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Branson (in a) pickle: FAA grounds Virgin Galactic flights after billionaire's space trip veered off course

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Yebbut "alternative facts" are not popular now. Even the tangerine shitgibbon in chief couldn't get away with them.

Cops responding to ShotSpotter's AI alerts rarely find evidence of gun crime, says Chicago watchdog

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The watchdog said 50,176 alerts generated by ShotSpotter in Chicago between January 2020 and May this year probably were the result of gunfire

How many of these shots were fired by the police?

Japan's aerospace agency hooks up with Boeing to make planes quieter when they land

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Re: Others use ...

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. There will be a short delay before we push back and taxi for takeoff while the underside of our aircraft is buttered. We'll be under way in a few minutes.

Thank you"

Perhaps regretting those Instagram, WhatsApp acquisitions, UK watchdog suggests Facebook offloads GIF haven Giphy

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Re: Or?


Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

No it frikkin isn't.

That is all.

Happy 60th, Sinclair Radionics: We'll remember you for your revolutionary calculators and crap watches

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And here...

Friend of a friend had a ZX81, I was utterly hooked first by 3D Monster Maze and then the amazing process of typing in a program to make it do other things. I was too young to consider writing a program, playing one was far more interesting. My career can be traced back to those heady summer days lying on the carpet praying the RAM pack didn't fall off again.

Have you turned it off and on again? Russia's Nauka module just about makes it to the ISS

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and you put all the hookups on the outside ?

Mir had some hookups on the inside, this made closing the pressure doors in an emergency a slow process. Plus you really really don't want the cooling hookups leaking indoors.

The lights go off, broadband drops out, the TV freezes … and nobody knows why (spooky music)

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Re: Shibboleet

True, which is a shame. Miss 17 took the time to open my account records before answering the call and opened with 'Hello Mr iShit. Are you calling about closing your account?' instead of the previous 16 calls unprepared 'How can I help you Mr,er..... <tappity tappity> iShit'. She put me on hold while calling department X and confirmed they had in fact done their job back in February, it just hadn't been recorded correctly. That resulted in ticket ping pong between departments each time I called. For four months. Later calls at which I insisted on talking to a manger whatever made absolutely no difference. Requests that they take ownership of the ticket and manage it through to conclusion were wasted breath.

It's just luck that on call 17 I hit the jackpot on the call allocation lottery. The call took 20 minutes in all and she'll probably get a bollocking at her next review.


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I probably met the last remaining telephone company employee who actually gave a damn

In every company there is one person that gives a damn, they do 90% of the work. The rest just look for the tiniest excuse to fob you off or put the ticket back in the queue with a note (cannot complete because X is not done, Y is missing, request is in the wrong colour ink, there's a 'y' in the day). Call department X or Y and prod to get the work done? Oh no sir I cannot do that.

It recently took me 17 calls to Lloyds to get an account closed, a job that should have taken 2, one to initiate the process and a second a few days later to complete it. Call 1 was made in February, call 17 in June. The lovely young lady on call 17 deserves a medal, a raise and a job somewhere she isn't surrounded by idiots.

For tech companies to find the one person with clue the magic word should be well known hereabouts:


All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?

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My wallet is worried

If I can find confirmation it'll run Portal, Portal II & KSP my wallet needs to be more than worried. I've been looking for a portable way to play those for years.

The coming of Wi-Fi 6 does not mean it's time to ditch your cabled LAN. Here's why

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And security?

Many years ago I made the mistake of accepting a job in a small company run by a right berk. Actually, it wasn't run by him. All financial decisions were taken by his accountant, all IT decisions were taken by the bloke at the computer shop down the street and many other decisions were taken by his wife.

Anyway, one of the decisions the bloke in the computer shop down the street took was that the office should be switched to WiFi, "it would be so much tidier & more professional looking". And a nice little earner for him no doubt. The office contained almost exclusively desktop (i.e. not readily portable) computers. Myself & a colleague walked in to find this one Monday morning, sighed and spent 10 minutes showing the boss articles on the net about WEP hacking. It was already a thing if you had patience (in the several days to few weeks range), it hadn't yet become trivial.

The Devils Radio should only be used where there's no practical wired alternative.

Happy 4.20: Latest version of Tails bakes connection wizard into pro-privacy Linux distro

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The naughty list

This is where I feel we've lost something with the death of magazines with cover disks. If the next issue of PC Pro for example were to have a Tails 4.20 disk on the cover I would go out of my way to buy a copy. With cash & from a small newsagent of course. A one page article with a simple guide to verifying the disk (with tools not from the same disk) would help fill the edition.

I used to buy Pro every month, haven't done so for years.

I have no currently identified need for Tails. I like to keep my online footprint small & controllable starting with zero antisocial media accounts. All the same it's the kind of tool I'd like to have at hand just in case.

Linux Mint 20.2 is a bit more insistent about updating but not as annoying as Windows or Mac, team promises

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Re: painless

never had a surprise after a reboot for a new kernel.

I have just recently, non-booting system :-( Probably would have resulted in a full reinstall or a painful system restore in winblows.

On Linux it was simply a matter of booting off a disk and run timeshift to restore the hour old snapshot (gotta love BTRFS). Then retry the updates: applications - no problem, then the kernel - no problem, lastly the nvidia driver - GUILTY. Restore and mark the latter update as never install this version. Bit of a bummer as looking at the release notes there's something in it to address issues with resume from suspend. That's never worked for me and is something I would like to have working.

Google Play to require privacy labels on apps in 2022, almost two years after Apple

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Re: What I Really Want

Clearly it would not be appropriate to use that setting for a weather app, that does not make the function a bad suggestion.

The gallery app on my phone wants access to my location - why? All I want the gallery app to do is display photos stored on my phone. So it is denied.

The Seek Thermal app demands location, I do not want Seek knowing where I am nor do I want my thermal photos geotagged but I if I block the permission the app will not run. So I use a developer setting to set a false location. But if I need another app to know my location I have to disable that for all applications.

What if another app refused to work if your location looked false? Yeah I'd just uninstall it and manage without whatever function I lost but some people seem unable to do that.

I would like to be able, per app, to set location to:

[x] Deny

[ ] Permit once

[ ] Permit

[ ] Fixed random false location

[ ] Fixed location set by user

[ ] Genuine looking movement in random region

[ ] Used defined path

The last of these would spell out the words 'Fuck off' around the streets of some city I plan to never visit.

Same goes for all other settings that have the potential to be personal data, give me a range of options per application.

The Starship has landed. Latest SpaceX test comes back to Earth without igniting fireballs

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A pedant notes...

Also on Wednesday, SpaceX landed a Falcon 9 rocket that it has now reused nine times

According to Wikinaccurate the booster used on Wednesday has flown 9 times so it's 'only' been reused 8.

Audacity 'scared and excited' to be bought and brought under Muse Group's roof, promises to stay free and open source

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Re: Best UI @boblongii

Please print your message in 60 point text, wrap it around a stout length of clue-by-4 and take it along to every software house on earth. Apply liberally.

Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger

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Re: Insert meme here

Not really. There seems to be a growing swell of vocal opposition to cryptocrap, El Reg is simply reporting another instance and padded the article with other comments.

Personally, I cannot think of a single thing fake gold adds to society. Other than another opportunity for a few to get rich at the expense of others, society was desperately short of these. They should be banned globally just for the carbon footprint.

If you have a QNAP NAS, stop what you're doing right now and install latest updates. Do it before Qlocker gets you

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Re: "follow the 3-2-1 rule on backups"

That's a good scheme but I would say that as it's the one I used to use. Grandfather, father, son scheme was it called? Too long ago. I do remember it was awfully expensive on tapes at the start as for us each 'tape' was actually 12 DDS3 in a pair of autoloaders. HP were putting vouchers in the tape packs, I and one other at work got a freebie Palm Pilot when that was quite an expensive score.

We added a twist to avoid age related tape failures. I can't remember exact the sequence now but after the initial setup month we'd open a new set of 12 tapes every 4 weeks. The new set got used in the daily group x times, then y more times in a weekly slot on the rota then when it was written as a monthly it was retired. i.e. all monthly backups kept indefinitely. Sure they'd fail eventually but it improved the chance of that failure being outside the 12 months.

Backups on external HDDs are fine so long as you don't use them to archive data. All my data at home going back 30 years is kept on live spinning rust on a RAID5. Offsite backups on external HDDs only need to last as long as the cycle time of the three HDDs.

Archiving to HDD=goodbye data.

Is that... is that a piece of Unikitty? Remembering Skylab via the medium of Lego

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We bring our Lego My Own Creation (MOC) odyssey to a close today

Woah there not so fast. You cannot possibly consider your odyssey complete until you've built the ISS. In multiple configurations showing at least one delivery vehicle of each type present. And all the construction & service launch vehicles on the pad.

Snap to it.

Wi-Fi devices set to become object sensors by 2024 under planned 802.11bf standard

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Re: Stalker's dream

It's like so many other technologies, keep it in the home and it could be tremendously useful, e.g. automatic light control without needing dedicated sensors in every room.

As soon as you introduce cloud - FO, FRO then when you finished that FRO some more.

Lenovo reveals smart specs that let you eyeball five virtual displays, with strings attached

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Mark can't see a use case so the tech is junk?

Mark Pesce, a Reg columnist , VR/AR pioneer and author of Augmented Reality: Unboxing Tech's Next Big Thing, said his first reaction to the device was to ask “Why?

If the 5 screens have to be in your field of view all the time Mark might have a point. If they can be placed anywhere and become visible when you look in user set directions it's a different matter. Working on a car? Have a pdf of the manual floating a head turn away. Working at your desk? Have more screens floating above & around your main screen or look in the direction of your front door to see the CCTV feed of who's just rung the doorbell.

So long as it's all processed locally I'm interested to know more.

Suckers for punishment, we added a crawler transporter to our Saturn V

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Re: slow starting

A friend of who really should have grown out of this stuff by his age tells me the latest generation of motors have speed control in them. And servo function. E.g the motors as included in the bargain (!) set 42100. All controllable via the Devils radio bluetooth. You can even use a game controller such as a PS4 dualshock talking to a fondleslab or phone relaying on to the motors. That requires a free 3rd party app that is simple enough even an adult can use it.

A friend, honest.

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

Re: Nicely Done @HildyJ

<pedant> Vehicle Assembly Building </pedant>

Upvoted because it's a terrible suggestion in all the right ways, I love it.

The empty building with working doors would be quite a feat. All the gantries & lifting equipment inside would be something else again.

Server won't boot? Forgot to make that backup? Have no fear, just blame Microsoft

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Re: Out of the Frying pan, into the Fire?

I was about to post a counter but then remembered the version I used for years ran (flawlessly) on NT server 4.0. Jeez, how'd I get so old?

Watt's next for batteries? It'll be more of the same, not longer life, because physics and chemistry are hard

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Re: Why terrifying?

Having a phone & app in the charging process is the cause of a good proportion of charging failures at the moment. Dozens of apps from dozens of operators on hundreds of phone variants, it's pointless.

Just have a chip & pin slot in the electron dispenser like a modern petrol pump or just let the charger identify the car and bill the registered keeper direct.

Sure have the phone & app for information delivery but get it the flock out of the critical path.

Earth observation chief Dr Josef Aschbacher takes reins at European Space Agency

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Re: So th Johnson has brought Blighty it's own (unnecessary) satellite constellation.

Maybe someone sees benefit in having access to orbits and frequencies that provide continuous global coverage. Maybe someone sees benefit in having sway over where the Gen2 sats are designed & built. Maybe someone has identified a way to provide a position & timing service from LEO by putting a small additional payload on the Gen2 satellites. Maybe there's people out there who know a metric fuckton more about this shit than internet armchair commentators. Maybe it is just willy waving by BoJo. My mind is open to all possibilities.

One thing that not a maybe, it's a cast iron certainty, is that haters gonna hate.

(the UK taxpayer owns 42.2%, the same as Bharti Global)

Boeing 737 Max will return to flight after software updates, says EU's aviation regulator

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The other Boing and FAA fail

"EASA's review of the 737 MAX began with the MCAS but went far beyond. We took a decision early on to review the entire flight control system and gradually broadened our assessment to include all aspects of design which could influence how the flight controls operated. This led, for example, to a deeper study of the wiring installation, which resulted in a change that is now also mandated in the Proposed Airworthiness Directive."

I didn't know until reading this that is was EASA not the FAA the picked up the incorrectly routed wiring issue. If that's just an example I wonder what else EASA found that the FAA had missed.

Watchdog signals Boeing 737 Max jets can return to US skies following software upgrade, pilot training

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Re: So it's inherently safe without MCAS?

"Seems to me the additional training to be signed off on MCAS is exactly what they tried to avoid about recertification."

It's a documented fact. MCAS was designed to make the max behave like the earlier iterations at all corners of the flight envelope. This was so that pilots did not need to be re-trained & certified avoiding great cost for the airlines. Pilot flies 737 on Friday, pilot flies (cheaper to fuel) 737-max on Monday.

In fact the max does behave just like the earlier models in the vast majority of the flight envelope, I don't know if, testing aside, a max ever went into that corner. Trouble was a) a simple fault made MCAS think the aircraft was in that corner and b) MCAS had the power to take the aircraft entirely outside the flight envelope.

Super-antique-fragile-and-it's-XP-alidocious, even though the sight of it is something quite atrocious

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XP wasn't isn't dreadful. I still use it in a VM to run old software. Gutted of all the cruft and fully updated to the EOL patch state it runs in at a tiny 5.9Gb. Takes no time at all to pop a copy & run it up. No network connections of course, files on & off by VirtualBox shared folder. Often the copy is simply binned afterwards but I have a couple that get repeatedly used so set to immutable disks. Hellishly fast to boot.

How big would a fully patched up copy of 7 be for those rare tasks? 40 or 50Gb maybe? Haven't a clue how big a minimal 10 install would be as that drove me to get off the Redmond wagon.

Return of the flying car, just when we all need to escape

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Me, I'd get swifter comms by sending smoke signals from the roof.

You can't go burning stuff Dabbsy, think of the carbon footprint. What you need is IPoAC (RFC 1149) or RFC 6214 if you prefer.

Oh, the humanity! Microsoft congratulates itself for Teams inflicted on 115m daily users

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collaboration platform

You've misspelled 'memory hog'

Huawei Matebook X Pro 2020: Nothing too crazy but at least it's more fixable and cheaper than comparable Apple wares

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Re: Like comparing an apple with a watermelon

I've up voted your post because in the main I concur. However, I do always question how well the industry understands business use given that 99% of laptops have a screen aspect ratio designed for watching DVDs. Thankfully Huawei, Microsoft and Apple understand that shape is sub-optimal for many tasks.

EU orders Airbus A350 operators to install anti-coffee spillage covers in airliner cockpits

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Re: Weird. American air carriers have required liquid-resistant designs

FAA: Please spell 'tested'

Boeing: t e s t e d

FAA: Excellent, here's an air worthiness certificate.

Nokia 5310: Retro feature phone shamelessly panders to nostalgia, but is charming enough to be forgiven

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Re: Facebook App

If facebook[sic] does indeed slurp via a baked in app, how does it obtain informed consent to hold data if the user, or someone in the contact list, doesn't have an account?

They can still upload the contact list and use the data to enhance the profile of those that do have faecbook accounts.

Say the phone belongs to person A who does not have an account. Stored on it are contacts B, C & D, C also does not have an account.

Faecbook can add to the data on persons B & D that they are known to the person who owns number <one way hash of phone number of A>. Ditto, one step removed, for C. Because it is a one way hash they are not storing data about A or C, they can claim to meet data storage law.

Should A or C later set up accounts a trawl of the borg computers for matching hash will get the profile off to a good, fat, start. So yes faecbook can store data about A & C without ever having their consent by doing it by association. We can't avoid it but that's no reason to help.

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

Re: Facebook App

No it isn't. If your house has a bath you don't use it does nothing. If a phone has a 3.5mm jack you don't use it does nothing. Nobody is going to trust a baked in faecbook app to be doing nothing. Even if you don't have a faecbook account is could still be reporting the contents of your contact list and anything else on the phone. Just because you don't use faecbook doesn't mean they can't try to monetise data about you.

From 'Queen of the Skies' to Queen of the Scrapheap: British Airways chops 747 fleet as folk stay at home

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Re: Once...

I got an entire row upstairs in BA economy returning from Bombay (that dates it!). I was very glad of the space as I'd missed the previous days flight due to a late internal connection. The plane wasn't even airborne but the gate had closed. Due to my company expenses being tighter than a ducks arse I spent 24 hours in the terminal straight after 15 hours internal travel from outside Calcutta.

I have no idea what or even if a film was shown.

Linux Mint 20 isn't exactly bursting with freshness but, hey, there's kernel 5.4 and it's a long-term support release

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Re: Linux flavours

"Are all the cool kids still using Mint"

Highly unlikely, I'm using it and I'm deeply uncool.

Google isn't even trying to not be creepy: 'Continuous Match Mode' in Assistant will listen to everything until it's disabled

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"Google Assistant exists in many guises such as on smartphones and watches, TVs, PCs, and also on dedicated hardware, such as the voice-only Google Home and Google Home Mini, or with "smart display" screens on the Google Nest Hub or devices from Lenovo and Harman."

This is the lie (or rather one of many lies) Google would like perpetuated. Google Assistant is not in these devices, only a bit of software that switches the mic on and off is in these. Google Assistant is in a dark data center somewhere, one you cannot access, influence nor control. Racks of blinkenlights acknowledge the receipt of another packet of your private existence for processing, monetisation and long, long term storage.

Choose your own adventure: HP's new Omen 15 gaming laptop offers choice between AMD and Intel processors

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Whatever will they think of next?

With any luck, screens in aspect ratios other than 16poxy9.

eBay users spot the online auction house port-scanning their PCs. Um... is that OK?

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Re: This is not okay

"will be rebooting in a moment to make it stick."

ipconfig /flushdns

"Takes effect from the moment you save the file back"

Only for new lookups. If it's already in the DNS cache you need to flush it or wait for the cache to expire.

Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

It reads to me as if the personal backend might be abandoned as the official Mycroft Backend has now been made open source, see the blog post at the link above.

Not clear at all.

Tens of millions of biz Dell PCs smacked by privilege-escalation bug in bundled troubleshooting tool

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Re: Biz PC's!

Do I win anything for the full set?

- Working for a global corporation ~55,000 employees - check.

- Laptop supplied pre-imaged by Dell - check.

- Laptop yesterday self-updated SupportAssist for Home PCs without asking - double WTF?

- Call to IBM to get it removed - painful.

Sigh :-(

HP to hike upfront price of printer hardware as ink biz growth runs dry

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HP printers are no better. They print for a while then stop - claiming the toner has run out.

Not all HPs do that, e.g. CP5225DN:

Once it can no longer accurately measure the toner level then on the supplies status you no longer get xx% and a pages estimate, it just says 'empty'. However, there's no forecast of doom if you don't replace it, quite the reverse. It says in black and white on the printed status page that you can go on using the cartridge until the print quality degrades to an unacceptable level. I ordered a new black black toner as soon as it reached 'empty' and it sat around getting in the way in my office for almost a year before gaps appeared in the printouts.

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

In the UK you go online, fill out a short form and print a return label good for up to 4 toner cartridges.

Can't bear to part with that well-worn copy of Windows 7? Microsoft might let you keep it updated an extra year

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Re: Deja Vu

Sort of but it is not the same. Windows 7 had things in people familiar with XP didn't like but is was still fundamentally the same in that the user was still in control. With Windows 10 the user is a passenger.

Using WhatsApp for your business comms? It's either that or reinstall Lotus Notes

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Re: RE: Alister

That is, by a considerable distance, the politest description of Lotus Notes I have ever encountered.

CES flicks the off switch on massager award… and causes a buzz

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A three-point turn.

Nah, you'll get round in one in a real mini.

Huawei's 7nm 64-core Arm server brain, fresh Intel desktop Core chips, IBM tapping Samsung for Power10, and more

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Re: autonomous cars

.. With move to LED lights dazzle seems to be getting worse

I don't find LEDs as bad as Xenon. Sure they are worse for dazzle than filament but the beam cut line of an LED doesn't seem quite as sharp as Xenon. LED are just as bright as Xenon but the slightly softer transition as the cut line crosses the eye makes it not quite so bad. I am really glad Xenon is getting superseded without ever becoming mainstream. FOAFs who own Xenon really rate them however.

At least that's the way it seems to me , YMMV.

Bloodhound SSC reaches the end of the road for want of £25m

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

Re: Barriers

Thrust SSC came very close to killing Mr Green. It was little more than two of the biggest engines Noble could scrounge strapped to something with wheels, there were good reasons as soon as the bangs were heard they packed up and came home rather than push for a bit more.

The amount of design effort in Bloodhound is in another league. It should be capable of breaking the sound barrier in a controlled fashion rather than with fingers firmly crossed. It's worth doing just to prove the aerodynamics of that feat are solved. If anyone is thinking of posting "but but but aircraft break the sound barrier all the time" I strongly suggest you go do some reading instead.

I agree though that once above the sound barrier numbers are pretty arbitrary. Damn shame.

Three become six as new 'nauts arrive for a visit to the ISS

Gotno iShit Wantno iShit

Re: Pretty brave

If I were going up on a firecracker the first after an incident is the one I would choose. The level of checking on a return to flight mission is way above the run of the mill.



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