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So why exactly are IT investors so utterly clueless?


Proof of nationality

"Back in his snowboarding magazine days, a freeriding Australian colleague claimed that he only had to utter the word “bottoms” to make an Englishman snigger. We suspect he may be onto something..."

Just reading this made me chortle.

Wanted: beta testers for El Reg’s Android app


Re: Before I sign up

"I do hope, however, that m.theregister doesn't get neglected as a result of development on this app."

I use m.theregister every day (I really don't see any point to apps for news sites) and it would be hard to see how it could be any more neglected! I haven't seen it change for years and most of the quick links at the bottom are broken.

I would love to see this mobile site updated (instead of the app) or better yet, el reg could go all modern and make their main site responsive. That would brighten up my (admittedly rather sad and boring) life!



I have up using apps for news sites a few years ago as they don't really offer any advantage over a browser. Can't you just update m.theregister? Better yet make the www site responsive?

A gold MacBook with just ONE USB port? Apple, you're DRUNK


Re: Welcome to the wireless world


You get 18 hours from a macbook pro? Mine (work machine) is less than 3 months old and doesn't give more than 5 or 6 hours of use. I can only assume that you aren't really making it work hard...

Scottish independence debate: STV player flops under weight of viewers


Yet another way that I'm being robbed of my rights...

As someone from a military family background, with family all over these isles, I was born and raised British.

I'm not English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish. I'm a Brit.

My family (who for at least the last 3 generations have served and fought for their country) didn't do that for Scotland or for England, they did it for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Even my passport says that's where I'm from.

I'm almighty pissed off that I don't get a chance to vote on the future of my country and whether or not some nationalistic little wanker can carve off a part of it for him and his mates because they have a different accent to the other parts.

The fact that I can't even watch the debates and that the similarly small-minded little Englanders don't consider it important (it wasn't even mentioned in the first 10 minutes of the BBC 10 O'Clock News) is just the final kick in the teeth.

I truly hope that my country still exists by the end of September.

Astounding: We're about to stick a probe in orbit of a COMET


"Rosetta craft screams 6 billion km through space to reach its cosmic prey"

But in space no-one can hear you scream... /pedant

Google burns promise of 'no big banner ads'. Don't Be Evil next?


Re: Let's not be dicks about this

You never click on the sponsored links? Crazy. In my world I use them to punish companies I don't like.

Search for a flight and get a Ryanair sponsored ad? Click that advert and make 'em pay! Then go and buy somewhere else...

I realise that this is futile and that the few pence they pay for my click is nothing, but it still brightens up my day. I reckon over the years I've probably cost Ryanair more in adwords than I spent flying with them (once and never again). I find that very satisfying.

Google cursed its own phones with wacked Wi-Fi, say Nexus users


Re: The Skype android client

I think you're being far too harsh on the Skype Android client. Yes, it's totally shit, but I'm pretty sure that's engineered in so that it's just as unpleasant to use as the desktop client.

Firefox OS starting small but thinking big says Mozilla CTO


Re: "the Android Linux kernel"

Android merged back into the main Linux kernel about a year ago.

Hey Britain, want to link your mobile to your BANK ACCOUNT?


Re: Optional PIN Authentication?

Dunno about you, but most people I know with a smartphone (which is surely essential to this) also have a pin on their phone. So, that's 3 levels of authentication, down to 2 when you lose your phone :)

Ex-Palm CEO Rubinstein wishes HP sale never happened


Re: @LDS

"In 2013 a VPN and encrypted disks are beyond SMBs resources?"

Yes. Many small businesses have to get a consultant/contractor in to unbox their PC's and plug the cables in. Most have no idea how to set up a network and rely on a serviced business package from someone like BT.

I know someone who works at a small insurance brokers (lots of sensitive information) that when they need to print they have to copy documents to USB and take them to "the printing machine" because that's the only computer plugged into the printer. They didn't even realise they had a network, just that they were all connected to the internet.

Stand by for PURPLE KETCHUP as boffins breed SUPER TOMATOES


ketchup on a bacon sarnie?


London Olympics site to become digital mega-hub


Re: boris

He makes me laugh. That's more than any other politician ever did for me...

What kind of pirate are you: Justified, transgressor or just honest?


Re: @Gerhard Mack

I'm with you mate. I'm also based in Spain, I'd happily pay the Beeb a license fee just to get (legit) access to iPlayer, instead of paying for a proxy service. The license fee would cost me more, but I believe that the fee is worth it for the great content they produce. If only they'd take my money!

For the rest, I download a lot of US shows so that I can watch the English versions. There's nobody here I can pay for them, or I would.

Adobe price hike: Your money or your files, frappuccino sippers


Looks like I'll just stick with CS5 then...

It'll be a long time before I need to upgrade, I only just moved from CS3 to CS5. In a few years time I'll take a look at what's out there, but I don't expect there to be any new "must have" functionality for a long time.

NEW ITV Player app IS HERE ... for Samsung fandroids only. Ha ha


The last time I watched ITV...

was during the Rugby World Cup in 2011. The matches were at such a godawful time in the morning that I couldn't face the walk to the pub. Next World Cup is in 2015 and it's in the UK so all the matches will be at reasonable pub times. Maybe I'll watch ITV again in 2019, not sure where that World Cup will be.

So long, Hotmail: Remaining users migrated to Outlook.com


Re: And if you thought the Outlook.com WEBSITE was bad........

Personally, I find the outlook.com website EXCELLENT. I've never used the Android app, I didn't even know it existed. My Android devices all have built in mail apps... and the latest versions are great so I've never felt any need to install a 3rd party application.

Go-go Gadget watch? Apple posts job ad for 'flexible display' bod


"Apple's cloud expertise is likely to boost the usefulness of any wearable device"

Apple trail a long way behind the other major players in cloud capabilities, as is often mentioned on one of those online news sites I visit frequently. If only I could remember the name, it's called The Till or some sort of synonym of that. I seem to remember it has something to do with buzzards.

Oh, and + some generic rant about Apple and rumours and fanbois and stuff...

After Leveson: The UK gets an Orwellian Ministry of Truth for real


Well, at least El Reg is safe

"Until this finally collapses, though, it'll probably be the best media organisations which will pay the highest cost."

No need for Reg hacks to worry then ;)

Boffin road trip! The Reg presents Geek's Guide to Britain


Inspiring stuff...

Well, I hope the guide will be inspiring but I was thinking more of whoever came up with the idea of going on nice trips around the country and billing them as work expenses. Good work.

BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills


Re: Ahem

It would appear that you both have your rose-tinted glasses on. On both Android and iPhone a great number of apps (and virtually every game) are full-screen and block the notifications. That means that you need to exit the application to see your emails. If BB10 doesn't allow their message hub to be blocked then this would make accessing emails a lot more convenient. Oh and my Nexus 7 allows me to go directly to the individual emails from my notification bar, not to the inbox.

Tablets aren't killing ereaders, it's clog-popping wrinklies - analyst


@ A Known Coward

There's no evidence at all that an LCD screen causes any more eye strain than an e-ink screen. Any studies on the matter have shown that the cause is always something else (not blinking enough, too small fonts etc.) and not at all related to the screen type.

Spanish city renames square in Clash frontman's honour


Am I the only one...

Who reads an article like this and (instead of wanting to start a debate about whether The Clash as punk or post-punk or whatever) wonder:

What are the actually calling the square? Plaza Strummer? Plaza Joe?

Where is the plaza? Is it one of the main ones or just a tiny little out of the way place?

Oh well... I suppose it's my fault for thinking that there might be some factual information in the article beyond the headline. Google here I come...

Oi, Apple, stick to phones, forget about TV - Time Warner CEO


Could be a much needed kick up the arse...

I had the misfortune recently to use a new "smart" TV (I think it was a Sony). Whoever designed the UI and remote controls for these should be taken outside and shot. In the legs. And left outside in a forest. Tied to an ants nest.

I'm not an Apple fan at all, but I can guarantee that they will at least be able to make a usable device, with a functioning interface, albeit locked down to their services. An Aplle TV would give some impetus to other manufacturers to start building decent systems.

Windows Phone 8: Everything you need to know at a glance


I'm really tempted..

Would like to take the plunge and try a Lumia 920 but I live in Spain and buying one unlocked is difficult and expensive... I may just save the hassle and get the Nexus 4, it's cheaper, I know that Android is a good OS and more importantly for me I can order online at a low price and get it delivered unlocked straight to my door. I know I'm not the typical contract customer but I am interested in WP8 I think I'm probably just too lazy to go to the hassle of getting hold of one. Please Nokia or Microsoft just open an online store and sell me one directly!

Amazon cosies up to Nokia for Google Maps alternative


Re: But you can download google maps

Again, this depends where you are. I live in Spain. Just bought myself a Nexus 7 and one of the most exciting features for me was the offline maps. Right until I got the message "Part of your map will not be available". No further explanation. Turns out that offline maps don't work at all in Spain (or many other countries for that matter). I found this out by spending about 45 minutes searching G+ forums. It's ok though because Google are going to make this feature available when they can, again no idea when that is, but at some point in the future if they can be arsed they will get round to it.

I've been an Android user since the early days and I'm now seriously considering the new Nokia. Great hardware, camera and maps. Those are the killer things for me. I'm just not sure if I can live with WP...

Nokia tears wraps off new Windows Phone Lumias on steroids


as a bit of a fandroid

I'm typing this on my Nexus 7 where I've been recently incredibly impressed with the new MS Sky drive app. If WinPho works as smoothly as this then coupled with my free 25gb of storage and a top notch camera I'm feeling pretty tempted. My only concern is whether WinPho is quite ready yet, first one was interesting but flawed, this generation is looking better but it might make sense to wait for the next one.

Google in dock again over defamatory auto-complete


Re: Guess the name...

May I suggest using the mobile version of elreg? m.theregister.co.uk = much less annoying ads

iPhones, iPads to be FULL OF FACEBOOK and NOT GOOGLE


Google Maps

"In addition, the Maps app is vector-based, making zooming and rotation smooth and seamless – and making Google Maps look oh-so last decade – and supporting a 3D Flyover mode with real-time rendering of buildings in select locations."

Google Maps on Android have been vector based for some time (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/12/17/google_maps/). It looks like Apple (quite reasonable) got upset with being offered an inferior service.

Waterstones stores surrender to Amazonian invaders


Re: Cutting their own throat?

re: "PS: Does anyone else thing the Amazon TV ads showing someone using a Kindle floating in a swimming pool is an attempt to sell more devices"

Isn't that the very definition of an advert?

comp ended


mobile friendly?

Bit of a shame really that the competition site is such a mess on mobile...

Hands on with the Huawei Ascend G300 low-cost Android phone


Re: £100

Except it's 100 quid on PAYG. Read the article before you comment...

Apple's Cook tops Page, Otellini in 'Favorite Boss' survey


Re: The downfall begins

Seriously? You think that companies are more successful if managers don't care about their employees or whether they are liked?

There's no place for mr nice when dealing with the competition, but if you can't win over your own employees then you might as well give in.

El Reg Forums FAQ


The one thing that I really dislike about the forums

When I upvote a post (which I don't bother to do very often) I get the message:

Upvote post

We’re glad you liked this post!

Your vote will be recorded in a few moments.

It's the middle sentence that bothers me. As a long-term register reader, I refuse to believe for a second that any of the staff give a monkeys one way or another whether I like some commentards witty remarks. It's got that sheen of false politeness that just makes me squirm and an overly enthusiastic exclamation mark at the end... makes me shudder. Surely more accurate copy would be:

Upvote post

Now you feel like you've contributed, bravo.

Your vote will be recorded in a few moments.

... or something equally cynical?

Man FLIES with Android-powered homemade bird wings


You're a cynical bunch

If it is a fake then it's a pretty elaborate one. He's been featured in the German FT, got videos, blogs etc going back over 6 months and really spent a lot of time creating content and documentation.

TV market stalls as LCD sales slow


Re: Hardly surprising...

Exactly. I bought a decent 40" TV about 3 years ago. It does HD and digital and all that malarkey and I don't imagine I'll be buying another TV until I break this one. The only recent innovation seems to be 3D and that isn't going to sell me a new TV until the technology gets MUCH better and MUCH cheaper.

New forum Wishlist


Re: Announcement now published - 10k chars are back

This new forum stuff looks pretty good in general, but I always use m.theregister.co.uk (mainly to avoid the annoying pagination in your longer articles) and the forums and comments sections are a bit rubbish on the mobile version. Shirley something that can be improved.

Hey Commentard! - or is that Commenter?


Re: Re: Re: Commentard

You must stick with commentard. As an expat, one of the reasons I come back to el reg on a daily basis is to get my dose of snarky, mildly-offensive British-English. The day you start to treat us lazy punters and commentards politely is the day I start worrying what you're plotting....

Mornington Crescent


Doesn't the move to Goodge Street..

leave open to the intra-connection omnibus rule?

Straight to Notting Hill Gate, and an extra bonus move.

Drink diet pop all the time? Look forward to VASCULAR DEATH


I only drink coke...

with rum. Fat coke all the way!

French get unlimited mobile for €20


Simyo all the way if you're in Spain

They're dirt cheap and in fact just emailed me last week to announce that they were going to increase my bandwidth limit for free.

Ballmer can exhale: Bill Gates rules out Microsoft return


Microsoft's damaging monoculture?

What kind of idiotic anti-MS bullshit is this? MS traditionally made operating systems. They helped to make computers cheap and widely available and didn't limit in any way what software people could run on the platform or what they could do with it after they had purchased it. Please explain how this damaged creativity?

Why there's real hope for webOS - if HP is committed


@AC "Being open source does not preclude any piece of software from being easy to use."

I have to both agree and disagree with this statement. Being open source doesn't in any way force software to be harder to use, but unfortunately this is normally the case. I'm a big advocate of open source (because I'm a geek) but there's a reason why Windows and OSX dominate on laptop/desktop. They're simple, fairly idiot-proof, no set-up or technical knowledge is required and they have marketing support and advocacy. Personally, I love messing around with different versions of linux, but 90%+ of my friends outside of the tech world have never even heard of it.

In the mobile sphere, people love iOS because it just works and Android is rapidly taking the old MS position of strong brand, pretty good and plenty of marketing dollars to support it.

A true open source mobile OS is likely to end up with the same market share as linux does on the desktop and it's precisely because it will be harder to use and is unlikely to be supported by comprehensive marketing (so nobody will even hear about it).

Despite Android lead, iOS devs slurp scads more mazuma


very valid point

used to see the same (3 or 4 years ago) when I looked at the web analytics for a large company. Mac/Safari was a tiny proportion of the user base but spent well above their share. Personally, I interpret that to mean that Apple users have more money than sense, but only 'cos I think it's fun to wind them up!

Amazon prepping cheap-as-dirt smartphone?


The next logical step?

"With the clear success of the Kindle e-Reader over the past 3 years, and Kindle Fire possibly succeeding in the low-priced Tablet market, we view this as the next logical step for Amazon."

I'm not so sure. Phone users are likely to buy apps (which are relatively low-margin) but e-books and film/TV are a pretty poor experience on a phone. If the (statistically irrelevant) usage patterns of smartphones that I've observed amongst my friends and I is accurate then the most common activity is web browsing - and I don't see how Amazon can monetise that.

Union enraged by secret driverless Tube plan


yes, the tube is expensive

I recently moved to Barcelona, and a one month pass for the central zones (metro and bus) now costs me the same amount as 3 days on TFL. The tube in London is one of the most expensive public transport systems in any major European city.

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'



Are you a giant? How big do your pockets need to be to fit a 7" tablet in them?

4chan founder bashes Facebook, Google+ on identity


Rather disappointingly...

...I can't find a video of a monkey trying to hump an elephant. But now that you've brought it up I really want to see one.

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'


Sometimes reg hacks do this thing called humour. I think you may have missed this.

HTC reckons 'WinPho will give Android a run for its money'


Yes you can...

.. on android, maybe not on whatever overlay your device manufacturer has put on top of it, but Android let's you delete those apps and every manufacturer flavour of it I have used does too.