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Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

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Re: iOS 6 Maps - Cloud Based Satellite Imagery

Quite so. Back when most folks around here, we're in nappies, Google maps also sucked. How did they improve it??...well, OMG...they asked users for feedback - just like Apple. They had a feedback page where you could enter gps info, post codes, street info....JUST LIKE APPLE IS DOING NOW.

There simply isn't another way of doing it except to crowd source for better info.

Actually, most folks here sound as if they still wear nappies and are very wet behind the ears.

Apple's lone wolf approach to security will bite it in the rear

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Re: never understood why there isnt a lot more viruses for macs

'poor grammer and spelling show nothing more than a poor grasp of grammer and spelling.'

If you say so...but it also shows laziness and lack of rigor, conversational dullness and impeded comprehension

...pretty much borne out by your inane comments.

Apple pounces on Samsung doc as proof of 'slavish copy' claims


Re: Unfortunately you don't have $80K of credibility

The 'guy' is a woman, so your credibility is zero and 'she' is still an expert whereas you most definitely are not.

Apple demands Samsung flogged for 'unethical' court doc leak


Re: Here we go again

Lol...you just proved his point that comprehension levels of children with unconsidered reactionary answers cannot be compared with adult responses that pose intelligent questions allied to real world facts.

eg. The judge is bent/paid by Apple/doesn't know the law etc etc

Only in America.


Re: Talking about the design history of the F700 is current events?

Absolutely right. It's called covering all the bases. And Samsung is about to be found out for falsifying a paper trail.

Kodak says Apple patent moves prevent any end to its misery


Surprise, surprise...

The fact that the American judicial system is so fscked-up is amply displayed by el reg posters understanding of said system.

The rest of the world laughs at you.

Getting rich off iPhone apps is b*llocks, say UK devs


Re: Proper engineers?

Colour me skeptical. So, you get invited to submit proposals to a govt committee concerning future industry growth...and your first request is...yep...'Give us some money'. To make it look better, write off initial gains to make the equation look financially untenable whilst bigging-up potential riches if funding is made available.

The Treasury gets this stuff every week and will laugh them off the agenda.

Surprised El Reg didn't get in a dig about Apple's outrageous 30% cut <sarcasm>

Samsung's Apple ban bid tossed out by Dutch court


Re: Double standards-essential patents

'...who wants to advance the technology...'

You don't understand. SEPs are set in stone and can not be worked around - that's the whole point. If you try and advance the technology of the standard, you break the standard - which you are not allowed to do. If you come up with a technological breakthrough to something 'not' part of the standard, you can patent it and claim it as your own. Samsung, Moto, Apple or whoever are free to innovate in this way.

In latin, mālum "an apple", mălum "an evil", are similar but as different as say ...'lead a horse to water' and 'this lead musket ball will blow your brains out'.

Context and knowledge are, as always, in short supply with Apple naysayers.

Apple, Motorola Mobility held patent war peace summit


What the...

How does this article omit the major revelation of these court documents.

MMI demanded a license to ALL APPLE'S PATENTS IN EXISTENCE in exchange for a license to MMI's FRAND patents. Apple refused the offer so MMI sued Apple.

Now who's the patent bully.

Apple wants ebook price class action suit thrown out


Re: The big problem is the "can't be cheaper elsewhere" clause

Your post - downrated to -10, is the perfect example of just where the readers on this site stand which seems to be somewhere between personal greed and 'must never let real facts get in the way' of my irrational self-loathing and hatred of Apple. The idiots have taken over this asylum....I know, I know, it is El Reg, but really...what's in it for all these fruitcakes?

Thanks for the comparisons by the way.

Apple tells authors: All your books iBook files are belong to us



So...'overpriced crap' >> 'dear for the spec'

Sort of...quantity trumps quality argument ? Yeah, I heard Apple was really suffering by losing that battle.

Jobs' 'nuclear war' is not doing Apple any good - analyst


Trouble is, telling the truth is something the Windows_Android retards couldn't do if it leapt out of their cereal bowl and bit them in the face. The Apple Haterz Virus feeds on envy, personal failings and low IQ to cloud the mind of the infected with false delusions about the world around them.

Happy birthday, Apple QuickTime

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Well that's a win for QuickTime then...

....if all the Windows blowhards are hit because of all the legacy crap that is your OS. Proprietary? That would be anything in the video world but it's the nearest there is to a standard.

Microsoft vs Google patent ding dong gets stuck on repeat

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Short sighted reactionary crap


Please explain to me how my brother, a highly respected medical instrument design engineer(with patents to his name btw) would survive without the patent protected drug treatment for tissue rejection following a kidney transplant, that took 8 years and over £2 billion to develop. Who would bother to spend the time and money to advance such drug treatments if they are limited to 3 years protection?

* crickets *

Get a clue or better still, do the world a favour and stfu

Apple’s long divorce from Samsung near final



...to the Land of Dumbass, where lazy mindless trolls can endlessly repeat the 'stupid', the 'vapid' and the inane. Where only half-baked, half-witted and utterly moronic memes are born and self replicate to fill the vacuum vacated by common sense, intelligence and critical thinking. Where history is bunkum and truth unknown.

All hail the Land of Dumbass.

Microsoft+HTML: The antidote to iOS and Android

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...somebody it seems hasn't learned the lesson or maybe they're just bitter.

+1 by the way.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer



Why not? We're all children of the world - even here in Narfurk uk.

Dell, HP badmouth Apple's iPad


Just hold on there...

@Anonymous Coward

'iPads work well with something like Citrix to deliver office applications to staff but although there's a Citrix client available for the iPad there's no simple and cheap way of rolling out a lot of them at once configured properly and identically. This is much simpler with Android or Windows Embedded.'

Please do tell how much easier it is. We are talking tablets here, with full security settings. How do you do this with any flavour of Android on a tablet? Froyo... not suitable, Honeycomb... not finished and buggy as hell and both severely lacking in some security respects. Windows Embedded? ... not much modern functionality there

RIM, Moto tablet ship total to hit 2m in Q1


Oh... don't spoil all the fun

We need lots of breathless Fandroid & Rimmer posts first, then it can be pointed out that 'shipping' does not a sale make. Next we could do a word incidence count for 'might' 'could' 'may' etc etc

Microsoft unveils – wait for it – another mobile OS


Well maybe not

`you mean like this one:


amongst quite a few solutions in different areas using either the iPhone, iPodTouch and lately the iPad

Apple signals its mobile-graphics future


$4.8m = queue jumping

Here's $4.8million cash of impossible to get investment dosh, now development 'this; and 'that' and 'this other stuff'(fill in specific needs) and we'll have it asap. By the way here's an ndo for all your employees.