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Aussie firewall blocks Wikileaks

Andrew george

Freedom...we've heard of it!

Looks like its time to move - anyone know of an english speaking country in a non-tropical climate with reasonable infrastructure that hasn't turned into a bad parody of a 50's movie about life in comunist Russia?

I'm thinking either New Zealand or Canada but New Zealand makes me feel even more remote than Australia and Canada...well I'd be too worried about the people next door.

Oz runs Romero-themed zombie awareness week

Andrew george

Lucky I read a UK new website like El-Reg

I had no idea that we had such a thing (I'm in Melbourne)

UFO ruled out of wind farm prang

Andrew george
Black Helicopters

Credit where it due

You've got to respect Dale Vince for trying to get the word out even when his impalnt was forcing him to push the Lizard Armies preferred cover story.

He's confirmed they ruled out fatigue, design problems and builder incompetance, so whats left but a few Saurians trying to spin it up a little before finding a rock to sun themselves on as they planned which boobs they were going to implant to take the blame for their latest crop circle?

I'd say more but I can hear the police sirens in the distance.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

Andrew george

Role Reversal

Despite 8 years on a Helldesk the funniest support call I had was as a user.

I was on a 2 year stint as an analyst for IT trends in the company (by that stage I was burned out with support so needed soemthing different). And was using an NT desktop with the BSOD screensaver (which simulates the screen everyone sees in NT eventually quite well).

Anyway..went to lunch one day, came back and found one of the junior local support techs about to inset a build disk into my PC. He'd noticed the BSOD and thought to kick off a rebuild while I wans't around (which I thought was pretty good of him) - watchign his face when the "BSOD" cleared after I pressed ENTER was priceless!

US sheds 598,000 jobs in January

Andrew george

More Deifnitions

When we can afford 2 loaves of bread instead of 3 - recession

When were trying to remember what bread tastes like - depression

Man robs convenience store with Klingon sword

Andrew george

He should be easy to find

All the police need to do is ask every family in a 4 mile radius if their Son lives in the basement

What's next for Microsoft's Flight Sim partners?

Andrew george

Remember when?

Remember back (pre FS3) when you could go to a store and find 5 or 6 flight sims that were all entertaining and delt with specialised aircraft and had aerodynamic engines that fit that aircraft (rather than the one size fits all rubbish you get now).

Remember when every flight sim had a career mode or something to aim for and it wasn't just flying your latest peice of payware from spot to spot

Remember when Navigation was interesting and you didn't have that godawful GPS screen

Rememebr when you could actually LOOK at approach charts and see what to do

Rememebr when they came with a manual that you could read and approach plates you could have open

Remember when you could buy a flight simulator for 80 bucks and not have to worry about laying out another 600 for PC upgrades

Rememebr when you could find an interesting upgrade (FSpassengers comes to mind) that was actually for the current version of your flight simulator

I for one welcome the removal of Satans flight simulator in the hope that it will actually stimulate the people that are now prostituting themselves on payware planes to be innovative and bold enough to actually produce new things.

NetApp kills off StoreVault

Andrew george


All part of NetApp's long term strategy of concentrating on competing with EMC and not taking profit at doing what their good at.

On the other hand, the quote of "Its unacceptable to not support windows 2008 domains and have StoreVault manager running on Vista" - Hell I'd want to get out of any market that thought like that too.

Mines the one with the SFP/SFP patch leads in the pocket

NetApp extends savings guarantee to Citrix and Hyper-V

Andrew george

Those Figures look..optimistic

Ok assume you need 100 gig of storage :)

If your using LUNs and following Netapp best practices you need to allocate minimum of two times the space required to allow for overwrite reserve = 200 gig total

if your mirroring and want to keep snapshots, best practice is 20% (well thats the default = 220 gig total

Volumes have a 10% File System overhead = 242 gig total

242 gig is about what you get out out of a Netapp 300 gig disk after right sizing and disk overheads..so thats 1 data disk per 100 gig you need.

For every 14 data disks (or part thereof) you need to burn two parity disks (so if you need 100 gig of data only you need three disks)

Assuming your running plex mirroring (havn't looked up the conditions of the Guarantee but that sounds right) then you need another 3 disks (total of 6)

+ 2 spares (total of 8)

So with a shelf of 14x300gig Fibre disks you get to hold about 700 gig of data (8 disks for 100 gig + 1 disk per additional 100 gig)

oh, assuming your running high availablility (clustered controllers) then you loose another 3 disks out of the shelf for that (assuming Raid4 2 disk system volume and 1 spare which is kinda on the edge) so your 14 disks will hold only 400 gig of data

The numbers are a bit better if your using NFS as the disk access protocol

I do use and like NetApps for NAS storage but I always thought they would do better marketing their features rather than their price (and I thought they should get out of block based access alltogether)

My coats the one with the pocket calculator in he pocket


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