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BOFH: Grand Theft Auto

John Mackenzie

@ Episode 5?

What you mean:


Episode 4

"What do you know about social networking?" the Boss murmurs quietly one morning, as I'm putting the finishing touches on my espresso"

Mines the one with the complete set in the pocket....

Mind you, it does depend where you link to BOFH from...

French adhesive workers stick it to Brit boss

John Mackenzie

French adhesive factory

I guess it was where they produce Le Bostik...

Prof: Fat ladies don't get to be CEOs, lardy blokes do

John Mackenzie

Fat ladies don't get to be CEOs...

Probably because they are too busy singing.....

...getting coat

Obama chopper plans leaked on file-sharing nets

John Mackenzie
Black Helicopters

Front View Picture

<----- A quick search on El Reg found this front view of said chopper...

Scotland to battle grey squirrel invaders

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RE Re Yum: roasted grey squirrel!

RE: Yum: roasted grey squirrel!

By Wize Posted Tuesday 10th February 2009 12:39 GMT

<<If its "North of the Border", or Scotland as some might say, shouldn't it be deep fried?

And to those that say colour doesn't matter, apparently the red ones are quite bitter.>>

Bitter? They are actually fecking L I V I D !

Dixons websites take a little lie down

John Mackenzie

5 Year Cover ???

What they didn't take up the all singing, all dancing, all inclusive 5 year cover option with their hosting provider.... what do you mean you've been using the product....

Mines the one with "Mastercare" crossed out on the back

Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

John Mackenzie
Paris Hilton


Anyone tried to get a Nokia through the ticket slots on the barriers at Victoria (Southern OR Southeastern sides)????

And imagine being caught in the queue behind someone with a "user friendly" Motorola phone.

Paris, because she accepts UPC-A and UPC-E bar codes for the rise