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NASA, Japan (nearly) finish topographic map of Earth


Err... Rise A Colour?

Maybe it would suit the painteriser we££?

Ok, ok, leaving.

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Poor LA

re> tag under the photo: "What the Los Angeles Basin may look like underneath the smog, image credit: NASA"-

No smog. Life activities stopped.


UK police chiefs mull regional cybercrime squads


Hi, Still Got Fish?

Accounts of some several Arabistan holders not mentionedere may be "frozen" during some, say ten days somewhere in SWZ & LXB under the organised pressure of some several Muslim, Christian and Jewish families. Some stocks may fall simultaneously. KimCo is nearly about to get some of the same warning from he US non-officials to prevent doubled expenditures on international flights, hotels, security and another sh*t which nobody don't really much needere.*

*Plain Text, no discs, no reflector.

"Syndicate" - what a coincidence, as usual, generally; does one can see the two digits of the number of the syndicate, at last?


Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA


More. Good. W0rds!

"veggie-nazis" -

Mark_T, I am only at the beginning of my studying a foreign language, it's presently English, if you can see or hear. If anybody wakes me up and asks who is your favourite English novellist, I'll answer that IT's amanfromMars; also I wonder if any programming lingo would, scientifically proven, be a daughter branch of English language, but the question is mostly about the who originated this stunning expression "veggie-nazi", if you please?

Some people are quite sensible to spontaneous pronouncing some letter-rubics like "nazi" in any latitude, so am I; finding these words worthy to be spread in another language, I'm writing this msg (-:

It's really mazing me how many Reggers managed / were lucky/un~ to see the visual "input" for the headlining "Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA" (-; {Hmmm, I did}



Mud Need, Water Is Next Demand

@ amanfromMars 1 Fri 19 Jun 1332 -

Should be possibly considered as a level of co-operation, just like when Soviet IAM Kozyreff officially gave away the scheme of bugging of the US embassy to the TV channels. Besides, the non-violent de-activation of a single unit of the positions on photos 1-4 of page 8 at http://www.npstc.org/meetings/IO-Barber-Communications%20Systems%20Directorate%20J6%20Oct08%20Overview-External-20081119.pdf is approx 3.000 / 3.000 / 5.000 / 15.000 USD worth, including the combat deployment detection and the dinner for a couple at the terminal, the crew is already paid.

Deletionists will burn in hell (-;


Ballmer not so bullish on Bing

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Reg Joint Forces In Progress

@ Michael Fremlins -

"felines output" is still at the pole position, and - that's the event of the week - www.khoomei.com/groups.htm , "Siberia" rises to the 3rd place in search.


Opera to 'reinvent the web' in four days


Browser Is A Job Title

At least, there's still a lot of folk who think so (-;

- Hi, I need Whatman.

- Gone to Tel Aviv yesterday.

- You don't understand, me Designer!

- I can see well that you're not Ivanov.


Met 'studies Chinese bugging tactics' for 2012 games


Big Father Is Watching You: Any Difference?

Should business reconsider its thoughts of GB as of a convinient and safe place for operations?

I'd ask those who live in God - is there any difference between the feeling that you are filmed @ CCTV and feeling that you are under the survey of the all-seeing God's eye?

If there's none, what's the buzz then? And if there is, would one share the feelings?

Though, lemme guess, there's only an expectation of an immediate punishment and the absense of it in God's case. lol

ЗЫ: BomBrainers are also an objective substance which you can't deny. Blows look spectacular on monitor, you know (speed of burning of TNT is up to 7.5 km/sec)... but this blowjob is the only thing noticeable through these shitty low-res fish-eyes. Good for the TerrorNews only.

2012. Hakenkreuz as an Olympic logo. Suffer Well.

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok


Bangkok Is A Diagnosis

When translated from Bangkokian, "Police identifies a suicide" is "Journalists may come with money".

China lowers national security IT ‘trade barrier’


Still Vendors Can't Mend This Mess -

The problem is working out the Access Protocol for mutually supervising chips manufacturing... Though, the number of letmesay IBM-compatible chips producing companies is quite excessive, they all have a little proud thingy known as secrecy in the details of the process.

The more archaic this guarded privacy is, considering the background of spreading IBM, ML and some other-compatible technologies in the [future] of the counter-air and -missile defence in one of the countries of Chinese-Finnish border .

Ergo, errr... even a not too wise guy from Beverley would imagine that producing chips, engines, guidance and surveillance gadgets must be a shared market granting the mutual rights of the knowledge to the parties, as well as for the parts used to assemble electronical goods for home users. Right he is. Jobs, you know (-:


Missing: 1TB of Clinton White House data

IT Angle

Can't Get A Man - Can't Get A Job

Wasn't there a CCTV up on the ceiling of the passage?

FTC to referee net neut 'Dystopian nightmare' feud


IT's A Long Story...

> @ prev Colin Millar:


...and IT's AINice Spring in 2009 (-:





Homer Simpson 'nuclear waste spill' panic at nuke sub base!


To be correct...

Moleculas (-: BYP


Those Civvies!

Must be surely just the alarm system went off, false. No panic, Homer.

A properly working civil monitoring, wide view, just theregister, thx.

+ page four of the article could contain information about if there are no any moleculas of cobalt and activated metals gone off the board. The poor sub should be removed to the shipyard in case if the [beginproc spin] delicate substance all the empires are in now isn't deep.

Can't hold the horse of making the remark. Some Dec 08 @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1090400/HMS-Apocalypse-Deep-Atlantic-submarine-waits-alert-nuclear-missiles-end-world--.html?ITO=1490 , look what a nice code they have for somebody: "The moment they discover true power. Violent, yet beautiful. Possibly the last act of the British state. The point where doubts may creep in. There can be no weak link. Three minutes to fire." The article ends with "you’re no more than 30 minutes from the end of the world". And there was an attempt to tenderly knock at heart of the British govt by means of posting a comment about the LETHAL COMPLEXITY of so preciously targeted mechanical systems... the counter of posts under this article in dailymail is still at zero point.

"There can be no weak link"... hell yeah, a wink leak turns out to be.

How many of such basements of policies, internationally, like this sub, are left lounging down the waters? And what happens with the Self-Reliance for fulfilling the Plans for the Future if the Machine will suddenly go haywire one sunny day?

There is a good Russian proverb, it sounds quite poetically in natural language and translates nearly as "If the door to heart is closed, knock at liver". It strucks when somebody pops up from a black box and so widely broadcasts his point of view on a secret submarine or an aircraft, portrays her appearance in action as he sees it. Such action is a heart attack for the sub and a road to hell for this kind of national mechanics, if one knows anything about quantum effect.

I understand that some posts appearing here might seem kinda shockin' for Reg... though IT seemed not really delicate [endproc spin] yet.

Re: news of the day - Go, Africa! Make Sputniks, Not Missiles.


UK.gov cautious on EU cyberwar effort


IQ 45, VSOP, No Title Today

David @ "officials now stop" -

may it seem to be said in a kind of a North-American pronunciation (-:

It's really an inacceptable behaviour for the Intelligence blue collars to leave unencrypted data to journalists in some cases.

But... take a walk. The horse is dead. And that's the spin.

amamfromMars, how very not HyperRadioProActive IT is - "to Communise and Capitalise", and, right you are, this is shit. Kind of motto out...

"Benefit amongst True Friends and Lovers for a "... - I'll probably need assistance in decyphering (-: attempts fail. Also that the singularity is really a wide-spread event in this dimension, as I see on the Reg. Presently, the situation reminds the one of those about a black cat in a black room, doesn't it?

Such is the thing about UK.gov cautious on EU cyberwar effort, that's some article, thanks.



For Real, IT's The Trigger

Re: "Supporting forces, Sublime and Untouchable. Opposing forces, Misguided and Ineffectual" -

IT's Quite Sublimely so, amfM, and sometimes, aren't there the ways of painting the forces white or black, by media presently or by actions which are to be discussed in public some 50 yrs later?

"a Mixed Coalition of Regrouping and Realigning ESPecial Forces Talents for Virtual Ascension and Assumption" -

And, is there any hope that the the process of adoptation to the new terrain by the Talents will Swim along a Cool Pool rather than walk through the series of new Hot Spots?

+ yes, funny how a Processing Unit finds if IT needs to implement the Running Appliance function "pray/fcuk" to (The) "Bishop"/"Hooker" objects [and not to get confused with], or just let them alone. I mean, if there is a function, it should be implemented somehow. If there is no realisation of the function, and it's pre-defined, then an Advanced Intelligence will probably Render ones by default [re Imagine and It's True]... if the Initial Settings weren't changed yet to any Custom/Pesonal Mode... just to avoid the disturbing popping up a big System warning balloon when sensibly much is in the Game, Play and at Stake, presently and always.

PS when's the Wake-Up Call, in decimals? Just not seen clearly, also must the result be doubled or is IT always presently a little more Time ahead than presently as the Trigger goes round, and round, and round?

55 73

Paris Hilton

Gotta Get To You First / A Question Of Time, Orange

Good scenario: credited by the banks;

Bad scenario: credited by the persons;

Case a) credit from public investors;

Case b) credit from the criminal (and you know that);

Both ways are similar, but are differenciated by the grade of responsibility:

a) responsible to the tax-payers (and you know that);

b) responsible to the "criminal", e.g. steady group shown at the market as "persons".

Task a) define the moderating structure of the flow during the meltdown in legal operations;

Task b) define the supporting/opposing forces.

Paris, because it's the capital of France.


McKinsey: Adopt the cloud, lose money


More... Give People More Of IT

@ boltar 16 Apr 1029 -

More & thicker fiber ropes (with separate media/strata flows?). More laser stations. Faster, fail-safe processing. Faster, bigger memory. Additional energy supply. Not possible to be delivered by a fingerclick. Maybe that's the only reason for the cloud economics of computations yet looking like, mostly, a theoretical model. What can be next door? oh, the qubit...

Also, the word "cloud" is so widely used in the UK top IT magazine that I'm already to believe they will make the thing from it great.


Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet

Black Helicopters

Press Standby And LED Eye Turns Red

An option. Planning to go Montana?


At Late Evening Only (From Medical Prescription, 2012)

You are smoking weed. Not weed is smoking you. That's what my dad told me once some time ago.

If one moves from hemp to opiates, he probably masturbates too much. Did Bob Marley masturbate too much? I guess not, because he was a positive mood itself, women just piss hot about people of such kind. Ask me how I know that (-: ?

Generally, a very provocative article it was... it's great to see there are so many comments here. Though that right now there is night, cognac, sliced lemon and chocolate in my case. IT's bad that you can't smoke this screen... again re-addressing to http://rutube.ru/tracks/312579.html?v=cc388a9e954054e9111417b72e7dbc1b , enjoy everybody.

I'd say again that every sleek dolphin which you move through the vein is 99 % lethal shit. Only the strongest/the truly loved/the really positive may hold on using it once a month, but what a great punch at liver each injection is!



Joint Stock For Green Environment?

Xstasy = shoot yourself in the head.

Heroin = shoot yourself in the dick.

Alcohol = shoot government in government.

Cannabis = http://rutube.ru/tracks/312579.html?v=cc388a9e954054e9111417b72e7dbc1b (Hymn of the USSR by Sergei Mikhalkov & Gabriel El Registan, remake by 5'NIZZA, New Year, 2004).

Coat, because the environment is green.


Sun revs VirtualBox to 2.2


I bet you pressed "Permit", amfM

@ amanfromMars Wed 8 Apr 0509: "Anyone else have something similar " -

Yes, only when I have to make a temporary installation of something Chinese (-: and it's a rush'n'eyesed Windows full of inviting breaches in security. The question about SunVB, will, probably, cost the same $ 1 bn. Not very much money for a Co, but more of a controversy on a point of principle.


Failed Nork rocket bits straddle Japan


Knock-Knock South, West Nervously Smokes Aside

There are HAARP site @ Alaska and some Pacific Command and Base as targets for the PRK's rocket, if the military aspect is addressed, but one might find these ones absolutely virtual.

Well, the Starting kit and Escorting service were good, as reported. Reliable lifting, comsat and surveillance is what the investors may be sure to think about when plan to deal with Kims, along with food and oil products supply. South and Japan (mainly, population is targeted) really have to find that the ends meet each other enough well, as the North show they also can work the thing out and have some important stuff to share.

Does anybody want to find some heavy flying shit with separated XC-geared warheads testing in Pacific waters? No, because it makes unpleasant sounds which order The Finances pay the average + $10000 p/a to the Navy' contract wages. Also, thousands of healthy people are willing to march on feet to the Moon, Mars or wherever the Party order, does it feed the needs of Space Boffinry?

Type'o dung (-:


Foreign and Commonwealth Office plans biometrics bonanza


Sometimes They Feel So Lonely

From the included manual:

"Some extra free services of ID-card allow %username%:

- use the passive detection of your ID-card when you're on the move, for the fastest ever courrier delivery of snail mail & telegrams;

- enjoy escorted Alpha- and Theta-tuning of %username% ("I'll get lucky", "I can make it", "theregister.co.uk is a lesbian magazine", etc). All you need is to send an SMS to SN "666" and submit the preferrable string, so you won't feel lonely any more, anywhere".


Busted! Conficker's tell-tale heart uncovered


Are G20' techs the First Clients?

Hey what's the agenda for the Fools Day in your city?

Otellini: 'I'd rather have Sun be independent'


Calling Number Six... Over...

I'm not a number, I'm a free man... Over...

Buddy, you've missed the body.

WiReD UK: ET found in 19 years


What Are Numbers Above The Speed Of Light ?

@ Chris, Fri 27 Mar 1702 - "Prime numbers, pi, the speed of light in a vacuum, Plank's constant, Schwartzchild radius, etc. are all the same everywhere" -

A greatest pity that only neurons know IT.


Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets


Somebody Call My Helmet

I've just received a call from FSB London. As reported, IT's April 1st coming soon, and IT's limbering-up exercises going in ElREg.



Somebody Call My Helmet

I've been just received a call from FSB London. As reported, IT's April 1st coming soon, and IT's limbering-up exercises going in ElREg.


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Next Must Be Taxes Sniffer Then

Wanna say enemies have to buy NATO-certified weaponry?

What an excellent opportunity to diversify the markeing of M16 to Arabistan and Africa. That's what producers of the rifle think when they read Ledeczi. Though, if one means that the Russians are his enemy (personal, maybe), AC @ Wed 25 Mar 2134 is quite correct - regulars yet/still use AK 74, specials - AKMS, and AKSU for a short-distance incidents - but the last one has poor grouping of shots, quick overheating and stalling the bolt, nicht sheissen (-: They produce absolutely another Dust when working.

Also, the sniffer ( possibly (-; ) stops working in deserts (heavy sand), in Hot Wet (Humidity), in North-American and Russian winters (****General Frost), also in heavy wind. Completely useless for the in-house activities. Great when you don't exactly sure where you'd put in (-; your taxes. Ask your local GRU resident for detailed report. And for advice about taxes too.

Damn, NATO solgier will soon look like a combat robot. Poor camel. Mothers should raise a protest.

And - RU Govt finally agreed (partially by force of you know which nature) and declared the new slogan we were discussing a couple of month before. Make sputniks, not missiles. Good news, for real.


Police ad urges: 'Trust no one'


Cure From Police CCTV

Britannia, your future freedom depends of how carefully you will follow the next advise.

If there is anyone here who is able to gather a flash-mob... savvy?

1) yes, a hundred of people starring at cameras simultaneously at, for example, 13 hrs/1pm on a daily basis, during the whole week, they may speak up anything, let the bobbies read your lips;

2) a dozen of coloured people, gathered together, taking lots of shots (photo) at the same time.

The effect increases manyfold if a hundred coloured people will be simultaneously taking shots (photo) of CCTV cameras on a daily basis, and let the bobbies read their lips.

These simple actions will make them sorry they had chosen to work in police.

If nothing works (there are some clever bobbies in UK), there is a good Russian proverb for such case: "If the door to heart is locked, one can knock at liver".

@ Marky W, Tue 24 Mar 1250 - "I'd emigrate, but I don't know where to go":

An old Jew enters the immigration office and says, "Wanna move, young lady". - "Where to" - she asks. - "Still neither I do know". She gave him a globe and told him to find the country. The old man turned it eastwards-westwards and asks, "Do you have another globe"?


Russian spy agencies linked to Georgian cyber-attacks


Russia. A Place To Bring Up Lincoln?

AC @ Tuesday 24 Mar 0002 -

AC, the only thing for Russians to reason the Kremlin's tendency of having and holding its autoritarian policy is that there are more than 50 % of Russian regions' economy is depressive, they produce less than it's necessary for social security, which is much more important than any military activities. With some transfers from Moscow, regions somehow manage to survive... and the local authorities even can continue stealing from the budget. As far as I know, the majority share this point of view.

And still less hope, less trust, day after day. Completely idiotic television and musical sets on radio. Third sex represent the nation on Eurovision. The list is to be continued. And everyone on top is saying oh, oil falls down, no salary this month. Just afraid to give more independence to regions, even in the format of a federation... don't know is it possible to have self-dependence or not. Nobody seem to know. Something scary like China will take Russian lands from the East, England - from the West, and the US will get Siberia. (Hey, no place for Japan and Korea??) Boo?

So can anybody forgive those of the Russians who feel dependent of this bureaucratic power... and, after long years of Stalinists experiments on the nation's genome, they do not crowd on the streets protesting... yet or never. A no-other-leader situation, perhaps.

Looks like things are just fine for the old-team pseudo-socialist/pseudo-capitalist bureaucracy and its stoogees, battling the efforts of the over-systemic team which might be called really national. They just naturally hate ALL people around, not only their fellow citizen. They are the best friends of every foreign intelligence' trainee. The #1 enemy within the house.

Well, one more subject is that most of the Russian tech production (like cars and such) look like that its designers were paid some extra roubles for making the design specifically ugly, and its performance also makes distinctive sucking sounds. I'm generally no wonder how Air&Space industry and science survived. In 90s those old boffins were developing new space trucks for the stake of a janitor.

@ TeeCee - nice humour, both Spaghetti Divinori and Porn Kings sometimes do useful things, agree... and sometimes don't. Depends on who pays. And, a young skilled change for bureaucrafts from Nashi's leaders?

Some little off-top turned out... I sometimes think that one-you-know-who there in Kremlin would really, really want to invite some foreign leader to work a president for a while. Seems like they all know what to do. I'm sure he/she will remember this experience as the most horrible time in life. Got any offer?



GRU? No, Plumbers.

It's so rare nowadays that we can have an article about anything Russian without quite explainable evil hiss from the author. This one has nothing of it, John Leyden. Though, as most of the information coming to Russia from behind the Hissing Curtain concerns its oil, its cyberattacks and its criminal with Mr Putin as an avatar of this Trinity (-:

And re> "Follow the bear prints..." - personally never been too fond of Kremlin's authoritarian activities, but this invective should be somehow corrected, I suppose. For these are cow's plops for the lone shepherd. A young eee'd "patriotic" plumber in the basement of the Aquarium does not necessarily means the involvement of the whole team GRU. And, what a cool lyrical digression: "ISP of GRU"! That's some traffic! Was it Gadi Evron again who knows how to make some funny stuff from thin air?

No way could GRU spend its human resources and routes on such rubbish like attacking Georgian "important" sites + yes, amanfromMars, the WS answers the purpose. But there are rumours in the tube, that the GRU is likely to be dismissed/reorganized soon. Who's gotta care for the Wall Street then...

re> AC 23 Mar 1458 - "Mine's the one with the portable EMP generator in the pocket": Comrade AC, you may surely call Russia the USSR as it's widely welcome in the country. But you have to take the EMP device away of your pocket, for God does not provide spare balls.

Story: a Russian GRU resident is having a setting-up meeting with an American. The yankee asks: "Oh, am I a spy now"? The rez replies, "No, I'm a spy, and you're a traitor".

...just for the possible case of flying cows.


Red Hat patent app sparks open source lockdown fears


Higher Kicks Availiable, Zoo Reports

"Imagine IT's a bell" -

Clearing: "a doorbell".


That's Some Zoo!

"with this: dun dun DUNNNN!! ®"

Imagine IT's a bell. Eeyore lost his tail right before his birthday. With some thoughtful proaction from the Owl, the unhappy donkey gets highly appreciated gift at proper time (-:

Many Duns and Das of 73.

El Reg suffers identity crisis

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Sence of humour...

... is excellent. Generally, we have pos. ##2 and 3 matching. High percentage of lesbians at pos. #1 may show that the dominant percentage of the voted readers are men and they feel fine.

With the results like these, the investors and advertisers may be sure to plan long-term contracts with El Reg.

DARPA, US Army seek 'social computing' tech

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Welcome 2 Hell Jerzy!

See your team @ El Reg also.

So mighty, rich and full of promices those worldwide defence agencies are! Why won't them drop their own rope, build their own datacentres and get the pleasure to arrange their so-called national security inside their own net... and see how many civvies join it? Methinks that the civil web might get into the doggy-style position.

UK.gov ditches multi-million spooknet project


Rich Shooters Are Invited

A number of Teams Special of Peaceful Intelligence, acting worldwide simultaneously and doubtlessly, will really be just next to nothing, amanfromMars, though, this msg is supposed to be just another move to let the stupid men from the block enjoy the beauty of the spoken language once more.

Some photos from North-Eastern Massacre, Moscow, might have been made one possibly sure that there are national forces to run the operation. But there are not only banks, ammos and baby food producers, interests of state/mafia circles, there is a branch of Homos, sometimes aka Sapiens ["I'm all yours, just don't take my smth. away from me" - one surely must have nothing valuable at all to find the ability to keep the tail a pistol]. The personal decreasing of level of sadness is all what some folks [not represented here] can ask GOD about. What a pity they never had a chance to get to know themselves better.

And, by now, any field operation of any [Peace - I stress it] Intelligence would only pull a dead cow just an extra mile South... Of course, El Reg will surely know about the better moves if th у specials will capture an excavator to bury the body and face North. But the cow's corpse is yet kicked to and fro through all Europe. US are off the count, cows cannot overpass such distances C-w4ys.

The question is put this way now, wherever one likes it or not, and there must be a way out, and it's possibly resting on the surface. I never ask pessimists to discuss matters of intelligence, though amfM knows well how dumb someone may be (-;

The latest bullet was made from silver - hell, maybe there was any golden shot? Need 2 Feed my neighbour's family... they're 2 young 2 die 2day, 2morrow 2.


Who wants to spend more for this being in the lack of money?

"speedy access to intelligence on terrorism - dubbed Scope..." -

order bases in Moscow, flea market near DK Gorbunova ( House of Culture in Gorbunov's name), known countrywide as "Gor'bushka". Hardly more than $50-60K plus extra fee for weekly updates. Everything for your success.


MPs vote to keep addresses private (theirs, not yours)


Google Maps: Order Clouds Above Your Base, Just One Day-Off In A Leap Year

Hello Sergei, have some fun -

In my city, there was a call from Microsoft heard to sell the violators of copyright law for 10 percent of the fine. The resident company which signed the contract with R3dm0n7 is "cynically" called "cops on salary" in 1337 local printed newspapers, e.g. the producers of nearly 60%-trusted media flow. I suppose them to be rather the encouraging messages for optimists than a boo-thing.

Vista is really just of a pint of beer cost, as well as good old XP. For any good people you know for years. With a kind advice from the owner of the cracked installation CD to check the OS for security breaches by yourself. The researching community successfully does the things that please their english-speaking grandfathers with BackTrack 3. Thus, IMO, the privacy MP is talking about is probably a greatest secret even for MP itself.

Changes which are promised in the barracks are taking place. Eye witness. 2 days ago in the early morning eye found a P IV unit + 19' monitor on the street, standing next to each other, thought them surely aren't working, but could carry some viable hardwarez aboard... They both looked so lost standing near the garbage collector... After a brief examination on the subject of if there is a bomb inside it, I plugged'em in at home and found that they work fine.

The thing that strucked me even stronger was that there was no dust inside. Now *'m expecting the e-mail*bout an astrological explaination of events.... There are things that even Spaghetti Divinori do not know... but when I bounce up with an event of this kind, I realise that the nearest core of Rubik's matrix is somehow misunderappreciated by me. Thanks for correcting my views, The Morning Sun, the Cup is yours.

@ prec amanfromMars

"are a Quite Pathetic Shower in Dire Need of Better Intelligence Feeds for the System has been Rumbled and is being Tumbled/Shaken Down and Destroyed with their Needs" -

An Hour Ago News: yes, there is no more System presently.


Iron Mountain punts subterranean data storage


Hot Wet Cloud Vision

"It is FUD" -

Anyone're from Scotland? (-:

VMware makes world takeover bid

Paris Hilton


"said there should be an open eco-system of cloud providers rather than private and incompatible clouds" -

for clouds sake, Paul, never more call the soul cage that you pictured an eco system (-:

When a user gets free fiber internet for giving away temporally free resources, he/she will hardly ever give the rope back as it's plugged in to his/etc virtual egos/ecos. Well, if one needs war, he'll get IT (-:

Paris because Paul, she is already thinking how to carry one's light away...

BOFH: Aspie no questions


@ Curtis -

"...Few men even considered the possibility of BOFH on other planets..."

Brit, French nuke subs collide - fail to 'see' each other


A Popular Place For Subs Clubbing Found

Just both three (-: were searching a right place to read YouTube better for one sat's down from top.

Wanna get really shocked?

A Boeing airliner crushed into Trans-Siberian railroad near Perm, Russia on September 14th, 2008. It happened to be Dmitry Medvedev's birthday [in ancient tradition, Medvedev = son of a man whos "druidic" name is Bear]

The flight commander's surname was Medvedev.

There were three more passengers with this surname.

On the coat of arms of Perm there's a white bear carrying a book on back.

Assistant to the president gen. Troshev died in this crash.

Near Perm disappears the trace of Mikhail Romanov, who was supposed to inherit the Russian throne being alive for at least a solar circle after Nikolai's renunciation.

What else... a couple of days later - banking crisis is announced.

Officially: 2nd pilot was drunk, autopilot switched to manual right before the landing approach. Some say these events are impossible to be directed by a human and it's a magic fighting of egregors for the future events. A kind of a black mess was allegedly conducted. Boo?

Oh, nearly forgot... 88 died.

NSA offering 'billions' for Skype eavesdrop solution

Paris Hilton

Separate Ward For New Skype Users?

Some relative news for last 3 days, like "Italian Mafia Successfully Uses Skype" or "Agency Pays Mlns For Skype Cracks"... so foolish not to use this grreat opportunity to make calls securely if, as reported, it's passed a field test for penetration -- performed by such successive enterprises!

Some accidental rise in downloads of this sophisticated thing follows. Must be schoolchildren or criminal boneheads warming up engines.

More funds and supercomputers... because she forgot the key.

Satellites crash over Siberia: Iridium bird destroyed


Reset Button Pressed In Space

@ amanfromMars >

"Nature's Naked Attractions" -

they're colding out packed in fur now, noses in snow, not too pregnant yet.

I heard some radio, NASA math crew is likely not to approve the calculations of the killed Iridium sputnik's orbit done by an outsourced computational resource.

Strange coincidence is also taking place, isn't the lost Iridium sputnik was one of those lifted by Russian spacetrucks? Truly a complex lifetime collaboration (-:

There must be a cheque left... need a supercomputer... oh, an alien coat... lemmesee if there is any...


Paris Hilton

Siberia Says, Got Another One?

@ Len Goddard 12 Feb 1340

The spectaculous performance over Siberian sky!

Anyone made a photo session? If so, send'em to El Reg, let the mag spread/push forth the word of truth as IT bravely did IT at Wind Turbine Case.

Make sputniks, not missiles (-: An expensive show the collision appears to be if NASA's going to rub the buttons away for two weeks to calculate damage cost. Russkies are about to say sorry NASA, IT wasn't a MANU op. In such cases, Ancients used to say "Oops!"

Paris, because she's watching the photos.


Vladimir Putin denies penchant for Abba


ABBA moved away, now it's BoneyM in Siberia for $4K a performance

... in 500-seats old-Soviet design hall, you know, stars, banners, Marx and Lenin in moulding and such. Stage light from Martin, and best of Marshall acoustic system (China). As reported by the trusted source. In 2008 Siberians could enjoy Deep Purple for $5K net... Prognosis: Pink Floyd, $6K (-:

Wagner would be much more appropriate today. One must find his local enterpreneur, though.

Sun taps ex-Merrill, ex-Fannie Mae exec for board


Muppets Puppets Mirror Cards - Someone's Playing Through The Glass

amanfromMars 3 Feb 0911>

"Manipulated Muppets" --> Manipulating?

For dDefinitely IT's AIMirror which gives One a QUITe clear uberstanding that IT is rather AIGuiding Hand Putting HAIR in New Order in the reflection than really a Muppet in IT.... if one is sure to be not (-: A hi from the Zenator for Alice and the Bishop, Too..... let AILone the Mushroom (-;


Vladimir Putin bitchslaps Dell-boy


Homo Homini Lupus Est? Thanks, The Cage Is Yours Only

I'd remind of an informal movement in Russia somewhere between 1988 and 1998, it was called "Don't Pay Taxies". The father-founders of this movement are to be "caught and persecuted" [W]. So, to "play by the rules offered by Harvard Project", those spooky men and women created a rapidly grown businesses. Fast money were used to balance the operating personalities at the Russian side of the field. Same ways of producing and increasing das Kapital as on the West, but a hundred more times faster. After a secluded surgeonary help to them from a few qualified specialists, West now just faces what it thinks it had created. Well, there were days I really thought Russians really surrendered West. I was too young to know... and ones there are too stupid to understand... or just scared to say this on public where their money invested in Russian "democracy/republic" are now and whom they are working for (-;

So for ten tears the Russian officials had to run 15 to 50 % of planned tax collection from business, add low oil cost. These were the years of setting up an informal economy, probably the one that was mentioned by "agitated" amanfromMars @ 29 Jan 17:39.

People of the state helped their families by themselves mutually (can you imagine a family which salary is not paid for six months, bringing a child and paying for the tube and electricity?), Almost any other "highly developed"country of a western way would cope up with the problem considering a scale of such a large and geographically wide-spread community; good people say it was WWII that made them behave themselves like relatives, not volves. United, they stand.

It turned so that most of the largest businesses in Russia were made by crooks and their people's traitors of the same scale in a post-Soviet era. So nobody really gives a sht how they feel now.

I think it will take a year or two for most economies to return to the previous point. And there are just another heavy three years for Russia to get same well, continuing to grow up the number of births. It'sa well-balanced country and I'm pretty sure that community - not communist - Russians will again cope up with the problems.

Of course, with a good return, some new hardware would be useful... I say - new, Mr Dell.