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Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign


its better than windows

how about its betterthanwindows site, lol

showing linux and os-x

i had a eeepc 4g think it was, ok but small screen, the basic linux was ok, but used adavanced desktop, it was xandros, tried windows xp cut down version i had done, it was ok but after installing you had very little drive space left and the rez of the screen was not good you had to put a patch on to fix it, so you could get a good rez, without having to move the desktop around to find thing, then all the security had to be added, good worked ok if you did not really want to do anything with it apart from skype, msn, internet, maybe some form of basic word processing. the on board camera was ok but even with 20Mbps connection still not as good as the one in the video.

in the tried many other linux on it, then sold the thing.

Now have a samsung n10 it did have xp on it but now has dual boot linux and osx86.

much better.

I was just thinking all hype from asus making the first netbook and running linux, selling loads of them, all the money they made then from them with linux on, then sticking two fingers up and going to Micro$haft, what a bunch of w...kers, i will not be buying any more of there stuff, now it begs the question where they forced, did micro$haft, threaten with breach of copyright etc, some of the code for linux and didn't xandros and linpire join forces then jump into bed with micro$haft to stop all the copyright stuff, then didn't micro$haft start showing interest in the linux stuff claiming they owned some of the code, and started treating any one using linux.

or may be asus just thought we are not making as much money as we did at start, and loads are making windows netbooks maybe its time to move to it!

lets jump into be with micro$haft and stuff the linux lot, we have had what we wanted from them.

BBC devs Doctor Who movie script


sapphire and Steel

Sapphire & Steel, i have them on video, they are still odd, but interesting, and odd one is scary!

but lets have them back, lets get them to deal with the expence anomaly that threatens londons west minster, if they can get away from the cafe/garage!

Joanna Lumley mmmm! she can deal with my anomaly anytime ;-)


The Time War

well if tennant is or, has gone when the film is made it could be the time wars. That will allow him to come back as its set before the new series and, with some luck will show the regenerations of two doctors ie: 8th to 9th doctor and, the death of the time lords etc.

T-Mobile lays ground for embedded SIMs


its a step backwards!

i have a phone here in the uk thats an old one, it never had a sim it was locked on the network, i think its a motorola locked to vodafone uk. no slot or anything for sim only battery, its a green screen on it and, it still works and fits in your pocket. this came out before the sim card's they could not be unlocked or switched to other network.

if they go ahead with this its a step backwards.

Apple Mac Mini (Early 2009)


mac mini old to new

I got my mac mini 1.66ghz cpu, 512mb ram, 60gb hard disk, cdrw/dvd, 802.11g, july 2007 in august they brought out upgraded models, i was a little p*****d, so i upgraded my mac mini from 1.66ghz core duo to a 2.19ghz core 2 duo, and memory from 512mb to 2gb, the hard disk was upgraded from 60gb to 160gb, the cdrw/dvd drive was changed to a superdrive, my wi-fi upgraded to 802.11n , also got external storage os 250gb hard disk and 500gb time port. she runs like a dream but the graphics card is a little under power, the only fault i have with it. I have thought of selling the lot and getting an imac or another mac mini more up to date.

I hoped the upgrade 2009 would be worth me buying an new mac, but i don't think so not at the price they are.

First lady of Star Trek dead at 76


earth final conflict and star trek

I spoke to her once about the role she played in "earth final conflict" she was such a nice lady, she will be missed, her work and, voice will live on in the "start trek Library Computer Access/Retrieval System" ( lcars), for iphone and computers out on the net.

we will all miss her