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HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie


so devs give out about managers enforcing dress codes and thinking makes things better, yet you also say the same thing just in favour of casual dress clothes.

Im really interested any study that proves clothing has an effect on productivity or tallent, one way or the other.

DARPA's 'Cortical Modem' will plug straight into your brain


“Hello! You are interfacing with your BrainPal internal computer, with the patented Assistive Adaptive Interface ! Do not be alarmed! Thanks to the BrainPal integration, the voice you are now hearing is being generated directly to the hearing centers of your brain.”

Pull up the Windows 10 duvet and pretend Win8 and Vista were BAD DREAMS


What a rubbish article

Microsoft hails its latest technology as being amazing and better than all previous versions. Well DUH! What company doesn't?

The rest is just a regurgitation of info surrounding the last few windows versions and what's in the next version. Slow news day? "Bring your 2 year old child to work to write an article" day?

Euro phone, broadband giants are the 1% – yes, single-digit growth. Wow


Why is less than 2 digit growth looked on as failure?

So growth of 1% seems to be pedalled as a failure? In the super competitive world we have, shouldn't growth, however small be seen as a success and not a failure?

The year i was made redundant from one of the leviathan companies in IT, the arguement was that growth for the "quarter" did not meet projections and only provided around 18 bn USD net.

It sounds like priority is not about a company staying open, viable and keeping people employed, its about how many more ivory backscratchers the majority shareholders can afford, and if its less than they want, then its a failure. What an age where 18 bn USD net profit is a failure!

(I get shareholders need to see return on investment, but I think expectations are getting a bit rediculous at this stage)

Only a merciful BULLET can really save a RHINO, say Texas hunters


Re: Good idea!

The species isn't trying to wipe itself out. It's aggressive mating habbits are perfectly sustainable, and have sustained the species for millions of years. Then we come along and reduce the population

To less than 3k globally within a century.

The black think here doesn't know they are endangered, he's following instinct that, without

Ashole socies like us, generally work well at keeping species alive and in healthy numbers.

I can't help but think he could be better utilised in a breeding program or something, If only a bit of thought and effort were to be applied here

But no, no, people decde that the beat way to help a species WE have brought to the

Verge of extinction, is to make it legal to shoot another one.

Bravo human species, bravo...

GPS-equipped sheep prove herd mentality exists


Proved, or provided further supporting evidence?

Meaning the title should read something like "GPS-Equipped Sheep Provide Further Evidence of Herd Mentality".

There, fixed it for ya.

Developer leaks Microsoft product plans for next two years


Re: Dear Microsoft...

Microsoft have a tricky situation here. They want to bring out something new. But take windows as an example, once a new version comes out, the first thing everyone does is spend a few hours making it look exactly like the previous version ( dont deny it!)

so you either:

a. let users chose which interface they use and they will, 99% of the time go with the old one, and all that dev effort was wasted.


b. force users onto the new one. MS currently take this route.

I dont know which is better. I personally like the ribbon. for most of what i do it makes life much easier than older versions of office, but thats just me. I might not be clever enough to realize that its crap.

Death Star dinosaur aliens could rule galaxy


So all it takes is for random DNA to land on any given planet?

<Quote> the trillion-ton meteorite impact that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago may have blasted off small bits of dinosaur DNA out into space. And quite a lot of those bits of dino-carrying rock will have landed on amenable planets, say the paper's authors</Quote>

Does this mean that someone bleeds, puts some cells in a jar, takes a dump or whatever, sends it out into space and waits for it to crash onto a planet it will spontanaeously bring forth life?

To bring this into the realms of being expirementation, what if we drop some road kill on mars. will it :

a. sit there and be cold forever.

b. spring forth life?

Honestly, im curious. it seems a tad oversimplified.

The iPad 3 would make me so horny...


Entertainment value of this thread!

Fanboi's are great! Bitching, fighting, name calling, ignoring statements and facts you don't like!

I love this thread. I may even flame on it later to keep it going. Love the idea that I haphazardly write something derogatory about some price of apple technology, and across the pond there are heaps of fanboi's sitting at their computers, stewing with rage, their evening now ruined as someone out there dissed apple, ready to wage war on me and my blasphemous comments.

Long live fanboi's!

Life at Googleplex REVEALED in hot pics


Could be any large IT Multinational.

OOOH... AAAAH... Colors and games.

Whats new here? Anyone seen inside Microsoft campus? Microsoft India has basketball courts, tennis courts, a GIANT pond, games rooms etc.

I can only guess what is in Redmond HQ.

Even the small Subs like in Ireland have nice gardens, games rooms good canteens, relaxation areas etc.

All giant Multinational IT companies have the same set up.

This does nothing but prove Google are another giant evil corporation pretending to be "cool" and "hip" and able to "dig it" with the youths. Yeah man (said the way your mum would say "yeah Man"!)

Potent proton pulse to BOMBARD EARTH Tuesday morn


That goddamn evil sun

"the sun aimed a huge coronal mass ejection (CME) at our planet"

That Goddamn sun, always trying to fry our satellites or give us skin cancer.

For the love of Jebus Reg, how alarmist can you get. The sun aimed...

Next article - When Planets attack. Dan Dan DAAAAAAAAA

Apple Thunderbolt Display 27in monitor


Glossy - Fail

Glossy, despite glare and reflection problems. Form over function again. Fail.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop


im sure your MBP is great too.

Dell vostro 3350 - £750

(intel i5 2.3Ghz dual core hyperthreaded, backlit keyboard,1366x768 res, ATI Radeon HD6490 with intel graphics to reduce power usage, 8 cell battery, USB 3.0 blutooth etc etc)

8GB ram - £35

256GB Crucial M4 SSD - £260

So for just 45 pounds more than the MBP i have not just the exact spec, but a considerably higher spec, that will run win7 for 8+ hours, has a boot up time from cold to clicking the start menu of 19 seconds and shuts down in 5 seconds

But you wanted an exact spec provided by apple so i can see why you wouldnt want 8gb of ram or an SSD.

But what you got is nice too....


Looks, build quality, but innards need to be user upgradable

Ive owned MacBooks and MacbookPros. I love the build quality. I love the look, but two things, both controllable by apple ensure i will not own one of these:

1. Battery Life with windows. Its half that of this laptop with OSX. And before you start, dont tell me its because windwos is a besat. I can get 8+ hours on my Vostro with both Windows 7 and Server 2008R2. Battery life with windows sucks because apple want it to suck. Im guessing its down to drivers that ensure hardware only runs at full throttle. Its a low blow and anti competitive in my opinion.

2. Not user upgradable. If i put in an SSD, i void the warranty! so i have to go with the apple SSD, which i know nothing about ( on the apple site it just says "add SSD" or something like that. I need to know the make, model, throughput etc etc to ensure im getting a Good SSD. Also, for their "generic" SSD you pay about 200 bucks more than you would on crucial!

I like both OSX and windows, but where as I need Windows for work, i only used OSX for fun (Photoshop, garrage band etc). went with what was necessary , Windows.

For about 150 euros more than this Macbook I ended up with a Vostro 13" (3350) with 8gb RAM, i5 processor, Crucial M4 256 SSD, USB 3.0, HDMI and a battery that allows me to work for 8+ hours on single charge. Its not as pretty but due to the ability to add my own SSD its magnitudes more capable than the Macbook.

Hey everybody! Microsoft's discovered social networking


Does someone hate microsoft.... Yes, i think its the author!

Microsoft bashing where its due, but this isnt that time. Microsoft have Facebook heavily integrated into its Mobile Platform strategy.

Microsoft allow multiple social networking platforms to be added to your life account to give a one stop shop for all your online socalizing needs.

Microsoft were the company to pay 240 million dollars for a 1.6% stake in the company, giving it much of its current speculative value.

Now, how are microsoft late to the scene? So they didnt release their own flop like google+. Shrewd move IMO.

The Register "journalists" are becomming so biased im supprised if there is not a reg author on the payroll of each of the big companies such as MS, Apple, Samsung, Oracle etc etc, each spinning their own story to make their company look good, or others look bad.

Time to find an actual news site me thinks, instead of fox news for techies, which is what register has become.

Microsoft begins cagey Windows 8 disclosures


Damned if you do, damned if you dont..

A lot of people here are giving out about Microsoft removing control from the user. But half the time you people are giving out about how windows should be more like OSX. Doesn’t OSX limit what users can do, quite severly.

So now Microsoft do limit a bit ( but still make much control available if you know where to look) and your still not happy.

Why not shut up, and do something like install linux, spend hours with driver issues and whatever other problems you usually find with linux installations .

Enjoy your completely open and super alkward non Microsoft OS and stop cramming up Message boards with your opinions. MS is in a lose lose situation with you guys.

Apple bars WinXP users from iCloud


Hang on, make an opinion and stick to it

Generally the consensus on the reg is that windows biggest downfall is its attempt to move forward while supporting almost all legacy apps and platforms.

So, Microsoft are trying to cut lose old OS's in favour of the new supported platforms.

Now, Microsoft are still in the wrong... Lot of conflicting opinions going on here.

Nobody says you cant use windows XP, but you will not be able to use newer technologies where XP is unsupported. Sounds fair in my book.

If Microsoft cleared 3rd world debt, i wonder what problems you all would have with that.

Microsoft - Because in most peoples eyes, they can do no right.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?


OH For the love of jebus...

Apple and Jobs finally discover the cloud, a technology that’s been around for years ( Hotmail anyone), and suddenly “it’s the end to the hard disk industry”.

5GB storage is not going to kill the storage industry. Every other company offers much more storage space, 25GB on live I believe.

This cloud service is good for apple, but seriously folks, just because apple finally joined the party doesn’t mean the end of anything!

Its like saying that If jobs decides to eat cornflakes tomorrow, does that spell the end for rice crispies?

App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul

Big Brother

Anyone remember windows and the browser debacle?

I see a lot of folks yapping about how people still have a choice to install software form other sources. Yea, of course they do.

Just like MS including IE with windows, people still had a choice to install other browsers, but look how that went for Microsoft.

This is apple pushing the boundaries yet again, to see what they can get away with. If the European Commission treats all companies fairly, then the 3 minute warning sirens should be screaming in the EU about now.

Will be interesting to see if Apple get treated the same as MS did in the browser debacle.


Gates Halo

No Apps eh, lets all make a fart app!

yea, the iphone has 300,000 apps, but two points:

1. How many apps did iphone have at launch.

2. how many iphone apps are the stupid fart, lightsaber, gun sounds, lighter screen for concerts etc etc ( insert pointless app here). How many apps would it have if you got rid of the junk?

Im loving all this bull about what the phone is missing. remember though, the jesus phone had no background process for devs until june/july of this year. it also went many years without copy/paste, and even withough MMS, despite it being on every phone, down to the lowest nokia!

Fanbois, i know its difficult, but forget this is microsoft for a sec, and look at it as a phone.

Its version 1.0 and it has a ton of features the first jesus phone didnt have. If this was anyone else people would say "yea, nice, missing a few features but a nice 1.0 version".

Seems its main failing is Mr Jobs didnt rub each on personally against his arse.

iPeds, iRobots, and the Chinese iPad clone machine


comparison review of the clones

would love to see a comparison review of all these ipad clones, be interesting to see what they are offering and how much better/worse they are in relation to the iPad...yes Register, that is a challenge

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved


Its a beta you morns

Its a freaking beta. it will be fixed in the final release. You know what your getting into when you use beta software. get over it. seriously!

Some folks look for anything to try to take down microsoft with.

Microsoft axes 5,000 staff as Q2 profit dives 11%

Gates Halo

economists and madmen

Even with a profit of 4bn they have to leave folks off. yes its ridiculous but its the way companies on the stock exchange work.

The companies job is to make profit for their share holders.

so year 1 they make 5bn profit, the next year they are set a target of a 20% increase. so they need to make 6bn in year two. and then another 20% on year 3 so their targets are 7.5bn, and so on and so on.

its not enough to just break even or even make moderate profit. you have to live up to expectations.

Its a ridiculous situation. as the saying goes, only economists and madmen believe that growth can go on indefinitely.

its this crazy model that has sooo many large companies like Microsoft, Intel, Dell etc in up sh1t creak.

Apple prices MacBook Pro battery surgery

Thumb Down

exploitation of blind loyalty and stupidity

HP, Dell etc are not equally to blame here. HP, Dell, Toshiba etc all have user replacable batteries. so if you are so inclined you can go on ebay and pick one up for perhaps 50 bucks.

Apple on the other hand charge us over 230 euros for the privilege!

Batteries are inherintly consumable, they lose capacity with age and use, this is a given, we expect to have to replace batteries. we dont however expect to be tied into a company who will charge Extortionate amounts of cash for the privilege, just because they think their customers are blinded by loyalty, a little white light up apple symbol and shiny cases.

Apple suck. I admired them 2 years ago, and they saw some of my hard earned cash. no more im afraid.