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Got the CLOUD FEAR? Connected Data has a black 'n' blue cone to sell you


Like a cut down synology..

...that does this and way more for a price point of less than a couple of hundred quid to start

Qualcomm app 'extends battery life' by analysing fandroids' privates

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Works a treat

Have had this installed on my HTC one since it was in beta, showed a massive improvement.

Full day + of using the phone, thought impossible before

This 320-gigapixel snap of London is size of Buckingham Palace


Re: Saw this on the ONE show last night

I've found the guy (by a fluke) : http://tinyurl.com/aosdkbh

Border Agency comes out with another e-Borders deadline


IRIS was brilliant

IRIS was far better than the shite e-passport machines which forever have queues of people stood around them looking aimlessly at the ceiling instead of looking-at-the-bloody-camera.

It was quicker and didnt even need to get your passport out of your pocket, which made it a bit 'cool' - thats probably the government cancelled it, it was just too efficient.

I'm amazed that the Dutch e-passport machines (that have never seen me before) can process me far quicker than the e-passport pants that we've now implemented.

LOHAN seeks failsafe for explosive climax


Have a drone balloon...

Just had a bit of a eureka moment... or possible a silly idea..

The balloon is the risk here because once it pops it may cover everything, but the reason it pops is because it'll reach max pressure from the altitude.. so....

Use two balloons, one as the main load bearer (ie filled to the correct stated capacity to provide lift for the entire rig) and have another balloon of the same standard but only fill with say 50% of the gas. Tie the rig a significant distance below both balloons but tie the small balloon above the larger of the two - with a safe distance between the two.

Then when the main balloon bursts first the entire LOHAN structure will start to descend but... and heres the key thing.. the burst main balloon stays well clear of the main rig as itll be kept above the rig by the smaller balloon (make sure the secondary balloon can take the weight of the burst primary).

Then we can use one of the many burst balloon scenario detections.



Roku rocks media streamers into UK

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Bit pointless

NASA: Beam me up some power, Scotty


How many others read GigaWatts and immediately thought of Back to the Future?!

The Doc would've sorted it by now!

Google rolls out offline Gmail (for Chrome only)


Here is the link if you want it



Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7 gets aired


Samsung are starting to piss me off

They announced the 8.9 months ago and still dont have a release date.

For all the pain that comes along with the apple product launches at least when the launch they actually launch the thing.. to * gasp* sell

Dear Samsung, please remove thumb from arse and start selling some stuff..

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 due next week

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At last

The tablet I've been waiting for, hopefully will be the missing link from the weighty ipad to the short on features (admittedly by design) kindle

Is Anon ready for the social network?


Erm but it states its not made by Anonymous

On their page

"this idea is a presstorm idea and only takes the name anon because of the Anonymity of the social network. "

Pretty clear to me

Proper scientists: Old folk should drink more, not less

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Please drop the Trick Cyclists bullshit

In one article its mildly clever, but in every single article that refers to psychiatrists it now only ever says 'trick cyclists'.

Drop the bullshit, please

IPv6 on Mobile? Only if it's free


IPv6 is surely better for them

As the last few octets (yes I know this isnt the defact name yet, but you know what I mean) of the IPv6 address is from the MAC address of the device, surely it will make it easier for operators to know what device is where.

Also it'll likely help them link mobile contracts with mobiles, tablet contracts with tablets

Not necessarily great for the users (based on the way we get screwed either way) but from a billing perspective it must better for the ops

BBC One HD to go live tonight


Not showing on the Sky EPG yet

Wonder if it needs an update?

Mozy insists: It's not a bug...


i left mozy because of this exact point

I re-backed up 80GB 3 times with them before I gave up. they claim this doesn't Re upload but it still takes just as long.

move to humyo, uk based, a Tad more expensive, but you can use their tool which does full syncing, and one way syncing (stops this issue) and allows direct access to the data with your own client as well

Nipper's naked arse provokes Street View outrage


Oh will

some people just fuck off

Ye olde London comes to the iPhone

Jobs Horns

Re :/ why apple only?

You're going to see a lot more of this because of toss pot jobbs wanting everything written specifically for the iphone.

If this was written natively for the iphone its an entire rewrite to port to android et al, exactly what bad ol steve wants.

I was interested in going back to an iphone with the 4g (currently on nexus one - which is v good), but with this closed garden/wall/everything approach apple are moving to they are going to be too much of an apple only place.

Statistics prof nails Blackpool hoopla scam


What sort of a twat spends £1,200 in a session of throw the hoop

.. and they were a doctor?

Not much more to say on that!

iPhone ego clash costs Flash at Virgin America


Errrr. theres flash on the site

Check out the route map:


Dear Adobe: It's time for security rehab


Fully agree

I'm fed up with on every machine I use I'm constantly bombarded to update what is only a pdf reader, why does something so mundane have so many holes that it needs almost constant security updates.

I'd love to not have to use it at all

Google to outline smartphone strategy tomorrow

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I'm waiting to press the buy button

I've been waiting for ages for a decent android phone to come along, and my iphone 3g is feeling long in the tooth.

I'm all for google until they truly turn evil, at which point I'll have to do a 'Lily' and cease to be online, cause they will know too much by then!

Cool-er e-book reader to gain 3G, Wi-FI models


What a wanky product name

Pretty much sums it up!

Cisco's UCS needs a bra



Can someone show me where the bra is in that pic, im lost

Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series


Fail - Look at the site on Chrome - browser is not compatible


Bloke uses nail clippers to go roundhead


What a bell end

or lack of!

'Air fuelled' battery tech invented in Scotland

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Ok I read the story earlier, but bugger me - thats some pretty shit hot stats it can kick out if you feed it the right info

Tram driver crashes while texting


Where are the RMT?

If this was in blighty that fat wanker Bob Crow would have the tube on strike for a week for the terrible treatment of one of his dahling boys.

Samsung unveils first Android handset


At bloody last...

Finally some more Android handsets coming, will get HTC to up their game

O2 wins UK Palm Pré exclusive?


Fucks sake...

I'm about to leave o2 (and my iphone) because of o2's bloody awful network.

Now another decent handset will get ruined by their god awful 3g network.

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

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o2 is simply shite

Fed up with visual voicemail just not working, and crap signal.

I've already started the process to cancel.

Shure SE102 sound-isolating earphones


@ Eddie Edwards

"Math fail" = English fail, its 'Maths fail'.

None of this US of A spelling on here please!

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag


F*cks sake....

....will people leave broadcasters along, soon we will have to return to re-runs of 70s sit coms because everything else is just 'too' edgy.

Its all bollocks.

The True Confessions of an Election Official

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Brilliant stuff

Heartwarmingly lovely!

Apple channels Pandora with iTunes 8


$80 is piss cheap for a set of in ear dual driver ear phones

Compare them to any other dual driver sets and you will find this is at least half market price

Home radio networks: One standard to rule them all?

Paris Hilton

Sod wireless, go homeplug

Wireless is cramped, slow and doesnt go through walls terribly well.

Homeplug is the future, simple, scalable and every device (bar laptops/pmp's which will keep wirelesS) needs a plug.

Paris:/ because even she knows wireless is crap!

Dell's dinky designer desktop

Gates Horns

Get a Mac Mini

Cheaper (Dell has shite spec) and great interface (front row)

CE giants pitch yet another wireless HD standard


Why wont people give up on wireless - its shite

The amount of bandwidth the public can use is tiny and its stuffed full of stuff - how fast/slow is your wireless network at home?

Homeplug is brilliant and means that all devices plugged into the 240v mains are on the same network, with no interference from neighbours.

As all tv's/dvd's/media centres need to be plugged in its the ideal interface

Im imaging having your ps3 plugged into the wall, then you plug your tv, and both devices show up on your home network - thats how home networking should (and almost does) work

DARPA plans soldier-tagging system for US troops


Is DARPA actually The Stig?

<random though>

Reason I ask is that every DARPA based story gets a great random babbling intro - exactly like The Stig on top gear!

</random thought>

Bavaria sanctions police spyware



Clearly if the user has vista and has uac turned on then it wont get installed anyway because vista is so secure.

Oh, sorry, maybe not!

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

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Mines 'in progress'

I was on the site @ 8.20 and had to try 5 times, but managed to get an order confirmation...now heres waiting to see what/if anything arrives on friday!

Google preps conflict of interest-tastic web analytics tool


Trends for Websites...hmm

Interesting they will let you see microsoft, apple et all...but it wont let you look at google.com stats, very interesting!

It's time for a close-up look at mobile porn



Doesnt this look like Phorm would almost be perfect to monitor this type of activity?

Is Vista ready for Business?

Gates Horns

You cant say 'I WAS a Visa user at xx'

I had vista for 3 months, ended up ebaying my PC and now have a Mac, lovely!

No I'm not a fanboi, but it is just better!

El Reg visits Hyderaspace and sees bullocks, giant rabbits

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Good luck to them

I spend Easter in New Delhi and from seeing what a lot of people have (some of the worst poverty in the world) good bloody luck to them being able to kick start their economy and join the rest of the 'first' world.

Japanese geeks offered smaller-than-Eee little laptop

Dead Vulture

The death of the PMP?

Who would ever buy a PMP when you can pick one of these babies up, screen is just as big and you can do a hell of a lot more than just watch movies!

Archos et al are dead!

Nortel widens telecom tubes with 40Gb/s optical cards


@ John Miles

Yes it is an issue hence on optical networks you will find ILA (In line amplifiers) and ILR (In line regenerators) every 70kms or so. These are swapped dependant on the overall distance covered between the main bits of kit at either end.

The ILA's just bump up the signal and the ILR's reshape the signal from a more wavy curve to be a more square binary light pulse.

Interestingly the speeds keep increasing for the end cards year on year however the ILA's and ILR's keep handling the increased speed as they are relatively non-complicated bits of kit. Remember that those lovely fibres across the pond also need these things, so you will find them under the sea every 70ks or so and they have been doing this for quite a few years.

Notts police seize mobile phone stun gun


@ What *current* do they output

Isnt it more 'Watt' current do they output....coat being put on as we speak!

Interestingly when I was about 14 I made one of these from a disposable camera, just take some handy cable from either side of the capacitor and you've got a lovely stun-gun. If I remember right if the discharge wires were too close together they would also give a nice skin burn as well!

Got an amicable a*se? We have the job for you



I think it should be friendly persona, just someone had a few too many shandys before writing the ad!

Logitech touts armchair keyboard


Want one..now

for my mac mini, that look great!