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Samsung NC10 netbook



Anybody know if I can get some gizmo to enable me to run it off the cigarette lighter socket in a car?

Iomega slims down, bulks up portable drives


Perfectly named!

eGo seems the perfect name for a device to be used by fanboys!

Who says COBOL doesn't get tweaks?

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The Mark Twain of programming languages...

...because reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated!

I'm a bit of an old geezer, started working in IT in 1979, and the the first language I learned was COBOL. I remember being worried at the time that I had taken a wrong turn with the job because the trade press was full of stories that COBOL was finished. 30 years on I read this story. Life in the old dog yet!

Terry Pratchett knighted for services to literature

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I can't wait to see...

...TP's coat of arms! Or is this not high enough up the honours scale to get one?

If he is eligible can you imagine it? Elephants, a turtle, an orang-utang, luggage...

Totally and thoroughly disapprove of the honours system normally but I'm more than happy to make an exception on this occasion when finally somebody deserves it. As for those who are just trying to start a fight (AC @ 16:15 on 31st), the only reason his books haven't made it into film (I exclude the "made for-TV" adaptations) is because he has integrity and won't let Hollywood meddle with the story. I mean, seriously, how can anybody except a Hollywood producer suggest losing Death in a film of Mort?