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Unlocking IT-IT relationships

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anonymous friends

i must say some of the greatest help has come from the open sorce community. True story about 4 yrs ago i was working on getting rsync up and running on of all things a Novell Netware server:-) i was having some difficulties and posting on some forms and out of the blue one afternoon a guy called me up and said "i see your really close to getting this going let me give you a hand" and in less then an hour he helped me iron out the wrinkles that were left. Amazingly how out of the blue it he took the time to find me, i never gave any contact info in the forum. I don't know if they make IT guys like that any more but i sure hope their are some left. But that is also why i'm a fan of linux and novell.

Big Blue urged to open Notes and Domino

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neat idea

i would like to see it happen,,, it would be a nice alternative to exchange. We use Novell Groupwise but i would really give open dominoes a close look.

Novell grooms NetWare-Linux lovechild

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oes 1

i've been useing OES for a while now and this should be considered version 1 all the otheres before OES2 sp1 should have been considered BETA!!! Good work Novell, but don't stop you still have a long row to hoe.

The Year in Operating Systems: No battle of big ideas

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What happened to OES? I think the release of OES2 sp1 was a pretty big deal and should have been included. At lease domain services for windows!