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Boeing Starliner commander Christopher Ferguson bows out of first crewed mission due to family commitments


You missed the part where the daughters best friend subsequently died...

... Of nvCJD.

UK privacy watchdog confirms probe into NHS England COVID-19 app after complaints of spammy emails, texts


Re: You lot...

It's good then that I have 20% below average BP then isn't it.

Cv19 kills by distributed clotting mainly so neither is it blood *pressure* within itself - its the density of the blood that's the problem - high cholesterol is therefore a risk.

However its still more the genetics of your killer-t latches that can be a guide to whether you'll survive or not, because some groups of people will have t-cell latches that are the wrong shape for cv19 (is thought to be why Africans and Asiatics are highly at risk) - there is apparently some correlation between Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA in the immune genes of an individual and a bad outcome.

But again, a message was sent with the intent to help deal with a worldwide pandemic that has killed the best part of a million people in an extremely nasty way. It's not the same as Amazon spam is it? So why the whining?

PS: if you have had cv19 and the service is available get tested for antibody harvesting - most will knock out 1000/1500 units per volume of blood but *some* people can produce 5000/10000 units per volume (super producer) due to the B cells being able to hold onto the virus very effectively and for a longer relative period.

Harvested antibody transplantation can cure a seriously ill cv19 coma patient (to leaving hospital) within a few days.

This is available in the US under a blanket emergency permit - but YMMV.


You lot...

Are actually aware we are talking about a virus that can shut down interferon immune messaging by up to 85%, so the body doesn't recognise an infection. A virus that can switch off your immune system? Then it can interfere with antibody production and the active immune system going after infected cells in a serious infection... And after that triggers cytokine storm - killing by stroke, blood clots (*inch long* blood clots), heart attack and organ failure? Not to mention there are at least 6 clades in the tree of cv19 and maybe 50 different genetic versions..

Did this somehow escape you?

Yes, you were spammed technically, boo-fucking-hoo. This message was sent to you in order to save lives. Including possibly yours or your family so FFS..


The human race disgusts me.

UK.gov admits it has not performed legally required data protection checks for COVID-19 tracing system


Re: what charges...

You mean the RMS Olympic that got smashed up to the point of being a write off, hurriedly renamed to Titanic, even more hurriedly reinsured for over its value a week before it steamed (you'd almost think they knew something) and smacked into an iceberg deliberately sideways*... That one?

The Titanic with the riveted nameplate (when White Star practice was countersinking the name into the plates) and the two visible countersunk letters M & P...

You mean that one?

*while having been on fire for almost a week..


Re: what charges...

65000 EXTRA DEATHS OVER THE PERIOD OF CV19 IN TOTAL, figures from the BBC. What part of this do you fail to understand? 95% will be due to CV19 either directly or indirect because that is the ONLY substantial reason that has changed other than the usual level of normal wastage and Darwineering.

It is not bloody rocket science.

Interleukin 7 syndrome is a fact and it has killed children. Children now will be future suicides because of what is happening now or didn't you get the PTSD Memo. PTSD in fucking 5 year old children, already. The government has put children at risk and continues to do so. And their families too.

Did I forget the Ebola outbreak that's kicked off in western Africa? Everyone else has.

I'm sick to death of this. Fucking Borisboo and Trumpyboo drivel about it not happening while they're renting freezer trailers for the corpses so bloody fast in Inbredistan the manufacturers are in danger of a backlog in orders.

60-70% of entire families are being wiped out. Inbredistan again - yet 50% of Black Inbredistanis are whining about vaccines even while its killing them...

Dribbling idiots are cutting holes in masks because "its stuffy" - here try some Phosgene - it's like A CV19 simulator.

And the worst of it - after all this - all you dribbling idiots will sit back after they've killed and crippled members of your families and friends and let the governments rape your pensions and businesses and raise taxes to PAY FOR THEIR MISTAKES FROM YOUR MONEY and











And you will let them.

Because you are too spineless and too stupid and too utterly uneducated and lazy to do anything else.

TIK, a YouTube historian has some good things to say but in the case of Jeff Bezos he has it dead wrong. Jeffy boy isn't selling a product - he's selling fuck all - all he's selling is laziness and inactivity to fat gormless dribbling idiots and he's even charging extra for the privilege of SRi 130 grade laziness (+optional Irmcher body kit, I think the rear electric lifts were standard).

The human race is unsavable - the fucktard ratio is far too high. It wasn't even good while it lasted.

I've been embarrassed for years to be associated with this crappy little island - but the behaviour of combined humanity in this last 6 months is beyond any form of mental processing. Clapping for the NHS while you vote to cut the budget EVERY FUCKING YEAR.

Whining about lockdown when YOU elected a government that thinks (and I use the term under advisement) murdering its own citizens by incompetence on a Darwinian scale something to aspire to.

Deliberately putting other people at risk on days when you are SPECIFICALLY told to stay in, when you lard your way through Amazon Prime every other day - just as a government FUCK YOU, and then complaining about how you couldn't snuggle your corpse-o-gran - THAT YOU OR SOMEONE LIKE YOU infected.

Going OUT OF YOUR WAY to put a frail, ill, or old person at risk because you are "more important".

Humanity makes me sick, the combined fuckwittery is mind shattering. If we could harness the output power of worldwide idiocy and criminal denial we'd have clean energy until the end of time itself..

After the Nuremburg trials one of the psychiatric experts ended up suiciding - and the general consensus was that he did it for a very simple reason. He talked to the Nazi leaders and he examined them psychologically and try as he might he couldn't find anything wrong with them - they were completely normal - people who were completely normal could do and plan the things that were done. And finally it popped his brain and the guy took Cyanide.

Congratulations on today, gentlefolk, because over the last 6 months and today - you've proved his theory - and left the NSDAP in the dust. Savour that if you will, the spite, viciousness, mindlessness, bigotry, abuse and general fucking idiocy has been of a level and a grade considered previously unreachable even by cynics like me.


Re: But of course

Ideally I'd suggest tying all of them down over the muzzles of 6pdr field guns loaded with practice (or maybe grapeshot) rounds and doing an "Indian Mutiny" tribute would be the best idea.

Nice and cheap for the government, a fun day out for the family, and you could make a fortune selling footage of Priti Patel being blasted to a pair of smoking heels to Tory voters.. Oh sorry, I mean darknet sickos.. Oh, they're the same thing?

Everybody wins..


No evidence of data breaches


"But we'll let you know when we find out which park bench we left it on... (the trains weren't running don'tchaknow).

Thank you, no more questions"



The Sir Humphrey Appleby School of Data Security.


Re: what charges...

The 65000 extra deaths this year might be a good bloody start don't you think?

Or the criminal and systematic neglect of the NHS the Tory party have been guilty of?

Or the £60000 a loved one payoff for NHS families that might just buy you a nice 4x4 to make up for your wife's/daughters/parents etc death in service? Because "PPE, what's that?" And just you try claiming for an unborn child who died as a result - life will begin "at birth" so fast the afterbirth will leave skid marks. Funny how that changed isn't it...

An unfunny joke for you...

"What's the difference between Jimmy Saville and Boris Johnson (and Co)?

Boris fucked more kids". Both through destroyed families and Interleukin Kawasakis.

I'm glad for you all, you voted and you got exactly what you deserved - and you still can't see what's happened and understand what's happening now - first we had the Wehraboo - now we've got the Borisboo - he's not really a sociopathic incompetent cockwomble, he's just misunderstood. Maybe we should get David Irving to write his biography... He's used to people who "follow the science" after all..


Re: But of course

Who the bloody hell do you think it was who've been doing their best to screw the NHS since it was dragged into the world like the forceps delivery of the spawn of Katie Price and a stoned Dingo?

The People's Front of Judea perhaps? Or maybe the Campaign for Free Galilee?

Oh silly me it was the fucking Conservatives - Stalinism with a Human Face - England for the Inbred - aka The Lavrenti Beria Appreciation Society.

The ones who clapped the nurses while taking their salaries down into the basement, throwing a grenade in there and quickly shutting the plate armor door..

Or maybe the ones who've lied through their teeth worse than the Chinese government and make the Stainless Steel Twat look like frigging Einstein.

The whole lot of parliament should be taken to the tower and publicly executed for treason and you're wondering whose fault it was that the Dieppe Raid would be considered a roaring success compared to the UK CV19 response (ditto Gallipoli, Arnhem and the Defence of Singapore).

I knew Brexit was a fucking stupid idea but Christ Almighty if after 6 bloody MONTHS of this you can't figure out who to blame - then God help us - it's like everyone under the age of 30 has suddenly contracted retrospective Zika Microcephaly and been reduced to dribbling retards.. Flat Cap Disease has evolved* into Flat Skull Disease.

Or maybe its a new CV19 symptom - a sudden IQ drop of about 70 points and an unshakeable belief in the "Kinnwenigerprincip".

*Except North of the Ipswich Line.

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references


Re: Eugenics - Sometimes a good decision - is what I think.

I've plenty of empathy - but you are confusing empathy with "suffering fuckwits gladly". We have 10 years to solve climate change - or we miss the boat. That is a HARD LIMIT. We MIGHT make it without the retard ratio, electric cars, and all the other unmitigated bullshit - but I can guarantee we won't if climate denier politicians get in ANYWHERE...

Retard denialism is as bad as climate denialism because it allows the latter to continue. We cannot afford either.

We cannot afford another Bubonic Boris or Donnie Dickwit/Jair Bullshitnaro but we'll have them because the retard ratio will vote every time and WILL win every time because currently they're the biggest voting block. It's election fact that the higher the education and IQ of a given individual, in a situation where the person can make a personal choice, the LESS likely that person is to vote.. Which gives the retard ratio effectively higher percentage voting power per "85".

Depressingly better healthcare is partly to blame for this because previously if you did something monumentally stupid on a regular basis it'd eventually kill you off preferably before you contaminated the gene pool - nowadays retards get put back together and sent on their dribbling swaying way - staring at their phone as they cross the road on the blackspot blind bend on the 60mph limit at 3am in January...

Test EVERYONE. If they are average or above they get to vote - else they spend the day in Gerry Daycare(tm) watching Short Circuit II on repeat. They probably won't even notice - they'll be too engrossed in cataloging their ear hairs by length (or stamp collecting).


Re: Eugenics - Sometimes a good decision - is what I think.

My recorded IQ is 143. Top 1.5% or thereabouts on the PLANET if I remember correctly. What is yours may I ask, mein herr?

I get very tired of what Disney might call "the circle of fuckwits" - because its just round and round in ever increasing levels of dribbling stupidity - the same gormless ideas popping up out of the sewage like uktv re runs of Klepto & Sons and Last of the Summer Whine - of the evergreen "Waiting for Covid" and "Some Mothers Should Have Had Their Tubes Tied" - which is a perfect illustration BTW - Frank Spencer would vote Tory, drive a Nissan Leaf and think climate change involves Barbados once a year...

There are 13.4 MILLION of these people in the UK alone. 13.4 MILLION pathologically gormless idiots on our roads, both driving and as pedestrians, voting for our politicians and brexit, responsible for the upkeep of the No Hope Service (which incidentally explains a lot).... You really want people who could shoot themselves with a Bazooka (seriously I'm not kidding) or might even manage to shoot themselves with a PAK 8.8 while standing behind it (there is actually a way) - you really want them involved in your elections, in cars around your family...?

Just actually THINK about that for a while..


Re: Golly. RED trangles?

Eugenics - Sometimes a good decision - is what I think.

20% of the entire human race (that are considered "normal" and not mentally disabled etc) is too mentally feeble to pick up a bolt action rifle, load it and point it in the right direction. EVEN AFTER WEEKS OF BEING TRAINED. They are literally too dumb to grasp the concept of throwing something to hit a given target. "When Mr Safety Catch is not on Mr Crossbow is not your friend" is PhD level thinking to these people.

This is deeply scary.

What is more scary is that these people can get driving licences, hold gun licences, and are allowed to vote in elections. Has it not occurred to anyone else to wonder why the Conservative Party gets elected or Donnie Dickwit or how it is that the Poles OF ALL PEOPLE are embracing right wing sociopaths as we speak?

Driving should be privilege, not a right, and anyone who tells me "ooh, I deserve a licence to drive on the road despite being unable to control my body/see/etc - because self driving cars" can piss off because self driving cars don't work, will never work and are inherently unsafe.

Voting should also be a privilege because if you are too utterly dumb to even understand what you are being promised (let alone understanding that you are being lied to every time) you shouldn't be allowed to corrupt the signal by voting. Voting should be compulsory for anyone at or above the average IQ.

Now all I will get is wails of horror or accusations but think on this. The climate change deniers are typically members of the retard ratio. The people who vote for a candidate because "I like his hair" or (in these days of equality) "she's got really big Bulgarian airbags" aren't only dribbling idiots, they are destroying the value of the votes cast by people who aren't dribbling idiots (ie potentially YOU). Electric cars are an unnecessary stupidity - we can already make ersatz fossil fuels from air pollution and sunshine in solar reactors (demonstrated in 2010 on fucking Top Gear for heavens sake) - and they will always be less efficient in totality - but look - 20% in a recent survey would buy an electric car.. That figure sounds familiar. Hmm keep our current infrastructure and constantly recycle our petrol and diesel fuels using sunlight or give Musky-boy a BJ, build a whole new infrastructure and watch our electricity prices go through the ROOF, along with the odd fatal fire because the home electrics can't cope with a muskretinwagen trying to pull power at 300kw.

This is what the retard ratio has cost you and will continue to cost you. Thatcher, Major, Gormless Gordon, Reichsfuhrerin May and Bubonic Boris. Then we have Reagan, the Shrubs, Clinton and the highlight Il Douche/Darth Dumbass... And a financial crisis every 5 years or so.

And because of Darth Dumbass we got "I see no virus" Bolsonaro and I will say again - the POLES, you know from Poland, yes THAT Poland, fielding a election candidate that is so far to the right Reinhard Heydrich would be having night terrors and Magda Goebbels would be applying for a divorce to marry him!!

If that doesn't scare you silly, don't come crying to me later*.

* I'll be hiding in the climate change and nuclear proof bunker with 50 years worth of French MRE. Not that one, the other one with the big sign over the door saying...

"I told you so"

In every known language (including Elvish, Klingon and Vulcan). Maybe we could cosplay having radiation sickness - too soon?


Re: I didn't know of the triangle badges in the prison camps

Sigh - then tell me why the NSDAP has socialist slap bang in the middle of the title if they aren't socialist? Especially given that in the 30s most people didn't react well to Socialism.

Tell me why they ran social programmes including the KdF and the KdFwagen (a rip off of the Tatra T97 btw) as well as employment benefits and social housing.

The difference between Russian socialism and NS is the Russian type groups it by social stratigraphy (workers vs middle class vs rich) - the NS grouped people by RACE stratigraphy ("Aryans"* vs pretty much everyone else except a few European countries). Ironically the effects were pretty much the same in both areas with the same "undesirables" getting knocked off, just it wasn't a point of government policy in the USSR - just widespread incompetence and sociopathy.

*Aryans technically exist they just come from a mountainous area of Persia/Iran and are most definitely not blond and blue eyed (unless possibly their mother got knocked up by a bewildered backpacker).

Look up Blitzed by Ohler

Vampire Economy by Tooze I think

There's various others

In Hancock's half-hour, Dido Harding offers hollow laughs: Cake distracts test-and-trace boss at UK COVID-19 briefing


No excuse..

Yes they do. NHS is in the name.

BoJo looks to jumpstart UK economy with £6k taxpayer-funded incentive for Brits to buy electric cars – report


Re: benefits the UK..

To quote-ish

"It doesn't, but you are meant to think it does..."

Think a guy in a Zeyd cloth hoodie.. Or 1977.


Electric cars....

20% say they'll buy them. According to the research done by the US Army 18-20% of the population is the retard ratio...

Anyone else seeing the correlation here.

My current car is a Wolseley 18/85/2 - ram air intake with updated needle, LEDs all round incl headlights, would have a supercharged B series diesel if I could afford a proper resto and the bits (assuming of course you can find them). So my next will be a Humber Sceptre 2 - 1592/1725 6 speed manual OD. Electric cars are utterly idiotic they just transfer the pollution and waste energy. I used to get 32mpg out of the Sceptre average - 36 out of the shitheap 2005 Hyunshite Accent that's been in the garage since 2017 with an unfixable engine fault..

Bubonic Boris for the love of humanity please just kill yourself already - you have tarried far too long for any good you've been doing.

Now I just need a Mosin Sniper and Musks address. Feel kinda sorry for the kid but as they say "lest the evil persist".

I fucking HATE electric cars. (if you hadn't already guessed).

Made-up murder claims, threats to kill Twitter, rants about NSA spying – anything but mention 100,000 US virus deaths, right, Mr President?


You supported a system...

That allowed the Caped Cockweasel to apply for election, and then you elected him. I have zero sympathy. None, nowt, zip. I thought that it couldn't get worse than Dubya. I thought that even Inbredistan couldn't beat electing Captain Cupboard...

And I shouldn't worry about the 100k of corpses it's already double that - and its academic anyway because Darth Dumbass has pulled out of Open Skies and is restarting nuclear weapon testing apparently. Have a look at Timeghost on YouTube about the Cuba Missiles - and imagine that today, the part of Kennedy will be played by Donnie Dickwit.. If he gets re-elected I give the human race 2 years.

America you are a fucking dangerous embarrassment, you are the telephone sanitizers of humanity, I hope you can contact the space aliens and fuck off to another planet, because you're going to find that you aren't wanted here.

Now where did I put that Novichok...

UK's Ministry of Defence: We'll harvest and anonymise private COVID-19 apps' tracing data by handing it to 'behavioural science' arm


To paraquote Gary and his demons

"For the love of God, Bubonic Boris, fuck off forever."

This couldn't be a worse idea, Bluetooth being on permanently, the data being blurted across practically the entire English speaking world and ending up in the hands of the military - yep, that'll end well - anyone else seeing a smartphoneological version of the SA80 story limping and twitching it's sorry hide in our general direction?

"It's a very detailed map sir, see there's a little virion..."

Or possibly

"it's not the only thing that's very small around here, Boris, if a hungry cannibal cracked your head open there wouldn't be enough to cover a small water biscuit"

Or maybe R&M...

"Come home to your own extinction, come home to Simple Prick's"

"Welcome.... To Asshattery Park..."

Imperial College London signs £5m campus sponsorship, 5G deal with Chinese comms bogeyman Huawei


Anyone else reminded of John Hammond

And a certain elephant?

The British government is stuffed full of people who'd even get sacked from British Leyland - not so much flat caps as flat skulls. The Chinee own everything else and they will until we stop them.

Oxford uni is essentially broke, Cambridge is essentially bordering on bankrupt and students there are being harassed by the US military - dangling money with the unspoken (until you've signed) rider that you are US MILITARY property.

The UK government is a bad joke practically everywhere in every field so where else are research organisations going to look?

Stop funding crap we can't afford and will never use *cough* nuclear deterrent *uncough* and start funding stuff we need like research and proper support for those who need it.

Lockdown endgame? There won't be one until the West figures out its approach to contact-tracing apps


Re: Hmm.

Correction: anti biologicals (bleach, clinical uv*, etc).

Brain having a bad morning today.

* DO NOT use if you aren't trained - it will kill virii and bacteria but it'll also give anything alive the worse day of its life including people, pets, plants.



Trusting No Hope Service* coders, who will be the lowest common denominator of the bottom of the barrel - nope.

Leaving my Bluetooth open 24/7 to be hacked by anyone who wants to - nope.

Trusting Reichfuhrerin Patel, Pope Rees-Mogg, Braindead Boris or if you are really unlucky the FBI and the Stainless Steel Twat. Hell nope.

Trusting that government software like this won't drop a payload on deletion? Ahahahahaha. Nope.

I don't go out socially because I can't (thank you so much NHS). I always wear a mask. Masks are as good for the general population as they are for NHS staff, our government are tight fisted, unprepared, lazy gormless idiots - and we're paying the price.

My phone stays at home anyway unless I'm going somewhere in the car because on a good day I can walk 500yds (for the whole day) - a zombie apocalypse would quadruple the number of people shambling about - to maybe 10...

Masks, antibacterials and eventually medication will solve this. Not 1984 bullshit.

*Missed FMS for 30 years, cancer for 9 months, murdered my grandmother, and their medical negligence cost me my partner. Oh and DO NOT take ibuprofen for cv19 - allergy to ibuprofen *causes* a cough (I know I'm allergic) and anti inflammatory drugs can cause odd reactions when the immune system is triggered (ask me how I know, a similar reaction did permanent lung damage).

The show Musk go on: Tesla defies Silicon Valley coronavirus lockdown order, keeps Fremont factory open


Yeah, voluntary

In the same way it was voluntary in a certain dilbert episode...

If you voluntarily don't come into work *because sensible*, you've volunteered to be sacked shortly afterwards.

The man is a sociopath and the world would be a much better place if he wasn't in it for so many reasons, this electric car bullshit not the least of them.

Look up John Cadogan - electric cars - YouTube for why they're the shittiest idea since humanity evolved.

Looming ventilator shortage amid pandemic sparks rise of open-source DIY medical kit. Good thinking – but safe?


And for what it's worth these days..

Everyone on here be careful and safe.

Remember you can find a new job, money isn't the be all and end all, I know its going to be hard . But you can't find a new parent, relative, partner, lover or friend. I lost my previous partner in 2008 on her 22nd birthday from cancer - I still haven't entirely got over it and I never will.

If you don't feel safe going to work, work from home, and if your management cretins whinge (Charter I'm looking at you here), kick em in the fork and then work from home.

And I think we are going to have to have a good long think about money and egotesticle after this. Money is ALWAYS the driver of **** ups in this situation and I think it needs to go. Its a constant pain in the ass at the best of times - now it's entirely capable of killing people.

To paraphrase:

Be safe, and full of care, and people's lives might not be destroyed..

There is another quote that's related that we are going to hear far too often as it is..

My heart has joined the thousand, for my friend stopped running today.

I first heard that when I was about 10 years old. It always stuck with me, but I never expected it to have this sort of resonance.

Please for the love of <insert deity here> think of others and the people you love. Don't take risks yourself and don't put others at risk by your actions.


Re: It's not just the mechanicals that are needed

Yes, you are correct, in extremis you need to paralyse the diaphragm (possibly a curare derivative) and have a crew to operate the system.

However even a positive pressure air system ventilator that's kitbashed together, and works acceptably, can help a less serious case and can be the difference between recovering at home and ending up in hospital.

This has happened before - government officials getting a broom up their ass and killing people as a result - the Spanish flu in the UK is a prime example - the CHO of the British government was more concerned about fighting the war than pandemic flu, he ended up committing suicide from the guilt.

GOVERNMENTS if people are offering help, expertise and creative solutions accept it. We are not in a place where we can go by the book or by normal procedures.


When you have nothing...

Anything is worthwhile. If these Heath Robinson kitbashed systems save even one life on balance - they're worth it.

And ffs, we are in the middle of a worldwide medical emergency - companies will you KINDLY stop waving your patent and right-to-repair dicks about. You are NOT helping. Personally I'd take a list of any medical manufacturers acting like that and have them shut down permanently after this is over and the management team imprisoned for life. This is NOT a fucking game. Or maybe line up all their family members, channel good old Marius*, and have them decimated** until someone grows a conscience.

I have fibromyalgia and I had bronchopneumonia last year (which was an hour away from a collapsed lung when diagnosed) - I lost the best part of a stone in weight and had to take 300mg codeine just to move (because of muscle pain from the coughing). And I am *not* someone who is considered vulnerable yet I suspect this is perfectly capable of killing me and I'm relatively young.

Please do as you are told and don't play games with other people's lives.

And I wouldn't want to be you Boris. My fiancée is stuck in Ghana at the moment - her government have been better and faster on this than ours has. I mean no disrespect to the Ghanaian government when I say this, but that is fucking shameful on our part, and ironic since they used to be a colonial possession of ours.

* Famous Roman General who reformed the Roman Army. Roman soldiers subsequently nicknamed "Marius's Mules".

** Every 10th person executed.

The Reg produces exhibit A1: A UK court IT system running Windows XP


Real intelligence

To paraphrase

"... A fat tory barrister that gets made a judge when he reaches a certain grade of senility..."

What intelligence?

There is the saying "if it ain't broke..." but in the end it comes down to money like everything else is this grey & benighted Isle. We're now into peak shithole people - embrace it, enjoy it. You have never had it so good is dead right... Because you ain't seen nothing yet.

Australia down for scheduled maintenance: No talking to Voyager 2 for 11 months



We have a transmitter that is working - albeit a bit flakey at the moment - and a spacecraft which by all realistic standards is well beyond its service life but is miraculously still communicating.

We *know* what we need to manufacture and install and the changes we need to make to the transmitter - so why on earth are we risking the spacecraft for *months* uncontrolled when we could build out the transmitter components offline, test them as much as possible, bring them to the site and slap them in with the minimum downtime? Or am I missing something?

This system is an utterly unique resource and losing our ability to control it for months when there are other options seems criminal to me. Yes it has error correction and other systems on board but nothing to what human system engineers can accomplish.

Im seeing far too much of the "Columbia" spirit here - aka "don't worry, it'll be fine"..

Or to quote

"If nothing else works, a total pig- headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through."

Mixed with, to paraphrase

"We're taking an awful risk here, this had better work..."

I just can't see this ending well.

Pope tells his followers to log off for Lent


Re: Dear Francis

How should he fuck off oh Lord?

And the utterly perfect...

"Of course he's the Messiah. I should know I've followed a few"

I think the Internet proper should have locks against god botherers and other fun people (flatearth (#Frisbee) and vaxxers (#edward-jenner-die-die-die) come to mind). Each getting their own remedial area - like the Shiasphere or SunniSphere or Jewisphere, along with the Fluffysphere (Wicca, #shiningpathbunny), and all the rest - where they can all flame grille each other to their hearts content and leave the rest in peace. Could all get together and have 5 thousand a side flaming tournaments.

Starliner snafu could've been worse: Software errors plague Boeing's Calamity Capsule


Re: This is why the Shuttle never had a software problem that killed people

I think I said that. But the challenger on wasn't as soon as the boosters fired. Even then it might have made it but for higher than average wind shear.

I think your egotesticle might have defeated your reading ability.


Re: This is why the Shuttle never had a software problem that killed people

Slightly unfair comparison - both those situations were physical hardware events - one avoidable but irreversible once the launch was committed - the other could have been recoverable if the right action was taken (wing damage).

Both were a result of forcing the physical design envelope of the whole entity against advice and then in the latter case abject gormless indifference to even check for damage, ascertain the situation and work a solution - it was less of a technical challenge than apollo 13 that's for sure. Worst case scenario they could have fueled another shuttle and launched with minimal stores and a supply of heat resistant tiles or just evac-d the crew onto the rescue shuttle and hit the next window - it was not that technically challenging.

This situation in this case is a whole different kettle of fuck up. Its not a one point failure situation - its the exact opposite - you'd be hard pressed to find anything that these people did right. I think my A level computer studies group could have done better (in BASIC) than this shower. They cut/pasted code and worst of all, look up tables, into software for a different system, didn't check it visually or otherwise, didn't simulate it on ground systems that should have been available as part of the contract.

Given what's come out I'm amazed they managed to cobble things together so it got down in one piece - but I know I'd not be allowing that thing off the pad until its been fixed and tested throughout and I'd seriously be looking at having some senior and middle management staff fall on their wallets.

If that thing had taken the ISS down catastrophically and the remains smacked into a major Chinese or Iranian city...that plus "Dickwit diplomacy"...?


Re: Cock-up base here

You know - I am kind of wondering if they haven't subscribed to the British Leyland school of management..

Might explain a lot.

"Well you only ever need one knock sensor, why'd you need two stall sensors..?"

"African pilots? Whatever next? They don't like it up 'em you know."

"Why bother photostating all the manuals again Bill, no one reads 'em, and you can't do it anyway - the union would have a fit - it's not your job"


"GMT were good enough for Red Robbo so it's good enough for us..."

Some time later

"oh crap".

It's like Boeing is channelling the spirit of BL Solihull on a wet Friday in November. With rockets.


Cock-up base here

The calamity has landed..

Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'


Re: Why isn't any one offended men were required to wear a blazer and slacks or suit?

The one I love is the women who whine wail and scream like professional mourners because they're getting paid 60% of the men (I entirely support equal pay)... Oh woe is us because we can't negotiate at interviews. It's not fucking rocket science - note down the maximum salary and insist on it..

Then when the men take a pay *cut* toddle off under their feminazi rocks smirking like Ted Heath at a boys boarding school ... While the men are laughing themselves to death.

That is NOT equality you mindless idiots. Equality is having your pay *raised to the same level* as the person with the higher pay you sub average cretin - THE WHOLE POINT OF 40 YEARS of whining, causing climate change from all the burning bras, and dungarees was not for THEM to be in equality with you. It was for YOU to be in equality with them. Quite honestly you're an embarrassment to female kind. This isn't equality - it's best described as idiot-signalling. What did you do in the great equality war mummy? Oh, I let them get away with a pointless valueless gesture *and* saved them forever from paying out what they owed. Congrat-u-fucking-lations. Not only did you make yourselves a laughing stock, but you *saved* the companies that short changed you BILLIONS. You make Gwyneth Paltrow look useful and sane.

It's like someone cloned a couple of hundred million female Frank Spensers handed them a leaflet and told them "go forth and irritate".

The only slight good point in all this is the fact that hopefully they were too stoned on bra fumes to breed (probably made with asbestos somehow - everything else was (including brewery beer filters would you believe, I kid you not)) - else the general IQ would have plunged even further..

Boris celebrates taking back control of Brexit Britain's immigration – with unlimited immigration program


Re: Conservatism


Post Tory Sociopath Disorder


Paint & Plumbing

You forgot the asbestos...


Re: Correlation =/= causation.

Don't need to, they're called the Conservative party - as well as murdering NHS budgets every single time they got the chance, slicing education budgets so thin they looked like a salami after a fucking bad day and a fair bit of responsibility for Grenfell (let's clad the building so Jeremy & Cordelia don't have to look at concrete, might give them nightmares*).

I honestly despair of Brexitstani idiots. OF BLOODY COURSE racists voted for it IT'S A RACIST POLICY, it was always supposed to be (best said in a Monty Python style, and most of them will be spinning in their graves faster than a Rover V8 (because its on the side of the road with the bonnet up)).

They're not doing this to do you any favours either - not in a month of Saturnian sundays. They're doing it because being outside the EU will mean they can destroy workers rights and salaries that much quicker - yeah that'll be *your* salaries and your pensions and your everything else. Want your kids health records to be private? Want them to get a decent education, want to send them to university? ROFLMAO "yez really screwed the pooch on that one Morty"**

This is literally how the Weimar Republic ended and the bloody irony is we weren't doing all that bad thanks...

You just wait - in 3 years every company that can will be off this grey and unpleasant shithole and employment will go down faster than a Clinton intern (if you don't get the reference look it up). And consult your doctor you might be suffering from new variant PTSD Post Teenage Sociopath Disorder.

You've just given the Conservative party the right to do whatever they like for 4 years.

"Farewell, Human Rights Act,

Fuck off NHS,

You'll soon be a Trumpistani,

Your brain's long been there" -

Lyrics: Anon. Tune trad "Long way to Tipperary"

* "Well, there's your problem blog" YouTube Grenfell edition (with trigger warnings that by deep load tonnage make the Yamato-class look like a coracle with delusions of grandeur)

** banned by law because someone might learn to think outside the Borisbox"


Re: Conservatism

Please explain your logic there sweetie. Because I can see no scenario (things happening-Ed) where what I said and supporting Boris von Braindead und Nazi could ever correlate (agree).

To the point Rick Sanchez would have a headache..


Re: Conservatism

Entirely aware of that. But there is a general indication of the ability of the person to think. However also a polymath. Have various skills in several different fields including mechanical engineering (upgrading autocycle designs, upgrading various classic engines to improve mpg), paleontology, environmental studies, population studies and various others as well as climate change recovery plans. There is also a correlation between the retard ratio (17-18% population by US Govt study) and the number of times the Conservatives get in - the difference between the two main parties in '17 was 17% - yes I know - not a direct one..

The book Audit of War explains why I'd change my vote to remain (which makes a lie of the government right there) - British design and manufacturing has *always* been unmitigatedly shit, its just that we were first (arguable even there).

Hate to imagine what the Conservatives will do in the future. I have a theory they fully expected the retard-ratio result (the difference in votes in percentage is within the retard ratio) - a distraction so they could further ass-rape the NHS and sell our private medical records (illegally in my case).



Nazism with a human face

You will of course note this doesn't apply to anyone outside the EU.

Anywhere else you pay a slavery/colonial tax of £18,200 a person, my fiancee, Comfort, being Ghanaian - same as a certain Freema Aygeman. Ask me how I know. Really fun part is the reason I'll never be able to afford it is misdiagnosed fibromyalgia & Aspergers. I haven't been able to work for 12 YEARS due to the former. Thank you so much to the Conservatives for gutting the health service and education. You going to pay me the £2m in salary I'll have lost by retirement, Boris? No I thought not. If I could get my partner over here, with her energy and my knowledge, we could easily start a business and PAY TAXES - but we can't be nice to fuzzie wuzzies can we? Heaven forfend old chap...

Brexit simply shows we are in a duhmocracy not a democracy - and be advised - I have an averaged IQ of 135 and a highest depending on the test of 142, stupid I'm not. It's also deeply scary considering the deputy fuhrer, sorry home secretary, is the right wing nut jobs right wing nut job. Even the Charlotteville lot would be suggesting she turns it down a tad..

They have no respect for human rights, no understanding of reality re climate change and are basically 300 odd tea drinking, extremely polite mini-Trumps..

Congratu-fucking-lations. Good luck with that. Thanks so much...

Who honestly has a crown prince in their threat model? UN report officially fingers Saudi royal as Bezos hacker


You had me at..

UN fingers Saudi royal

Hopefully with a Bangalore torpedo.

GSMA report: Sorry, handset makers, 5G is not going to save the smartphone market


Re: When I can buy...

Oh, that's good, a cyclist. If you see a ivory over green Wolseley 18/85 bearing down on you at speed - that'll be me.

I don't recall mentioning it would be good for some lycra clad deathwishophile called Roland, I mentioned that it would be good enough for the average person and more than that since I've written whole books on a Nokia E70 no less.

As for your other whinge - ever heard of Scuba diving? On that subject Humboldt Squid are very personable chaps - when they flash red & white it means they like you. Oh and if you happen to visit Komodo or Flores you should wear white, the dragons like that. PS when they curl their tail that means they like you and want to be stroked... Seriously.

What is it with contrarywise cretintards who have to have their thruppence worth?


When I can buy...

A perfectly good octacore rugged mobile with android 9 & splitscreen for £100 (Ulefone X5). Only thing it's missing potentially is a fingerprint sensor, and you can get that on the Armor 5. Why on earth would I waste £1000 on overpriced cack even if I could afford it?

As for 5G I switch all my mobiles to 3G on the very rare occasions I enable data and since its faster than copper broadband, why would I need anything else. Saves battery life and stops the damn thing hunting for signal all the time.

The sooner the general consumer realises that there are good, reliable, cheap android phones floating around, the better for them, and the worse for manufacturers like Crapple and Shitesung - that's always a good thing.

Boeing, Boeing, gone! CEO Muilenburg quits 'effective immediately'


Oh, don't worry chaps...

He landed on his wallet...

Who'll give me 15:1 on an upcoming VW directorship? The synergy is definitely there...

Careful with that Axe, Eugene: Excessive use of body spray causes school bus evacuation


Oh God

The London underground in summer...

You need a gas mask if you're under 5ft 10“ or preferably a noddy suit.

I felt so sorry for the teenage girls rammed nose to armpit with some grunting beachmaster who you could smell from 200 yards downwind. Komodo Dragons would have turned tail at the smell.

Worst I imagine was for the girl of maybe 8-10 who'd get a heady mix of pit et le crotch with a side order of sycronised farting - I saw more than one turn green/pale.

I swear sometimes when the doors opened you could see armpit fumes rising like heat shimmer over the Sonoran..


First one I thought of.

It could only be Florida...

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit



Kill them all and let God sort it out. The sooner they're out of the gene pool the better for the human race.

What the Electric Peanut just did can and has gotten innocent people tortured and MURDERED. More to the point this has now made deformation of character and slander perfectly legal under US law*.

The Electric Peanut and all his works should be banned with immediate effect in the UK. The cars are not advantageous to the environment - unless everyone is using solar & nuclear fusion and even then they're more polluting than a good clean diesel - don't believe me? Look up SF6..

*For a given value of the term, unless you have a good lawyer

Welcome to cultured meat – not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter


Re: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot (for container farms???)

Salinity problems...

You mean like where the RSPB bought up some of the best arable land in the entire of East Anglia by outbidding the farmers who wanted to farm it - and promptly blew up the sea wall and flooded it with salt water and destroyed it, about 1000 acres worth? Think of the birdies...!!

And then you whine about food prices and ecology and respect for the land? Don't make me bloody laugh.

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Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero


Re: Earworm wearables?


Sorry, couldn't resist.

Watch tiny swimming magnetic robots suck up uranium in a droplet of radioactive wastewater


Re: Bite..

Any unnatural radioactivity inside the body is bad radioactivity. It's a simple principle.

Uranics aren't anywhere near as dangerous as strontium and cobalt isotopes but they are still radioactive. Even Radium paint can merrily dissolve a person given time (The Radium Girls, which you can find on Kindle, not a good way to die*).

*not for the squeamish. And if your vintage guns have a luminous nightsight - don't lick it..



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