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Shhh! Shazam is always listening – even when it's been switched 'off'


Re: Meh

I generally couldn't give a fuck about what's playing on the radio. My privacy, as and when I choose it to be my privacy, is a tad more important than some hit parade melody. Regardless of context.

Trump's plan: Tariffs on electronics, ban on skilled tech migrants, turn off the internet



So are the rest of the world all going RISC CPUs?

All decent existing heavy load Processing Units coming from Trumpland.

The UK sold ARM to Japan (fucking idiots).

For some reason I thought Nvidia were Canadian - I've just learned that they are not :(

New! Yahoo! logo! shows! Marissa! Meyer's! personal! touch!



This! Is! Getting! Kinda! Old!

Baffled boffins 'closer' to finding origins of extragalactic COSMIC RAYS


Re: data is a plural word

Love the apocryphal reference but not sure it works with one or more data.

Pink Floyd blasts Pandora for 'tricking' artists with petition


Re: Would the Floyd gentlemen then also consider...

Maybe next time go to the music store without Nick Mason pointing a gun at your head?

Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society on Blu-ray


Nissan plagiarize?

Couldn't help noticing the concepts specially designed by Nissan bear a striking resemblance to a Ferrari F430 (on the left) and a Ford GT.

Microsoft's offices gutted in Athens arson attack


Yeah, well done.

That's the way to solve a financial crisis, nice one Greek rioting people.

Super Micro fattens up Xeon E5 nodes with FatTwins


Re: Meanwhile

That's what I was thinking too. We have an M1000e populated with 4 half's and 12 quarter's (8 x 6 core & 24 x 4 core) with plenty spare... It's (relatively) quiet and has DRAC... 10U but best of both worlds... Best piece of kit I've ever had the privilege of playing with...

Take a hammer to your hard drive, shrieks Which?


Read through several layers of destruction?

That's just nonsense. What is implied here is that there are several layers of magnetism to each physical bit on a platter. Of course we know this is not possible. Each bit, like any magnet in the known universe has just a north and a south pole. If the state of that bit and all other bits that relate to it are changed then it's simply impossible to to know what state or states it has ever been in.

It's not mystical 'layers' that are exploited but the physical (as opposed to logical) storage characteristics with their error detection and correction technologies (amongst other aspects). Decent erasure software is of course aware of these methods and also exploits them in such a way that there will be no going back.

Applying a proper erasure method to the contents of a hard disk is just as effective as physical destruction but of course retains the functionality of the hard disk. This is what should be encouraged and it would be a fine thing indeed to find such functionality built into operating systems, or maybe even the hard disks themselves, right from the start.


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