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Microsoft merges Windows 8 with Xbox Live

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I would imagine that there won't be cross over on all games.

Battlefield will always have dedicated servers for PC clients and PC players will stick to that.

Stuff like CoD with client hosting should have settings to keep console players away from PC players. It's perfectly acceptable to be able to detect which platform you're playing on and just have the option to search for 'console only' games.

For racing and sport games this will be great. As it will be for coop gameplay on things like resident evil 5 for example.

Domino's to serve pizzas on the Moon, apparently


delivering pizza on the moon?!

I can't even get one delivered from Middlesbrough (or stockton) to Billingham.

Parmo v poutine: The ultimate post-pub nosh deathmatch

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funnily enough there's a place in the boro that does a quality shawarma. So you can sample a parmo while you're here.

Nintendo: no DVD, BD playback for Wii U



"The reason for that is that we feel that enough people already have devices that are capable of playing DVDs and Blu-ray,"

Like Playstations and Xboxes?

I can understand that physical media is a dying breed. My PS3 isn't exactly battered by blu rays and dvds due to streaming services. But for the people that do still want and like to have physical media (or at least a device to play the media on should they ever need to) consolidation is a big selling point.

I only got a PS3 over an xbox so i wouldn't have to purchase a seperate blu ray player, which were rather pricey at the time, and occasionally me and mrs piezor like to take a retro trip to blockbuster and party like it's 1999.

Smart move to keep the costs down by nintendo.

Not so smart for turning away customers who do want to consolidate devices in their home and would be more likely to look to Sony (incompetence notwithstanding) or Microsoft.

Virgin IT dept shocked by donkey-shagging Taliban


Spit or swallow?

I don't think they would be putting it in that end mate.

Donkeys have a penchant for carrots afterall.

PARIS team to tackle the ultimate post-pint snack


You brave souls

Perhaps the environment we live in makes us immune to the potential aftermath of a pebble dashed toilet. It will certainly be an interesting experiment.

There is a little variety for the more adventurous parmo consumers among you in the form of the Mushroom Parmo, The Hot Shot Parmo, The Bolognese Parmo, or, for the man with a serious death wish, there is the culinary equivalent to a tactical nuke - The Parmo Pizza Pie; a 7" or 10" parmo or your choosing on a pizza base available from Mighty Bite.

I heartily recommend a Hot Shot with galic sauce.

I salute you brave southerners. Rest assured that nearest hospital is only a 5 minute drive from the town centre.

Fire because, well, get a loo roll in the fridge lads.

PS. do not make the mistakes of other visitors to our strange shores and order a full parmo. This will surely kill you. Only get a half :-)

Planet with British weather found 20 light years away


now now

The one thing we have going for us living in the boro is that we can live on this new toxic planet.

Wonder if they do Parmos there?

Sun attempts to ID entire FA Cup Final crowd


couldn't see him

I did find Bananaman in the bottom of the south east corner though



Has anybody found Wally (Waldo for our overseas readers) yet?

Microsoft resuscitates 'I'm a PC' ads to fight Apple



yeah, yeah, yeah

Cross-dresser kills goat while high on bath salts


Bath salts

Presumably he was looking to make a clean getaway after the murder

EA coughs to Dragon Age II user ban 'mistake'



There wasn't any. The user asked if Bioware had sold their soul to the EA devil and that was that. 72 hour ban.

Naked woman demands cab ride to Michigan


Are you implying......

......that the lady in question got into his taxi demanding a ride to Michigan (obviously a result of the alcohol consumption) and that this gentleman, seeing this as a golden opportunity, stripped her starkers and (possibly) smashed the granny out of her.

He then runs off to the bobby shop down the road and makes the whole taxi stealing thing up?

"She's crazy guv....she just got naked and nicked my taxi.....and look, she's spilled mayonnaise on the back seat. Someone's going to have to pay for that."

Surely not.

Woman finds Romanian living in shed


she is bang tight like

maybe i could live in her shed. i'd quite happily preen her bush in exchange.

Facebook gives you the clap: Official


oh you've done it now

Careful or you'll have Jeff Stelling foaming at the mouth again (search 'jeff stelling rant' on youtube - definitely worth a watch).

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly



"And the iPad doesn't require a licence..."

Actually that depends on how you're using iplayer.

If you are streaming a live broadcast you do technically need a tv license.

If it's on demand viewing or downloading after the show has been broadcast, however, you do not need a license.

Granted I'm not sure how they go about policing this or how effective policing is but TV Licensing do claim they have detected and taken action against people viewing live streams without a license.

I'm not sold on the ipad, but then again i have no use for one. However, I'm sure it will do well. it does have an apple logo on it afterall.

MS Jingle Bell bus rattles past Reg Towers

Jobs Horns

can't comment on all but....

I had a problem with W7 not recognising my DVD drive and it was down to the GEARS ASPI drivers that were bundled with an itunes installation. Removed this from my system and all was well.

Obviously I have no idea if this applies to your system but if you do have itunes installed try removing the GEARS drivers and see if it helps.

Go here for 'how to' and stuff


Virgin Media network goes titsup in Brum


Teesside too

TV was off in Billingham last night too. Broadband was up though so could still get some MW2 time in :-D

Windows 7 - Microsoft minus the martyrdom


Windows 7

I like it

Activision denies Modern Warfare 2 Russian ban


@DEAD4EVER 17/11/09 19:41

I wish capcom wouldn't make their resident evil series. Developing a virus to create beings of superhuman strength in the persuit of military prowess and world domination, leaving many innocent civillians walking around as mindless, undead, failed experiments is just cruel and is giving terrorists ideas.

No terrorists have ever thought about an attack on an airport before. The next time an airport or any form of aeronautical terrorist attack occurs it will be on Infinity Ward's head.

Damn them......damn them to hell.

Doctor investigated for posting inkblots to Wikipedia


Card one....

....looks like 2 piglets trying to tear a massive beetle in two.

What does this mean doctor?

Mine's the white one with the arms tied round the back.

'Overweight' people live longer than those of 'ideal' weight


made my day

now where's that kebab

Wrong kind of winter brings England to a halt



It's T-shirt and shorts weather this. I'm playing football after work.

bloody southerners XD

EU says Microsoft violated law with IE on Windows


May be missing something but......

I managed to get to the mozilla homepage and download the install file for firefox through explorer.exe whilst keeping an eye on the processes being launched in task manager at work and not once did iexplore.exe launch.

explorer.exe. url in the address bar. click download (ok, it launched IE's download dialog automatically but i cancelled it as if i had no IE it wouldn't have appeared surely), then at the part it sayd "click here if your download didn't start automatically" i right clicked and selected save target as, downloaded the install file. No iexplore.exe process. So presumeably, yes, if Microsoft didn't bundle IE we could all still download our favourite browsers. Granted it's a fanny on.

I personally can't see why MS bundling IE with windows is a problem tbh. I used a crude comparison yesterday when discussing it at work. Imagine Audi making a car and people complaining that they'd given you an Audi accelerator pedal so you could get out into the world.

Made sense to me anyway. leave em be.

Mine's the one with the keys to the Audi with a Crysler accelerator pedal in the pocket.

Home Office denies remote snooping plan


PC Plod

One of my colleagues decided to share the times article with us this morning which i said is most likely full of it and have been waiting for the reg to clear it up and you haven't dissapointed.

Now to find the smug git and end his scaremongering of beat bobbies sat outside your house tapping into your wireless network and watching your pr0n.

I like to think my security is sufficient to combat this sort of thing anyway - not that i have any of that sort of thing on my PC of course.

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008



FFXI was my first MMO and I loved it but was ultimately sucked into WoW due to the fact it didn't demand so much of my time to acheive something and I think this is the main reason it has been so successful. I for one have a fairly healthy social life, I play football twice a week, play guitar in a band, have a girlfriend and a healthy amount of friends (a handful of which also play) who i find time to see outside of a game. WoW has a massive appeal to people like me who are a fan of the genre but also want a healthy balance of gaming as a hobby and life.

I think it's fairly disappointing that people who are fans of this genre are still branded with the reclusive geek stick and people make a point to mock them for it - and especially so in the comments above, reg being a site for IT news and all, and the whole assumption that IT bods are geeks - It wasn't too long ago that many people viewed gaming to be a pass time for kids and that adults gaming, no matter if it were D&D fantasy worlds, FPS or sports sim games, were seen to be geeks or had some other stigma attached to them. Whilst I have no doubt that there are many a nerdy type with little social (real)life in existence playing these games it seems a little harsh, and somewhat narrow minded, to jump on the abusive bandwagon. So this isn't your cup of tea, we are all different and have different tastes and preferences in our hobbies, why mock people for it?

Mine's the one with "why can't we all just get along?" written on the back.