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Prof: Use wind turbines as flywheels to smooth output

Tom Oliva

Pretty Good - but.....

Given that UK electrons are four times more expensive than French electrons and more than twice as expensive as German electrons - you'd think that they'd have a bit of cash spare and just install some pilot plants to see how well it works...

As I understand it flywheel storage has been around for a few years (French telephone giant Alcatel I believe uses it for exchange standby) and, as I understand it works pretty well and is dirt cheap to implement with bugger all maintenace.

UK utilities aren't keen to open the doors to "devolved power" as it opens Pandora's Box as far as distributed generation goes. Heavens above !! - can't have people generating their own power and heating their houses with the waste heat.....

UK utilities are by and large, delinquent bureaucracies - whose prime raison d'etre has SFA to do with supplying the population with reasonably priced electrons.

BT to be freed from service obligations

Tom Oliva

Trade Descriptions Act?

They was specifiically exempted by Maggie - I think I'm right... recall some bloke in Scotland applying for his "£80 phone installed anywhere" as per the ad and being told nope - that'll be £32,000 thank you.

Just shows how far this "load of socialists" have come from their roots eh?


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