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Apple signals its mobile-graphics future


@Phil Endecott

Not sure I understand you. I can write openGL code using NV or ATI hardware accel under Linux but what is inside the NV or ATI driver is secret. What am I not understanding?



1. How many FPS will it do running Crysis with full eye candy?

2. How many TFLOPs running idealized linear algebra and what is the SDK called?

3. What ratio of joules dissipated heat to FLOP? My GTX 260 lets me turn down the furnace and it is *cold* outside LOL!

Battery builders beg for $1bn

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Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin

are laughing their asses off at the great western capitalist democracies just about now.

State socialism? Naaaahhhh, we're implementing corporate socialism!

For those of you a bit slow on the uptake: the USSR was a corporate political structure (as was Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Fascist Spain) - the interests of groups superseded those of individuals - that is what corporatism is all about!

The USA has a large capitalist component to it's economy but once it agreed to bail out the financial industry it put itself out of the capitalist free market system. It refused to let the market resolve a serious failure of resource allocation and instead chose the gov't to do the job. Same for UK, EU, Oz, Japan and shortly Canada too.

We have just invented a new financial system for the west: begging bowl terrorist finance. Whichever sector as a group can most terrify the masses while felating politicians will get it's begging bowl filled with tax dollars. This effectively removes economic decisions from the market and eliminates moral hazard.

Want a stock market tip? Look for political lobby groups floating stock issues.

Nvidia offers Intel-thrashing netbook GPU tech



I was pretty disgusted by the way netbook makers bought into Atom: "ooooh, Intel has done all the engineering for us, we just have to wrap Intel's work in slightly different plastic and go to market!"

We can buy about 50 different netbook products - and about 48 of them have essentially identical specs. Such a success for competition and innovation! Expletive expletive expletive. Even the HP 2133 - a really superior screen, superior keyboard and very good case - killed off because HP could sell the same Atom box as everyone else. F*ck.

You know what Intel's action is called? It is called monopoly power excluding competition from the market. Stick that in your pipes and smoke it all you Reg and Inq hacks and all you uncritical review-site Atom fanboies. You heard it here first.

ARM, AMD (ha! maybe in a past age when the company could execute), Via all have tech that could make netbooks that beat Atom on some or many metrics, but no computer company had the balls to make something different.

Nvidia might change this state of statism. If so then good for Nvidia.

There really needs to be a truly vituperative icon to adorn a post - for those cases where the poster wants to make absolutely clear his level of sincere anger/disgust/contempt for the status quo.

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player


North America not target market

I expect Sony will sell tonnes and tonnes of these in Japan, probably also South Korea and urban China. It ought to be an absolute smash with the teenage girl set in those markets - because it is just so damned cute, not for the prurient reasons bruited above.


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