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Archbishop condemns Facebook, email, footballers

Arun Marsh


cant help but feel a bit annoyed with the penultimate par - it suggests the church should somehow issue a statement 'Internet bad' or 'Internet good'

I'm sure this chap in W'minster thinks that there are some elements of the interenet that are beneficial to society - but then that wouldn't work as well for a story as 'GODMAN HATES INTERNET'

Besides - i'm sure there are conflicing views coming forth from all organisations even the reg

US teen cuffed for disorderly classroom texting

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I never once said the reg wasn't accurate in its story - it told the truth, i'm just questionning if it told the whole truth.

Why should I, as a reader, have to conduct further research to get the whole story - that's the job of the reporter writing the story, at least it is where I work (as a journalist).

As it goes, I read the smoking gun story and the police report before commenting - sadly a day job prevented my from reading every local newspaper report. (although the report you linked to actually backed up my point that there was more of an escalation than included by the Reg or SG)

But then in this case I'm the comment writer not the reporter - there is no onus on me to spend a morning researching.

I guess as journalism shifts towards 'the twitter angle?' then "OMG!1! cant blv grl arrested for txting http://tiny...." is always going to win out over an in depth account of what actually happened.

So don't libel me (a journalist, using my real name to comment) as someone who doesn't check his facts - I was commenting on the scant detail in the story and went on to include a flippant (you love that remember!) account of what obviously didn't happen in the classroom.



I am not criticising the Reg reporters - they are doing their job, and probably under massive time pressure on stories and I too love the flippant style of the Reg - but you can't take a flippant story as read, like some of the comments did.

2. I'm not some right wing nutter calling for the return of corporal punishment - I simply wanted to point out that it was extremely unlikely that the arrest was for sending a text message in class, rather than what took place as the situation escalated. Not to mention we have no history on this girls behaviour, previous calls to parents etc.

Arun Marsh

@Jimmy Floyd

Actually i think YOUUUUUUUUUU miss the point - I expect the teacher did try other methods -

"Teach: Hey stop texting in my class

Kid: F U

T: go to the headmaster

K: F U

T: give me your phone now

K: F U, if you Fing touch it or me i'll have you arrested you Fing Paedo"

and so on and so forth. until police action seemed like the best action

As for legitimate need for communication - why not leave the class and make a call.

the fact is this (probable) escalation has been sadly missed by smoking gun and the reg, for the sake of a story - nothing new in that i guess.

do you really believe that the teacher said stop texting and then the next time it happened she just called the police? if so then please regain some grip on reality

go gerry, go gerry, go gerry

Web 2.0rhea hack mistaken for end of universe

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Twitter and UK Media

The papers over here have started using famous people's twitter posts to quote the m on various stories if only the hacker had thought about it more - he could have got egg on a load of newspapers faces.