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Flinging Facebook insults at Thai monarchy earns fat jail terms

Chris Hatfield

So, what if I was to get a PAYG phone and SMS random Thai phone numbers? With comments like:

The Kings and Queen Smell of Poo and wee, LOL!!!

My inner troll is telling me to do this. An international SMS is only 20p!

Music biz presses BT to block The Pirate Bay

Chris Hatfield

The greatest the film industry can actually achieve like this, will be about as powerful as pissing in an ocean.

Nerds will get around stuff, with ease. There are lots of nerds, even "closet nerds".

Google+ succumbs to Facebook game envy

Chris Hatfield

Seriously, Google?

The main reason for me joining G+ was to avoid shit like Farmville.

This, combined with Google's creepiness is making me hate G+ as much as Facebook.

The no-pseudoyms thing was the first big red flag.

Dear Google (and Facebook) : fuck you.

Hackers dump secret info for thousands of cops

Chris Hatfield


Didn't that twat Aaron Barr pine for stuff to make Anon & Glenn Greenwald look like bad guys? This could be them

In any case, who ever did this is irresposible and stupid.

Marketer taps browser flaw to see if you're pregnant

Chris Hatfield

YouPorn.com ?

I am 12 years old and what is this?

Hacked Sun site greatly exaggerates Murdoch's death

Chris Hatfield


Problem, Murdoch?

Google denies 'freeze' on manual search controls

Chris Hatfield


Calicanis is an anus of the highest calibre; forgive me El Reg for using such language.

He used to be on TWiT podcasts (before he stole the idea thisweekin.com and to irritate Laporte) and he was so irritating. He talks shit, making him the very definition of an anus.

Sony implicates Anonymous in PlayStation Network hack

Chris Hatfield

I hope Congress is astute..

..as the journo who wrote this.

The Sony man probably put that file there, to garner sympathy.

Apple sued over iPhone location tracking

Chris Hatfield

You're correct

..but I still desire Apple sofware and hardware.

Chris Hatfield

Apple legal stuff is water-tight, I betcha.

There as so many fucking disclaimers in their EULAs, I bet the consumer has zero recourse.

Son of AV tycoon rescued following 'stupid' kidnapping

Chris Hatfield


I'm so pleased he's okay. When I first heard about the kidnapping, I feared the worst.

Feds indict poker sites, seize domains

Chris Hatfield

Wait, just the DNS?

So, the sites are still active, it's just the DNS? If so, the sites are still there... right?

Chris Hatfield

Great Job, Feds

Now _all_ illegal internet gambling has been solved. You can all give yourselves:

1. a pat on the back

2. pay rise


Oregon legislators salute Rick Astley

Chris Hatfield

Marks for effort

But was unfunny, to me.


Chris Hatfield

Evan Mills can..

...fuck off and die. Don't plants convert CO2 to O2 during photosynthesis?

Why can't we grow the sacred herb in hot countries and import them? Oh yeah, that's right, due to silly, unjust laws. We wouldn't want to threaten the alcohol industry.

I'm about to warm up my Volcano to vaporise some fine herbs.

Capitalism killed the Martians, suggests Hugo Chavez

Chris Hatfield


This article isn't a joke?

Apple sues Amazon over 'App Store' name

Chris Hatfield

This fails as much as Rebecca Black (Gotta have bowl, gotta have cereal)

I love Apple products, but happy to call them out when they are being ABSURD.

They are being twats! Stop wasting Amazon's money (through legal fees), just because you have mountains of cash.

iPad 2 sales kick off in dead of night

Chris Hatfield

I bet the Guy camping out in that tent

oustide an Apple store feels like a right nincompoop! Dude needs to find a new hobby.

Gmail auto sorts bulk mail, notifications, forum messages

Chris Hatfield

Great Innovation, but IMAP duplication nightmare?

GMail just continues to get better and better. <3

However, have heard of many IMAP clients duplicating messages that have more than one label (e.g. "inbox" "forums") , so that could be a problem?

Anonymous probed for hack threat against WikiLeaker captors

Chris Hatfield

This disgusting treatment must stop IMMEDIATELY

What they are doing to Bradley Manning is beyond reprehensible, he would suffer much less if they just put a bullet through his head, last July.

Forgive me for strong language El Reg, but they are being complete cunts.

I'd like to remind everyone who is as disgusted and outraged as I am to:

1. Follow the superb Glenn Greenwald on Twitter (@ggreenwald)

2. Watch the Colbert Report show where Stephen Colbert does an EXCELLENT narrative of the HBGary events. The actual episode is called 'The.Colbert.Report.2011.02.24.Glenn.Greenwald-Mike.Huckabee' (UK folks will have to get it from Bit Torrent as ColbertNation.com won't show videos to Brits, for Copyright reasons)

Ecstasy doesn't make rave-goers any stupider - official

Chris Hatfield

Drug safety

Back in the early 2000s, I used to order an ecstasy testing kit from the green party(!) You took a pill scraping, and put some liquid on it. If it turned purple, it was pure MDMA. The degree of purple indicated the strength

If it was cut with bad stuff, it turned other colours. I was very anal about testing all my pills, because of all the media moral panic. The Dutch to do it right - they have super expensive electronic equipment in nightclubs to test the ingredients.

Chris Hatfield

Ebeneezer Goode

There's a guy in the place

He's got a bittersweet face

And he goes by the name of Ebeneezer Goode

His friends call him Eezer and he is the main geezer

And he'll vibe about the place like no other man could

He's refined, he's sublime, he makes you feel fine

Though very much maligned and misunderstood

But if you know Eezer he's a real crowd pleaser

He's ever so good, he's Ebeneezer Goode

You can see that he's mischievious, mysterious and devious

When he circulates amongst the people in the place

But once you know he's fun and something of a genius

He gives a grin that goes around from face to face to face

Backwards and then forwards, forwards and then backwards

Eezer is the geezer who loves to muscle in

That's about the time the crowd all shout the name of Eezer

As he's kotcheled in the corner, laughing by the bass bin

E's are Good, E's are Good

He's Ebeneezer Goode

E's are Good, E's are Good

He's Ebeneezer Goode

E's are Good, E's are Good

He's Ebeneezer Goode

E's are Good, E's are Good

He's Ebeneezer Goode

He's Ebeneezer Goode

TiVo calls time on ageing set-tops

Chris Hatfield


I paid £200 for a "Lifetime subscription" , as an alternative to paying £10/month.

The hardware still works, why discontinue service? this is really disappointing

Why would they risk the bad PR and do something like this?

Sony tweets 'secret' key at heart of PS3 jailbreak case

Chris Hatfield


at epic fail.

Palin's email snooper sent to prison

Chris Hatfield

If someone causes embarrassment, they will be punished

This is a fucking travesty of justice; utterly disgraceful.

What this kid (effectively, he's a kid) was reveal how airhead Palin was using Yahoo! mail for Government Business.

He caused embarrassment to the airhead Palin, and she's pulling all the strings she can. She used fucking Yahoo! Mail for official Government business. That ought to be a sackable offense itself.

A 366 day sentence is way over-the-top. Even a 3 day sentence would be too much. This needs to be reduced. He should not be under the same roof as rapists and murderers. It's sick.

I have zero respect for Sarah Palin or any of her supporters; I consider them all to be stupid or scum. I wish them nothing but ill.

Also, there is no god, so grow up.

WikiLeaks.org resurrected in US of A

Chris Hatfield

zOMG Julian Assange is teh evilz!!!!!!1

Yes, they're easy to spot. They're the all the red-thumbs down ratings. Written with the intelligence of Sarah Palin

I guess only El Reg staff can see their IPs. Wonder if they are from the Hexagon. They should go back to crying into their cornflakes.

Dear idiots, with today's technology and communication, you can NEVER suppress information. The unintended consequences of your continue to be delicious. Ever more copies are created and yet more interest is generated.

Assange and Wikileaks are replaceable. It is now harder than ever to hide corruption. (didums!)

Chris Hatfield

Um, Bradley Manning?

Hes called Bradley Manning. He's gay. Lots of right wing foamers are saying that he did it because he's an angry gay, and gays shouldn't be trusted (and nonsense like that)

Channel 4 news did a special report on him yesterday. Not for the first time. Where have you been?

People are calling for his execution.

Grand jury meets to decide fate of WikiLeaks founder

Chris Hatfield

Assange Rally on Tue afternoon

It will be a travesty if Assange is extradited. Corrupt people in power have lost their cloak of invincibility, FOREVER.

Even if you destroy one man (Assange), OpenLeaks and other Wikileaks mirrors will always be here to expose your crimes.

Why is Ron Paul the ONLY person to speak sense in the US Senate. He says it well in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaAUmPNR69w

Anonymous attacks PayPal in 'Operation Avenge Assange'

Chris Hatfield

PayPal must be used to DDoS, but from criminals

I would imagine they are held to ransom, frequently. (From Eastern European gangs etc.) They probably have the infrastructure to deal with a moderate DDoS attack.

I too champion Wikileaks, Assange & transparency, but I don't think this approach will actually get any results.

I'm sure the eBaums World crowd have a good heart, but they should realise it's not legal and it won't work. Lobbying MPs? As if they give a fuck about what we think! Hah. They have to obey the party leader - they would get sacked if they opposed a policy. (Remember what happened to Professor David Nutt -- and he wasn't even a politician!)

Anyway, great coverage El Reg.

PS - be sure to check out the Wikileaks rap video on Youtube (news spoof)

WikiLeaks ousted from Amazon US

Chris Hatfield

Sarah Palin is advocating use of "cybertools" to take down Wikileaks

She's like, why didn't Obama do more? I see she is as computer literate as Jessi Slaughter's dad (remember the cyber-police?). If she was President, the implication is, that she'd use every gosh-darn cybertool out there.

It's obvious that the Amazon hosting would eventually be pulled, servers are in the US and/or EU. It's amazing that they put it on there in the first place, IMO.

When people like Palin think of a website, they probably imagine a brick & mortar building that they can bomb, or something. What they are doing is so futile. Their stupidity is quite endearing. :D

I just love that politicians are being brought down to size. Egotistical idiots, with delusions of granduer. UK politicans would rather we all just watched X-Factor & stopped worrying about nuclear weapons, like obedient citizens.

People, in general, need to be more careful with electronic communication. I recall in uni when people would use *email* to sort out a bit of hash etc. I was like 'you do realise, they can read every email you've ever sent, even if it's been deleted'. Their response: 'oh, I don't think so! I always empty the trash folder [in Pegasus email client when I logout]. Plus it's PRIVATE, they wouldn't, it would be illegal' (!)

Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange

Chris Hatfield

Bill O'Reilly & Sarah Palin have now called for his execution

To all the dumbass Americans (not the intelligent ones, of which there are many) who agree with this sentiment, I have three words for you:

- First Amendment, bitches!

[source: http://www.computerworlduk.com/news/it-business/3251386/sarah-palin-says-target-wikileaks-julian-assange-like-the-taliban/ ]

Whilst Assange is the figurehead of Wikileaks, it can and will continue without him. Go look up 'bullet-proof hosting'.

Chris Hatfield

Assange is a troll - in a good way

I love Wikileaks and think what they have done is extremely lulzy. I know what he's doing is very important for democracy and transparency, but the best thing, for me, is the entertainment value.

He isn't just trolling anyone. He's literally trolling the most powerful people in the world.

And I get a massive kick when idiot makes a comment on El Reg, saying they think Wikileaks is teh evilz. Then that comment gets a load of red thumbs-downs, because El Reg readers are mostly intelligent.

Hillary is RAGING, they want blood. Watching her stupid face as she approaches the lectern, gives me no end of joy. "We strongly condemn .. blah blah blah".

Hearing that Sarkozy say that Wikileaks is a "threat to democracy" also made me really happy. Why? Because it makes him sound like a complete tit and he doesn't even realise it!

I guess Assange is restricted to the UK, for now. My biggest worry, is that he'll be quite isolated so won't get much female companionship (in hiding). I guess that's something he'll have to live with.

Police-baiting website Fitwatch returns

Chris Hatfield

Awesome counter-counter surveillance site, I would never have heard of!

But now, thanks to the Met, I've been enlightened.

For those of you too lazy to read the site, FIT = Forward Intelligence Team, the folks who infiltrate protestors & take photos of protesters.

Hey, I would have thought this was reasonable law enforcement until I learnt that comedian MARK THOMAS was on their 'list'. A journalist found one of FIT's confidential memos (or something) that had Mark Thomas down as a potential troublemaker (or something).

I love the internet :) The Met's legal team & top brass are crying into their cornflakes, for being shady, and that makes me happy.

Google alerts users to Facebook contacts 'trap'

Chris Hatfield
Thumb Up

Many developers leaving Google & joining Facebook

I anticipate lots more fierce competition in future. Facebook are a bigger threat to Google than Bing.

It was wise of Google to use phrasing like that. Most people will now at least read the first few sentences. But remember that most people are stupid (ignorant/don't care) so they may just ignore the warning anyway.

ps - can we please have a FAILbook icon? :D

Palin email hacker asks judge for leniency

Chris Hatfield

Give this "hacker" an award, NOW!

The scatter-brain Sarah Palin illegally used Yahoo! Mail for Govt work. She was incredibly stupid to leaver her account so vulnerable. She metaphorically placed a spare key under the doormat, so anyone could get in, with minimal effort.

Sarah Palin ought to be SEVERELY punished for this. David Kernell should be given an award for what he's done. He simply did it for the lulz, imagine if some nefarious person had done if for financial gain.

Notorious Anonymous hacktivists launch fresh attacks

Chris Hatfield

Gene Simmons has threatened Anonymous with legal action & jail time

Check it out: http://www.slyck.com/story2088_Gene_Simmons_Directly_Threatens_Anonymous_With_Legal_Action_Jail_Time

Now 4chan, 711chan, eBaums World and trolls have redoubled their efforts.

Gawker does a great job of explaining why he's possibly a fool: http://valleywag.gawker.com/5666411/gene-simmons-doesnt-understand-the-internet

Ballerina canned for flashing her assets

Chris Hatfield
IT Angle

She's lovely

Such a refreshing change to see her, as opposed to the fat heffers usually associated with opera.

I have some concerns though:

- Is she inhaling? Her ribs are very visible. I need to see more photos in order to gauge her overall health, for research purposes. Are said photographs online?

Ladies such as herself can make substantial revenue from some harmless pictures like this. It may even generate interest in opera. Well, it would do if not for some moral crusade

Feds asked to probe Google's leaky search terms

Chris Hatfield

Are you fucking kidding me?

As many others have said browsers pass on referrrer info! Also happens with Yahoo, Bing etc.

Sorry for strong language, but the guy is a moron! It's been like this for decades.

Work arounds:

- use Google secure i.e. https://google.com

- turn of referring (For instructions, Google for a simple tutorial on how to do it in Firefox - it takes like 2 mins)

- Copy and paste the URL

Ministry of Sound floored by Anonymous

Chris Hatfield

Gallant MacMillan went offline voluntarily

I observed yesterday's events. It would appear that the law firm pulled their page, in anticipation of the civil disobedience of Anonymous.

The 'target' was changed to Ministry of Sound. In the IRC chatroom, everyone was talking about 'charging their lasers' (not sure what that means) and pointing it at the MoS site.

A good source to follow is http://twitter.com/savetpb, or just search for the hashtag #savetpb on Twitter. Anonymous appear to be also using Facebook, Digg, 711chan, 4chan and eBaums World.

What is the commercial fallout for MoS being offline for a few hours? Probably not that much. I guess the intent is a symbolic protest & media attention.

I'm torn - I very strongly disagree with DDoS but feel that this issue needs to be highlighted. I fear the Digital Economy Act and the false allegations it will bring. I mean - it's utterly unworkable.

ACS:Law's mocking of 4chan could cost it £500k

Chris Hatfield

Soundcloud prank calls

Tracks have reached their download limit. Unable to download. Or hear.

Chris Hatfield

ACS:Law : "Criminal" attack on website

The "criminal" attack on their website is different to their criminal breach of Data Protection Laws by ACS:Law. Thank you, El Reg, for making this so clear.

Andrew Crossley knows this, I'm sure, but is trying to spin for PR (in my humble opinion).

It was serendipity on that part of Anons, from all corners of the net, not just 4chan but anti-anti-piracy activists and good people who never/rarely to go 4chan. Never underestimate the creativity or a bored bunch of teens.

Partyvan.info has always been the main hub, but as it's very decentralised, there are lots of little hubs.

I would remind people with weak stomachs not to peruse the 4chan boards.

Second piracy threat lawyers withstand DDoS attack

Chris Hatfield

Perhaps numbers are dwindling

If they can't take down Davenport Lyons, I imagine that they've just got bored.

This article should really be tagged with '4chan'; not so much Anonymous. Anoymous-Chanology and Anonymous-4chan can be (and often are) different people. Anonymous-Chanology is infested with so called 'moralfags' who have a hissy fit whenever someone even suggests something not-legal. Anonymous 4chan does whatever it wants, for the lulz, apparently.

Dear Anon - do more protesting & less fapping. Also, stay legal.

India bans mass messaging on mosque riot fears

Chris Hatfield

SMS is just one means of communication

What about Twitter?

Is India becoming China now?

I am sure the crazies will find some rhyme or reason to riot, regardless, sadly.

Schmidt: 'Google doesn't do data mining'

Chris Hatfield

Stephen Colbert is genius

I download this show & The Daily Show everyday here in the UK. The guys is hiliarous!

The Colbert persona didn't go soft on Schmidt at all. He did it in a very funny way. I loved the way he took the piss out of him for pulling out of China, but only after 4 years!

It's a must watch. I'd link to the official page on www.ColbertNation.com, but the videos are country blocked to the UK.

One can just go to thepiratebay.org and search for 'Colbert Report'. As it's so popular there are usually always several hundred 'seeders' for the previous day's show.

[One can also buy it from iTunes - it's what I may or may not do]

Piracy threats lawyer mocks 4chan DDoS attack

Chris Hatfield

Big Whoop indeed! ACS Law = ACS Bore, lol

1. Well, *he has a point* ! But it was a symbolic protest. Bringing ACS:Law website down for a short while is *no big deal*.

2. What he has said will be interpreted as a CHALLENGE to many 4chan trolls to be more disruptive. i.e. he has fed the trolls. As revenge, they will probably do something childish like Photoshop his head on a donkey, or something. I imagine they'll use the photo that appears to be on <http://acsbore.wordpress.com/>.

Intel slips anti-theft tech into hardware to deter thieves

Chris Hatfield

Can be abused by totalitarian regimes?

IN THEORY, could this possibly prevent people from being anonymous?. e.g. a Word document or text file could have the chip's anti-theft ID embedded in the metadata (or something)

This could potentially identify the computer that was used to make the document. Whilst this might help to identify people stealing company data, it would also hamper whistle-blowing.

Part of the problem is that I just don't trust Intel. They have been doing something fairly cunty - selling Gateway computers & asking people to buy scratchcards if they want 'extra features' (already in the chip) 'unlocked' : http://www.crunchgear.com/2010/09/19/intel-selling-scratch-off-upgrade-cars-to-unlock-processor-power/

4chan launches DDoS against entertainment industry

Chris Hatfield

Those pesky 4chan kids!

As the article states, the Indian compay AIPlex was DDoSing sites like the Pirate Bay. They got a taste of their own medicine.

Mischievous 14-year-olds using very basic freeware (LOIC) for the lulz. Most probably using their neighbours' wireless networks.

Obviously, *I* would never engage nor condone such activity. But I don't mind watching. It is funny.

Taking down the MPAA / RIAA website has to be just symbolic - I very much doubt their function was impaired. People not able to access their site for like 48 hours. It was a success in that they got media coverage. Lots of coverage.

I wonder if AIPlex will continue their strategy of possibly illegal DDoS attacks, on torrent websites.

Bollywood 'recruits DDoS hired guns to fight movie pirates'

Chris Hatfield

They are being DDoSed by 4chan

according to http://torrentfreak.com/4chan-ddos-takes-down-mpaa-and-anti-piracy-websites-100918/

Karma's a bitch

iPhone finds its Google Voice

Chris Hatfield

We can't get Google Voice in the UK

...well unless, you use a US proxy. You do need an initial US number to get 'verified' (which you can do by using SkypeIN with a USA number, for example)

I've played with Google Voice & I love it.

I can't wait to see it in the UK, but I have a feeling I'll be waiting forever :(