Vulture 1, Eyjafjallajökull nil (half time)



cant now , the new Blue and Yellow multi-coloured government have decided its better to push those extra flights to other regional airports such as Birmingham...

We'll see what comes of it all...Probably a runway extension at BHX, as while it has the spare capacity, IIRC its not as long as would be ideal for some of today's larger jets...

DVLA off-road system seriously off-message


Confusing the DVLA...

As my Dad used to say:

"How do you confuse the DVLA ?"

"Ask them what day it is"

Obama to backtrack on NASA Orion cancellation - reports


Orion Becomes X-38B ?:)

Shesh. From Moon Ship, To LEO Taxi, To CRV for ISS. Quite a come down.

It wasn't THAT many years ago, X-38 was to be a test bed to develop a CRV. X-38 had small wings, it will be interesting to see if Orion suddenly grows wings now!

If this "New Orion" gets built, its going to be nothing like was originally planned.

As an aside, I quite liked the X-38. I thought follow on developments may well have had other uses (LEO Taxi, Mars entry vehicle etc)

Google moves to extend DNS protocol


DNS is Not A Routing Protocol

Jeeez, here we go again.

DNS is not:

A Routing Protocol. Use BGP and Anycasting instead. Or even multi-casting over in the IPv6 world. Far better idea, and using the right tool for the right job.

A Security Platform. Use A Firewall!

DNS is:

The Phone directory. Don't screw with it

ID card scheme for foreigns extended


Sir Humphrey

Sir Humphrey would simply had said "Courageous Minister."

The most scary thing is exactly how many of the episodes of Yes Minister, and Yes Prime Minister are still relevant today!

Microsoft IIS vuln leaves users open to remote attack


Umm Writable cgi-bin ?

WTF would *any* Webserver/FTP Server allow execute rights on *any* uploaded code ?

From reading the comments, this is what happens if you make your cgi-bin directory globally writable and executable ?

There was a reason why FTP upload directories had write, but no read or execute permissions for anon users

Angels can't fly: Official



Look, Angels is the Vorlons. Do not mock them, as they is magicians and are easily upset

If he doesn't get that he needs to be watching more B5. It will give him something useful to do.

That is all, and no less sensical than his musings on the subject.

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone


Historian ?

Oh dear lord, I actually don't know where to begin. I'm in agreement with AC above.Let Europe come into line with us.

*Espesially* those countries who happen to be between meridians 7°30'W and 7°30'E, and have the Greenwich Meridian running through them who see fit to be +1 hour from GMT. Do I smell garlic ?:) Are they still upset that "We British" ended up defining the standard time, and not them ?

Now, less nationalistically, if it's such a big deal in the city to be aligned with Europe, surely they could just start an hour earlier ? Yes Yes, they'd have to get up earlier, but they could finish an hour earlier as well, boo hoo how much do they get paid ? Oh, aligning with Europe not *THAT* important now ?

As for the UK being on "Portugese Time", has this "99% Scots" Historian never heard of Greenwich ? Or GMT ? Some Historian!

Now, as for me, I'd abandon this "Daylight Savings Time" nonsense, and keep us on GMT all year round. Then again, I'd make the French use GMT. And the Belgians. And the Netherlands. And the Spanish

As AC said, the Americans handle multiple timezones just fine. You often find the West Coast up early, and finish although that also has to do with the climate it some areas.

Thank Omega, and Rassilon this guy aint a timelord!

Pure geographical meridian based time for all! Now, more importantly, we just need a TARDIS icon

Post Office will snap and dab for ID card scheme


Get An ID Card. Save The Post Office

Well this is a novel way to get us to buy into the ID card scheme! Support your (not so) local post office!

Will Someone Please Think Of The Post Office!

Launch your own satellite for only eight grand


@AC Re Flying Hams

At least two of the 4 satellites "dropped off" by the Shuttle carry beacons only, rather than transponders. A lot of these satellites just "use" Amateur Radio frequencies and beacon their data and telemetry down, rather than serve as a transponder that you can communicate thru

There aren't actually all that many Amateur Radio *transponder* (or FM repeater) satellites up there and operational these days: AO-7, AO-51, FO-29, and VO-52 come to mind. Most are in Low Earth Orbit, thus have fairly short passes, and relatively small footprints (AO-7 being the exception)

To be honest, unless some micro propulsion could be added to one of these tubesats to raise the orbit, and keep it in space more than "a few weeks", I don't see that much use for them from an Amateur Radio perspective.


Vulture 2 ?

So will El Reg be following up their balloon launch with an orbital mission ?

MoD ponders super spectrum sale




The UK Amateur Radio 70cms band is outside of the two sub-bands that the MOD are talking about. No need to rush off and grab repeaters on ebay yet :)

Must admit though, I'd love the Amateur Radio Satellite Service to get primary or secondary status of a 10MHz slice at 3.4GHz

Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history



If demon think DNS Hijacking [which is what this is] is acceptable behaviour for an ISP, I wonder what they would think of their own domains being hijacked...

Do unto others...

Pirates, well 'cause.


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