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The Register iPhone and Android apps: Maintenance update

Mitchell Jones

What about us Yanks?

I didn't even know there was an app until today, then come to find out its not in the U.S. Store,

Xbox 360 Elite games console

Mitchell Jones


You can get Tversity to stream basically whatever to your ps3. The PS3 could have a longer usb cord but its really not needed since you can just plug it in while folding and don't have to worry about that burn-in. MGS4 will show what the ps3 can do. Even with the PS2 when they made God of War 2 it used 90%something of the ps2's processing power after 6 or 7 years. So i think that the war will be decided in 08.

Teen sticks Xbox 360 power supply in bowl of water

Mitchell Jones


I live in Arkansaw and i do know better. I think that God decided to let darwin lose this one because he wanted a good laugh.

BOFH: A question of urgency

Mitchell Jones


I figured that once it hit super duper critical status the boss would be sent to the sub basement for some coffee beans.And does the PFY have to be "pimpily faced"

BOFH: Computer room deluge

Mitchell Jones

The Life Aquatic with Me.

Last year we were getting a new roof put in our Jr. High Library. And the roofers forgot to tighten down some of the bolts. Well it rained and rained. Some where around 4 inches and there was about a foot of water in the library because of seals on the doors to prevent flooding. Anyways 26 computers got fired and alot of books. But most of these books were 20 years old so no biggy. I know none of it is essential but they had to redo the card catalog system.

BOFH: PFY spreads his wings

Mitchell Jones

No Bodily Harm?

I figured when you steal the pfy there would be a "accidental" fire at gary's house when the alcohol in his fridge spilled on to the stove and blew the house up. But The pfy should be getting some off it to i suppose.


Mitchell Jones

Revenge is a dish best served rotting.

Oh yes getting them in the lift and the halon is to good for them. They need to pay.

BOFH: Somebody know this body?

Mitchell Jones


Finally a time when it wasn't your fault I mean its never your fault because they all have enormous amounts of bad luck.. But he could have sprayed water on the light accidentally or the main could have gotten dropped in to the shower. These things happen.

BOFH: Fishbowl this

Mitchell Jones


And during the move some computer and/or equipment might go missing and the 60 inch plasma TV. Sometimes stuff just walks away and disappears into a "safer work environment". And some stuff gets relocated to the boss's office and a anonymous phone call to security.


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