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Best Buy leaked memo spills Windows 7 upgrade details

Kristian Durvin

Vista 32-bit bad. Vista 64-bit good. Not sure about WIndows 7 yet.

I have extensively used MS Windows products since MS OS/2 was released. I find every version ( with the exception of Windows ME, that was a sad excuse for a new OS ) is on average better than the one before after SP1 has been released. However with Vista I have run in to something odd. Vista 32-bit runs well enough but I find is not stable in the long run. Vista 64-bit is not only faster than 32-bit, but is also much more stable. Playing with the Windows 7 betas I am finding the same thing more or less. With 64-bit drivers almost as available as 32-bit drivers now I am moving my systems all to 64-bit and am enjoying the speed boost and stability.

Excess of cola floors Oz ostrich farmer

Kristian Durvin

Cola is good for you then!

But only for medicinal purposes... Must find more medical conditions to support my cola habit in that case.

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

Kristian Durvin

Oh the tales I could tell...

I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... Back in the days of doing help desk we had a user from a warehouse site, located 3 hours away call and complain he could not print to the network printer there. So we ran through the usual troubleshooting steps of checking print ques, drivers, configurations and check that the printer was plugged in to power and the network, and had toner, etc... From his descriptions everything was in perfect order. So we dispatched a tech to drive up and see if he could get it working as the boss at the site was getting angry we could not sort it out over the phone. About 3 hours later our tech called us back to let us know the results of his visit. Seems the network printer had been moved in to the warehouse area and a forklift had taken a wide turn near the printer. The forklift prong had gone through the middle of the printer and pinned it in to the steel wall behind it. But sure enough it had toner and all the plugs were connected still, just as the user verified....

First lady of Star Trek dead at 76

Kristian Durvin


She lived long and prospered....


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