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Google Chocolate Factory patents Data Center Navy



It's not a terrible idea actually, cheap to setup, low operational cost... Compared to massive solar powered data centers in the middle of a desert, Water-based data centers actually make financial sense. Of course you know this is the start of the "gMIL" Google's own private military to protect these floating fortresses.

To everyone saying satellite communication is the only practical method of data transfer... How do you think satellites communicate in the first place... same way WiMAX works... its all MICROWAVES different ranges for different distances, I doubt Google would have any problem setting up a point to point microwave system to communicate directly with the mainland (you don't have to worry about mountains on the ocean). That would cut down on latency quite a bit...

Zotac GeForce GTX 275 AMP! Edition


What else is new?

"Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 delivers all the performance you need for Full HD gaming. However, so does AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4890 and also offers slightly better value for money"

AMD has always had better price/performance margins.... nothing new. However, to make the Intel/nVidia fans happy they have normally had faster hardware... you just have to sell your soul to purchase it.

P2P eavesdrop 'guilt by association attack' developed


Usenet > FTP > IRC/DCC > BitTorrent

Ill stick with my Usenet binaries.... Safe(er) (more)secure and MASSIVE amounts of bandwidth. Try downloading a 1080p dvd on bittorrent at 48Mb/s (6MB/s, not bad for a Cable ISP)...

Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory


NOT AN Acer Aspire One!!!!

its a Acer Aspire 4520-5458 its a NOTEBOOK not a NETBOOK and uses standard so-dimm DDR2 you can buy a 2GB stick for $16 on newegg

A grim day for browser security at hacker contest



"...no browsers running on Linux - too tough? Would have been nice to see at least."

uhh... correct me if I'm wrong, the contest is to exploit security vulnerabilities in the BROWSER not the OS.

Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets

Black Helicopters

For real?... YES!

"and slow pistol or submachinegun rounds aren't much threat to well-armoured modern soldiers"

By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 25th March 2009 18:15 GMT

What?! For real?

Modern body armor worn by soldiers uses a combination of tightly woven fabric (Kevlar) and a series of ceramic inserts, These vests can stop just about anything including the infamous 7.62. Unless the shooter has some massive caliber such as the .338 or .50 but if your getting hit with one of those... your on the wrong team.

Then again you can't cover yourself head to toe in body armor and still fight effectively (unless your job is to disarm bombs)

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth



Time to cover every "sensitive" building/base with camouflage so people can't see them from satellite images... it works for terrorists...


Reg Reader poll on notebook quality: results are in



@Improper Data Handling - FAIL!

Thank you, while I was reading this article I was pulling my hair out at these horrible charts.

@comparability of kit

My 4 year old Acer has Bluetooth support. Regardless of the manufacturer all laptops have the same basic components be it duel video cards, SIM card, SSD HDD, touchscreen. These are all basic laptop components that all vendors support (except maybe Packerd Bell... they just suck), so complexity of support really doesn't change only the service quality changes. As much as I dislike the juggernaut that is Dell, they do have some fantastic customer support.

Still no new information here, Toshiba and Lenovo still best for personal use and Dell is still best for Corporate use.

Toshiba wows crowds with sexy touch smartphone

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FLASH SUPPORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally a decent phone with full on, no joke, flash support...

Half Life 2 used for firefight fire drill



just use the zero-point energy gun to throw other students into the fire and be the last person left alive...

Its called free for all!

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot


Just like XP was when it first came out...

Why are people complaining about vista still? Remember when XP came out, everyone was like "oh my god it requires so much more hardware than Win2000" I ran XP on a 850mhz AMDk6 with 128MB of ram and thought to myself "what the hell are people talking about, I can run XP on a 4 year old computer" Now in the days of Vista I can still run it on a 4 year old computer... 1.8ghz AMD Turion (MOBILE) 1GB RAM and runs Vista perfectly fine, I can even process 1080p HD content off it... I cant even play 1080p content without massive hickups in Ubuntu (same laptop using VLC in both Vista and Ubuntu)

I've been using Vista since the week it was released and never had any issues with it, If I were to use any flavor of Linux I would be kicking myself trying to get all the hardware working properly. 2.5 Quad AMD, duel Radeon HD4850s, (four) 22 inch wide screen Samsungs, 8GBs ram and 12TBs of assorted harddrives (including 2 10k RPM HDDs in Raid0), HD TV tuner card, Creative Audigy2... (thats my one and a half year old computer)

Seriously If your computer is four years old or newer, you can run vista....

Google will tell your mates where you are

Black Helicopters

Nothing new

My helio has had this feature built into google maps for 2 years... and whats with the people saying stuff about the "accuracy of modern phones" The combanation of GPS and cell site location can get pretty darn accurate. Most of the time I track myself it gets within about 5 meters of where I'm standing, of course that all depends on how many sattiltes your connected to or how strong your cell signal is.

AMD's 45nm Phenoms ride 'Dragon'

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@ Shane

Here is your benchmarks: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/phenom-ii-940,2114.html

Like all AMDs before it these CPUs are targeted at price/performance enthusiasts, sure if you want to spend an extra $2k you can get Intel's i7 extreme platform that almost doubles AMDs Phenom II but I'm completely happy with my $1200 budget beast.

- here comes the fanboi in me...

It seems Toms Hardware review may be a bit off due to the fact the Intel platform was using DDR3 and the AMD AM3 socket (support of DDR3) hasn't been released yet... It would have been nice to see a Radeon 4870x2 instead of the GX250, to play nice with the AMD 7series chipset.

However I liked the review because of the closing statement by Toms Hardware...

"As a result of its exceptional energy efficiency advances and an affordable price/performance ratio, AMD Phenom II X4 deserves our seldom-granted Recommended Buy award."