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Walmart's Jesus Phone no better, no worse

Steve Wineberg

It's not about the $2

I don't think a lot of Europeans *get* just how large the United States is. Although, with your greatly improved educational system I will bet that a whole lot more of you know the numbers than Americans themselves do. I digress. Wal*Mart is everywhere. There are 6 within a half-hour's drive of me, and nearly as many Best Buy locations... however, with around 5 million inhabitants, Indiana has 1 Apple store. THAT is what the Wal*Mart partnership is all about. I am on my way out the door to visit my wife's family in St Louis. We will drive 276 miles, and pass 1 Apple store (The Galleria in St Louis) and at least a dozen Wal*Marts along I70. Regardless what the folks in California and New England think, there is more to the US than just the coasts.


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