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iPad 2 spawns updated iOS and apps

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Nice doorstop

Sony PS3 rootkit rumours rubbished

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This argument is ultra boring now. Most of you seem to be AGAINST Sony blocking their system from modification?? Do you not realise that most hackers are using their systems to ruin the online gameplay for those who just want to play a normal game? I had to quit playing Modern Warfare because hackers totally ruined not just the game but all my stats as well. Are you saying that you're FOR hackers doing this?

I would only be in total agreement with this apparant majority IF hacking the system didn't affect the online gameplay of other players, unfortunately I've seem though what this hack has done and to be honest I haven't used my PS3 since.

Yes... Sony SELL you the system, therefore you should be allowed to do whatever, however I hope they also block you from PSN because I'm tired of some spotty little kid wrecking my games.

Get over it

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

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This whole situation is pathetic. When the iPhone was hacked it was a godsend at the time because there were so many things the iPhone was capable of handling that Apple strictly locked down for little to no reason at all, like the ability to record film on a 3G, using blacklist tools to stop people calling you or texting you, flash support, etc.

It's quite obvious that the only people running this custom firmware are doing it either for piracy or to ruin online games with their aimbots or stat modifiers. Just look at what they've done to Modern Warfare 2... Completely ruined. Whilst it's true that people SHOULD be able to do what they want with their own hardware, more often than not it's for illegitimate reasons. What are people seriously doing with their PS3's that it couldn't do already?? Run Linux?? Please... The majority of people I'm sure who own a PS3 have a PC...

You buy a game console for it to run as a game console... You don't buy a cheese sandwich expecting to clean your house with it.

If people want to hack their system then fair enough but I hope Sony find these people and keep them off the network.

Microsoft ditches Windows 7 E plans

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Geeks Won't Be Happy

It's just a browser... who cares. Go buy a Mac if you hate IE that much...

Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

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Same with my Girlfriend!

"This word "hot"

By Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 29th June 2009 15:16 GMT

My girlfriend's always complaining about her laptop and power supplies getting dangerously hot. Whenever I check them they just seem warm. For some reason, for a certain size of device, some people seem to think that a bit of warmth implies it's going to burst into flames."


Woman jailed for texting while driving

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Anyone else feel ashamed to be British when reading stories like this?

Apple unveils 17in MacBook, iLife tweaks, Tony Bennett

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Fools Day Comes Early...

"To be fair, iLife '09, iWork '09, and the new 17-inch MacBook Pro are solid - if not earth-shattering - upgrades"

I thought this was a joke - then I realised April is 3 month away...