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Ten four-bay NAS boxes

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Re: What I'd be looking for in such a thing

+1 for the HP Microserver. Cheaper, faster and you can install regular Linux or FreeBSD. I really can't understand why someone would buy one of these overpriced and limited "NAS" devices... Ohh well...

Motorola drags Microsoft to ITC, says Xbox infringes its patents

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Oops, Motorola didn't blink

Oops, Motorola didn't blink. Bad news for Microsoft. MS will have to pay again.

With some luck a few patents on both sides will be crushed. Unfortunately I don't think this will get that far.

Hands on with the Nokia N900

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Thumbs up!


In next version please include 1GB RAM. If the power requirements are too big use hot-plug RAM and a daemon to manage the powered-on RAM.

Also, include some USB ports and a VGA out. I'd like to use the "N910" as my PDA *and* PC (just hijack a bluetooth or USB keyboard/mouse and a monitor and instant-PC).

This is the start of an era. Finally!

OpenSUSE defaults to KDE

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Good for OpenSuSE

This is good for OpenSuSE. Nowadays it's easier to have a nice Gnome desktop (lots of distros work in that area), so I think that Gnome support wont suffer. OpenSuSE's KDE support has been great and now it may just become better.

KDE4 is leaving beta status, so the timing is perfect too :-)

For me DEB > RPM && Qt > GTK && KDE > Gnome, so it's a hard choice. We'll see.

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

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If chrome os grows, linux grows too

100% of decent servers are Linux compatible. Vendors make them that way.

If vendors start making machines designed for ChromeOS, guess what? They will all run Linux (RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Debian, every single one of them!). Just because of that it's great!

Bring them on!

AMD next-gen ultrathin gets early birthday

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Best microarch?

AMD had the best microarch for 4 years, at least, and Intel kept shouting "GHz!!!!". Now Intel has a (similar) good microarch, they reverse their speech :-) Even in the Pentium4 era people kept buying Intel, so brand recognition is clearly in Intel's camp.

Bad kharma for Intel on this one. Don't do that too often, people will notice.

Anyway, I like both companies. On this one I'm rooting for the underdog because I'd like competition to continue.

Pirate Bay co-founder claims 'we lost'

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There was a leak

One of the attorneys for the acusation said right after the veredict was anounced that it was "very well written and the veredict would stick up to the supreme court".


Just another circus... Move along.

Cisco pitches new world server order

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Wrong. Cisco is fighting Sun

Sun is working in the integration of it's networking gear, that is kind of "standard" because it connects to standard servers but is awesome because it offers features and performance only possible with dedicated equipment until now, with standard servers, not only from Sun but from the other players.

When you can buy a "router" with several 10+GbE NICs that can be virtualized, talk with the other NICs in the server directly, multiplexed "in hardware", etc, for $2,000 USD, the high cost, dedicated, sole-purpose routing equipment will be obsolete. That time is now and Cisco has to expand it's business.

In a few years Cisco gear will be running in a AMD or Intel CPU, with NICs from Sun at first and then they will make their own to plug to standard servers.

I can't wait! :-)

Windows for Warships™ reaches Royal Navy frigates

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@Anonymous Coward Posted Monday 5th January 2009 17:08 GMT

" Linux is full of obscure drivers which have never been looked at by more than one or two developers - and that aside, it is easy to write obfuscated C code that can perform entirely unexpected operations even though, on the outside, it looks innocuous."

You must be joking. I've seen very clean code beeing rejected for inclusion by mere formating problems or duplication of code or something similar. It's very unlikely that "obfuscated C" will be accepted. It's far cheaper to bribe some coder at MS to include some function at (almost) release time than it's to find the best coder in the world to write something that will pass Linux's "meritocracy". Remember, in Linux's world the most important thing you have is your reputation. In MS land the most important thing is the paycheck...

I don't want to be rude, but I make your words mine:

"I fear you speak from somewhere behind the scrotum."