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Russian pops сабоs in pancake-eating contest


The Darwin Award winner

goes to the late Boris Isayev.

Microsoft courts enterprises with Windows 7


Windows 7 and network copy to/from XP

Vista absolutely sucks when it comes to file copy over the network to and from an XP computer. I wonder whether this bug has been fixed in Windows 7 which from what I summarize is Vista with a different hat. Long live XP.

Where's Wally Vista SP2?


@Software Guy

Not trying to bash Vista but when was the last time you tried to copy files over the network with Vista? From a quad core Vista SP1 with 6GB memory, a network copy of 3 files (40MB) located on an XP computer takes about 20 minutes. The same copy from XP to XP takes much less than a minute. Aside from its network file copy bug, I kinda like Vista; better than I thought ... if you have the proper hardware.

HP targets compulsory redundancies at EDS UK



I have been let go by EDS/HP last December (Canada). Contrary to your claim, EDS do provide the services of an outplacement agency. I had my first meeting with the agency last Wednesday.

Lexmark C543DN colour laser


Lexmark on my "do not buy again" list

I once made the mistake to buy a Lexmark C520N Color Laser printer. That thing literally eats the ink in the toner cartridges or the firmware is rigged to report near empty toner cartridges after about 20-50 pages. NEVER EVER will I buy Lexmark again. I almost printed 1000 pages on my HP LaserJet 3015 multi function printer before I had to replace the ink cartridge. At least as far as printer goes, HP does it for me.


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