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Adobe pushes out Photoshop Elements 8

Jobs Halo

Will it be a fast install for Mac

One thing I love about owning my Mac is the ability to just drag and drop install most programs. However Adobe doesn't like this way of doing things if their PS Elements 6 for Mac is anything to go by, it takes an age to install. Would I be expecting too much in wishing that Adobe make things a little less time consuming with PSE 8 ?

Orange prices up LG 3G watchphone for UK

Thumb Up


That is a cool piece of kit. Certainly the future of mobile phone form factors.

Yes! It's the cardboard PC!


A fire waiting to happen

The fire bridgade will be busy when this one catches on and subsequently catches fire.

Nokia coughs to ballooning batteries


I have one

I currently have an N73 that I got as an upgrade from 3 Ireland. It is one of the worst phones I have had. The battery on occasion gets hot and discharges, I have exchanged it, and as simple thing like opening the GMail app takes an age. I am traveling to France in a week and a half, so I am being careful with the money, but on my return I'm getting rid.

Asus demos touchscreen Eee



I may be interested in something like that to replace my Wind when the time comes, if the price point is right.

Dell shuts Limerick factory and scraps 1,900 jobs


Reply to - Strange delegation.

Limerick (East) is the consituency / representative area of Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea, thats why he was on the delegation. Mary Coughlan is the Tainiste which means Deputy Prime Minister when translated to English, she is also the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

These job losses are an economic disaster for Limerick and the Mid-West Region of Ireland. Everyone here in Limerick knows at least a couple of hands full of people who work for Dell or local companies supplying Dell.

My brother works for Banta Global Turnkey / RR Donnelly in Limerick who supplies Dell and he was told this morning that his ob is gone as well.

Tough times ahead for my city, an jobs are scarce as it is.


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