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Rogue sysadmin sues SF for $3m


$1m for 7 months wages & benefits?

have to hope his employer had signed off on all of the benefits he was accustomed to...

Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets


Great idea!

It's about time that there were consequences for threatening someone with violence!


oh, I see, it was already an offense under many statutes? hmmm, forget I spoke

Yes! It's the cardboard PC!

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Oh dear. Another designer who bunked off the physics class

So corrugated cardboard will help with ventillation? Only in the same way double glazing does - it's a few mm of air trapped in a long rough-sided tube. Go ask a tramp what they prefer for a winter night's doss: plastic sheeting or sturdy corrugated cardboard box.

And by the time you've dosed it with enough fire retardent & stiffening it'll probably be 100% unrecyclable too.

Exploding core counts: Heading for the buffers


>> operating systems have an eight-bit field

"This can be changed, of course, but it has to be changed and it most likely will not be done as a patch to existing operating systems running in the data centers of the world."

So with the number of cores around 8 now & doubling every 2 years, we've got a decade to hit that limit. Nah, no chance of an OS patch in that timeframe...

Please Mr Gartner, can I get paid for this sort of shrewd analysis? If you fly me business class I promise to glean all the wisdom of the inflight mags enroute.

Spam volumes increase to pre-McColo takedown levels

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Spammers not getting replies or bounces?

Since when did they want either? Whenever I open a spam it either has a link in it or a dodgy binary; for the latter kind I guess the last thing they'd want is any obvious return-path to the puppeteer.

Steve Jobs dismisses death rumours


@JS - he's just bulking up for the deathmatch with Steve B

Cage fight, with one chair each


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