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Powermat cuts ties with cabled power

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tough crowd redux

The thing I'm eager to check out when this comes to market is that the dongle/docks appear to be universal devices. So yeah, I'm with you, you still have to plug the mat in and then place some sort of receiver on the mat that connects to your gizmos. But at least in my world, if I can plug in most of my devices to a single adapter/dongle I still win. I can retire that drawer full of cables and adapters in favor of one multi-purpose unit. We'll see how it plays out.


it works

It's not a new concept, but it's one that finally appears to work. The manufacturers say that it's 90% efficient between the coils and that there are magnets to ensure the device and mat couple, no sliding. The technology also includes a handshake to determine how much power to transmit and can stop the transmission when the device is charged. Also, if you're a mini-USB guy, just buy the dongle with the USB tip instead of a case and charge everything with that. Sheesh. Tough crowd.


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