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Tricky Xbox 360 hack claimed to work 1 try in 4


OK... so?

Did an achievement pop-up onscreen when they did it? If so, for how many points?

Ford unwraps Evos cloud-connected concept car


Very nice...

But it still doesn't fly.... FAIL

Outbound space probe looks back at tiny Earth and Moon


Pffft! Photoshopped!

I could've produced that with one click of the mouse button using a 10-pixel brush in airbrush mode... these NASA bods have waay too much time on their hands since they dropped the shuttle program ;)

Russian Progress space truck crashes in Siberia


Why was it launched anyway?

If they had enough supplies to last a year, why was it launched in the first place? What was it full of? HP Touchpads?

SpaceShipOne designer produces hybrid flying car



"Personally, I don't relish the thought of drunken flying bombs fishtailing around the night sky on weekends."

Indeed, which is why I shall design a range of cheap mobile SAM launchers to be deployed around your property ;) they will come with automatic and manual modes. The manual aiming mode can be linked to a smartphone of your choice...

ESA unveils billion pixel camera that will map the Milky Way



Sounds awesome... will they get a free copy of Photoshop with it?

Mystery of David Attenborough's garden skull cracked


1800's 'Hacking' ;)

Of course 'Ye Olde News of the Empire' would have 'hacked' Ms Webster's diary and employed some disreputable fellow to overhear her conversations down at her local drinking establishment...

New Yorkers battle giant blindness-causing plants


RE: The triffids were guilty too

That's useful... I can throw a few politicians and lawyers your way if you'd like?

Women's gaydar (for men) improves when ovulating


So, in conclusion...?

They'll be making an app for it then?

Fridge-sized war raygun for US bombers gets $40m


Re: Pew

It should be "Pew-pew, pew-pew, pew-pew..."

Remember: always double-tap ;)

DARPA issues call for notions on Starship-for-2111 plan


Small steps please DARPA...

I haven't got my flying car yet...

Latest Hubble Snaptastic goodness: Centaurus A



"Some say that these gas clouds must have resulted from a pile-up with another galaxy at some time in the past." ...

No wonder our insurance premiums have gone up!

X-51A hydrocarb scramjet flames out in second test


Re: To be fair...

There's tons of odd mines laying around ...

Midlands council laughs at zombie-apocalypse threat


It's pointless to BE prepared...

Judging by the fact that none of the fictionial authorities in any of the zombie movies/TV series I've watched faired too well in their preparations I think it's safe to say that if a real zombie invasion happened, we're all totally f*****

Carry on...

NASA's asteroid hunter creeps up on Vesta


Base 8 Squid???

Hang on, dumb it down for the rest of us plebs - what's that in Wales and Elephants?

BTW that pic reminds me of the arcade classic "Space Wars", I keep expecting to see two small ships appear from the sdes and start shooting each other ;)

US Navy laser cannon used to set boat aflame

Jobs Horns

'Tickling' them?!

I would have thought that blasting the crap out of any pirates, smugglers or suicide boats with conventional weaponry would have been far more satisfying?

Blighty's official Space Agency starts up on 1 April


UKSA? Won't get anything off the ground...

Once Health & Safety get their grubby little mitts on it... probably not allow anything to be launched above 12 metres or something daft like that.

Apple lands patent blow, but the slugfest continues


Facinating indeed

I think you're right, if wired-up correctly I think it'll create Steve's famed Reality Distortion Field ;)

Nokia talks Pure typographic cobblers



Same here... they never stopped talking bollocks until enough cow gum was thrown at them... now, where did I put my Grant Enlarger and Letraset catalogue?

Oh and yes - Nokia Pure, total bollocks too...

NASA aims for space tests of Mars-in-a-month plasma drive


"Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket"

Bloody hell! Sounds like something from Thunderbirds?!

Mac daddy predicts all-knowing, all-seeing UI


I can see where this is going...

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Volvo demos automobile auto-pilot tech


Yes, but what if the car in front...

...is a Toyota?


'ALIEN' LIFE FOUND in California


Apocalypse anyone...??

So there's the possibility of alien life here on Earth? I presume a great number of scientists will descend on this lake with the intention of doing unspeakable experiments on these critters with absolutely no responsibility for what might happen to us?

If so, should I re-open my hardened bunker, dust off my baseball bat and prepare for the Zombie horde?

Futurologist warns of malevolent dust menace


Sod the dust...

Where's my bloody flying car?

Hawking: Aliens are out there, likely to be Bad News


No worries...

Most likely, any spacefaring alien life that comes here with an intent to destroy/enslave us all will be running Windows in their massive mothership... a simple upload of a virus will suffice ;)

Ridley Scott talks up 'nasty' Alien prequel


Scott should direct...

Cameron may have 'raised the bar' somewhat, but only in terms of filming techniques, the content and story of Avatar was weak.

I really hope Ridley Scott decides to direct this, few can match his attention to detail and the Alien storyline needs to be respected... and by that I mean Alien and Aliens, not the crap that was made after them...

Perhaps they should join forces... after all it was Cameron who directed Aliens ;)

Supersonic stealth jumpjet achieves its first mid-air hover


Top Gun 2?

Maverick: "Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a hover-by"

Air Boss Johnson: "That's a negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full. "

Cue cheesy grin by pilot, and scene of Air Boss spilling coffee...

NY chef offers mam cheese canapes



Bears a whole new mean to the word "titsup" doesn't it?

Forget SETI, this is how you find aliens: Hefty prof speaks


Look deeper...

I agree we should be looking around Earth a bit more for signs... start in Giza, there may be a Stargate or two buried there...

Large Hadron Collider briefly back on over weekend


A 'Live@ eyeball is required eh?

So someone from CERN has watched Angels and Demons then...

Jobs: I'll decide what to do with Apple's $40bn cash pile

Thumb Up

Steve's loaded?

Do you think he'd lend me a tenner? I fancy a takeaway on my way home tonight...

Oxford snaps high-speed movies with consumer cams


"temporal pixel multiplexing"

Sounds like something Seven-of-Nine would invent to get Voyager out of trouble...

Sky 3D soccer fails to score


As the camera sweeps across the crowd...

Wow, that coin really looks like it's coming towards me!

Existence of 'Sea of Krakens' on Titan confirmed


Let me be the first...

To welcome our Patio Gas-breathing Overlords...

Superconductor forcefield to shield re-entering spacecraft?


Shields Up?

Finally, something to counter those freakin' lasers off those freakin' sharks...

'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos


Free Wuffles!

We should all start a new petition to get Wuffles de-frosted!

I was in tears reading that... tears of laughter...

Microsoft courts enterprises with Windows 7

Jobs Horns

Ballmer's Wrath

"Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer told Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) attending their company's conference in Seattle, Washington that if they didn't move off Windows XP "they'd feel the wrath," according to attendees Twittering about the event."

'They'd feel the wrath'... Oh no, run for cover... Ballmer's going to throw a chair at us!!

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims


Scratched discs eh? Meh, I'm used to it!

I've had my Xbox 360 for almost 3 years, it's been scratching my game discs since the day I got it and not once have I moved it whilst a disc has been spinning in it. I complained to Microsoft and got their standard 'Moving it will scratch discs' response... their tech support person refused to comment on me explaining that I had an original Xbox sat next to my Xbox 360 and it has *never* scratched a disc, bottom-line - Microsoft refused to do anything about it.

I have to say though that not all my game discs get scratched as it has a lot to do with the type of game, for instance games that required lots of preloading such as Oblivion or Bioshock means that the disc spins more frequently increasing the probability of a disc getting scratched.

All I do now is resurface a disc when I get a 'disc unreadable' error and when the extended warranty runs out I shall take it apart, remove the drive and either fix it by placing some foam pads on the underside of the drive bay (which will prevent the disc from 'tilting' towards the laser assembly) or replace it with one that has been properly treated (as the ones in the early XBox 360's should have been).