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Microsoft boss to wave tablets in CES faces – again


Welcome aboard the fail boat!

Poor Ballmer has had one too many chairs bounce back and hit him in the head.

Until they dump windows and come up with a O/S thats tablet by design all they have is fail except for the occasional fanboi purchase.

Waits patiently for a Android 2.3 capacitive screen china-pad

Top secret payload fired into orbit aboard private rocket


May the cheese be with you

waits patiently for said cheese to appear on ebay..........payment by paypal only

Labor raids IT piggybank to grease election promises


It's HP's fault

We could probably save another billion or so if we could get HP to not ship such small items in such rediculous boxes

Daimler buys ten per cent of Tesla


Bring it on!

As a petrol head I speak for alot of the non ingorant motoring enthusiasts that won't shed a tear when ICE disappears.

Some people are ready to ditch ICE some aren't, the doubters will join us soon enough


This bloke has been in the modified car seen for as long as clarkson has been taking out his arse so thats a bloody long time!

Renault intros e-MPV


Go the EV!

Always at least one on the hydro (hydrogen) why use electricity to get hydrogen from sea water / fossil fuels/ Rainbows and Sunshine, when you can just charge a battery it has something to do with efficiency as your using electricty to crack water or a fossil fuel (since we seem to have a lack of non oxidised hydrogen) to just use the hydro as a storage mechanism to convert back to electricity to run an electric engine!

Every conversion has a loss, minimise the losses is the name of the game!

A chemical battery is the same thing a storage mechanism, not as easy from the consumer side due to charging time but far more efficient and please "Shell can make it let them save the day"ARRRGRGHHHH just go down to the servo, fill up with 10,000psi of hydrogen, just make sure you grab a packet of ciggies and smoke in your car on the way home LOL

Maybe also take a look at those water engines that are all over the internet, I hear they work really well also HAHAHAHAHAHHA

Me I'll put my money where my mouth is, I'll be buying electric and converting my old dato to electric also

Looking forward to the flasher models may offer, bring on the in wheel motors.........EV EVO Lancer!

Microsoft extends Red-Ring-of-Death cover to fresh Xbox fault



Crazy that people still buy those things, yep they are cheap but the real investment is made in games and what happens when MS drops the 360 like the steaming turd it is just like the 1st xbox.

2 gens deep and yet to make a profit is asking alot to have a 3rd crack at it and in the end they are buying the market, but the market is fickle and wii is the tasty new flavour. It cheeses of all the 360 fanbois so much that a kids toy rulz supreme, but at the end of the day a great game isn't graphics it's gameplay and imersion

PS3 back to haunt Wii in Japan


PS3 fanboi alert!

At the end of the day PS3 is doing pretty well despite to poor price point, 360 is selling well cos it's cheap but how long are poeple going to shell out for an inferior product especially later in the consoles life when they already have a couple of door stops? No doubt PS3 will have a long lifetime like PS2 but good lunch finding a working 360 to play your "old" games in 5 years time after MS dump the 360 like the original xbox.

Twas a sly move by sony to remove backwards compatibility for PS2 from PS3 to keep the old box shipping but I have no doubt PS2 emulation will appear in PS3 firmware update in it's lifetime once PS2 production stops.

Wii does very well is cheap, great for casual play and has pirate following, 360 does well and is an absolute haven for pirates and freetards with hacked firmware. PS3 doesn't do quiet as well as 360 but NO pirated content detracting freetards and pirates and is by far the most expensive........so who is really coming second?

China goes gung-ho for EVs


Here comes China!

The reason why is very simple, they see a huge market opportunity with existing companies very slow and stangnate to move to EV tech..........just like Jap cars used to be percieved as bad quality etc but are now premium soon enough the chinese will step up to the plate with quality products that are safe it just takes a few models to get it all right and if need be they'll pull talent from europe etc to make all the designing and engineering happen.

Lots of car companies have jumped the shark thats why they are now spiraling the drain and china is preparing to step up to the plate dumping old tech and moving to EV. I'm sure plenty of car companies are paying attention to what china is upto as they are a looming (but not yet imminent) threat to their established markets.

Detroit does mass-market e-car deal with Proton


blah blah blah!

I refused to drive an electric car unless it has a decent range, say from here to the moon and back on a single charge, can recharge in a billionth of a nano second and charges from a power source that generates electricity from rainbows and smiles of small children :-)

For people that question the range for their 2500km commute if you go to a website called "google" and enter "range extender trailer" then you have a solution for all your extended journeys..........you can't buy the car yet so hard to get the trailer (no demand so no supply!) but soon enough bring demand supply will also be realised and I'm sure the local hire places like kenards hire will be stocking them

KTM: electric dirt-bike out next year


So quick to dismiss!

As usual everyone looks to the bad and quick to dismiss, at the end of the day I'm prepared to pay for an electric bike especially with a 1hr charge (and so are alot of other people!)

My 2007 CBR600RR will be traded for an electric eqivelant when they produce one.

On the Honda customer feedback form when I bought it new they asked when I'd buy my next bike, I said "When you build an electric equivelant to what I just bought with a 200km range" . I'm betting they listen to paying customers more than critics that don't open their wallet!

More range would be nice for a road bike, that range for a trail is pretty sweet

Kaspersky Lab denies panic mongering


Aussie mainstream press are a bunch of tards

I saw the story and the Aussie mainstream press are a bunch of tards, just look at the constant stories that we need to do our national service by buying pallets of plastic dog s-hit made in china to keep the national economy afloat.

Maybe I'm crazy but no mention of buying locally produced goods to keep and create jobs, just spend spend SPEND!

I won't even mention the constant stories that now is the best time to slap all your $$$ into houses and shares written by people with a vested interest in these markets......ooops I think it just did

Mines the one with the shopping list of imported crap I don't need in the pocket

UFO wind turbine prang site sealed


Non stick coatings?

It could be some type of ulta secret plane with a mysterious black coating just like your Jamie Olvier frypan.........mines the one with the egg and bacon fry up in the pocket

Stealth cooking utensils cos I'm on a diet and don't want the Mrs to know