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Falling slinky displays slow-motion causality

Antoine Dubuc

Miles Mathis will love this


This explanation is magical. It is not mechanical nor physical.

Archaeologists uncover 'Unicorn's lair'

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Because it makes a better story

Humans becoming steadily STUPIDER, says brainiac boffin

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Hitler would be proud.

Of the author, of course...

I may try to reason with this lunatic, but I would give up. I'll try with you, though.

More people means more of everything, smart and not so smart. Darwin still applies and random genetic mutations are still in vogue. What is killing the author's hopes is not genetics but his culture. What makes many people appear, well, let's say not very Athenian, is our culture. Our culture of conformance, of lame artists with lame lyrics, stupid tv shows, etc. Its as though we are being farmed for the underground. Putting a kid in jail for a picture of a burning poppycock. That Huxley and Orwell share a Joint Flawless Victory! (tm) is what makes our culture dull.

It's the software, not the hardware.

Man, 19, cuffed after burning Remembrance poppy pic is Facebooked

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Free Speech is only allowed when its nice.

What a great society we have become. We have 'free speech'. And we don't like what you're saying, we'll put you in the slammer. So stay free, and well behaved.

Cue the marching timpany of Huxley and Orwell.

Paintballs proposed as defense against ASTEROID ATTACK

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Re: A brilliant idea

I might be wrong. But if you nuke it down to pieces, the overall surface exposed to sunlight increases, and thus if paint is cheap, the number of available marketing slots available is increased and so in the overall efficiency of the repulsion scheme, doesn't it?

Air China passenger arrested for in-flight phone abuse

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Believe it or not

He was just being an arrogant ass making all those nice girls lose way too much face. So they slapped him back with their FSB. If he'd been nice about it, none of us would be reading about this. If only some people could learn some manners...

Mars rover Curiosity gets ready to blast its first rock

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Heads where its dark

Anyone, anywhere, walking across this little pyramid in the desert would immediately presume, from the 90 degrees angles, the cut of it, etc. that it was man made. I mean cmon, just look at it!

Except that here, God, even here, in this nerd and geek dwelling, no one will actually dare say that out loud. Shame on you. Check the pictures from Mars, there's a ton of stuff that just cannot be natural. There's a geologist on facebook who started a group about it 'astro anomalies' https://www.facebook.com/groups/Secretplanets/ to document them.

History will remember how cowardly and therefore blindly we turned our minds away from the obvious truth streaming back to us in HD: Mars was inhabited.

NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

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Re: proper time on an object going faster than light

It's the not the spaceship that goes faster than light.

Its the spacetime bubble that contains it.

Space vs Space has no speed limit.

'Extreme' solar storm speeding straight towards Earth

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Dismissing the doomsayers...

They do have their day once in a while you know...

-the Dinosaurs

Ex-Soviet space gunboats to be FOUND ON MOON

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16th Century, eh?

Yeah, those were great. 3/4 of the crew died in horrible conditions. The rest usually died once they arrived or soon after coming back. Most ships simply vanished never to be heard of again. Yeah, those were the days of the 16th century explorers.

There's no need for a steely eyed astronaut capable of making split second decision.

That's the one that really made me laugh. Yeah, we don't even have a lawnmower that can do the job properly itself and you're telling the gullible that your 40 years old junk ductaped with more stuff, unproperly guarded against solar flares, will make the gullible have a great time? Really? With zero-G where the blood is rushing through your head ?

There are so many reasons why Darwin will cull the idiots who pay dearly for this!

China makes human rights play ... but forgets the internet

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Re: Small Steps

Human Rights. In a world of vastly different cultures and beliefs. Right. Defined and Imposed, of course, by the guy with the biggest gun. Imposed usually against the will of most victims, only to result either in failure, more problems, and profits for the aggressor.

Sorry, but really, you've been brainwashed haven't you? Do you also believe in Unicorns? In most schools, the guy imposing his beliefs by force, isn't he simply referred to as the bully? So what's so different when its a nation state that does it? It's now sanctified by God?

You've been raised to fully meet the expectations of those who really control your country. Congratulations.

Pint-size gizmo shoots X-RAY LASER for first time

Antoine Dubuc

Daisy chain the suckers?

I remember a movie with Val Kilmer where he has this idea of introducing a gas in solid form for the laser and it becomes hugely powerful.

So here the kickstart is a lightbeam. Could they daisy chain them, or use a more powerful kickstart?

Earth bathed in high-energy radiation from colossal mystery blast

Antoine Dubuc

Where's the sampling coming from?

World wide ... mm.

How many places did they sampled to establish it was worldwide?

Foxconn to create workers' paradise?

Antoine Dubuc

Re: In other news

Abused workers, overtimed, ridiculous pay, etc.

"Shiny Shiny"

...It makes it all worthwhile!

Microsoft corrects itself: 'We expect fewer people to use Windows 8'

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Re: Developers, Developers and err Developers?

French guy here. Shit is Merde, Caca, bouze, tas, and a lot more, but not merto, mert, mertu, merto or anything like. You = Fail.

Volvo claims V40 is first car with an airbag for pedestrians

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Re: Wrong approach

No, no. Air bag first, then the car tase them, for good measure.

Billion-dollar high-tech ghost town to run itself without humans

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Let's explain that one to the homeless mother and her kids

In my primeval, primitive, caveman gut, I know this is wrong. That there are far more important things to care of NOW instead of testing stuff for the future. Maybe its just me...

US gov boffins achieve speeds faster than light

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Miles Mathis will eat them for breakfeast

I just can't wait to see what Miles is going to write about this one too.

You might just find it interesting too.


Workers worry about pay cuts from Apple, Foxconn pact

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Re: I want one of those jobs


Nice to meet you. I'm the perspective.

I live, emigrated, really, to China. Here the laws are rather bendy, and it did serve and continues to serve them well. This 'let's go for the gray area' has it's drawback: poor quality in high precision manufacturing for example.

The research shows that accidents happen at an exponential rate once people start working more then 60 hours a week. This results in unhappy companies, employees and poor quality for the rest of us. To stop all this is the intent of this law.

Electronics largely remain a luxury commodity here in China and are therefore more expensive by a rough 20% more than what you would pay in America for the same thing.

But, cutting your hair here will take you back 75 cents us, a quick hop at the food stalls maybe an additional us dollar, etc. The food is very cheap and so is everything requiring low skills manual labor, including computer repairs and car repairs. Hence, living here is quite cheap. The theater etc. all are quite cheap to accommodate the median income which is quite lower than what you or I make in China.

Apple desires quality above employee safety, of course. This time they are lucky, they can have their cake and eat it too.

Windows 8 on ARM vs iPad: Has Microsoft lost already?

Antoine Dubuc

media bias

The same disease that's affecting mainstream media with regards to Ron Paul produces this kind of garbage, biased, headline. You sold your objectivity for sensationalism. You suck.

Journalism is about reporting news, facts. Not creating them or influencing the reader toward whatever the journalist fancies.

You're crap and paid too much for the little work you actually do

Antoine Dubuc

Oh, do grow up for the love of God.

I worked as a software tech support for production printing for Xerox for three years and I made more coming in than half the team members who were there for ten years. Why? Because I had a reputation for knowing my stuff, sure, but most of all because I could translate my natural joy of working with technology to others. I made customers like the stuff. I made them happy. At meetings I brought good points and did mostly the common sense things this guy talks about. So sure, of course I made a lot more money. I never kissed ass. I never said anything if I didn't have anything good or and useful to say. I never talked badly about anyone else. I always endorsed good ideas in meetings, be them from my boss or colleagues. And I never was stupid enough to go to meetings to score points or stay negative shit that doesn't help anything. I was not the best, but because I gave the impression to customers and colleagues that I really cared and was doing all that could be done, which was mostly true at least from my skillset, customers loved me and so did my boss. If you are socially perverted and can't avoid making people lose face, or you can't stop saying sarcasms, maybe scoring points, etc. Then of course you'll get the salary a turd like you deserves. People who don't get what this guy's article is saying are hopeless by now. Its simple common sense. In four words: Don't Be An Ass.

Why Windows 8 server is a game-changer

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Re: @Trevor_Potts

You insolant little mote of poop. Yes, you failed.

It's "Matière Fécale"

Chinese woman sparks net craze with virgin website

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Not Healthy

Not getting laid regularly is medically speaking, physically and mentally, not healthy.

Ergo, She's Nuts!. Case closed.

Black hole radiation could provide insight into quantum gravity

Antoine Dubuc

Miles Mathis as the much needed reboot button

Physics has become Windows.

Time for a reboot again...


Microsoft announces ASP.NET zero-day vuln

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Spell check yourself for crying out loud


Dude, I've got a spell checker in Chrome.

What are you? A squirrel typing inside a dead tree?

Lumia sales fail to set world alight

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Medieval Peasants

To the stake! To the stake!

I just love to see people who are so enamored with their critical thinking skills at work go medieval and act like wild peasants from the Dark Ages. What a thin veneer civilization really is!

Acer CEO: No more 'cheap and unprofitable' products

Antoine Dubuc

Game Over.

Time to sell your Acer stock.

Cash-bloated startup takes on data protection giants

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Something funny happens when you deeply understand something: you can explain it to a six year old.

I did not understand what this company does or how.

Anonymous shuts down hidden child abuse hub

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Thumb Up

True enough.

Antoine Dubuc

Plea to Anonymous


Thank you for doing work like this. I hope you go after them. All of them. All the time. Go nuts. I have two kids, and these bastards are the stuff of nightmares for any parents.

HOWEVER, please consider this: Next time, if you can, try to actually record over a month or two users activity, especially their I.P. address. Do the legwork for the authorities.

We will hence all have the added bonus of having these bastards in jail hopefully!

Cheers, and thank you again for your work.

Crap alchemist jailed for poo-into-gold experiment

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Devil's advocate

So he did try something like betting all his chips on the double zero at roulette. A low probability strategy. Scientifically speaking, he actually DID something though, or at least try.

Bell was laughed out of many rooms at first... talking into a tin can over a wire eh mr bell?...

Same for tesla in 1890 with his radio controlled torpedo with the Navy.

Flying like a bird, eh?

The list goes on...

I'll wager with anyone here that this transmutation stuff is something science of tomorrow will explain, if its real.

My point is that at least the lad wasn't only talking or reading, he actually applied the scientific method: he tried to prove an idea by doing shit, pun intended.

I like people that DO things, even when they fail.

Small minds rejoice in the failure of those that try things they do not understand, or challenges their dogmas.

Jobs was 'working on future product day before he died'

Antoine Dubuc

Cheap suspense.

Oh grow up will ya?

Cheap thrills from the ending of a B movie.

He died like Beethoven and Mozart, working at it.

Give me a f@#$g break, or show me the BEEF.

What else would keep the share price up, eh?

Yeah, he was great. He also had great flaws.

Disgusted with Apple PR.

Boffins whip up SELF-WIRING chip

Antoine Dubuc

what could possibly go wrong?

There's goes the three laws of Robotics.

Sweden rolls out invisible infrared tank

Antoine Dubuc

Wash Often

Yes, you'll need to wash it very often... this is such a waste of money as it stands. One bullet and the system is down. One splash of mud, and there'll be plenty, and the system is down.

This is for the lab, not the field.

Boffin melds quantum processor with quantum RAM

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I represent the Quantum Computers illiterates of this world.

Could someone explain how the popular notion that a quantum computer can figure out which result set is the right one?

I mean, to mean this sounds like an oracle.

You feed it a problem, it spits out a solution.

I can understand it spits out all the results possible, but knowing which one is the right one?

That's Spooky.

IBM builds biggest-ever disk for secret customer

Antoine Dubuc
Big Brother

Social Simulation

Some universities are doing research in Social Simulation... ahhhh... behold the scaffolding of Isaac Asimov's PsychoHistory!

WTO: China being naughty over rare-earth exports

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Thumb Up


You are right, they have corruption issues. But the did kill the ones responsible for the melamine etc. They don't have yet all the industry safeguards that we have, but they are getting there fast.

Antoine Dubuc

No, you're wrong.


Your stance is the typical intellectual stance given in Europe and North America and it is inherently and demonstratively (by facts just compare the two) a wishy washy, Bambi classification, unrealistic model of the world.

Aristotle himself said that any civilization reaches its pinacle and ultimate death by the actualization of its own core principle. Guess what, this 100% freedom goal of yours gives you India, where nothing gets done since they just want to cash in now.

In the rest of the wonderfully inneficient Democratic countries, I'll take Canada as an example since I'm from there, shit doesn't get done precisely because politicians are accountable to the people which all 100% of them have different and diametrically opposed tastes and preferences, which also means a strong stance is impossible and unpopular in almost all cases and yes, they do want to get reelected, so again, major changes are impossible. We are fu$#%ed here in our 'advanced' countries.

We've reached our 100% freedom and guess what, Aristotle is still right, we're in declined all right. By virtue of having a government which is at the total mercy of population which no, does not mean they know any better, our governments have no balls. They can't really do shit.

If you want to piss on the government or change it, move to one of our 'advanced' countries where nothing major is happening for the last 40 years, and where economic decline is slowly but surely returning the richness they've raped away to the 'undeveloped' countries.

The bottom line is that if you want shit to get done by your government, you need to give the government the ability to get shit done, and Democracy etc just doesn't do that, it does the opposite as seen in our countries.

So yeah, guess what, in China you can't piss on the government, but you can do pretty much anything you like save that. And that is far, far enough for everybody. In real life, the sheep is not worth the herd. So you know what, fu$k the 1% if it means the happiness of the rest. What kind of madman sacrifices the herd for one sheep? Take that 1% argument and go watch Bambi, you lunatic.

Antoine Dubuc

I am in China

My wife is Chinese, and we're living in China, Hebei province more specifically.

I've been coming here with the kids and wife for the last six years and I never heard or saw any governments doing that much for their people. They've been like mad squirrels or green giants, something odd and awe inspiring in their epic constructions of hospitals, roads, maglev trains, schools, condo buildings (usually 3 rows by 6 ), etc.

What's really, really pitiful from someone who knows both worlds is how North America and Europe will desperately grasp onto their sole and only straw: ...but they're run by dictators, they're reds, you can't piss on the governement there...

From the bottom of my heart, being here and living like a local: give me a fuc%%g break.

People here are quite happy with their government, and I'm talking 99% of the people. Last year in the city I live in the reporters mentionned on tv that there weren't enough parks. A week later you see government folks asking around. Six month later, one of the biggest shopping center gets razed, and a new park built. To the owner of the park, fair compensation (yes, quite fair they make sure of that they can afford it too), and begone. Less than a year later, awesome huge park. Now they're planning them in city growth. Shit gets done here. That's the prime quality of their dictator like government, and the people are happy with the results. Shit gets done quickly and keep the people happy. This isn't some primitive backwater african dictatorship: these guys were had rule of law when we were huddled in huts around a chieftain. Now let me know how that scenario pans out in any city with over 5 million people anywhere in Europe or North America....

Compare this with India and their democracy: what a joke: nothing ever gets done there.

Yeah, its a dictatorship at the top, but guess what: it fuc$ng works. they're happy, rich and taking over the world. And if the WTO wants to keep them enslaved and polluted, fu%k them I say, along with the other resounding 1.4 billion people here.

Pre-release Windows 8 code hits PC makers

Antoine Dubuc

Morons from the Dark Ages, thou art everlasting!!

You morons finally got to me.

Even if you have a Ferrari, if you load the trunk brimming with shit, it will slow it down.

The Lobotomize Me! button is perfect for all computer morons including family members who just don't deserve proper tech support and don't want education. When you have to support 90%+ of the world, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that has to be in there to account for that 90%+.

I love the fact that most posters here are computer literate. Yet, they yap like the worst morons/degenerate teens about Microsoft. Showing to all, their complete lack of understanding of basic business and software rules in the real world.

You remember the peasants in the movies that just mob around the poor bastard being roasted on a stick in the Dark Ages and just cheered wildly without having clues about what's really going on?

That's you, Morons.


IBM super cleared for trivia showdown with humanity

Antoine Dubuc

History books

This is extremely significant in the history of AI.

At first we asked question and the dumb tin can gave us google.

Now the thing actually will start to yap answers at you.

This is a huge leap.

Expert systems will be built around this tech in wall street and laws eventually will forbid relying blindly on this 'oracle' of sorts.

As long as it doens't start asking questions and the plug is handy, it's all good.


Antoine Dubuc

500 years ago

T'was the fat lady that got men drooling. She was rich obviously and a thus a sign of beauty and desire in these days. Today, we're all fat so its the opposite!

Canada steps closer to legalising sex work

Antoine Dubuc


It has nothing to do with religion. Did I talked about religion? No I did not.

Sex and religion have been unfortunately mixed up in our civilization and that's quite a shame I agree. Especially when its actually the latter that f$%ks up the former. Lol!

Nonetheless, prostitution has always been equated with depravity in any civilization. The reason is that the wife or husband feel bad/insecure when the other goes to bed elsewhere and this breaks up relationship and families in some cases. What this means is that prostitution is in fact a contributor to a civilization's decay. Heck, there's worse, like spending your government on armies, bureaucracies, etc. But it still is historically a symptom of a civilization in decay, long before Jesus, Abraham, et al.

Tough shit honey. Seriously, just go see your local historian. And since its part of decay, just like tartar decays your teeth, I'd prefer to vote for Listerine than Tartar.

It has nothing to do with religion. I don't practise religion and am strongly against joining any of their club (they don't let you join two at a time.. so restrictive.. and useless) I pity bimbos the same as I pity anyone working sales (perhaps more for the occasional unplanned personal and physical humiliation). Some of them are of course very smart, just like in anything, and I don't disrespect anyone of them personally. I disrespect their job as a whole since I believe it further decays our civilization.

So you can go and tell me to f%^k myself, I'll take it to advice, in another form, tonight with my wife. You don't like my opinion and that's your right. Just don't tell me you really open minded when in the end you tell people to go f%^k themselves because their opinion are not parallel to yours, ok? ;-p

Antoine Dubuc


"Explain to me then why your prudish morality should be allowed to override my beliefs?"

They should not be allowed to override anything but people should be allowed to vote on the issue. Your beliefs, taken individually, are of no consequences just as mine are.

However, if you look at history, whenever depravity (read hookers, gambling et al) has flourished, civilization went down. Its a natural consequence of a civilization reaching its own high goals which usually includes people's rights. Aristotle was dead on.

This habit of letting more and more stuff be allowed and 'normal' is akin to entropy. Civilizations grow strong with a shared and well defined and respected set of rules/laws/ethics/morals. When diversity sticks in to the benefit of all due to the initial resulting success of said uniform rules, the system bogs down in uncertainty and becomes weak by nature as it has to allow for everything, and there is no way to take a strong position on anything anymore.

I like my values just the same as you like yours. They are opposites no doubts, but I would still fight for your right to express them. I can loudly claim mines and that is my right as well.

I see that in a civilization cycle, we are at the end part. Just like the Romans at the end, we eat too much sweat and fat, we turn to fat, armies too large, meddling too much everywhere, government inefficient, hookers, gambling its all okay. Its a pattern dude. Just face it.

The guy that wrote Dune got that. This decadence we live in this century as well as the last has been gone through by many civilizations before us. I am just upset that its happening again and that we don't realize it or know what to do against it. So I pick against the hookers here. Its like we're all stupid sheep that can't learn shit from history books.

In my mind if you need to pay for sex you failed.

Bimbo's are just a symptom of our civilization's decline, not the cause.

Heck, you want to make them legal? Knock yourself out. You'll just accelerate ever so slightly our final deliquescence into history books that keep repeating themselve in a glorious Ode to our collective ineptitude at real social evolution.

Antoine Dubuc
Thumb Down


You're funny.

So by that rational since its my body I should be allowed to rob a bank ?

It has nothing to do with whose body it is.

Where the f##k are we going as a society if morals are so out of fashion that we should drop them to instead prefer the "open mindedness" of having none just to be with the times, since those days the 'in' thing is to sneer at morals and think they are for retards or cave men.

That kind of open mindedness free for all horse shit gives you its own set of problems.

You think its great that kids get in bed at 12 and are all f#$%d out at 20, possibly with a kid and a wasted future in front of them? Wake up. This horse shit of open mindedness and let all do what they want is just a form of anarchy under cover.

Having morals, which is the crust of the issue here, is what is being judged. Either you stand for something, and heck, if you think deep down that prostitution is fine, then my friend you are seriously f$#d up or have never been in contact with a hooker. Do some pro bono work at your community center and then come back here.

Get out of your Ivory towers and go smell the roses.

once you do that in your life you'll see that hookers, drugs and casinos alike really f#$k up weak people badly. If you can't have clean fun go see a shrink.

These days the idiots have come to feel that allowing depravity is progress and that standing against it by morals is being a retard. God its aggravating to read these twits/fashionista's/CNN grown people who can't get their heads out of their TV.

Just look at the last 3000 years of history, and see in which moral/lack of moral climate societies have grown strong or weak, just educate yourself and stop being such a tv twit.


Antoine Dubuc

@The Fuzzy Wotnot

Full Marks (I'd bet a small lager).

I think its reasonable to assume that the government would try a publicity stunt via NASA, with say, the usual bankable ALIENS concept, to avert attention from wikileaks, from which they are really annoyed with.

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News

Antoine Dubuc

We are a reservation

Wankiness behold:

We are a reservation. Go to a zoo. There's always a kid that doesn't read the sign or can't and messes with the caged animals and gives them food or what not.

The only reason I see why there's no alien kid with his daddy's car messing with us is because we are the caged animals. We are in an actively protected reservation unbeknownst to us. They have to do that otherwise we'd have alien kids pretending to be Gods and what not. It also makes, in this goofball of a post, perfect sense. Of course you protect the babes that can't walk yet. Its like a galactical U.N. charter deal.

And to goof off more, their base is on the moon and that's why we are not going back there: the first time they drive the point home.

Ah, what speculative and unfounded fun:)

Google Chrome OS to route print jobs around planet

Antoine Dubuc

PDF =! PostScript

PDF is not PostScript. If you ever read the red book you'd know this. Its just that most people will send the PDF to the printer using a print driver that usually converts the stuff to postscript, hence lazy tech support people will tell users yeah its the same thing. It is not, and thank god.

Antoine Dubuc

Actually not.

It was developed by Xerox in the 70's along with the mouse, the ethernet, the gui, etc.

The source was very similar and shared by a team at Xerox for two technologies called PostScript and InterPress, and when Xerox decided that InterPress was the future, the guys on the team that thought otherwise decide to show them this by creating Adobe.

Court bars charges against teen who posed semi-nude

Antoine Dubuc

Do not want.

I'm 33 and I have a four year old little girl. I sincerely hope she will osmose from daddy and mommy enough to never do this on her own. But if she did, she'd be grounded, the computer hacked and images deleted. Being sexy is not a virtue. And it has no real value for good people.

People who put too much value on sex are usually not very good people. I certainly wouldn't want to say to my daughter "that so sweet this porn star look you took in the picture". It just doesn't rime. When you cut the bullshit and think of your kids, you really want your kids to do that? Would you really like that? I don't think so. This cultural thing of anything goes = freedom is a gross aberation of a paper written by people who had no clue their descendants would become such fucktards.

It is now fashionable to label me as a prude, or conservative, or anything, because I don't jump up and down like a good troll when decency loses in court. Have at it, fucktards.



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