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Trump fires cybersecurity boss Chris Krebs for doing his job: Securing the election and telling the truth about it


Re: You see Trump, now blaiming the voting machines.

You've perfectly encapsulated what I think about all this bleating – as with everything Trump spouts, it's projection based on his own thoughts and strategies.

Quite terrifying, when you think about it.

Welp, it is the season for silicon mega-mergers... AMD rumored to be in advanced talks to buy FPGA slinger Xilinx for $30bn+


Can someone smarter than me tell me whether this FPGA acquisition might have something to do with having a long-eye on RISC-V development?

If so, I'm assuming AMD is shoring up against nVidia's potential purchase of ARM?

Runaway Latvian drone found meditating in tree after shutting down nation's skies


Well, I posted with that exact event in mind, so I did actually mean 'another' way, as in a drone doesn't even require deploying amidst a heavily-surveilled area such as an airport's flight restriction zone.


Looks like someone inadvertantly found another way for drones to cause infrastructure chaos. Just wait 'til Extinction Rebellion hears about this!

SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon cleared to hoist real live American astronauts into space


Re: Bon Voyage

What's the wonderfully-monikered Gwynne Shotwell done to annoy you?

I'm the queen of Gibraltar and will never get a traffic ticket... just two of the things anyone could have written into country's laws thanks to unsanitised SQL input vuln


How very odd for me that this pops up now - I was just last night staring at a Gibraltarian £1 coin I received as change my last visit there* wondering at the text on Madge's side, confidently asserting "Elizabeth II - Queen of Gibraltar" which as technically true as it may be, made her scope sound a lot titchier, provincial and even moreso diminished than the worst fears of any good Empire-missing Briton might suffer.

* Conveniently, they're the old-style £1 coins, so utterly useless back in Blighty, except for buying condoms, lube or plastic sex-toys in motorway service stations, which I believe to be the only vendors still accepting them (not that I've tried, I simply read a notice one onesuch machine as I dried my hands at a service station, last time I drove down the M1)

Accused hacker Lauri Love tries to retrieve Fujitsu lappie and other gear from Britain's FBI in court


Back when I ..er.. sold magic mushrooms for a living (legally, I might add), I had a couple of sets of electronic scales taken by the Police and after a few months of no actual charge (again, because it was legal) we were able to get our hands back on them.

They'd also taken some of our stock and some other bits and bobs alongside, but I had no real interest in getting back x month old thoroughly-rotten fungal matter, just the scales, which were quite good ones and not cheap.

Annoyingly, the rotting fungal matter had conspired with the batteries to thoroughly rot the contacts, so we had to throw the scales out anyway.

Can't be too annoyed - this happened early on during those few short years where fresh mushrooms were legal, and we DID just try and walk into a festival with 4 large cooler boxes full of psychedelic wares. I shouldnt've been TOO surprised to not have been greeted with warm smiles and open arms by Police-backed security.

Raspberry Pi Foundation says its final farewells to 40nm with release of Compute Module 3+


Re: What do you destroy

Hey Phuzz - my first ever proper Grown Up computer (post Amiga..) was from Evesham - a 66Mhz DX2 with 64mb RAM, I think.

I was so excited! I carefully set it up, plugged it in ... and the PSU blew, dramatically. The wrong voltage had somehow been set on the wee switch.

To their credit, their return policy was quick and straightforward, but it did leave me wondering wt I was getting in to!

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!


Or, y'know, using applications that simply don't appear on Linux.

Saying this as I should be receiving my first Win10 machine tomorrow - a laptop so I can work away in the New Year. Looking forward to the new laptop, less so to Win10. I'm hoping I can scourge much of the tracking by scouring through gitHub and that German company with the stripping-tool (name escapes me right now).

As much as not everyone uses an IDE to do all their work, not everyone's playing online games and chatting on Facebook as you so decide to condescendingly deride.

Millennials 'horrify' their neighbours with knob-shaped lights display


Re: Worthless without pictures

re: GDPR pop-up — this local rag's not sharing data with the most egregious quantity of innocuously-named 'vendors' as others I've happened upon since GDPRgeddon made it easy to check — only 126.

I clicked a link to some East London paper recently and was bemused to see that they'd liked to have shared my details with 416 'vendors'.

So THAT is why we have GDPR.

Huawei's Watch GT snubs Google for homegrown OS


Clearly what's needed in that case is an app that wakes you up periodically to inform you on the quality of your sleep.

Teardown chaps strip away magic from Magic Leap's nerd goggles


Re: So it's not that magical now that it's real ? Shocking, innit ?

Whilst I agree with your conclusion, I'm not sure your reasoning about Google's weight behind a project leading to its success - given their track record, if anything, the opposite.

Google kills AdWords!


Yeah, that's what I wondered - whether they were purposefully making it a bit convoluted to drive an ecosystem of locked-in 'experts' who then go on to espouse Google as a be all and end all.


After my site disappeared off the front page of Google search results, screwing my new business income, I gave adWords a shot earlier this year. Complete mistake - my professional domain is not one to best attract a useful customer base via banner advertising - in fact, the opposite. Lesson learned.

Anyway, I consider myself fairly technically competent, having been an avid computer-user for nearly 35 years now, but I've got to say that I found the AdWords back-end to be one of the most incomprehensibly convoluted, labyrinthine and confusing messes of an interface I've ever used.

Is it just me?

I was quite boggled by it - I know Google suffers this in a variety of instances, but AdWords is their primary revenue stream, no? How are the great mass of unwashed schlubs supposed to make sense of it?

Ex-US pres Bill Clinton has written a cyber-attack pulp thriller. With James Patterson. Really


@kane - this being WH Smith, when I looked up and about all I could see was the dull strobing of aging fluorescents throwing dusty ceiling tiles into stark, overly-gritty relief.

So, yeah, perhaps a bit PKD...


I was literally this morning staring at this with a blank look of complete stupidity, wondering where or when I'd ended up. I was deep in a WH Smith store, mind, which didn't help.

Blighty's super-duper F-35B fighter jets are due to arrive in a few weeks


Re: re: anything to add

Thanks Baldrickk and Ledswinger for your responses.

I'm thinking perhaps I'd forgotten over the years what the intended specified role for the Eurofighter was, having read of it trialling Brimstone lobbing, etc, so perhaps had gotten used to the idea it could be a shoe-in for non-naval roles that the F-35 is laterally intended for.

Oh, to have a stealthified, modern tech update of the Buccaneer... *swoon*


Anyone from Reg or any beknowledged commentards have anything to add to this story, which is doing the rounds..?


"The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has so far bought 48 aircraft at a cost of £9.1 billion but is now reconsidering its pledge to buy a further 90 F-35s.

Instead, the Telegraph understands it is looking at purchasing Eurofighter jets, made by a European consortium that includes the UK. The European manufactured jets are currently, on best estimates, about half the price of an F-35"


I don't think Blighty needs a lot of over-specced stealth-ish craft and as much as the Typhoon might too be a bit overwrought (given the flavour of 'adversaries' we put these things up against these days), this would be a bit of a welcome break. I'd've assumed though that we were contractually obliged to buy at least a significant share of the 138 F-35s we've promised to? Obviously we need enough to make our bloody catapult-free carriers 'useful'... .

Adobe, 'hyper personalisation' and your privacy


Re: "People are buying experiences, not products"

I've been using Illy and PS for over 20 years now, and loathe Adobe and its lock in Cloud scam more than ever - so, whilst i'm currently completely locked into Adobe to ensure compatability with files I receive from clients (literally the only reason I finally 'upgraded' from my bought CS4 disc to the ball-twisting irritation that is CC) I buy every Serif product, Just Because. I've barely even used them... .

Adobe needs competition; They need to be forced to open out their file; formats or at least have a significant challenger to compete with something existing and open (EPS or SVG, anyone?).

I'm not hopeful. It'll be years before their current position can be in any way threatened. A shame for me - I used to be a total Adobe fan boy, now their money-wringing business model just turns my stomach.

Brexit has shafted the UK's space sector, lord warns science minister


Re: An insider speaks

How is such an innocuous statement wrong, or indeed more absolutist and polarised than your reaction to it? I hold The Guardian and the Daily Mail at about the same level in terms of oral frothing, even if they're on different sides. Picking on the DM's like shitting in a barrel full of dead fish, easy enough to do but pointless and unbecoming.

I personally have perceived lots wrong with the EU, but I didn't Vote for Brexit and I have more than most Brits to lose by our leaving (partner, family, etc). Just because the Daily Mail wants us out, doesn't mean the EU's not without fault.

Personally I think we sould've stayed in - can't fix something from the outside. Oh well.


Quite - this seems to be the crux of a recent admission from the Russians in relation to their competing with SpaceX's increased launch capability...


"The share of launch vehicles is as small as 4 percent of the overall market of space services," Rogozin said in an interview with a Russian television station. "The 4 percent stake isn’t worth the effort to try to elbow Musk and China aside. Payloads manufacturing is where good money can be made."

(Is linking to Ars ok here after Mr Page's defection? :| )

Fear the Reaper: Man hospitalised after eating red hot chilli pepper


Re: Obviously not Thai...

A friend who has spent many months in Thailand kickboxing training used to eat that stuff for breakfast every morning, whilst training and keeping trim.

I had a taste once.


I love chillies, but not like that, or then. Never like that. Never then.


Re: How?

> I saw them mowed down A thai dragon pepper plant. I thought hell they cant be that hot and ate 4 at once.

It's not often I actually LOLALOUD on the Reg forums, but you created the perfect picture in my mind :)

Yo Google, I'mma let you finish, but China, I mean, Huawei's P20 is the best


Re: Andrew, why two back-to-back articles on the same phone?

Oh cripes, that's the one I meant of course — I got confused by the flurry of secondary and tertiary brand-oneupmanship in that last spew of prices at the bottom there!


Re: Andrew, why two back-to-back articles on the same phone?

He needs to be paid by the word so he can one day afford a P20 Pro.

Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, off you go: Snout of UK space forcibly removed from EU satellite trough


> Democracy - only for the elite. Right?

I don't consider myself too much of an idiot, but there're plenty of subjects I feel I should have zero say in, purely because I comprehend my sheer lack of grasp of them.

If by 'elite' you mean those best placed to make specific decisions within the domain of their elitedom, then sure - pass the votes along! If you biliously spat 'elite' out when writing that, then no, I don't think I agree with that, or with you.

India: Yeah, we would like to 3D-print igloos on the Moon


Given that ISRO seems keen to attract foreign launch customers and there's apparently a continual effort to drive down development costs I think making a meal of India's economic disparities is a bit disingenuous, no?

Or should Indian industry be limited to diesel tractors and mud brick factories?

NASA fungus problem puts theory of 'Martian mushrooms' on toast


Are they ..ahh.. Psilocybe Cubensis you've used in your photo there, ElReg?

Troubled Watchkeeper drones miss crucial UK flight safety certificate


Re: Why Not Upgrade The Britten-Norman Islander? Good Enough For Metro Plod

Bleh, without going into detail, the company that makes them is flaky as a popular mid-80s Chocolate. Disappointing. Not surprising, but disappointing.

Better a Franco-Israeli porkfest.


Evidently i'm missing something obvious - but WHAT exactly is it about drones that most first-world nation states can't simply bodge together by themselves? It's almost like Britain's never mustered anything into the air itself before...

The phone OS that muggers wouldn't touch is back from the dead


Re: Javascript will kill it

I noticed that a client's website was loading slowly so downloaded it and ... oh my God, 52Mb!

Mostly over-sized images, of course, but because it was on a well-known Website-Maker, it also featured 2Mb of Javascript that did... who knows. The class definitions for the body tag alone weighed 8Kb.

It's like no one gives a shit any more.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


Re: Speed isn't as important as Addons

Assuming 'awesome bar' is the same thing I think it is — a smarter address input that allows me to type one letter or two and jump to a site I use a lot — that was the single-biggest improvement to Firefox at the time. Indeed, any browser!


New Tabs'n'Local Files

I can set my homepage to a local file link on c:\ to the ever-evolving html file homepage I've used for over decade now, but I can't set new tabs to open up either a local file (using an extension — 'new tab overide') nor set it to 'just open whatever the goddamn homepage is set to, please'?

So I'll have to upload a neutered version to some webspace somewhere (neutered to remove telephone numbers and other useful but private things I don't want on a publicly-accessible page - no, I don't want to password protect it) so that I have one homepage open upon bootup, and then the stunted version on every new tab thereafter?

I get the logic (prevent nasty add-ons creating a feedback loop that always forces their content onto homepage and new tabs), but is there really no workaround?!


It's quicker, yeah, but I did spend much of yesterday swearing at a program I have open 99% of my working day. I'm sure I'll survive. It's free software, after all...

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


With some of the whinging on this page, one might think some of you have actually paid for this software, as you do with Chrome ("if you're not paying, you're the product.." {yes, I know FF is essentialyl free if you don't donate to Mozilla, but it is funded, so a bit of a different beast).

After a month or so on Chrome (and its playmobil interface) not long after its initial release I came back to Firefox and have stuck with it ever since, because it does the job and isn't Google or Microsoft with whatever telemetry known or unknown they've secreted within.

That latter point's really important to me.

BT hikes prices for third time in 18 months


"they just offered me some more of their cloud storage (of which I have used 0 bytes)... Yeah... Right... "

haha, that disappointed me too - the mailer distinctly looked like it was going to offer me a speed 'boost', or rather bring my incredibly dire London line up to something like 'speed', rather than something that can barely handle two simultaneous low-resolution streams at the same time.

What do I pay so much for again?

The case of the disappearing insect. Boffin tells Reg: We don't know why... but we must act


My personal suspicion over recent years has been aimed squinty-eyed at vehicle emissions — I've no doubt the wholesale abuse of neonics has an impact, but if airborne particulates are killing n-thousand macro fleshies every year, presumably they're having an impact on smaller oxygen exchange systems too?

As well as their emissions, cars encourage the absolute dissection of countries with their roads and motorways which I've again wondered at the impact of. If fields and vales are increasingly cellularised between roads, then they become like those south sea atolls which batter attempts to leave, dashing bodies across sharp coral walls, winds and waves preventing escape.

The root cause could be so many things. It probably is...

Blade Runner 2049 review: Scott's vision versus Villeneuve's skill


Re: Another awful reboot like Prometheus...

*wipes spittle from face*

ok, i'll bite, Joerg — what recent-ish movies do you consider worth your while?

Musk: Come ride my Big F**king Rocket to Mars


What do people like you gain out of making comments like this?

Is your life in any way improved, or are you still glumly despairing at the blunt end of irrelevancy?

- ed

sorry, @ 'unwarranted triumphalism'

SpaceX releases Pythonesque video of rocket failures


Re: The best one there was

This *was* a long time before that memorable XKCD and, more importantly, Kerbal Space Program.

Thanks to the latter especially, I've got a slightly better handle on things :)


Re: The best one there was


I am Feersum Endjinn.

LOVED that book, although it got me into a lot of trouble with friends many years ago as I drunkenly tried to claim that vacuum balloons (as featured quite havily in the book, if I recall correctly?) could possibly help us get in to space, me thinking of 'space' as high up above the karman line, my friends thinking it (probably quite correctly) as orbital velocity. I still remember the pitying looks on their faces as they came to perceive previously unseen strata of my ignorance.

Must be twenty years since I last read it — time to dust it off and give it another read! :)

Police deny Notting Hill Carnival face recog tech led to wrongful arrest


"The fact you use the term "each other" shows that you are a racist, well done for enforcing racial stereotypes. You get a white badge."

*calmly closes eyes and gently massages temples whilst deep in psycholuminal analysis*

You're.. white, aren't you?

Couple fires sueball at Amazon over faulty solar eclipse-viewing goggles


I've been wondering whether this would end up blowing up - certainly seems like a lot in the nerd community have been chomping popcorn in anticipation of Amazon finally getting its comeuppance where fake products are concerned. I've heard numbers like 150k fake glasses sales being bandied around, which isn't a small number where potential sueballs involving physical bodily-harm comes in to play.

How can you kill that which will not die? Windows XP is back (sorta... OK, not really)


Thanks for the response, wolfetone, but that wouldn't solve my situation and would merely complicate usage for my very [very] non-techie partner in this endeavour!


You absolute beauty, G2 - bookmarked and downloading now!

As far as I could tell prior, MS only offered SP3 and SP2 64-bit, neither of which were of any use with my slightly clumsy set up.

Thank you so much!



On the subject - can anyone here point me in the direction of a trustworthy source for XP SPs 1 & 2 (32-bit)?

I've recently installed XP (on an air-gapped machine!) as a machine controller, but some of my more contemporary software refuses to install without SP2...

...the trouble is, I have other [more critical] software that refuses to work under SP3, which is comparatively easy to come by.


Skype for Business is not Skype – realising that is half the battle


I took this thread as a reminder to uninstall the app from my Android phone, which I've just done. I'd read about the upgrade here on Reg before mine was automatically updated, and I wondered what all the fuss and histrionics could possibly be about — it's a chat program, how bad could it be? Less than a minute's use described to me in intimate detail why I too would have to finally abandon Skype.

I'm still running a 2015 version on my desktop here, but it's only a matter of time before forced disfunctionality will prompt an upgrade and then myself and the one other person who I still use to talk to with it will likely uninstall. My contacts bar has been an ever-greying wasteland these last few years as people jump to WhatsApp et al, roads I've no intention of going down.

Why can't we just have a stupid-simple plain-vanilla IM client witout corporate behemoths meddling or buying up to scour and deprivatise (looking at you, Facebook)? Grr.

Hyperloop One teases idea of 50-minute London-Edinburgh ride


"Well, the bridges in Istanbul work. Apart from the occasional shaking, tectonic movement is extremely slow."

Until it's not...


Here's how the missile-free Royal Navy can sink enemy ships after 2018


Re: Hmmm

The Buccaneer was one of Britain's most beautiful planes, in my opinion.

I know you're joking, but I've often wondered what's to stop us taking an existing successful framework and re-developing it using contemporary technology.

Heck, why not a carrier-variant of the Typhoon?

From the little I know, it appears that much of stealth's capability is over-sold.

Russia is planning to use airships as part of a $240bn transport project


Re: 1957: Russia is planning to launch an artificial satellite

I'm stupid, but why can't we mix helium and hydrogen?

I should really just Google this, I suppose.

Microsoft ordered to fix 'excessively intrusive, insecure' Windows 10


Re: @soulrideruk

Oh Good, yes - instead of staying resolutely on Windows 7 'til it runs out as my protest against MS's shenanigans, but so that I can keep on working in the meantime anyway - why don't I dutifully follow the standard Win Thread complaint response and install some unknown's preferred flavour of Linux?

Oh. External machine drivers.

Oh. Software.

Oh, yeah - I forgot I live in the real world, shit as it may be.

Linux wasn't even particularly suitable for my non-techie partner for a couple of years - sure, she could browse the internet, 'do' multimedia and make notes and use basic office software.. but ultimately none of it is *actually, practically* wholly interoperable with MS/Apple stuff, is it? And that kind of matters when you're dealing with the rest of the world to put bread on your table.

Or you try explaining to an Italian why she should just give up after hours of swearing at logical inconsistencies and [insert workaround fudge here] because "really, my love - this isn't worth the fight".