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Google will tell your mates where you are

Paris Hilton

This will REALLY work....

Given the current accuracy of in-phone GPS, this sounds like a crock of shite to me.

So it's Friday night, you want to find out where the boys are for a shandy or 2, You use google to find out where they are, 5 minutes later and you can see they're somewhere on the high street within a very large circle and you have to phone or text one of them to find out exactly where they are.

Then again, we have the paranoid-parent brigade who will probably buy into this in droves and it will be a raging success.

Paris could use it when she finds her friend.

Universal thaws out The Thing


Feckless hollywood

When will they learn. Are these not basically the same fuckwits that re-made War of the Worlds who not only changed the story for the worse but cast that little gobshite cruise as the main character.


It's nearly a step too far but if they try to remake Blade Runner I will burn hollywood down myself.

How the Google stole Christmas

Black Helicopters

Let me get this right

.....So what's stopping Google from using say 1% of ad revenue to employ people solely to click Google ad's, thereby increasing revenue.