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Is Google's culture grab unstoppable?

Danny O. Snow

If not Google, who? If not now, when?

The AG-AAP settlement opens the door to bringing back MILLIONS of out-of-print books, and extending the lives of millions more "backlist" titles. This has PROFOUND implications for mankind; it delivers huge benefits to readers, writers AND book publishers... not just to Google. Even booksellers (many of whom currently fear the outcome) could be vested in the process if they are foresighted enough to change with the times.

As we enter 2009, the conventional book publishing industry is reeling from a global economic crisis, preceded by years of failure to evolve more effective business models from an outmoded and wasteful architecture. Yet Google remains strong enough to commit the resources needed to achieve this historic leap in the evolution of the "printed" word.

I don't know another entity more capable or willing to make it happen. All of us who love the written word should applaud Google's efforts, and get on with the business of dragging the book world (kicking and scream, if necessary) into the 21st century.

-- Danny O. Snow, Senior Fellow, The Society for New Communications Research and author of "Steal this e-Book!"