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Linux kernel runs inside web browser


How about running a VM on it!

@"Can you run Wine on it?"

If we run a VM on it, we can install any OS on it we like! :)

So for example, how about ...

Browser -> JavaScript -> Linux kernel -> VM -> WindowsXP -> Amiga Emulator -> ZX81 Emulator! :)

With a VM, the possibilities are endless :)

Hack attacks on US could spark military action

Big Brother

WTF! ... Here comes the World Police (State)

So according to this, if I have a virus which turns my PC into a hacker's proxy or helps in a DOS attack etc.. then according to the US, they think they have the justification to use military force against me! WTF! … like that kid and his family who was raided at gun point by the FBI for taking part in a DOS attack, only worse!. What next, I get a UAV targeting me, to blow my home up!

These dangerous bastards in the US government (on all sizes of the government) are not content with turning their own county into a Police State, they are trying to turn the whole world into their Police State all for their gain, and like this news is showing, we have to do exactly what they tell us to do … literally now at gun point!

I can't help shake the image from my mind of fearful US government officials, cowering in fear behind all their big weapons to make them appear and feel brave, when really they are increasingly dangerous cowards seeking to force us all to do exactly what they want, literally now at gun point!

MicroSkype: Andreessen settles accounts with Ballmer


@"there has to be an angle here that we're missing"

My guess would be,

Microsoft + Nokia + Skype = Mobile Windows based OS able to allow customers to undercut phone network operators in wifi areas (via Skype) whilst spreading the Windows brand finally onto (they hope) many phones via the Nokia brand.

Phone Network Operators are going to be very nervous of Microsoft + Skype, knowing Microsoft's plans with Nokia, so Microsoft must have considered this serious implication for their relationship with Phone Network Operators. But Microsoft can't afford to care as they have to play for bigger stakes because Microsoft also knows they can get many customers via brand recognition of both Nokia and Skype. That's got to be worth hundreds of millions of phones.

The question is, how many smart phones will exist by then?. This could be Microsoft's final big push to get into mobile computing and they know mobile is side-lining desktops as mobile is a huge growth market. If desktops are side-lined then Microsoft are side-lined and Microsoft don't want that to happen and they will pay billions to help prevent it happening.

5.3 Billion people currently have a mobile phone, (so most are still not smart phones) so that's a huge market to play for and Microsoft desperately wants (and needs) some of that market.

So my guess is we are seeing Microsoft building up to the fight of its lifetime and they are going to throw billions at it. This is their last chance to get into mobile (and they know it, they see the huge growth of smart phones sales). That's why Microsoft would pay billions for Skype. Skype is a chess move and a lure for more customers onto Microsoft/Nokia phones.

White van men swipe British black bees


Apis Melifera

@xj25vm: "More likely they are one of the breeds (not species) of Apis Melifera"

Well we can't be sure it was Apis Melifera (European honey bees) and "Connolly described the bees as "very unique"" which strongly suggests it wasn't Apis Melifera.

Plus it would make a lot of sense to test wider varieties of bees to see if any of them have genes that protect them, that are missing in European honey bees, which would allow them to find new ways to help the bees or even perhaps lead to the creation of new honey bees with greater protection.


@"the bees as "very unique""

There's a lot of different types of bees. They could be some rare variation on a honey bee or some related type that are or are not affected in the same way honey bees are effected to various toxins etc..

We often think of just honey bees, but there's literally tens of thousands of different types of bees and some of them don't even look like a typical bee, some look like strange wasps & flies etc.. Some don't even live in hives, some are not even social pack like animals, some don't even sting. (Although I hope they stole some of the stronger stinging kinds that get pissed off at being moved around rapidly and then escape in their van). Anyway there's a lot of different types of bees.

(About a year ago I had the chance to speak to a couple of bee research scientists and they said estimates of the numbers of different types of bees are at least 20000 types and perhaps as many as up to 30000 different types of bees. Its a huge research area and a lot more complex than it would at first appear).

These thieving Narcissistic bastards who stole these research hives, are sick pathetic worthless rejects, that society doesn't need and that's the best way to treat them when locking them up for a long time, as it'll cut deepest into their otherwise arrogant personas.

Google infringes copyright by displaying and linking to news site content


Old newspapers, outdated business model

This sounds like the newspapers are shooting themselves in the foot, as they won't be found by viewers who may have looked at other news pages on these newspapers websites as well. I've often found links to news articles that I've then looked at more of their content and some I've even bookmarked, because I found them interesting. (Its how I found TheRegister!). If I was unable to find these newspapers, I would move onto others that I could find, often without ever knowing the others existed, then the hidden newspapers go out of business, as they have no readers, no community around their site and so no advert revenue & no merchandising revenue etc..

This sounds like a typical controlling move by dying companies who's entirely flawed outdated business model is based on their requirement to continue to control distribution of the data. Its obvious to everyone the Internet is distribution of data. Therefore any attempt to limit the spread of data limits their ability to find new customers, whilst at the same time their existing customers are being lured away by new media companies that are attracting new viewers.

New media companies will still work around this ruling, by giving away all their news stories which will continue to undermine the old dying closed news distributors. These old companies don't get it. Their business model no longer works. They cannot control distribution, so they need to find another way to earn a living, but they refuse to see it.

Its the same as the music industry. They seek to control distribution. Yet new bands are appearing that freely give their music away which allows people to find them and then these people are able to get into their music and then these new bands are starting to earn a living from concerts and other merchandising. Its only the controlling old music distributors and bands who are going out of business.

The control freaks are being made redundant by them refusing to see control of distribution isn't the answer it once was for business. Meanwhile the new media companies will profit from the old companies going out of business, as even more viewers will come their way.

Apple and Google wriggle on US Senate hot seat

Big Brother

Retained data is the problem

@"We do not share personally identifiable information with third parties for their marketing purposes without our customers' explicit consent".

They collect and *retain* our data, then they say is it ok to share this retained data with other companies. They have it the wrong way around. It should be they ask us if its ok to retain our data in the first place, then they can share it, but only if we have given them permission to retain our data in the first place.

There's a huge different between instantaneous data sent to them and retaining and accumulating our data for weeks, months, even years.

All this retention of everything we say, everywhere we go is the real problem. They can data mine for example instantaneous search requests no problem, but they are not satisfied with that, they want to store everything we say and do and that is taking it way to far.

But they know they can extract a lot more from retained our data and that is why they seek to retain it. There is no upper limit on what they seek to do and legally that needs to be put in place because otherwise they will take it to any extreme they can get away with.

Important breakthrough in mole-cruiser technology


And it doesn't need Unobtainium

@"packed in a latex sock and wrapped in a spandex swimsuit"

Sounds like a weekend fetish thing. :)

Feds raid home of teen fingered in DDoS on Gene Simmons

Big Brother


@"I was almost going to rage until seeing the troll icon too"

First off, its not raging its more than valid to comment on the grotesquely over the top way the American Police State is behaving in this news and it literally is a Police State with this kind of state harassment and authoritarian bullying behaviour. I do not want to live in a Police State and that I take very seriously and I'm prepared to stand up to and oppose that level of state control.

Also a troll icon isn't an automatic get out of jail card for when someone says something so totally ridiculous as that authoritarian loving AC said.

Also as you are AC as well, for all we know, you could even be that AC commenter getting some usual troll joy out of now downplaying my comments as raging. (The way you word it, its clearly is a sly way to put me down, a good warning sign of the endlessly sly mind games so loved by trolls, so there is a good chance you are that same AC). Trolls enjoy playing mind games, making themselves feel they get attention for their actions and some even delight in being able to manipulate others with their twisted comments that prompt a response and so win them extra attention. They delight in their "power" to manipulate and the "power" to get attention. Warning signs of both NPD + HPD behaviour.

In many ways this Gene Simmons is playing that very same troll game as well. All the self promotion helps him stay high profile which will help him sell more and he knows it. He is playing the media for attention and very probably loving being the centre of attention. He is getting attention from his controversial comments and he very clearly is Narcissistic, so he really will be loving playing the media for more attention. So he is combining strong warning signs of both a Histrionic Personality Disorder with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Its people like that who have to be opposed in society or they will twist this world into an abusive nightmare world for the rest of us, just as they abuse others around them with their endlessly attention seeking and bullying self interested ways. These people are the enemy of society, but there's a minority of very outspoken people in society who share this twisted way of thinking and behaving and so they support that twisted kind of society. Their manipulative mind games have to be opposed.

I do not want to live in an authoritarian world and I'm prepared to stand up and fight back against it to fight for freedom and I'm not alone. Look what's happening around the world, many people have had enough of the twisted societies created to serve our sly & manipulative rich and powerful leaders. Societies that we are all force to live in (and so many generations have been forced to live in). All because our leaders want to play their endlessly corrupting manipulative sly ways against us all, all so they can gain and fuck over all of us. This Gene Simmons is one of them and I'm sick of his kind manipulatively treating most people like scum they can abuse for their gain and I'm not alone. More and more people have had enough of what is happening and the Internet is helping us to see what is happening and why more than ever before. Is it any wonder ever more people are angry with people like Gene Simmons.


@"you're a criminal, end of."

@"if you DDOS a site, you're a criminal, end of."

There's a fundamental flaw in your narrow minded thinking. What if they don't know they are taking part in a DOS attack?

By your logic, people will suffer police state harassment if they just have some kind of botnet virus. So like I said in my other post, "if you live in America and you have some kind of botnet virus, you are then in danger of "federal agents, with guns drawn" raiding your home!" ... So according to you its ok that people suffer this kind of Police State harassment and authoritarian bullying even if they turn out to be innocent, but then according to you, "you're a criminal, end of" ... WTF kind of narrow minded thinking is that! ... try showing some empathy instead of promoting arrogant bullying by state officials.

Also get a grip, its just a website being pinged to many times, so that doesn't warrant federal agents raiding a home with guns drawn! (If Gene Simmons lawyers had even just sent them a bill for excessive bandwidth, that would be extremely over the top for just a website being pinged to many times, but sending in state gunmen crashing into their home, WTF kind of police state do you want us all to live in (fear of)!

Also in the case of this very arrogant Gene Simmons, it would serve him to listen to peoples anger against him. But no, just like all arrogant Narcissists, they arrogantly refuse to have any empathy for anyone else and want to promote arrogant bullying of other people.

Oh hang on, there's a pattern to the desire for arrogant authoritarian bullying in your post. What a surprise you would promote a similar behaviour as Gene Simmons. Thankfully most people don't want to live in an endlessly controlled Police State the way you evidently do.

Big Brother

WTF! ... DOS attack == "federal agents, with guns drawn"

A simple DOS attack doesn't warrant "federal agents, with guns drawn, raided the Lantz home"

What would have happened if the father had heard a noise outside his home and so grabbed a gun before the raiders crashed into his home. There’s a high probability he could have got shot. For what, a DOS attack?!. American government, get a fucking grip on reality!

Also this means that if you live in America and you have some kind of botnet virus, you are then in danger of "federal agents, with guns drawn" raiding your home!

All this to protect some arrogant rich bastard from a few to many pings to his website! ... So send in the state enforcers to punish the peasants back into line! ... WTF!

Sounds exactly like a Police State.

ACS:Law fined for data breach


Ah the irony :)

I didn't realise until now, ACS:Law was a one man show. I must have missed that bit of news. :)

Still it helps explain why ACS:Law as a company appeared so single mindedly arrogant.

ACS:Law always gave me the impression it was setup as an extortion racket.

So Crossley tried to intimidate money out of people only to end up having to pay up himself. Ah what irony. :)

Queen to get an iPad (the Queen, not a queen)


@"One tablet to rule them all lol"

There's an app for that. :)


Domestic appliance look & feel

I think one of the big appealing things about these mobile devices is that they are easier for very non-technically minded users to use. At least easier than a desktop. The user interface on the mobile devices has a more simple domestic appliance feel to it than a desktop.

The more computing device customers the better for any of us that earn our livings supporting computing devices. :)

Intel's Tri-Gate gamble: It's now or never


Whatever Intel can do with FinFET then ARM can also do

@"The move to a 22nm Tri-Gate process architecture is an important step for Intel's entire microprocessor line"

It is important because once the ARM A15 design is here, Intel will start to loose the future server market on processing power per watt. (The ARM A15 will allow the design of servers with more processing power for less electrical power than an Intel CPU based design. That's win win for ARM and Checkmate for Intel's bloated x86 design).

Intel's market lead and dominance up until now has largely depended on Intel's ability to define what each new generation of x86 design should be, so they were always first to market with each new x86 generation. That meant each time the x86 design changed, AMD had to spend time playing catch up to add each new addition to the ever more bloated and increasingly complex x86 design. This constantly changing x86 design gave Intel the marketing lead over AMD, because Intel were always going to be first to market with each new generation.

Unfortunately for Intel, ARM are not playing that same game. ARM processor designs are more power efficient than x86 designs. So whatever chip making process Intel uses, they still can't win, as an ARM design based on that same chip making process will win over the x86 design. Ironically for Intel, their bloated x86 design that was so useful for holding back AMD, is now holding them back from competing with ARM.

Which leaves software (not hardware) as Intel's remaining x86 strength and even that is just in its legacy support. Its a pain to recompile programs and some old programs won't be recompiled (the companies who created the code may not even be around any more). But for all new code, its really not an issue. Plus ARM has a lot of software support. For example Linux has been on ARM for years. Android and iPhone already support ARM. Even Microsoft are looking to support ARM. Also ARM software development has had 28 years to evolve to a very high level of industry support with good free tools. So ARM is strong in software support as well as beating the x86 design in processing power per watt.

So Intel are in trouble. AMD isn't Intel's biggest competitor, its the over 200 companies that all license the ARM designs that are Intel's biggest threat, because together these over 200 companies could seriously harm Intel's market dominance. So Intel really are in trouble.

Pippa Middleton in $5m grumble flick offer


Publicity stunt

Chances of Vivid Entertainment hiring Pippa Middleton 0%

Chances of Vivid Entertainment getting free publicity for Vivid Entertainment 100%

Apple squashes location tracking 'bugs' with iOS update


Why Apple got flack

@Fred Flintstone I agree with most of what you say but not at all this ... "but Apple doesn't actually do anything with that data - it's interesting they got the flack despite being the one out of the three that have as yet to show any signs of abusing personal data."

Apple got flack because:

(1) The data was collected at all. People were annoyed it was collected at all and they were annoyed that once collected, the data could then be used and abused by 3rd parties.

(2) Its right that *everyone* collecting this data gets flack. Therefore its not just Apple at fault. Any company doing what Apple did are also wrong.

(3) Apple applied for a patent which showed their intention to use this data.

Also point (3) invalidates any claim this was just a "tracking bug", because they intended to use this tracking data.

For example, Apple's Patent Application *in their own words*:


There in Apples own words, they show their intention to use this data. Lets see Apple fans close their mind to that fact. It shows Apple's attempts to call this a bug is a lie and a very annoying lie at that. It was intentional to collect this kind of data because they intended to use this kind of data. Test code or not for that list, their patent shows *they intended to uses exactly this kind of data*.

Therefore Apple have multiple reasons to deserve flack, so its annoying any attempt to down play that flack.

But as usual I can see on here Apple fans showing all too typically how they close their mind as soon as they read anything critical of Apple. That same criticism of data collection applies to all companies who collect this location data, but Apple fans all too often show they only assume people are being critical of their beloved Apple.

At the same time us non-fans are getting sick of the Apple fans all too often subjecting us to their superior gleeful condescension over everyone who doesn't get what Apple are trying to do. Bullshit because (A) we are sick of suffering the superior gleeful condescension and (B) we saw what Apple were doing and we didn't like it, the same as we didn't like what Google done and what TomTom done in selling their data.

Cross-dresser kills goat while high on bath salts


psychosis ... and worse

@"is indistinguishable from schizophrenia. If you're psychotic, anything goes, up to & including goat rape & murder."

I totally agree but there's also some very strong warning signs of at least a Borderline behaviour combined with his drug induced psychosis. For example, he is a high on bath salts cross-dressing rape & murdering necrophiliac goat shagger! ... Wow that's some very clear signs of a Borderline Personality Disordered kind of behaviour at the very least!

Plus imagine being the owner of that poor goat, knowing how horrifically your pet has died. That's not good at all. As any pet owner would understand, they are going to have a difficult time getting over that. The point is this guy never gave the owner a thought. This is strong signs of no empathy for the owner what so ever, even to kill their pet and so horrifically.

This goat rape & murderer as you appropriately call him and drug induced psychosis or not, that's some seriously scary behaviour when you look closely at what he has done. The guy needs serious help before he tries that on a human. Serial killers often practice on animals first and they often combine aspects of Borderline behaviour with their extreme lack of empathy for anyone else. Its just as well they caught him now.

US spooks to build 60 megawatt data center


60 Megawatts?!

@"60 megawatts" ... and ... $860.6m "cost for the facility alone, not the cost of the servers, storage, and networking gear that will inhabit the data center."

What the hell are they building?!

Lets put this into context. Only 25 of the top 500 super computers in the world need more than 1MW of power. e.g. http://www.top500.org/list/2010/11/100

The number 2 most powerful supercomputer (DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory) only needs 7 megawatts of power, thats the most power usage of any super computer so far. The number 1 in china only needs 4 megawatts.

So what kind of monster supercomputer are they building?!

Plus this is for the NSA ... So what kind of Orwellian super computer master plan are they working on now!

Woz snubs Paul Allen, praises pea soup


Patents are totally broken

Its very good to hear someone as high profile as Steve Wozniak hates the way patents are being used. We need more people like him.

@"big companies can afford to assign engineers to projects that simply develop patents, then sit on them until some other, often entrepreneurial, company uses the patented techniques."

That very clearly shows how patents hold back progress. All talk of patents helping progress is coming from the patent trolls who seek to use patents to exploit people. By sitting back doing nothing the patent trolls let others spend time and money creating the products then the trolls move in to bully the product designers out of their income. The trolls delight in having that condescending power over others to force others to give in to them. They are not interested in creating something, they are interested in controlling others.

(The way patents are used by patent trolls shows clear warning signs of a Narcissistic pattern of behaviour. They need to have power over others. They need to be and feel superior to others. Patent trolls get this from using patents over others. They are not interested in creating they are interested in control and through control they get ever richer and more powerful and as always, they want and seek power over others).

We have to end the patent system the way it currently is, but the rich and powerful do not want that. Patents don't help the little guy inventor. As soon as a little guy scraps enough money together to buy one patent, the trolls move in with hundreds more patents based on that one patent, so the original patent holder can do little without having to infringe on all the other new patents. Also the corporations already control so many other patents, its hard to move without stepping on their other patent areas of control. Morally and in principle the little guy should be able to win as they have that key patent, but in practice they don't because they don't have anywhere nearly enough money to fight corporations who will happily throw millions at a patent case and delay that case for years which pushes the little guy out of business.

The way corporations use patents these days is very much like Nuclear weapon style warfare. Its literally M.A.D. as in, Mutual Assured Destruction. The corporations sit back with their arsenals of patents waiting until a competitor creates a product that threatens their market dominance or their market plans, then they seek to hold back that new product until they can also release a similar product, so in the mean time, they launch a first strike against their opponent corporation, who invariably launches a counter strike against them. Each strike is a patent infringement case but its all horse trading as they say, its all bargaining chips on a table to delay and hold back competitors until they are ready to move forward as well. Its all moves to control the other companies, then they come to some negotiated deal on sharing the patents but in that time they have had time to create similar products. Its all tactical and a little guy can't play that game.

There is no way at all a little guy inventor can play the patent legal games the way it is. They simply do not have the time, money and manpower to fight this kind of battle. Therefore patents are not at all working as originally intended.

Its like I said the other day about how it sickens me how the corporations keep seeking ways to game the legal system, to undermine it, to find ever more ways around it. Ways to cheat, ways to extend what they are allowed to do and all the time they do, we all loose, bit by bit more of our ability to stop them abusing us for their gain. The corporations have played the patent side of the legal system to the point where patents now only work for the corporations. They have destroyed any chance of little guys having a hope of using patents the way the corporations now play the patent legal games. The corporations play a different game and a game only they can play with millions spent, so their only opponents who can spend millions are other corporations. The corporations don't want that lone inventor to suddenly come up with a new idea that would overthrow their established market dominance. The have changed the game. Patents no longer hold them back its all negotiated corporate deals now.

So often the only thing a little guy can do is sell up their one patent to a corporation, but the corporation knows they hold most of the power so the little guy will only get a small amount compared with how much the corporations earn from the inventor's work.

Its going to take everyone, as many little guy inventors as possible, all standing together against the way patent law now works to have any hope of changing the law, but even then the corporations won't rest they will continue to find ways to game the legal system. So its very good to hear Steve Wozniak hates the way patents are being used. We need high profile people like him helping to spread the word about how the whole patent law games are so badly messed up and broken.

Seagate's terabyte platters make it the densest of the lot


@"an awesome 5TB capacity"

So how long before we get a 5TB drive. :)

US Supremes deal death blow to class action lawsuits

Big Brother

Corporations play the legal system and the system not caring.

It sickens me how the corporations keep seeking ways to game the legal system, to undermine it, to find ever more ways around it. Ways to cheat, ways to extend what they are allowed to do and all the time they do, we all loose, bit by bit more of our ability to stop them abusing us for their gain.

Its an endless battle with them testing the extremes all the time, always seeking any crack they can force their greedy plans through and onto us and we loose more, always more. Which is why we need legal protection from them to protect us and yet our government representatives who are suppose to protect us don't really want to protect us (because they don't really care) that is unless we scare them into acting, which means many people standing together against them.

Yet sadly this legal ruling means they have now found a very powerful way ignore our attempts to stand together in court to get them to listen to us. So now we can't even stand together, at least in court … oh that's just wonderful. :(

Well if they refuse to want to listen to class actions in court, then they are going to cause more and more public anger out of court, as more crowds of people are forced to protest against the rich and powerful in corporations and governments, as these bastards in power have now found yet another way to ignore us all.

If they don't want class actions then they are going to incite more public anger against them all, because people are getting ever sicker of the rich and powerful abuses and exploitation of everyone, always for the gain of the few rich and powerful bastards in corporations and government.

Sadly if you pick any century, its that same sick pattern reoccurring time and time again. The rich abusing the poor and the poor have no power to stop the rich abusing them.

Well enough, if they don't want to listen in court class actions, then they are going to have to listen to increasing public anger out of court and they only have themselves to blame for failing to protect the vast majority of the population.

Apple breaks location-storing silence


@"What is wrong with iPhone users"

@Chris W: "they use your bandwidth to update their cell tower location database so they can target adverts to you"

I totally agree. Apple are abusing their users once again for Apple's own gain and yet their users still adamantly refuse (beyond all reason and logic) to see any wrong in any of it.

On the one hand Apple fans are deeply preferentially blinkered to fail to see and refuse to see any wrong in anything Apple does. Yet on the other hand, Apple fans often vehemently show they feel so obliged to follow their pack and vote down anyone who dares to try to speak the truth against Apple, which Apple fans so often twistedly & defensively interpret as anyone speaking ill of their beloved brand name. WTF is it with them.

I wouldn't mind so much, but they also so often have to do it with such a swaggering pretentious attitude that they have a shiny Apple product and we don't, so they look down on us poor folk who don't understand what Apple are trying to do.

Its hard to hold a rational conversation with people like this, when they show so clearly they are so profoundly biased in their thinking. I'm sure they won't like what I've just said, but frankly I've got to the point where I don't give a fuck any more and anyway I'm not a follower of any pack and frankly if they had any spine, they wouldn't follow packs so vehemently either. (I'm getting increasingly convinced there's something going on in their psychological behaviour of some of the core Apple fans which is driving behind why they are defying all reason. For example they are too irrationally & sycophantically biased, plus Apple fans are getting too much out of their repeated condescension swaggering pretentious ohhh shiny attitude towards others. I think all too often, they enjoy that condescension).

I would say it also won't surprise me at all Chris W, if you and other posters on here get a few more Apple fans voting you down for speaking the truth, (I see you've got 1 already) just as I fully expect I will also suffer the same vote down fan fate for listing Apples spying patent (in my post above, I've so far scored 3 votes down already). But then effectively I'm an atheist speaking out against the followers of the Church of Jobs, which is exactly how Apple cult fans are behaving, but they don't want to hear it. They are intentionally defying logic, its not they can't see logic, they are closing their minds to it, refusing to see it. That same swaggering pretentious condescension is found driving gullible followers along in religious cults, where the gullible followers believe these lying swaggering pretentious drivers of the cults. But then some people like to exploit packs of people, to make themselves seen as central, important and high profile “trendy” in these packs).

I won't bother replying to amanfromearth above as well, as I've include my reply in this post. What gets me is that I forlornly just tried to show Apples spying plans in their own words! ... So stupid of me, I thought Apple fans would see Apple are spying, when shown Apple's own words and their fans get to see Apples own intentions to plan to integrate spying into Apple products. But oh no stupid me, just as the amanfromearth poster shows, they can't see it because frankly they have their Apple(tm) blinkers firmly in place. So much for trying to reason with them.


Apple patent application for location-storing

Its hard for them to say they didn't want to spy when they filed for a Patent on this location-storing! (filed on September 3, 2009).

If you are interested?, you may want to update your story to include this Apple patent application link for "Location Histories for Location Aware Devices"


For example, from the Patent: "Upon request by a user or application, the network information can be translated to estimated position coordinates (e.g., latitude, longitude, altitude) of the location aware device for display on a map view or for other purposes."

NoTW offers apologies, 'regret' over phone hacks


NoTW case & the BT/Phorm case ... the difference is sickening

This news appearing today at almost the same time as the CPS failing to act over BT and Phorm is sickening in how much it shows how the rich and powerful are protected from spying (in the case of the NoTW) but us peasant serfs of the rich and powerful are not protected in the case of CPS BT/Phorm. So we have this very serious and on going investigation and charges against the News of the World for basically wire tapping and spying. Yet in other news today, BT and Phorm get away with effectively wire tapping style spying on many more people! WTF!

So it really does look like Phorm and BT have rich and powerful friends, whereas the News of the World were pissing off the rich and powerful, by spying on them. So I guess that means us little peasant people don't deserve legal protection. Also shows who the government really protects, their rich and powerful paymasters, but oh no, not us little peasant people. We very evidently are to be exploited by the rich and powerful who spy on us for their gain. Pick any century in more than the past millennia and its this same depressing fucking story! ... The Rich & Powerful get protected, but people like us peasants don't get protected as we peasants exist to be exploited by the Rich & Powerful, so they can get even more Rich & Powerful. :(

@"News International has decided to approach some civil litigants with an unreserved apology and an admission of liability in cases meeting specific criteria"

I guess the NoTW know they are screwed and the Rich & Powerful people going after them are not going to back down, so they are now offering to settle. Shame we can't get BT/Phorm to do the same. So much for Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights. NoTW punished, BT/Phorm not punished, yet Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights states "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.". So much for All human beings, equal in dignity and rights. Which is the primary principle of the Declaration of Human Rights.

If it wasn't for the technological aspects of these stories, the utter hypocrisy of the government and legal system in how it differs in these news stories, it would sound like a case from hundreds of years ago, back when the rich and powerful were protected and people like us peasants were not protected, (exactly like today!) ... oh thanks very much :( ... so much for progress... Thanks legal system because today it feels like us peasants are to be treated like scum to be stepped on and abused by the rich and powerful for their gain. :( ... Is it any wonder people all around the world are getting angry and very tired of the relentlessly Narcissistic self-interest of our ruling classes, when the way the law treats us is like hundreds of years ago!

Thats what this NoTW story means to me, it makes me feel like Baldrick!

CPS: We won't prosecute over BT/Phorm secret trials

Big Brother

What BT and Phorm did was effectively the same as News of the World

So in one part of the news today, we have very serious and on going investigation and charges against the News of the World for wire tapping and spying. Yet in this news, BT and Phorm get away with effectively wire tapping style spying on many more people!

Looks like Phorm and BT have rich and powerful friends, whereas the News of the World was pissing off the rich and powerful, by spying on them.

I guess us little people don't deserve legal protection. Thanks CPS and government for showing you really protect the rich and powerful but don't protect us little people.

Congratulations also must go to the CPS, because today you crooked corrupt bunch of two faced bastards have today shown without any doubt, that you are now in direct violation of Article 1 of the Declaration of Human Rights, in that you have completely and wilfully failed to uphold the primary principle that "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.". That’s the most fundamental aspect of Human Rights law. Legally CPS you cannot treat the News of the World differently than you do to BT and Phorm, yet that is exactly what you have done here today. Checkmate CPS, you've just shot yourselves in the foot big time. By law we the little people deserve as much legal protection as the rich and powerful who are pissed off with the News of the World spying. We little people are just as pissed off by BT and Phorm spying on us.

What we need now is for the European Commission to step up moves to sue, punish and humiliate the UK government and CPS into backing down due to their now total failure to abide by the most fundamental principles of international Human Rights law. Also government department heads now need to be thrown out and prosecuted for Human Rights violations against the people of the UK, over their depth of corruption in this Phorm/BR ruling today.

These corrupt two faced bastards need to be punished and thrown out.

Vatican hails hacking culture, Wikis


WTF! Ok Vatican, you want hacking, time to do a bit of hacking then!

Ok step 1 in hacking, find out what its made of. Ok Vatican, you want hacking, I'll give you hacking, time to hack the Vatican to reveal the MO of its leaders!

Vatican leaders MO:

(1) Convince your followers they are superior to all who disagree with them, so followers then look down on all who disagree with them and so ignore them and so can never learn anything other than what their leaders teach them. I said this first because they teach to look away from anything that questions the leaders words. Its how they control their followers, by isolating them from anyone who questions the leaders.

(2) Point 1 above shows an endless deeply pathological pattern of deceit, cunning and duplicity - Sound familiar!

(3) The leaders build up their image where the leaders over the followers are to be revered and held in such awe by their followers. That is pure Narcissism, disguised by yet more lies in this case of piety which is yet more cunning and duplicity. On top of this its even worse because they also always want to be the centre of attention, watched by their flock, that’s Histrionic as well! ... So we already have strong warning signs of two personality disorders combined NPD + HPD.. and there’s more, a lot more!

(4) Widespread sexual abuse of children. Yes we are talking a lot worse than even just NPD + HPD. We are right off into Psychopathic levels of total lack of empathy for the suffering of their victims on this point, yet these leaders expect us to hold them up reverence! You don't get any more lying, cunning and duplicity than that!

(5) Obviously not all religious leaders are sexual abusers of children, but there is another major aspect of sexual preoccupation found endlessly in many religious leaders which is the relentless and wide spread condemnation by the leaders of homosexual behaviour. Like it or not, it happens in this world, its their choice, its their life, get over it. The point is however the leaders don't get over it. They work endlessly to suppress it at every step in their words and thinking and often they do it with such deep anger that it really shows something more is behind their behaviour. So lets look more closely then at how these leaders live. Lets look in particular at catholic religious leaders and how they choose to live. Bishops, Nuns, Popes etc.. whichever level of their very powerful hierarchy you look at, you find the same pattern of them wanting to live their lives with their own sex, yet at the same time, they relentlessly condemn any thoughts of homosexual behaviour ... and here is the key to this part of the puzzle, because they condemn any thoughts of homosexual behaviour in themselves. They are trapped in a endless battle with themselves. The one thing they refuse to admit to even themselves and condemn in others as they have learned for most of their life (or more to the point, have been taught to condemn in others as they condemn in themselves). Oh the irony. Centuries of horrific abuses of their power to kill all who openly and freely display what they fear most of all. This pattern is often found in Borderline personality disorders (and they can be dangerous bastards ... some will kill to deny what they secretly think. They know and fear any knowledge of their true thoughts leaking out, because to them it can destroy them. They fear and despise what they really are).

So we have wide spread examples of Histrionic, Narcissistic and even Borderline behaviour ... Thats 3 personality disorders in the one person! and yet even worse, on top of that in some cases, (potentially thousands of cases!) we also have full blown Psychopathic behaviour! ... That’s a full set of Cluster B personality disorders. All 4 personality disorders found combined in the one person!!! ... All Cluster B disorders have deep lying, cunning and duplicity around what they fear. When you find someone with more than one personality disorder, then you are really are dealing with a very extreme person. Yet we are talking about people with up to 4 personality disorders! ... all 4 Cluster B disorders in the same person!. Now you know what demons they are praying to suppress ... IN THEMSELVES!

And yet the religious followers believe these people! They trust them! They trust their children around them! WTF! WAKE UP!

Step 2 in hacking, is once you find out what something is made of, you work to build something better. Ok religious followers, I know what I have said is hard to hear, but there is hope and a better future for you and your family. Here's a few hints of how others already live and many will happily help you adjust to a life of freedom from the repressive abusing control freaks you have so far lived under.

Its important to note that for a lie to be really effective, it has to combine elements of the truth. Religions do this. When you look at all religions they all have things in common which is a sense of community (Humans are after all still pack animals and so our families, our friends and our local community are our pack. That sense of community still exists free from the lies of the repressive leaders who endlessly seek to control and abuse others for their gain. Also all societies have laws. Again Humans live in packs and we really are pack animals and so for packs to exist in a modern society the packs have to have common rules, namely that is what morality is, simply a way for everyone to be good and fair to each other.

There you go Vatican, Hacking 101 for a better way to life without all the centuries long relentless lying, cunning and in many cases outright abusing duplicity that the Vatican has been guilty of for so many centuries! ... how many have died and suffered because of you lot of lying leaders of cults throughout history. Welcome to the Internet Vatican and all cults and yes you are cults as in a pack of people deceived and cut off from anyone questioning their leaders. Time for you lot of cult leaders to stop and you know its happening ... its what you leaders of cults fear and that’s obvious from your behaviour online and in the news, embrace the new, talk about Hackers, yeah right, fuck off with all of you bunch of lying Vatican two faced evil bastards.

This is why science has struggled for so long to get past the cults supernatural explanations of the world. Their leaders would loose power if no one wants to follow them any more.

Sorry for the long post, but it had to be said. Hey Vatican, how do you like Hacking now!

MythBusters: Savage and Hyneman detonate truthiness


The awesomeness of being a MythBuster

They are not only awesome, I think they have the best job in the world!

I can't count how many times I've watched the show and thought, I would love to be doing their job!

SpaceX unveils new Falcon Heavy rocket - WORLD'S BIGGEST

Thumb Up

Amazing & inspiring but also so near but so far

I find the speed and progress of SpaceX amazing. I also find them very inspiring and I can't wait for each of their launches. They really show what's possible and in some ways they are putting the present day version of NASA to shame at how fast SpaceX are making such amazingly fast progress. But then SpaceX are a commercial company so they have bills to pay and time is money.

But its not NASA's fault. NASA for all their early glory are now unfortunately badly bogged down by politics, excessive bureaucracy and government funding cuts. (Plus lets not forget, NASA are still very much and have always been partly US military (the government PR people downplay that side of NASA, but they are very much still military) and so unfortunately that also brings with it yet more politics, delays & bureaucracy pulling them in different directions as the politicians in power change). Also in the early days of NASA, politicians backed NASA as they seeked to out compete the Russians, but now the US politicians are no where nearly so interested as they once were about rallying support behind NASA's goals.

But SpaceX are showing what's possible. So I find it sickening to think what more could be possible, if only the politicians (in many countries) were to fully back space exploration, but they don't, they have their own self-interested agendas (and now they can't for years due to them helping to fuck up the economy through their mismanagement of banks). For example, the decades of lack of political will and effort to get back to the moon after first getting there shows the failure of the politicians, not the fault of the scientists & engineers etc.. who showed it was possible. The dream of far greater space exploration is right there for us all, if only the resources and political will were made available to make it happen. Strange then how the politicians can find hundreds of billions to pour into banks to keep their real masters happy, but they have had a very patchy history of backing space exploration for decades and don't even get me started on the UK government's attitude to space exploration which makes my blood boil, especially when I see news like this about the commercial launch potential the UK could have had but our UK governments have instead obstructed.

(For example the UK could have had its own satellite launch capability. We did have a launch capability at once point, but the UK government obstructed its progress and eventually folded it up, saying its too expensive etc.. (but it would have been a lot cheaper without all the bureaucracy and government delays!) and so they said, we should instead buy from the US and Europe. But the real reason is that the politicians gain from making bargaining deals with the US and Europe to give them our money. But our politicians don't gain from our own launch capabilities. So they would sooner give our money away. The UK special relationship with the US is a perfect example of this. Oh we can't do anything to annoy the US and competing with them annoys them and so we can't compete with them, but oh we can give them our money, oh yes, here America, here's some more billions of our money to help strength our special relationship with the US. Bullshit, utter bullshit.

Want another example. Start by looking at the value of each commercial launch and imagine the UK earning that and then look at how the UK government has failed for decades to back HOTOL and its successor Skylon. The UK politicians have relentlessly obstructed it and let it die. The politicians make excuses and let it die. The politicians make life bloody complex and then let it die. Time and time again they passively obstruct progress and then when it finally does die, they stand back and say, look it would have failed anyway, we can't do it ourselves, so lets give our money away instead. (Knowing full well by giving our money away, they can then get themselves into better more favourable positions with the US and Europe).

With HOTOL and its successor Skylon, we could have had runway launch capability like a normal aircraft up into low earth orbit and do it for a fraction of the current costs!. Look at how inspiring that would be, its way beyond anything we have currently. So then look at the cost savings of that and how usable it would be for getting into space for all goals. Look also at the value of it for a commercial launch capability for the UK. Then look at how the UK government has failed to back it for decades. Why?, because the UK government have both eyes on their special relationship with the US and so they would sooner give our money to the US and Europe to make their deals, rather than back the UK engineering. Politicians play the usual hidden game of a Passive Aggressive Narcissist which is to passively obstruct and delay and let something die and then they say, look it died, it took too long etc.. etc.. all really due to their lack of support for it, plus they add complexity via bureaucracy causing ever more delays and vastly higher costs. Which is what they really want, which is to kill it. Astounding as that sounds, that is the way a Passive Aggressive Narcissist works, as they seek goals that suit themselves and basically fuck over everyone else.

Now look at SpaceX and what they keep showing is possible and look at the value of commercial launches, which we the UK could have had.

What we need is a company like Scaled Composites to work with the Skylon team to make it happen, but sadly Burt Rutan has just retired now (it looks like due to ill health, so sad news).

Between SpaceX and Scaled Composites they carry a lot of hopes and dreams so to speak, certainly my hopes and dreams and I'm sure other peoples hopes and dreams for the future of getting into space. We need companies like them to bypass the politicians because the politicians are not focused on helping us, they are only really interested in helping themselves. History shows this time and time again. The politicians money (i.e. our public money!) does help companies, but it comes with such strong strings attached because of the politicians, that it badly risks killing companies as fast as helping them (due to the changing goals of the politicians). Companies need to bypass the politicians. Don't waste time and effort on them. Find commercial goals instead like SpaceX.

So I really hope SpaceX succeed in all they try. They really are an inspiration. :)

UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'


"Why cant we have these things controlled from the UK"

What?! ... Hang on...

So we buy them, from the US, but you are saying the US are the ones controlling them?!. WTF!

If the US are controlling them, then they are US aircraft, not UK aircraft.

So they are US made and controlled aircraft ... that we have to pay for?!

So is this the future of the UK military, where we rebrand future robot US military tech, as if its ours, but its not really ours at all, we just pay the bills and then the US decides who they want to blow up with it and everyone else then looks at us and says, "why did you just do that?!" ... what's our answer to be? .... "ummm well we didn't do that, it was the US that made the choice, but we back them, oh yes, we back them (special relationship, special relationship)".

Sounds like one more big step towards us being just another US state (without being able to vote over there). Our politicians special relationship with the US must include bending over on command from their US masters.

The US really have a wonderful deal there. So is there any other military hardware the US want us to pay for, that they still control?!

Government shells out £2m for ID card compo


Sounds like effectively a political Booby Trap

I would have thought that getting a government contract would be good enough news for any company. Ok so the government changed its plans, so end of money from the government, but then why the hell did they (Labour) write in a clause in the contract to give more money if the government wants to stop the scheme?!. The government had the negotiating high ground. They had the money and the companies wanted that money, so the government could dictate terms to the companies and its not as if the government are shy about dictating what to do most of the time!

So the question then is why the hell would the then government create a clause that punishes the government if they change their plans?!. But then governments don't often want to be seen to be back tracking on their plans, (as that implies they don't really know what they are doing). Therefore by writing in a clause into the contract that punishes any back tracking, that clause can then be used in the future as a way to make people look bad for attempting to change the plans. Its effectively a political Booby Trap.

That is a very Machiavellian cunning plan to write in a clause to punish (and publicly humiliate) anyone else for wanting to change the plans and looking at these kinds of headlines in the news it looks like it works! :(

These political Booby Traps for want of a better name also make it less likely other politicians would want to be seen to be changing the plans. That's exactly the thinking of a Passive–Aggressive Narcissistic setting up a way to punish and undermine anyone else who seeks to undermine their plans and then also they get a way to stand back and say, “look its all their fault, its not me”. Two faced devious bastards.

Meanwhile us poor tax paying sods have to pay for their political chess games! … as if we don't have enough money problems, without these two faced bastards wasting more millions of our money!

Whoever the government bastards are behind this political Booby Trap clause are, they are utter two faced bastards and we have to pay for it!. So how many more Booby Traps have they all setup in "compensation clauses" ready to waste more of our money?! ... Oh but its in the contract, so they have to pay up ... Yes because two faced political bastards wanted it in the contract!, to make anyone changing their plans look bad and we pay for it! :(

Fukushima explained in crap cartoon


@Ian Stephenson, FAIL

@Ian Stephenson congratulations, you win the sad troll of the day award, I was going to give you the troll trophy icon but I can't be bothered.

You've just quoted the Gambler's Fallacy and then attempted to to represent me as holding that false position, which is a straw man argument.

From my previous post, "obviously the odds are the same each year (well it should be obvious), its just we are looking at more and more years in total of playing these odds"

e.g. Chance of something occurring in 1 year, lets say 1 in 100. So play for 5 years and you would have had a 1 in 20 chance of seeing a hit at some point *in that time span*.

Now work out the chances of a reactor at sea level seeing a massive Tsunami *in its lifetime* ... you work it out. Clearly the down voters can't work it out.


Ignorance, arrogance and refusing to listen is the problem not hindsight.

@Sean Baggaley 1: "Hindsight is a cruel mistress." ... "These nuclear power plants have been cranking out energy for decades without so much as a hiccup. They've *already* survived quakes. (The recent one was the most powerful since records began—and Japan has pretty long records!—but it sure as hell wasn't the first.)"

BULLSHIT! that's ignorance (of probability and science) its not hindsight ... and here are the *FACTS*.

Fact #1: Magnitude 8 and higher earthquakes occur with a statistically frequency of about one per year

Source: The USGS e.g. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqarchives/year/eqstats.php

Also current estimates predict a Magnitude 9 or higher earthquake between 3 to 5 times per century (we have had already 5 in the past century). So that's on average about between 20 to 30 years between each massive earthquake.

Fact #2:

Lifespan of a typically power station is initially licensed for around 40 years and this can be extended to around 60 years.

So even just from these 2 facts its easy to see, oh yes, hang on, we are playing the odds! ... and finally, we the human race lost. :(

As time goes on we build more and more reactors and many of these are at sea level. Also as time goes on, the *time span increases* since the first reactors were built. Therefore in this increasing time span the probability of a major earthquake resulting in a massive Tsunami has become more and more likely that the reactors do get hit by a massive Tsunami (obviously the odds are the same each year (well it should be obvious), its just we are looking at more and more years in total of playing these odds) . (By the way read what I just said closely because a word of warning for anyone trying to troll this point, I'm waiting to trip up anyone who attempts to use a Straw Man argument combined with a Gambler's Fallacy false argument against this point, because it won't work).

Anyway the human race has simply been playing the odds, yet the key point is, these odds are known, but the people who run these power stations haven't spent the money to protect against it. Why they haven't spent enough money, no idea, but my money is on the bet its because building huge sea wall protection and hardened silo buildings with all equipment internal, is going to cost many billions and the short sighted greedy self-interested bosses (as usual) have simply said, well it hasn't happened yet, so as usual they refuse to listen to the few people who say its going to happen. People like Geologists.

By the way, want to play bigger odds? ... How about Asteroid Impacts, they are always good for people to say they never happen (because they haven't experienced them in their lifetime). Current (JPL) estimates of the odds of a 1km Asteroid impact range from 1 in 8600, 1 in 7100, 1 in 4800, to 1 in 4000. Now taking into account commercial nuclear energy began in the mid 1950's lets say that's 55 years and counting. So in the past 55 years we have had a chance of being hit around 1 in 156 to to 1 in 72 so still looking good odds so far. Of course an Asteroid sea impact of just enough size to create a Tsunami big enough to badly damage a power station is going to be much smaller than a 1km Asteroid, therefore these impacts will be more frequent. (A 1km Asteroid sea impact after all would take out dozens perhaps even hundreds of power stations as the Tsunami damage would be over 1000's of miles if it hits the sea).

Plus there are other ways to generate big Tsunamis. Volcanic eruptions and large land slides are two good examples, but as usual Geologists are also often not listened to about these odds as well.

Fujitsu wins £15m Welsh supercomputer bid


Processing power

I guess they need all this processing power so the Welsh spell checker programs can finally handle ... Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. :)

Cray to build huge, grunting 20-petaflop 'Titan' for US gov labs


I want one ... on my phone!

@"will scale from 100 to 250 petaflops"

Considering a high end mobile phone CPU plus its GPU can now already beat a top of the range early 1980's cray super computer, I look forward to the day future mobile phones have 250 petaflops. :)

Fukushima: Situation improving all the time



lglethal:@"I think you will find that the pollution caused by all of the industrial chemicals being washed into the sea will dwarf any radioactive runout making its way to the sea."

That's a straw man argument. I'm not talking about industrial chemicals worldwide or whatever, I'm talking about *additional local sea life problems from local radiation*.

lglethal:@"Thats assuming there was some sort of radioactive problem to run out which as the cores have not been affected certainaly doesnt look like the case"

Wow WTF!, especially "which as the cores have not been affected" ... WOW, just WOW! … that's an incredible statement of jaw dropping troll like ignorance (and I think you are trying to troll), especially considering it was bloody obvious even on the first Friday night (over a week ago!), that due to the finds of Isotopes of Caesium & Iodine in the grounds around the reactors, that the only way you get these found in sufficient quality is from broken open fuel rods. Yet they (their government) didn't at first want to admit that. Even now they are only just starting to admit to some fuel rod damage. They also held back for days on telling us the full truth about how far the cores were exposed. They didn't even at first want to admit the cores were exposed at all. Well we are far beyond that as well now.

Plus that's just a fragment of what I could say about the state around the buildings, but clearly you & your down voters don't want to read up on what is happening and it appears prefer to troll forums to put down anyone for daring to use the word radiation.


"What makes you think so"?

@"What makes you think so"?

WTF! makes you deny if FFS!

Have you not heard the radiation doses around the buildings?!

@"There's been no leakage or spillage of highly radioactive material"

WTF! try reading some news about what is leaking. Its been too radioactive at times to enter the area, but according to you not highly radioactive, BULLSHIT!. If there isn't any highly radioactive material around that building, then you go sit on the lawn around the reactors and take a pack lunch. In fact, have a good time, try staying there all day, you would do the world a favour as the average IQ of the planet would go up!

Oh and as you clearly can't work it out for yourself, try also imagining water also entering and leaving the reactor buildings or can't you imagine that far.

By the way, here's some more info for you to ignore and that's before you also ignore the about 350 references this page has also got. Plus that's just for starters but I'm sure you will ignore even that info.



@Whole lot of water

@"3 tonnes per minute = 180 tonnes per hour * 13 hours = 2340 tonnes."

It makes me wonder how much of this water will run off back into the sea?. The ground around the reactors are undeniably highly radioactive and that much water being dumped on and over the reactors will result in some of it running off and dumping high concentrations of radioactivity in the sea (and on the sea bed), which is a major issue for the local fishing industry, as it will get into the food chain. (It will happen with the rain anyway, but this will increase with that much water being dumped over the reactors directly).

Also the local concentrations of radioactivity will inevitably be higher in the sea than on the land, not least because the wind has also been blowing over the sea for much of the time the reactors were leaking badly.

AT&T acquires T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39bn


Money and Power

@"But isn't this the company that is tripping over itself to provide no-questions-asked wiretapping access"

No-questions-asked wiretapping access for government, no-questions-asked monopolistic merger for AT&T.

Money and Power corruptly working together since the dawn of money. :(

Busted Romanian TV star fingers Bulgarian airbags


@"I wonder what Paris thinks about the value of pi."

Probably no idea, as she wouldn't know the price of a pie and she would never try to eat a pie :)

Government to scrap COI, axe up to 1,000 communication jobs


Food chain

@Martin 19: "Blaming 'bankers' is like there being a plane crash, and you beating a local lorry driver over the head because he's one of the "transport men" who are 'responsible'."

No using your analogy, blaming 'bankers' is like blaming the pilot who wasn't paying enough attention whist at the controls, which directly led to the plane flying into the mountain. Why they weren't paying enough attention was because as usual, to them everything in their little self-interested world view was fine. Their money was rolling in (as they were screwing money out of people who couldn't afford to pay it back right/left and centre), plus they were preoccupied with thinking about things like buying that new holiday home with all the money they were earning, perhaps also where to go on holiday, that nice new top of the range sports car ... then suddenly, oh shit, what's that in the window, its trees, on a mountain!, then BAMM!!

The problem now is the pilots lived and in their usual self-absorbed and self-interested greed to prosper, they are now eating the survivors of their crash, and in the process, their endless greed is making them ever fatter off the staving survivors!

Also these Government 1,000 communication jobs were more Government zombies who were also getting ever fatter off the staving survivors!

Guess where we are on their food chain! ... Time to run!

Drinks icon, as its Friday! :) … and for some reason, I feel like running to the pub. ;) … (I've been on my zombie overlords menu enough this week!).

Fukushima on Thursday: Prospects starting to look good


@Vladimir Plouzhnikov

@"If it was so obvious why do you need them telling you?"

They lie to us, can't you see that's wrong? Doesn't the concept of telling the truth appeal to you then, because clearly you've overlooked its importance. The lies in this world make it harder to make the necessary (and often difficult) decisions in life needed to help avoid and reduce problems. The liers so often make life harder for others all for their own gain.

@"Did it occur to you that maybe they just don't know?"

There's a lot they don't know and there’s a lot they do know but the problem is they choose to hide some of what they do know. Learn to see there is a difference. Try reading some history to look at so many examples of past events where people in their kind of situation hide what is happening, very often for years before the truth finally comes out. Also if you have any kind of scientific background (as many TheReg readers do), then its bloody obvious they are lying and withholding information. Its stage management. Try also reading up on politics & PR about how they stage manage the release of information and then you will be able to see the warning signs of stage managed information release.

@"do you get some sort of pleasure from trying to interpret every bit of information in the most pessimistic way, even when common sense suggests otherwise?"

Try also readying up on "Cognitive Dissonance" because you've just given a perfect example of it. How is it common sense to only want to interpret information in only a positive way because by doing that you leave out half the information. You only want to see and hear the positives so anyone saying anything other than positive happy happy thoughts is someone you evidently get annoyed at and in doing so, you are closing your mind to what they say. Ask yourself why you even interpret people as pessimistic. Do you only want happy thoughts in your head, can't you take bad news. Have you never heard of "Hope for the best, plan for the worse".

If your world view is simply "Hope for the best" and don't even want to think about planning for anything other than that, then you are not scientific in your world view and that kind of closed minded attitude will eventually trip you up in life, as you will fail to foresee situations where you needed to have thought up contingency plans ready to *avoid* things getting worse. Learn to see planning for the future as a positive, as avoiding problems isn't a negative. It should be common sense, but clearly in your case it isn't.

I can only conclude that you are young and that you have more to learn in life, because there are obvious gaps in your thinking.


I've held off from commenting until now but now I have to say something

@"reports suggesting that the situation with respect to the three damaged reactors at the plant may soon be stabilised without serious consequences."

That's assuming you buy into the theatre for our benefit, of watching a few helicopter water drops done just a few times. Oh all's going to be better now, nothing to see here, move along. Which is exactly what they want us to do. Look away now, nothing to see here, move along. That’s the way a politician would handle a problem. Politicians think about how problems look and how to down play it. A politician just like a party leader, who is apparently in control of the problem now.

This is more down playing but in this case its very much government stage management of events to get the world's media to look away. Lets review the power company & government down playing highlights from the past week. At every step the nuclear industry (worldwide) and most of their two faced expert puppets (who's jobs are on the line if they say anything critical in the media) have proceeded on TV to down play what has been going on at each new escalation of the problem. Don't forget just a week ago, if say a 1 metre sized puddle of coolant water was found in one of our reactors, it would very likely have become front page news. That would have been seen as very serious. (Obviously its not life threatening, but as a sign of a mistake, its unmistakable). Well we are very far beyond puddles of coolant water now.

It was also bloody obvious even on Friday night (due to the finds of Isotopes of Caesium & Iodine in the grounds around the reactors) that the only way you get these found in sufficient quality is from broken open fuel rods. Yet they didn't at first want to admit that. Even now they are only just starting to admit to some fuel rod damage. They also held back for days on telling us the full truth about how far the cores were exposed. They didn't even at first want to admit the cores were exposed at all. Well we are far beyond that as well now.

Also with reactor one, for hours the company tried to described the roof of the reactor building as just partly collapsed, yet as they spoke the world watched videos of the building being blast over hundreds of square feet!. Didn't look like a collapse. Yet the point is, without that video, we would have just heard their words. Oh roof partly collapsed, oh yes right.

They also held back for days on telling us the cores were partly melting. Any word of melting was shot down. Yet its very clear we are into that as well now. Currently they admit there is some damage to the fuel rods. They don't want to admit the word melting, oh no can't have that word, but finally they admit some fuel rod damage. For example that’s after reactor 2 suffered no coolant water what so ever, for many hours and that is the most intact building remaining from reactors 1 to 4.

They also failed to maintain constant cooling more times than I can count for the past week, even though they also started off with mostly intact reactor buildings (even after the Tsunami), yet now their reactor buildings and equipment inside are badly burnt and blasted, yet they expect us to believe just dropping water from a helicopter a few times is going to allow them to get the situation under control, when they couldn't control cooling even with mostly intact reactor buildings! BULLSHIT! World class political stage management at its finest.

Plus by the way, here's a good example of a two faced expert puppet. i.e. @"If someone can explain to me how those heavy particles, the heavy metals and even the non-gaseous fission products can be carried over a wide area, I'd like to hear it” … Perhaps he has never heard of the scientific concept we like to called “dust”. After all these clumps of atoms we call dust can carry in the wind. Alternatively, if he has heard of dust, then the two faced bastard is simply trying to imply there is no way it can be carried in the wind, all because his real goal is to promote what he wants at any cost including very evidently lying and being two faced to get his own way.

Anyway, The reactor buildings are a total mess and a lot of equipment is in there that they will need to maintain reactor cooling, so I don't see they will be maintaining it. Even if they try to repair cooling, the workers will take weeks to repair it and so be exposed to a lot of radiation in this time so I don't see how they will repair cooling. Helicopters, water hoses and steam venting isn't constant cooling and the rods will continue to degree as they continue this process.

Anyway, how far this goes no idea, but my guess is they are going to end up having to fill the reactors in. I don't see how they will get the damaged (and/or partly melted) fuel rods out let alone the serious health implications for anyone trying to do that kind of work, so I can't see them even trying. So they will have to end up filling them in instead, but it will go further before they are at that point. But it won't be a China Syndrome as that's fiction, it'll instead be more leaks followed by a messy & dangerous process to fill them in leaving regional consequences (say 50km) for decades. Certainly no farming & farm animals in that range and possibly even double that range. Plus that’s before you add in the effects to the local fishing industry, which again will prevent food being produced for the whole of that area.

Anyway, I hope you can see I'm trying to be level headed about what is happening. Please note for example I say nothing about being for or against nuclear power. I also say nothing about the biological effects of radiation. (I know for example, a few mSv is safe). I'm instead focusing on the events of the past week and the way politicians want to stage manage events, to control how things look to us citizens. These helicopter water drops are stage management. They sure as hell are not constant reactor cooling. Not even close.

As for "soon be stabilised ", only the media theatre will be stabilised soon, as they look away and worry about something else to grab the headlines. Meanwhile the accident has months to play out, all with more leaking and contamination of hundreds of square km of land and many thousands still displaced and all before they finally end up filling it all in completely and then get around to cleaning up the area around the buildings, which will finally bring an end to any dust etc.. around the buildings being a problem in the wind.

FTC sanctions behavioural ads firm over deceptive 'opt-outs'


Too little too late (as usual)

@"At least they did some thing about it"

Yes but they did something *years later* ... which means the greedy two faced bastards running the company have earned money for years, ready to pay off any fine they get. For example:

@"are liable to lead to fines of $16,000 per incident"

So what's the betting that only means they get fined just £16k, instead of £16k * number of users fucked over by them.

I've seen enough government actions over the years to see that government departments usual idea of fining companies, simply means a paltry fine amount that the company can easily pay and then the company carries on undeterred. (The fines are just to placate us into thinking the government are trying to stop these greedy bastards who run these companies. But the government isn't really stopping these bastards who run these companies because after all, some of these bastards who run the companies are friends with the government!).

Make streaming a felony: Obama

Big Brother

@enemies of the state and your corporate sponsors

It looks like all the control freaks in society have now openly united in their desire for a Police State. At least now they are clearly highlighting themselves as the true enemy of freedom and all societies around the world.

@"The Obama administration's white paper seems, however, to be in line with the stringent enforcement regimes it wants other countries to adopt under the so-far-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement process."

(1) This so-far-secretive documentation (all of it) needs to be leaked in full and spread around the Internet to everyone on the planet. The fact its secretive shows they seek to work behind our backs. We need to know what our government representatives seek to do behind our backs because as our representatives, they work *for us*, not against us in secret.

(2) By reading the above sentence, you have been deemed to be in violation of copyright Thought Crime. STAY WHERE YOU ARE CITIZEN, the Thought Police have your name & address and you will picked up in due course, upon which time court room 101 will decide the best way to punish you. Part of your punishment will be to give the rich people in charge of society more of your money, thereby keeping the people in power rich and keeping you down and poor, which of course allows the rich to stay in control of society.

By the way, as this news shows, the rich also get to define what is seen as a criminal offence and guess what, yes them and their powerful friends are the ones who benefit from their ever increasing list of rules you have to follow. Also should you be found to be opposing the rules they seek to force onto you, then you will be locked up, as you are then clearly a threat (to their ability to control everyone, because others may also then see the true nature of money, power and control and also seek to argue against the two faced bastards in power).

EA dubs Nintendo Wii a 'legacy platform'


EA's focus is on marketing and not on games design

The shite sequels EA publish are very much a part of EA's core problem of being far more focused on the marketing potential and not on the game play design. EA are very much focused on the marketing image and how to sell that image, so you can't just say no to that simply on the grounds you don't like what they publish. Also from time to time some of the games they publish are good games (but its becoming less all the time), but even then, the good games are far more due to the developers of the game and not EA who are just their publishers.

I agree with you about the bad way they treat developers they buy up, but even that is another aspect of how EA don't really care about the game play. (EA keep showing they don't even care about the whole games companies), all because EA just want more software to put in another box ready to sell more of it. They don't care how they get it, they have a box to fill to put on a shop shelf, so how they fill it, they don't care, all due to it being one of their current top selling brands.

EA are very much focused on the marketing and not the games design, so if its a good game that due to the developers efforts and not due to EA and when EA are in complete control of the developer they just want to fill that box on a shop shelf and they don't care how its filled, they care how its marketed. :(


EA's lack of interest in the Wii says more about EA than it does about the Wii.

EA's target market is massively marketed titles. They are not interested in smaller innovative game play titles, that's nitch market to EA. What EA wants is that next big blockbuster marketing slogan. Their true focus isn't on the game, its on the marketing potential that can be associated with the game. If the game is good as well then great, but EA are primarily looking at its marketing potential not its game play.

Nintendo and Wii however are interested in innovative game play and so are their fans.

12Mb/sec to a mobile telephone, but is it a new generation?



@"Does anyone really need more than 1or 2 Mbit/s at most from a phone"

Short Answer: Yes!

Longer answer: Try streaming video to a phone and then you'll see why faster is better. Also why wait longer for an app to download.

Your comment reminds me of the lack of foresight shown in the infamous 640k memory quote.

As for the monthly cap, that is a problem as its easy to use 100's of MB's watching streaming videos, but that's more about the phone companies marketing plans and willingness to squeeze more money out of people.

I wish WiMAX would spread much more, but that threatens the phone companies ability to control their customers via their phone networks and so they have worked for years to undermine and lobby against WiMAX.

Bogus BBC Fukushima radiation texts panic the Philippines


@Low-life scum

It sadly sounds like the work of a deeply sick troll who's exploited peoples fears (to as usual hit out and bully people (in this case via their fears) and thereby they become the centre of attention for a while). But in the process of bullying people the troll's false story looks like its has taken on a life of its own so to speak and ended up spreading like a wild fire amongst vulnerable (and even fearful) people all worrying about news of possible radiation leaks.

The greatest thing about the Internet is it brings us all closer together, but unfortunately it also exposes us more to some of the sickest bastards in this world as well (as news like this sadly keeps showing). The way to deal with these sick bastard reallly is to understand them (knowledge really is power as they say and that’s these sick bastards greatest weakness, when people see through them, for what they really are and so are no longer manipulated by the sick bastards).

A troll is basically an attention seeking bully, so combining bullying with a need to be the centre of attention (at the very least). Its two core personality disorders combined, NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) + HPD (Histrionic personality disorder) and that’s at the very least (some like them can sometimes be even worse; even as far gone as being full blown Psychopaths, but then that’s not so surprising, considering their often incredible lack of empathy towards the suffering of others as this news shows).

The one thing NPD's really hate is to be exposed for what they are, so that's exactly what I'll now do to them, so more people can see through what they really are.

A Narcissistic pattern of behaviour is the result of a child experiencing excessive even abusive levels of parental/guardian control over them, often for very long periods of time (even for as long as their entire childhood). A bully fears ever being in a weak position every again, where they risk others having any kind of power over them ever again, the way they suffered excessive control over them in childhood (its also why they fear being exposed for what they are, as they fear being exposed for being fearful, as that to them shows weakness, but they try to hide it deep down. They really don't want to show their fear (and the most aggressive will simply respond with violent actions to bully people into submission and silence for even suggesting it). The most extreme with this kind of behaviour will go to any lengths to ever avoid anyone ever having power over them ever again. Some would even kill. (In this part of their overall behaviour, Raoul Moat was a good example as is Libyan leader Gaddafi ... obviously they also combine it with a need for attention).

Which brings us to a Histrionic personality disorder which is an endless deep longing for attention, which in the most extreme cases (as is often found in trolls), its caused by outright parental neglect, so the child grows up always desperately seeking to become the centre of attention again to make up for the attention they lost in childhood. (Lady gaga is a very good example of this kind of behaviour, as are many of the most extreme attention seeking so called celebrities).

A troll combines these patterns of behaviour. So its parental bullying & abuse combined with parental neglect. They are deeply troubled people. A good warning sign is they often use drink & drugs to try to stop thinking about all their troubling thoughts and memories. Its easy to feel sorry for them in some ways, but don't ever trust them, because they can and will manipulate and lie to you without end. My feeling sorry for them ends the moment they show they cause harm to others. Once they cross the line from being the abused to become yet another abuser, they then cannot be allowed to continue their pattern of behaviour.

The human race has to break this cycle of abusive behaviour and knowledge of how they behave is the key to stopping the cycle of harm they cause throughout history. (Even wars are fought by these attention seeking control freaks because they are desperate that no one will ever have power over them ever again and they will lie and manipulate everyone they can to gain ever more power and attention).

The Internet is bring us all closer together than ever before. That’s wonderful for so much and for most situations, but its also bring us much closer to some of the most twisted bastards in this world and the only way to deal with this is to understand them and so not be manipulated by them.

For example, last night I was watching the English version of the Japanese news channel NHK and there was one troll on the site behaving just as sick as this twisted bastard in this news story. (The NHK English news channel has got a real time blog roll on the side of the screen). Anyway the troll was gleefully saying how disappointed he was that many more people were not dead etc.. combining that insulting and deeply hurtful behaviour with as many racist insults he could think up as well. (By the way racists are often this pattern of HPD+NPD behaviour, as they bully someone standing out as different, so they once again bully on the basis of attention).

Its also very telling how the troll especially targeted a Japanese website with his comments, to maximise the hurt he caused people. It got him what he wanted, suddenly everyone was talking to him. Sure he was being insulted but that’s what they want. They want to take a beating and show it doesn't bother them. That way they show everyone (in their twisted mind) that they are powerful and can take the insults without an emotional effect on them, plus their behaviour wins them the centre of attention so its a double win for the HPD+NPD. (I'm not on twitter and anyway its hard to deeply undermine a troll in 140 characters so I didn't say anything, but sadly it was just as sick behaviour as the bastard behind this false Bogus BBC story).

The most aggressive HPD+NPDs are often sick twisted bastards, but don't give them attention, they are deep down fearful attention seekers trying to laugh off any insult directed at them to show that it doesn't make them feel vulnerable. They do it time and time again to show they are powerful simply to avoid their fear of others having power and influence over them. Yet look at the suffering & trouble and even full scale wars these bastards have caused the human race and its happened throughout history!. The human race has enough problems as the horrific news from Japan keeps shows only too well, so we don't also need these HPD+NPD bastards causing yet more harm to so many people. Its time we all made a stand against the HPD+NPD bastards and said no more, now we have the Internet and these bastards are going to be exposed for what they are. Its the only way we can all start to reduce their two faced abuse of everyone.

EA blocks user from game after alleged forum outburst

Big Brother

Freedom of speech has to be defended

@Anonymous Coward: "Why do you think that freedom of speech exists on a private forum"

I don't “think” freedom of speech exists. Freedom of speech exists by law, as in Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Since 1948). (Freedom of speech is consider so important, its expressly stated in the preamble of the act as one of the overriding principles the Human Rights act seeks to achieve). Its just its not being protected the way it once was. We need to fight against censorship. The "private forum" argument is bullshit. They still do not have a legal right to violate freedom of speech. Also any clauses in end user agreements of any kind are not legal if they violate human rights. Just because they have the power to push people around as they choose, still doesn't give them the moral or legal right to push people around.

Here's a very good quote that sums the core problem up very well … "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - which is exactly the kind of world we are sliding into. We cannot allow censorship to grow and it is growing and more people need to defend it (unlike you AC who seems happy to accept its destruction and you expect us to bend to the will of the corporations).

Censorship and control is being brought back into our lives via the arrogance of ever more corporations seeking to control what we can do. Their arrogance needs to be fought against, as they are influencing ever more of our lives and its getting ever worse the more technology is used to affect and becomes part of our lives. This censorship and control is a growing problem and freedom of speech has to be defended in every situation to allow us to even begin to fight against the growing control.